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About Me

I have recently started my own company, O-Biz, which primarily is occupied with offering consultancy, support and training for enterprises who runs Ubuntu desktops PC's or servers.

O-Biz has recently become Ubuntu Affiliate Partner, and is the one of only two Danish Ubuntu Solution Providers.

Before that I was working in a web development company as the Support Coordinator and operation manager. I have been working with CMS'es and websites for many years now, though only professionally for 3 years.

My Open Source history

When Firefox came into the market in 2004 I started using it right away. I helped promote it in Denmark, and also contributed in the newly formed Danish Mozilla forum and with some artwork.

In 2005 I started contributing to, primarily by translating OOo version 1.x.

In 2005 I also took the consequence of my Open Source commitments and changed from Windows to Ubuntu - and has never looked back since then. Smile :-)

My contributions to the Ubuntu Community

Although being active in the international Ubuntu community in 2005, I soon realized that we needed to get things going locally. The LoCo team was at that point not very active, and first time users did not have many local options to turn to. So I decided to put my efforts in the LoCo:

  • Ubuntu I founded the main Danish LoCo site and support forum, which now is the primary entrance to the local community for new users. The website is the overall second largest Linux-related website in Denmark. I was also site administrator 2006-2009.

    Ubuntu Was elected as the first chairman of the LoCo (I'm not not anymore)

    Ubuntu Whenever medias want comments on Ubuntu-stuff, it's usually me they turn to

    Ubuntu I participated in and co-arranged a 20 min. session on national Danish TV (BBC equivalent) on Open Source and Ubuntu in 2008

    Ubuntu I have co-arranged several released parties with lectures, install-help etc.

    Ubuntu I have previously been somewhat active in translation work

    Ubuntu Ubuntu Member

    Ubuntu I started the cooperation between the Nordic European countries which among other things resulted in a common feed planet.

    Ubuntu I have initiated a Ubuntu Community Day in my Home City, where people come and and learn how to triage and do marketing stuff

Currently I'm preparing a large event at the release of 10.04 LTS. It will be a 2-day event, where one day will be for enterprises with relevant lectures and a lobby-area for companies provding Linux/Open Source services. And the second day will be a community-day, where we will do a kind of Danish UDS event, planning the next cycles activities.

This event is arranged together with a couple of Danish Open Source Solution Provider organizations.


I have been very active in the Ubuntu (Local) Community for quite some years now, and thus have a vast knowledge about Ubuntu and the community. I have not been much active in the international community, however, having been around for so long and been participating in so much, I do know a lot about what is going on in LoCo's as well as the other main teams, and how work is getting done.

My main interest and my main abilities do however rest in creating and arranging LoCo and general community activities, rather than strict technical tasks like packaging and testing.



As the founder of the forum Martin has been invaluable to Ubuntu users in Denmark and the DanishTeam. He continues to be a driving and inspiring force in the DanishTeam with a wealth of new ideas for the team.


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