<bimberi> alright, item #1 is spreadubuntu
<kgoetz> bimberi: pls start us?
<kgoetz> ty
<bimberi> a bzr archive is up on launchpad - has anyone played with that yet?
<kgoetz> i have it at home, i dont have the tools avalable atm (on a live cd), read: yes, its posable to aquire it
<kgoetz> this might sound silly (with only 4/5 of us here), but should we put peoples items back if tehy arnt here? 
<bimberi> kk
<adamant1988> kgoetz, I think that's a good idea.
<sara_> +1
<bimberi> kgoetz: alright, however is there anyone here who has an item on the agenda
<kgoetz> bimberi: dont know , thats where it becomes a silly question :| ;)
<bimberi> :)
<sara_> nixternal ahd some stuff up
<adamant1988> is nixternal paying any attention though?
<kgoetz> nixternal: a1ecks others, anything on teh agenda?
<nixternal> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MarketingTeam/WikiMockup      &     https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MarketingTeam/WikiMockup
<nixternal> we need to fill "in between the lines"
<nixternal> i need input, via the ML is fine, i believe jenda likes V2 better for the ToC
<nixternal> give me as much info as possible, write small blurbs for certain sections
<nixternal> that is what that is all about agenda wise
<adamant1988> I wouldn't know quite what to fill in.
<nixternal> == Introducation ==    give me 2 or 3 solid introductional type sentences for the MT
<sara_> I thought that we had a How you can help section already. Can you just borrow from that
* bimberi likes the layout of http://www.ubuntu.com/community
<nixternal> that is what i am look for...they need to be short and precise...to the point, cutting edge style
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<nixternal> sure we can borrow from the other pages sara_
<nixternal> that is fine, but the main page is currently HORRID
* adamant1988 concurs.
* bimberi too
<ompaul> @now utc
<Ubugtu> Current time in Etc/UTC: July 13 2006, 19:17:11 - Current meeting: Marketing Team in 17 minutes
<nixternal> you have to run around to find info, so this will be the one stop shop, and will have links to the other major projects going on for the "world to see"
<troy_s> As an outsider, I have always found ToCs and Subpages useful.
<adamant1988> wait, the meeting isn't supposed to start yet?
<nixternal> thats what we are trying to do troy_s, as if you look at the current wiki, there are subpages and ToC's, just very messy
<nixternal> that is saying the meeting has been open for 17 minutes
<kgoetz> adamant1988: yes, 17 minutes ago, Ubugtu is wrong
<adamant1988> oh ok.
--- ompaul has changed the topic to: Current meeting: Marketing Team | Calendar: http://fridge.ubuntu.com/event | Logs: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/ | 17 Jul 13:00 UTC: Kubuntu | 18 Jul 20:00 UTC: Technical Board | 19 Jul 20:00 UTC: Edubuntu | 20 Jul 15:00 UTC: Ubuntu Development Team | 26 Jul 12:00 UTC: Edubuntuahh
<adamant1988> sorry, continue
<ompaul> what 
<troy_s> they are also automated on the wiki, which makes maintaining them very easy (aka less work)
<ompaul> sorry, 
--- Ubugtu has changed the topic to: Current meeting: Marketing Team | Calendar: http://fridge.ubuntu.com/event | Logs: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/ | 17 Jul 13:00 UTC: Kubuntu | 18 Jul 20:00 UTC: Technical Board | 19 Jul 20:00 UTC: Edubuntu | 20 Jul 15:00 UTC: Ubuntu Development Team | 26 Jul 12:00 UTC: Edubuntu
<bimberi> nixternal: i think your new page looks good, you're just basically looking for content?
<nixternal> yes bimberi
<adamant1988> Well, I could try my best to help out with the content.
<nixternal> take a look at the FC projects wiki and how clean their layouts are..and they are all the same too...that is what i am striving for here
<kgoetz> i notice teh image beind the top text - does that mean we are /ubuntu/ only, or do we do derivatives as well? (sorry for sort of OT)
<adamant1988> While mentioning the wiki, is there a possible way to keep track of all of the different marketing team wikis around on that site?
<nixternal> Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, and Edubuntu
<sara_> FC projects?
<nixternal> Ubuntu is almost generalized now, as every other distro falls in the family
<nixternal> fedora core
<kgoetz> cool, thanks nixternal, i just wanted to be clear :)
<sara_> ok
<bimberi> adamant1988: how do you find them, Title search for marketing?
