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About Me

I'm a student of computer science at the Humboldt-University of Berlin]. Besides my studies, I'm working at the Technology Foundation Berlin].

Before I started my studies, I worked a few years as a bank clerk at a medium-sized cooperative bank. Back then I started a small startup with a colleague, called Sethi IT Consulting]. We're still active in developing applications for the financial sector (primarily using Lotus Notes) and offering consulting services to small and mid-sized companies of all industries.

Linux Experience

My first encounter with Linux was a Distribution by the "Linux Support Team Erlangen" back in 1996. It came with kernel 1.2.13. Needless to say, I didn't spend to much time with it, as it was too early to really work with it.

A few years later I broaden my horizon with SuSE and Debian. I did quite a few server installations, even I was still using Windows on the desktop.

Ubuntu Experience

When warty was released, I decided to start switching completly. Since 2004, Ubuntu is my operating system on the desktop.

Current Work on Ubuntu

Primarily I'm working on

Future Work on Ubuntu and Community Goals

There a few goals I'd like to achive within this year

  • Reorganize and enhance Bug Helpers and Support wiki pages to ease efficient support and bug triage
  • Provide at least one package for the universe repository

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