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Please join us on July 9th for a joint presentation on GnuPG at the July Columbia Area Lug meeting. We will also be going over the procedure of how the keysigning will work at the NSA museum.

Then at our regular LoCo team meeting we will have an open format. We'll go over any regular business that we need to attend to. Additionally any CALug members and others that want to show up for some hands on assistance with GnuPG are welcome.

To get some history of cryptology the Columbia Area Linux Users Group and Ubuntu Maryland LoCo Team are presenting a field trip to the NSA's National Cryptologic Museum on August 2, 2008. The tour is scheduled to be about an hour and a half starting at 10am.

After a guided tour of the museum we will be holding a GPG keysigning for those interested. If you only want to come for the key signing please feel free. This will occur after the tour so the approximate time would be 11:30-11:45 to begin.


Keysigning Presentation From CALug


GPG Keysigning Party Procedure

NSA Museum Trip GPG KeySigning August 2, 2008 Presented By CALug Ubuntu Maryland LoCo

GPG Key Signing Event

What Is It?

A key signing party is a get-together of people who use a public key encryption system such as GnuPG/PGP with the purpose of allowing those people to sign each others keys.

How will it be organized?

  • All participants will email their key(s) to be signed to 'keysigning@ubuntu-maryland.org' with the subject line "NSA Museum"

  • The deadline for emailing keys will be Sunday July 27th.
  • By July 29th a signed text file with all the key ids and their fingerprints will be emailed to the participants along with the MD5 sum of the file. The MD5 will also be available on the Ubuntu-Maryland event page.
  • Confirm that your key id is correct in the list and print it out.
  • Reply with any corrections by 5pm July 31st. If an updated list is needed it will be sent by 11:59pm July 31st.
  • An event keyring will be mailed to all participants July 31st and MD5 posted

What do you do at the event?

  • We will have a printout of the MD5 sums for the list and keyring to confirm against.
  • We will have each attendee confirm their key is correct by reading the keyid and stating that the fingerprint on the list is correct.
  • We will line up in order of the list and have the line double back on itself to check IDs. You will mark your own list after checking the id of the other participants.
  • Once done, store your checked list in a safe place.

What do you do after the event?

  • Retrieve the public keys. This can be from the event keyring or public keyservers.
  • Sign the keys of those you verified at the event.
  • *If you have any post event confirmation you perform, do that then sign
  • Email the signed keys to their owners.
  • Import signed keys as they are sent back to you and publish as desired.

What do you need to bring?

  • List of key fingerprints that you printed out.
  • You need to bring at least one government issued photo ID. A passport, drivers license, state id are the most common.
  • Pen/Pencil to check off your list with.
  • (Optional) Your key fingerprint on slips of paper.

More Information



http://cryptnet.net ( http://linkpot.net/sway/ )



The MD5SUM for the event fingerprint list is f7d04837d8db6576fa8e370d9c28697c for those who need to confirm it.

Attendee List

Add yourself to the list below if you would like to attend the field trip. If you plan on bringing guests, please add the number in the "Guests" column, otherwise leave it blank. Please update the "Total Attending" as well. If you do not have, and do not wish to have, an account on the Ubuntu Wiki please email your name and the number attending to <nsamuseumtrip@ubuntu-maryland.org>

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