<adamant1988> either that or I know the name I'm looking for
<adamant1988> the point is that anyone looking for info would have a time of finding them all
<bimberi> hmmk, it would appear we could use a Wiki subteam perhaps?
<nixternal> adamant1988: yes there is, and it will be implemented soon
<bimberi> ... at least to get it into shape
<nixternal> i am going to create a wiki MT /subpage tracker
<kgoetz> shouldnt all marketing pages be under /marketijng/?
<nixternal> yes
<bimberi> kgoetz: /Marketing   or  /MarketingTeam ?
<adamant1988> Yes, I have a page done under marketing but it's not on the marketing team page is what I'm saying, no one would find it without knowing exactly what they're looking for.
* bimberi thinks /Marketing
* nixternal agrees with bimberi, but MarketingTeam until we can change it
<kgoetz> well currently under /marketingTeam, but idealy under Marketing
<nixternal> I could create /Marketing and then #redirect Marketing the old page
<adamant1988> sounds good to me.
<bimberi> alright, we'll put that to the mailing list
<bimberi> ok, we could discuss the contact point item
<nixternal> hey everyone, if you come across a wiki setup you like elsewhere, also get that into the ML so we can "borrow" ideas ;)
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<kgoetz> just a tic, i'll look at the agenda
<bimberi> what are people's thoughts regarding the need for a single contact point
<kgoetz> ok
<nixternal> we need our front page to be "dead on" balls to the wall "bad a$$", if you follow me...marketing has always been the "attractive" portion, and what draws people in...so it would be nice to look good, and be super functional
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<kgoetz> generaly not needed. we only really need one if we are in a 'the buck stops here' position, but i still think the buck can stop with the correct person
<sara_> I think we need one person just for the sake of convinience
* bimberi wonders if Canonical would like to have a single point of contact
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<Seveas> single point of contact == single point of failure
<ompaul> bimberi, ask slibs tomorrow - it does not make sense
<kgoetz> sara_: why do you think that?
<nixternal> the only reason i agree with "1 person" is because the mailing list is open to "everyone" and lord knows who just might respond with bad info or what not
<ompaul> as Seveas said
<bimberi> also, what occasionally occurs in forums like CC meeting is that an issue will arise, eg. about documentation, and they will ping someone there and then
<bimberi> Seveas: true
<Seveas> ompaul, s/li/il/
<kgoetz> if someones leading a team for the marketing project, tehy should be the contact, imnsho
<ompaul> Seveas, true
<adamant1988> I agree with kgoetz on that... the leader of the project should be responsible for it.
<kgoetz> :)
<bimberi> alright, no further thoughts - i would say that is a 'no' then
<kgoetz> single point of contact=no (from me)
* bimberi checks the agenda for any other discussable items
<bimberi> nixternal: task lists ?
<kgoetz> ubuntupeople?
<kgoetz> (if nix is still around)
<nixternal> oh ya
<nixternal> hehe
* jenda is here, and very sorry
<Seveas> @now
<Ubugtu> Current time in Etc/UTC: July 13 2006, 19:32:07 - Current meeting: Marketing Team in 32 minutes
<kgoetz> jenda: perhaps hear from you after nixternal? :)
<jenda> argh...
<nixternal> sara_: you are heading up the Magazine Dept...is there anything for the team to do???  can you come up with a task list for the MT?
<jenda> :)
<kgoetz> :)
<sara_> I am working on it and it would get done this saturday, but I need to know waht are you looking for?
<nixternal> and some for the PR team, and SU
<sara_> How specific
<nixternal> tasks you hand out..doesn't have to be very specific at all..if you need information, create a list that says here is what i need, and this is when it is needed by
<sara_> ok. as of right now we could do with some research
<nixternal> right now, there just seems to be a lot of idle time...and the only one keeping buzz is adamant1988, otherwise i know, myself included, it is easy to go OT..would be nice to have a nice work buzz going on
* adamant1988 blushes
<bimberi> sara_: research? what type?
<sara_> I definetly some help with the wiki, 
<nixternal> matthew needs to do the same, as well as jenda with their projects...
* bimberi is beavering away on his little project, and will ask for critique when it's ready
<adamant1988> Sara_ if you need any articles and such written up, etc, I'm willing to help out
* jenda will write a to do list
<nixternal> i think the team could come up with some flyers, inserts, pamphlets, presentations...stuff like that...so we can create a place for LoCo's and what not to come and use our stuff
<sara_> I'll write a list ok
<jenda> More like a roadmap.
