Surveys Objective

The Marketing Team needs data. Without it, we can't do our job properly.

Our priority is to find out:

  1. Who our potential customers and users are, what they need and how we can recruit them.
  2. Who our current customers and users are, what they need and how we can retain them.
  3. Who our previous customers and users are, what they needed that Ubuntu didn't have and how we can get them back.

Once we know the above, we can decide where to focus our efforts (targeting).

How can you help?


You can help by getting surveys done from Software Freedom Day (September 16th) to October 16th. Surveys must be returned by October 16th. More information on this will follow (sometime in the very near future).

Use the Letter-to-Surveyors below to help get support and assistance for doing the surveys from people who are not necessarily as Ubuntu-centric as we are Wink ;)

Letter-to-Surveyors (English)

Letter-to-Surveyors (English.pdf)

The Surveys


Please see (and direct people to) this website to undertake these surveys Online!


Potential Users (English .odt)

Potential Users (English .pdf)

Current Users (English .odt)

Current Users (English .pdf)

Previous Users (English .odt)

Previous Users (English .pdf)

While answers need to be translated back to english to be returned for analysis, feel free to add translations for both the letter and the surveys.

Note: There have been issues with character encoding. I believe they are fixed now. Thankyou for your patience and advice.

Documentation of Process

Please see the wiki page MarketingTeam/SurveyQuestionIdeas

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