This page serves as a suggestion source/queue for the front page of

Welcome to the Do It Yourself Marketing HQ! This page serves as a resource pool for the community's grassroots marketing efforts.

The four sections you see above contain as follows:

  • Print: Well, although it doesn't actually print anything, it is the place where you want to go for materials that you can customize and print yourself.

  • Get: If you'd like something more professionally made, this is the place. Volunteers throughout the community are getting high quality materials made and are offering them to you at the wholesale prices made possible by... our numerical advantage!

  • Design: There's never enough swag out there. Here is the hub for contributing your own submissions into the first two sections. We offer suggestions and guidelines, as well as a place for your completed creations.

  • Go: Least but not Last! Well, least in terms of word length, anyway. This is where we gather ideas for local marketing campaigns you can use - but currently more importantly - help with!

And now comes the part where we beg! And guess what, we aren't asking for money, or your soul (yet)... we're asking you to have a look around, choose some swag and get it done! We're positively sure there's demand out there for all sorts of flyers, buttons, hats, mugs etc. Do check out this page for more info and examples of other projects that have already gone through - most with a profit (for yourself or for Ubuntu, as you wish).

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