<adamant1988> My testimonial project needs a spec still in the wiki.. I should probably do that.. but that'll be up for discussion next meeting =\
<adamant1988> I forgot to add things to this one
<jenda> nixternal, see the DIY page, but in essence, you are right ;)
<nixternal> we have an idea of what we want to do, now we just have to start doing it...we have an amazing group of people in here wanting to work...lets get it rolling and the Spread Ubuntu part will fall right into place
<sara_> yeah a roadmap:)
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<bimberi> nixternal: there's a lot of stuff about - even ~/Examples on a dapper install
<nixternal> jenda: exactly what im referring to...there are some new things on there...but updates can be used
<nixternal> even stuff other teams have created, we can pull into one location for all...
<adamant1988> Jenda: On spread ubuntu why not section things off into sub-teams?
<nixternal> ok..enough of me being bossy..someone elses turn ;)
<adamant1988> I believe the correct number of people that should be working on one thing at a time is 6.  
<bimberi> nixternal: yes, that's essentially what my thing is
<jenda> adamant1988: unnecessary fragmentation, if you ask me, for the moment. Might be necessary once the site is up.
<kgoetz> can someone explain the SU structure to me?: i havent been in touch a lot recnelty
<jenda> nixternal: please continue
<nixternal> i was affraid of that ;)
<jenda> kgoetz: Did you read the wiki, I thought it was quite exhaustive
<kgoetz> jenda: no, i didnt remember the meeting untill someone meantioned it just beofre
<kgoetz> *(meeting=agenda
<bimberi> ok, lets' go to SU then ;) - i think the ToDo list idea is a good one
<jenda> kgoetz: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SpreadUbuntu <<<
<jenda> eh
<jenda> SU
<adamant1988> a road map is a good idea, it would tell us what order things need to be done in.
<jenda> OK, we have a few design proposals
<jenda> And a bzr branch
<nixternal> i was thinking, maybe get a list from everyone that has their person "pros" and "cons" about themselves..like I can do graphics, wiki's, and i can talk on the phone...where we can help pinpoint people for certain tasks...future item this could be
<nixternal> s/person/personal
<kgoetz> jenda: cheers, got it
<jenda> I saw many people had trouble with bzr, I'll write a HOWTO
<jenda> on the ML
<nixternal> create a MarketingDB with this info, so if someone contacts me and says i need some artwork for blah balh, i can say you can try so and so, or this person
<jenda> nixternal: +1
<nixternal> jenda: put the howto on the bzr and make people work for it
<nixternal> LOL
<Seveas> bzr howto is simple: bzr branch url; bzr commit; bzr push url
<bimberi> nixternal: good idea, can you make a start on a skills list?
<jenda> nixternal: -1 ;)
<nixternal> hahahah
<bimberi> lol nixternal
<kgoetz> lol nixternal
<jenda> Seveas: just the commands to DL the branch
<nixternal> bzr checkout
<jenda> for members and non-members
<nixternal> bzr plugins <- bugged up btw
<Seveas> jenda, bzr branch url_here
<nixternal> also, need to poke mako about membership ;)
<jenda> nixternal: remember, there is http and stcp etc
<Seveas> (for members: checkout)
<nixternal> ok..hehe
<nixternal> sftp and al lthe good stuff
<jenda> You need 'get' for http
<nixternal> yup
<jenda> afaik, but that is OT
<nixternal> i have the branch here
<nixternal> i am good with the bzr for the time being..except my plugins package is foo
<nixternal> anyways, back to topic in hand
* kgoetz zones out untill meeting becomes topical again
<nixternal> bimberi: i can start something for the skills list sure
<nixternal> should we have everyone email the list?  or should i create a wiki template and have everyone fill in their info there?
<jenda> nixternal: do that ;) There's no harm in it and all info is voluntary. I don't think we need to discuss/vote/mailing-list that
<bimberi> nixternal: wiki
<adamant1988> wiki
<jenda> wiki^3
<nixternal> once we have a big list, we can then move people around and clean  it up so you can follow it
<nixternal> roger that..wiki it is
<nixternal> i will start that up today
<jenda> The subject is SU now?
<bimberi> jenda: yes
<nixternal> go for it jenda
<nixternal> your turn
<jenda> OK
<jenda> I'd like you all to watch either: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MarketingTeam/SpreadUbuntu#head-0202bdc0f2e0e5d3cb074109cf42d8a323126c61
<jenda> or the bzr branch
<jenda> and comment on what you see on the mailing list or IRC, discuss, improve
<jenda> I wanted a deadline yesterday, but it wasn't possible, not enough work done yet.
