Ubuntu Maryland Local Community Team







Planet Ubuntu-Maryland

The Planet is an blog aggregation tool. The Planet Ubuntu Maryland site is for the members of the Ubuntu Maryland LoCo team to share their thoughts and ideas.

The rules for getting added to the site are pretty easy:

  1. Keep the content published there rated 'PG' as we are a family friendly group.
  2. We want to keep the Planet Ubuntu and F/OSS centric. As long as it's not abused other topics will not be discouraged.
  3. We have no wish to censor anyone's views. However if there are enough valid complaints we may have to take action on them. Also, if a feed is inaccessible, flooding the site, or otherwise causing technical issues we may have to remove the feed.
  4. To be considered for publication on the site you must be a member of the Launchpad Maryland Team.

  5. In order to get onto the site, please email Ron Swift (Preferably from your Launchpad email contact address). Include the following information and attach your hackergotchi if you have one:

    • # Your Blog Feed

    • name = Your Name # How you want your name presented on the Planet
    • face = yname.png # Your hackergotchi icon
    • facewidth = 70 # If you know, otherwise we'll adjust as needed
    • faceheight = 74 # If you know, otherwise we'll adjust as needed
  6. This is still a work in progress. Rules and requirements may change on feedback from the team.