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About Me

Passionate open source advocate, Linux enthusiast and Podcaster. Lives in England, with his wife and daughter. Works for Canonical making Ubuntu and Snapcraft.

Things I do for Ubuntu


  • Snap Advocate.
  • Community management.


External Stuff

  • Developer and community manager for MATE Desktop

  • Talking head on the weekly LINUX Unplugged show, by Jupiter Broadcasting, that debates developments and goings on in the Linux community.

  • Google Summer of Code 2014 student mentor for openSUSE sponsored projects.
  • Organiser at my local Makerspace, BaDHack.


I have known Martin for years personally through our local Linux User Group. We worked together on the initial build of Ubuntu MATE which he took over and has been the driving force behind. He's been a fantastic steward of the Ubuntu MATE project. I don't believe anyone else could have got the project to the state it's in without his leadership. I have also worked for the last 3 years on the Ubuntu Podcast. He dived into the podcast with both feet, sorting out infrastructure and automating our processes to streamline show production. Martin is a reliable, friendly, relentlessly active contributor to all the projects he cares about. He cares deeply about the community around his projects, and is always willing to help people. He would be a fine member of the Ubuntu Community Council. -- AlanPope