<jenda> So I'll delay this to the next meeting.
<kgoetz> just a thought - where posable (and i know its not always posable), can we use text for shareing data?
<ompaul> jenda, sorry, deadline which exactly?
<jenda> kgoetz: what do you mean?
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<kgoetz> jenda: like, plain text (vim+emacs) compatiable, rather then (say ) odt
<jenda> ompaul: for the design proposals - July 12. But let's extend that period
<kgoetz> ods etc of course have to be OO.o files, but text would be nice as... well... text
<jenda> kgoetz: in which context, not sure what you mean...
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<kgoetz> jenda: $neat proposal, if its in .odt/f i'm not very likely to read it, if its plaintext its abotu 90% better chance of getting viewd
* jenda hasn't seen an odt used for communication in the team... do you mean the list, the wiki, ... where?
<jenda> kgoetz: were talking graphical proposals ATM
<jenda> those tend to be html, png or svg
<kgoetz> jenda: no, i havent eitehr, i'm trying to get in early
<ompaul> kgoetz, the web and email seem to be the standard :-) 
<kgoetz> (and hold my brain together at 5.17 am)
<kgoetz> ompaul: :)
<jenda> I don't understand which medium you are talking about.
<ompaul> jenda, kgoetz groks it now
<jenda> And it seems to be holding up the meeting, so let's agree on using the appropriate formats at all times :)
<jenda> ok
<ompaul> kgoetz, bzr branch http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-marketing/spreadubuntu/spreadubuntu
<kgoetz> ty
<jenda> So, ATM SpreadUbuntu needs those very proposals
<jenda> Design etc.
<adamant1988> While we're discussing Spread Ubuntu and such, I know that those projects are going to require a lot of files.  Is there anyway we could get a dedicated server to host artwork and such on?
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<adamant1988> Imageshack and Photobucket frown on text and svg formats
<jenda> From Sunday on, I will start working on restructuring the wiki to allow people to write their own ideas of what should be in the sections
<jenda> adamant1988: the docteam's servers will host it. It has been discussed on the ML
<adamant1988> sorry, I can't keep up with the ML well, I apologize
<adamant1988> back on topic
<jenda> Now, nixternal, I think it would be nice if we could either use the wiki or specs in launchpad to give out work. 
<nixternal> we can do that
<jenda> (In response to: "What else besides the current 3 projects, is there for members to do?")
<nixternal> sure, we need to create more, because there are a lot more, we just have to get um rolling...and figure out how to classify them maybe
<bimberi> jenda: any thoughts on jdub's feeling we should stick to the bottom half of the SU diagram
<jenda> That idea has been in my head ever since I started advertising the MT, because I saw how the people had nothing to do after joining, so left.
<jenda> hmm
<bimberi> s/half/third/
<jenda> bimberi: it is the more important part of SU, for sure
<jenda> brb, dammit - sorry :( emergency...
<nixternal> i think we can create more projects and should be able to make everyone here pretty much a "Project Leader" in one way or another
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<bimberi> btw, the 'diagram' is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MarketingTeam/SpreadUbuntu#head-7ce3d403bd8929ad030974de84db90f022cde3db
<adamant1988> sounds good
<sara_> I agree
<nixternal> i think "marketing specs" is a great idea, that will allow everyone the opportunity to start a project, involve others, manage it, and track the milestones as well
<jenda> back
<troy_s> if it is any interest:
<jenda> I'd be careful with starting new projects like that, because we still have nothing done.
<adamant1988> I've got two projects I'm currently brainstorming on, myself... but I'm makign sure to get involved in the larger ones as well.
* bimberi agrees
<troy_s> create the spec, then subscribe your team.  that seems to be the best way to get them listed under www.launchpad/people/team/+specs
<jenda> I'd try to focus on the current three projects till at least one is completed
<jenda> troy_s: we have a team, and I oppose LP sub-teams.
<jenda> It would be a mess.
<troy_s> not sub teams
<troy_s> you just subscribe the primary team
<troy_s> so that it shows up on +specs
<jenda> ah, subscribe, not create ;) sorry, my bad
<troy_s> i chatted with matt zimmerman about it, and we were originally assigning our team to them to get them to show up under +specs
<troy_s> but he suggested that subscribing is better because it also frees up the assignee slot
<sara_> troy how would you do tha t, the link you gave was broken
<jenda> OK, i'm not entirely sure we will use that method for tiny things like 'create a svg ubuntu logo'
<jenda> (example)
<troy_s> sara_ it was just a sample...
