To create a campaign of liberally licensed videos, preferably available in a free format (ogg theora), to appeal to and educate the general public about digital freedom and digital rights and subsequently, GNU/Linux, Free Software, Free Formats, and Ubuntu.

This could be as a part of a greater marketing site with a section for other materials like images, posters, leaflets, flyers, etc.

Similar to Firefox Flicks, this would be an ongoing campaign to create videos dedicated to the listed above. Videos could be short, long, more just promotional, or educational about the free software philosophy and open source software model. The target audience is anyone and everyone, from individuals to businesses.


Phase 0

  • Planning/Organizing
  • Set up website

Phase 1

A Call to Video Producers


  • Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter
  • Digg/Reddit

Phase 2


Phase 3



  • Educate the general public
    • What is Free Software?
      • Alternative Names
      • Concept
  • Appeal to the general public
    • Examples
    • Price
  • Concern the general public
    • Freedom

Acceptable Licenses

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