Martin Böhm

About me

  • 20 years old, around 6 years with GNU/Linux
  • Kubuntu Developer and Member
  • living in Prague, Czech Republic, European Union
  • studying at a secondary school, final year
  • speaking Czech, English, German and French (un peu)


  • Computers, algorithms, programming
  • Living languages
  • Literature of the 20th century
  • East Asian culture

Programming Languages

  • C,C++
  • BASH
  • Python
  • Qt3,4/KDE3 APIs
  • Macromedia Flash (unfortunately as well)

Ubuntu present activity

  • Implemented gdebi-kde, restricted-manager-kde, later jockey-kde, helped with other Kubuntu programming.
  • Maintaining the Kubuntu Czech pages

  • Helping users in the IRC #ubuntu-cz channel
  • Administrator and creator of the Kubuntu Testers team

  • Wiki pages: KubuntuTesters



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