<troy_s> here let me show you...
<sara_> ohh
<jenda> That should be listed on the wiki as a list.
<troy_s> https://launchpad.net/people/ubuntu-art/+specs
<bimberi> jenda: yes, i guess it's a matter of scale
<troy_s> every team has spec areas, and you can get things listed in them various ways...
<jenda> troy_s: I already created one spec for the team
<troy_s> the way we created that list was using the assignee (which automatically sticks it into the spec listing for the team)
<troy_s> jenda:  did you subscribe?
* bimberi tries https://launchpad.net/people/ubuntu-marketing/+specs
<jenda> I think we should stick to a todo list on the wiki, and specs when the task is big enough to merit it.
<jenda> probably not.
<troy_s> what is your team name on launch?
<troy_s> idiot... i just saw the link
<troy_s> lol
<bimberi> :)
<troy_s> there... so find your braindump specs or whatever
<troy_s> and subscribe the ubuntu-marketing team...
<nixternal> i think the SU Project, PR Project, and Magazine Project are large enough and should have their own specs to track
<nixternal> refer to https://help.launchpad.net/BlueprintDocumentation
<jenda> troy_s: OK thx
<sara_> I think taht we should have our own specs
* adamant1988 agrees
<jenda> We'll make that the starndard procedure for specs
<troy_s> if you find your spec, you can subscribe teams to them, and people.
<bimberi> i'm going to have a look at the other specs (eg. art teams) and see if my initiative would fit in for that
<troy_s> then you get a nice centralized area to track all development
<jenda> subscribed
<troy_s> we are still steep on the learning curve, but making very good learning.
<nixternal> exactly troy_s, and it makes so easy to track the work people are doing, and you are able to pinpoint stalls and what not
<adamant1988> so all of our specs are going to be thrown into one?
<adamant1988> I'm confused...
<troy_s> yes... and it saves wiki hell.
<jenda> ah
* bimberi refreshes and voila!
<troy_s> further, launch is designed to work with a wiki
<jenda> OK, how about a MT small-task spec?
<troy_s> poof!
<troy_s> nice work
<bimberi> jenda: ?
<jenda> instead of the wiki-hell
<troy_s> your wiki end can hold hte evolving specs which devs can contribute to as well.
<jenda> with independent specs for larger tasks.
<troy_s> you get instant notifications of all attached wiki adjustments too
<troy_s> which is nice
<jenda> Nice
<troy_s> personal opinion -- spec everything, then obsolete the bad ideas -- prevents overlapping.
<troy_s> that has been our approach thus far...
<jenda> OK, anyone opposed to a TODO spec on launchpad, with possible independent specs for the large projects?
<bimberi> so 'if it's not on the spec tracker, it's not a team initiative'
<troy_s> by the way, your spec should follow the template for specs
<troy_s> which is:
<troy_s> wiki.ubuntu.com/SpecTemplate
<jenda> troy_s: I don't think we should try cramming Spreadubuntu and Ubuntu-mag into the same spec as the little things
<jenda> troy_s: of course ;)
<troy_s> when you create a new wiki page click the template link to create it.  pretty quick and simple.
<jenda> OK, thanks
<bimberi> jenda: i don't know if a ToDo spec works for this but until we do know, why not? :)
* jenda notes: creating TODO spec ; spec creation howto ;
<nixternal> jenda: lets spec out SU, PR, and Mag first, then we can create a tasked spec, or create specs for new projects
<troy_s> and refering to how much into a spec, the dev team is pretty specific with each spec.
<troy_s> we tried to follow that.
<troy_s> of course, we too are still learning.
<jenda> nixternal: I'd start with the todo spec, and the project leaders can make their own.
<bimberi> troy_s: thanks for this :)
<jenda> While, of course, anyone on the team can change that.
<troy_s> believe me, i wish someone had a howto up on launchpad before i had to do the legwork of learning :)
<adamant1988> so if I want to do a project I need to add the spec to the marketing team?
<troy_s> I tried to leave a paper trail from my trials and tribulations... https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LaunchpadHowTo
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<troy_s> not great... perhaps you folks could grow it a little with learning.
<nixternal> ok, we agree on specs, this can probably be worked out further either via the ML or the #*-marketing
<jenda> adamant1988: you should first propose the project on the mailing list and discuss it.
