Hi I'm Martin Schmei├čer. I'm 16 years old, living in Cottbus, Germany. I visit the 12th grade of Max-Steenbeck-Gymnasium (a Gymansium is kind of a High School).

Linux Experiences

My first Linux expirience was a Debian Tech Preview that i picked up somewhere in the streets :-. Since then i was impressed by the whole idea of FOSS and GNU and all. I wandered through Suse and some years of Fedora usage until i got my first preview of Warty during my half year abroad in the States in September 2004.

Since then im fascinated by this Distro, im converting people, trying to help on the Lists and on IRC:

Interests, Coding, Contributions

My full time job is still school, I'm drummer in the Band 'betweenus' and like to go roadbiking. However i invest lots of time into coding and trying to package ;-).

I'm currently coding on MAGG and for BwInf - MAGG is a free, open, slick [...] groupware that does emails and keeps track of all my mp3, photos, videos ASO, however its not anywhere near releasable yet.

I am learning how to package nice debs, first attempts are visible at REVU.

I helped about 10 of my friends with installing Ubuntu and to get going with it. Sometimes i help people on the maylinglists (mainly the german) and on IRC. However most of my support happens locally ;-).


EMail : SchmeisserMartin [at] gmail [dot] com

freenode : SchmeisserMartin or katzor

ICQ : 323644221

pgp : 1024D/91052543


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