<bimberi> ok, jenda anything else on SU?
<jenda> Probably not... any questions?
<adamant1988> I know Jenda It's just a query
<nixternal> jenda: btw, you didn't notice me either ;)
<jenda> I'll only stress once again: if any of you can do webdesign...
<nixternal> [notice] that is ;)
<bimberi> adamant1988: perhaps create the spec, then email the list regarding linking it to the team
<jenda> ...please give SU a shot
<nixternal> jenda: i might be able to get some webdesign help
<troy_s> hey nixternal, do you know a way to embed attachments into the background image of contents?
* nixternal checks really quick
<adamant1988> ok... but I don't know how to create specs =\
<jenda> bimberi: don't create a LP spec before it's been discussed. You can't remove them from LP.
<troy_s> adamant1988, no one does till they try.  it is a process.
<nixternal> troy, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MarketingTeam/WikiMockup look at the raw text
<jenda> err
<troy_s> jenda, you can obsolete them though.
<troy_s> jenda, and they go away.
<nixternal> background: white url(url_of_the_image.png);>
<bimberi> jenda: surely it's a place to canvass ideas
<troy_s> nixternal, yes but that form isn't suggested for attachments as it can change
<jenda> They go away? OK
<bimberi> even if they're immediately killed
<troy_s> nixternal, there must be a way to use a direct attachment.
<jenda> Sure - but I think discussion on the ML comes first.
<nixternal> i have tried the direct attachment for instance ....    attachment:something.png
<jenda> nixternal: was there a second mockup? caught something earlier on.
<troy_s> sorry... you can private me nix to keep this on track.
<bimberi> jenda: hm, frequently there's no reaction on the list
<nixternal> i will do some more moinmoin hacking here local and find out
<jenda> bimberi: a spec won't help you with that.
<nixternal> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MarketingTeam/WikiMockupV2
<nixternal> there it is jenda
<jenda> And I don't think I noticed many of these lately.
<jenda> thx
<bimberi> jenda: no, i'm not saying that
<kgoetz> bimberi: i admit i haven been very reactive lately - but i havent been home much either :|\
<jenda> nixternal: yes, i do like that one more :)
<nixternal> figured you did..that is the way we shall rock..because i like it also, and it stays with the ubuntu wiki layouts in place
* bimberi isn't pointing the finger
<jenda> ;)
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<bimberi> i think we need to know more about how Launchpad spec tracking works
<kgoetz> nixternal: could we have the contents /over/ the ubuntu logo?
<nixternal> yes
* bimberi will read up :)
<jenda> bimberi: someone should take it upon themselves to document and explain that to the team in understandable terms on the ML ;)
<nixternal> that is an actual background kgoetz, so text will float over it
<nixternal> if that is what you mean
<jenda> nixternal: just one idea of a fairly good wikipage: http://wiki.ubuntu.cz/Konferen%C4%8Dn%C3%AD_m%C3%ADstnost_na_Jabberu
<jenda> It's czech, though ;)
<bimberi> jenda: troy_s's page might be all that's needed ;)
<jenda> troy_s?
<jenda> linky?
<bimberi> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LaunchpadHowTo
<jenda> thanks
<jenda> everyone read that ;)
<nixternal> thats nice also jenda
<bimberi> i haven't looked at it yet though
<jenda> :-D
<kgoetz> is this going to take long? becaues i migth have to crash if it is :|
<jenda> me neither ツ
<troy_s> i didn't put the damn spec link there yet
<nixternal> jenda: i have procured an interest in SU web design
<jenda> Yeah, let's close the subject...
<nixternal> i will chat him up after all of this ;)
<jenda> nixternal: eh? :)
<troy_s> it should tell people how to create a wiki template off of wiki.ubuntu.com/SpecTemplate
<nixternal> a buddy wants to help ubuntu, and he don't know how...he can do web design stuff, so he said he could look at it for me
<nixternal> i will get him in -marketing so we can drill him about it
<jenda> bimberi: that site doesn't document spec creation much...
<bimberi> jenda: kk
<bimberi> :(
<jenda> nixternal: great ;)
<bimberi> jenda: i'll have a look around
<bimberi> *********** ok, last agenda item is ubuntupeople.com
<bimberi> nixternal ?
<nixternal> sorry
<jenda> It would be great if someone described spec creation and maintenance in two or three paragraphs just for the team. If no one is up to it - I'll do it.
<nixternal> oh
<nixternal> lets put ubuntupeople to rest
<bimberi> jenda: let me have a go first
<gnomefreak> nixternal: why?
<nixternal> its over with, i am sick of the emails about it, and the chat about it...we are new..no more ubuntupeople.com, WE ARE UBUNTUPEOPLE!!!
<nixternal> the issues are in past, we are a new team, and don't need the bad publicity that may have caused for some
<nixternal> in the past
<jenda> There probabyl isn't much to say about the UP.com. It disappeared and left behind a rather simple message. I don't rightly understand the message, so I will rather ignore it.
<nixternal> jenda: it is times like this i just hug my CoC ;)
<nixternal> haha
<jenda> yes indeed. :)
<nixternal> SpreadUbuntu >>>>>>>>> UP anyways!!!
* gnomefreak might be mistaken on what ubuntupeople may be than
<bimberi> nixternal: is there any action i that needs to be taken or is this just a message you want to spread
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<ompaul> gnomefreak, it used to be a web site
<jenda> gnomefreak: it was the marketing team forum.
<nixternal> no action..but people ask about it, and there was never a definate answer
<gnomefreak> oh
<gnomefreak> ok i thought it was a site idea
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<nixternal> jenda: i do believe we should have a small communications forum for thos interested in providing info, but not on irc, or the ML
<bimberi> actually it would be a good place for a map of ubuntu users :)
<nixternal> maybe a test one just to see the results
<jenda> My answer is that the admin of the forum decided not to offer it anymore. it's gone and we agreed we don't need it.
<nixternal> i notice a lot of my Ubuntu Chicago guys don't do irc, or mailing lists, and like forums...i know it kind of stinks, but i am going to cater to those guys, and i need them for my team to be successfull
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<bimberi> nixternal: are you DIY or using ubuntuforums?
<jenda> nixternal: I thought the first meeting was rather straight on that: no forum. But I guess we could, eventually resort to a subforum on the forums.
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<nixternal> jenda: +1 on the subforums
<bimberi> sleep well kgoetz_Away
<jenda> NO seperate forum is my word. I strongly disagree.
<nixternal> nothing huge, as it may not generate much traffic, but it may generate traffic we don't get in irc or the ML because people are to new to the community, don't understand IRC or the ml, but can work a forum
<gnomefreak> a controlled idea wiki/page?
<nixternal> you never know, the next "marketer of tomorrow" could be hiding there
<nixternal> gnomefreak: those work fine, until they become over populated
<kgoetz_Away> later bimberi. (i'm off in 8 minutes, i'll stick aroun dtunill then)
<nixternal> then it becomes a pain to controll it...plus the ubuntuforums guys said we can get a subforum with them
<jenda> nixternal: too many MT members don't have time to browse another forum
* nixternal scours um ;)
<gnomefreak> nixternal: well between ML wiki/site and irc i think its a good starting point
<jenda> I'm against it, because I'm afraid it will re-fragment the team
* bimberi has enough trouble keeping up with the list
<nixternal> hey
<nixternal> hey
<nixternal> hey
<nixternal> i noticed the ubuntu-list is ont he forums
<nixternal> and hwen you post to the list, it is in the forums...
* nixternal finds the link to back this one up
* kgoetz_Away twitches at spam
<bimberi> nixternal: ubuntu-users ?
<nixternal> is that the one?
<kgoetz_Away> yes
<bimberi> that's the mailing list
<nixternal> yes..but people can post to it via the forums
<bimberi> nixternal: yes
<gnomefreak> nixternal: yes
<nixternal> just an idea
<gnomefreak> sadly yes
<nixternal> lol
<bimberi> nixternal: now that is a good idea
<jenda> +1 if that works
<nixternal> yay
<nixternal> haha
<nixternal> for once i have a good idea ;)
<jenda> but watch the cultural differences ;)
* gnomefreak concered about that
<troy_s> by the way folks, i would _really_ like to see docteam/marketing/art all start a symbiotic relationship
* kgoetz_Away doesnt lik teh gateway
<nixternal> see jenda told ya i wasn't totally useless
<nixternal> troy_s: +1 +1 +1 +1 +1
<troy_s> so if you have art needs, please feel free to contact via the mailing list etc... 
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<troy_s> hopefully we can roll the good work that doc team has been making into the whole mix
<nixternal> i think i just voted for everyone there
<jenda> nixternal: what do you know - I still don't believe you ;)
<nixternal> hahaha
<nixternal> figures
<jenda> troy_s: I think we're working towards that quite OK :)
<gnomefreak> the problem witht he forums=ML is it can and has become very anti-coc
<troy_s> it's one of the reasons i am idling here.
<jenda> OK, let's defer the forum, ML gateway to the ML
<jenda> For pro/con discussing
<ompaul> WRT mailing lists, they can be mirrored on the forums, if they are correctly spam controlled then great, if not they lead to silly things happening like the people onthe forum replying to spam and the people on the mailing list not getting the spam so there is a disconnect
<bimberi> gnomefreak, kgoetz_Away: why? there's the spam responses yes, but that's not too bad
<ompaul> then there are rants in both directions and each side get to call the others a clique 
<gnomefreak> bimberi: im reminded of a post on ubuntu-users a while ago
<bimberi> yes, but that's ubuntu-users
<gnomefreak> bimberi: its wide open on forums side
<ompaul> bimberi, and it will exist anywhere that people don't understand what is happening
* gnomefreak not worried about the spam itself
<ompaul> it is the replies to that distract from the core work that gets to me 
<ompaul> but that is for another day
<gnomefreak> it was the whole idea of why should the forums users sign the coc
<bimberi> hm, the marketing audience is smaller
<ompaul> it is and the mailing list archives are small enough for someone to browse
<gnomefreak> im not say9ng dont try it im just putting that out there because its been known to happen
* nixternal points to the mailing list concerning the pro/cons of the ML <> Forums
* jenda was just gonna
<jenda> let's close the subject here
<bimberi> yes
<bimberi> thanks for that input there - good stuff :)
<ompaul> what is left to discuss?
<kgoetz_Away> we done? woot
<bimberi> that is it agenda wise
<kgoetz_Away> perfect timing :o
<bimberi> hehe
<nixternal> who wants to do meeting minutes?
* nixternal points to jenda
<bimberi> no i will
* kgoetz_Away pints to bimberi
<nixternal> hahaha
<nixternal> pints....send me a pint!!!
* bimberi drinks his pint
<nixternal> of milk
<kgoetz_Away> :|
<nixternal> hahah
<jenda> bimberi: thanks :)
<nixternal> k...gg...bye...thx...
* kgoetz_Away goes to bed ;P
<kgoetz_Away> night all *hugs*
<bimberi> kgoetz_Away: c'mon that was fare game that time :)
<kgoetz_Away> catch you later
* jenda apologises for coming late again
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<bimberi> *fair  even
<kgoetz_Away> latrer bimberi:)
<jenda> imbrandon: you just missed it ;)
<nixternal> heh
<bimberi> kgoetz_Away: cya :)
<jenda> bimberi: you can have a look at the last one for inspiration :)
<nixternal> @schedule chicago
<kgoetz_Away> later :)
<Ubugtu> Schedule for America/Chicago: Current meeting: Marketing Team | 17 Jul 08:00: Kubuntu | 18 Jul 15:00: Technical Board | 19 Jul 15:00: Edubuntu | 20 Jul 10:00: Ubuntu Development Team | 26 Jul 07:00: Edubuntu
<bimberi> jenda: joy ;P
<nixternal> 4 more days til the next one
<jenda> Wait!
<jenda> Next meeting?
<gnomefreak> 17th it says
<nixternal> kubuntu meeting ;)
<bimberi> oh yes, 2 weeks?
<jenda> Next Marketing Meeting!!!
<gnomefreak> oh nm
<gnomefreak> 2 weeks sounds good
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<nixternal> same time, same bat channel?
<jenda> Well - I'd love it to be on the 21st really :)
<jenda> but I guess I can't push that
<nixternal> 21st is good
<jenda> I can? :)
<nixternal> thats only 8 days away ;)
<bimberi> jenda: why?
<jenda> I'll be leaving for three weeks after that, and I'd like to get SU covered
<jenda> I could make it an SU-specific meeting.
<nixternal> lets do that then jenda
<bimberi> jenda: seems fair to me
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<jenda> OK. I hope I won't get murdered in a dark alley for it :)
<bimberi> 21st at 19:00 UTC?
<nixternal> and then hold a meeting when you return?  and if sara needs to, she can hold a meeting for the magazine as well as matthew for PR
<jenda> don't forget: some team have weekly meetings :)
<bimberi> jenda: will you handle the fridge for that?
<jenda> bimberi: of course :)
<bimberi> gr8 :)

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