Ubuntu Maryland Local Community Team







Meeting Details

  • Date: Wednesday, August 1, 2007

  • Location: IRC: #ubuntu-maryland on freenode.

  • Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm (meeting may end earlier, but no later)


  • Update on Software Freedom Day activities planning
  • Discussion on OpsTeam leadership


<rhoderickj>    There has to be more than 30 Ubuntu users/enthusiasts in Maryland. We just have to find a way to reach them.
<Biovore>       oO
<parma_>        easily.
<parma_>        more than 30, I mean.
<rhoderickj>    The other day I was walking through the grocery store wearing my Ubuntu shirt and someone stopped me and asked if I used Ubuntu, I told him I did and that he should join the LoCo team. I don't think he knew what I was talking about. lol.
<rhoderickj>    I got the impression he was questioning himself, "What teams? Ubuntu has teams? Is it the same Ubuntu I'm thinking of?"
<chuckf>        Well at least there are people who know what to look for
<Biovore>       yeah.. thats a problem.. Or people don't really care to get that involved..
<chuckf>        Biovore, I think that that's the problem is getting people to participate
<parma_>        In a big enough population, we can get enough to roll up their sleeves.
<parma_>        Building the population is first.
<parma_>        but that's doable, I think.
<rhoderickj>    It seems that roughly half of our members participate regularly. I imagine that ratio isn't too bad actually.
<chuckf>        It is doable, it's getting people to make a different choice that's difficult
<chuckf>        About half do participate, but from the meetings it doesn't always seem to be the same half either
<parma_>        I don't think there have been enough yet to draw any conclusions.
<parma_>        For instance, I've missed two out of, I think 4
<parma_>        but that shouldn't be an indicator long term
<JulianC>       This group is still in a relatively early stage (even though we've done quite a bit already). Is the current goal more participating members or more exposure in the community?
<chuckf>        I'm not blaming, it's just the short term observations
<chuckf>        JulianC, it's both
<parma_>        I'
<chuckf>        one will hopefully follow the other
<rhoderickj>    Julian, did you join yet?
<parma_>        that's what I was going to say,
<Biovore>       well people who are most into this kinda of stuff are college students.. Should push at the colleges
<rhoderickj>    Biovore: Agreed.
<Biovore>       I know at capitol-college they have there own dedicated ubuntu/debian mirror..
<parma_>        I think there are a number of populations that I'd consider "low hanging fruit"
<parma_>        College kids would be one of them
<parma_>        The over 50 crowd is another.
<Biovore>       well Today's college student's could be tomarrows leader..
<JulianC>       Haven't joined on Launchpad yet. I'm still trying to figure out how involved I can be.
<chuckf>        I think the college kids have to find a way to use Ubuntu in their daily work
<chuckf>        And their daily play
<chuckf>        JulianC, You can join on the launchpad team to show your support
<JulianC>       A lot of major universities already have LUGs, but the smaller colleges usually don't have such a group.
<parma_>        We had a couple of high school kids at one of our meetings, but they weren't there last time.
<chuckf>        I know when I was involved with the UMBC LUG years ago it was a small crowd
<rhoderickj>    JulianC: You've attended at least one meeting, and you've attended an install fest. I think that's enough to join. :) Just because you join doesn't mean you
<Biovore>       yeah.. capitol-college is the same way..
<rhoderickj>    JulianC: ...doesn't mean you'll have to show up all the time or bust your hump. 
<parma_>        So, do we have an agenda tonite?
<chuckf>        The agenda is Install Fest and SFD
<chuckf>        Are there any ideas on SFD for presentations?
<Biovore>       what kind of stuff would people be intressed in..
<parma_>        which audience, specifically?
<Biovore>       ^ better question..
<parma_>        non-linux users? or each other?
<Biovore>       lamens probably..
<chuckf>        Well I'm thinking non-linux users at this point
<chuckf>        as it will be at the library
<Biovore>       yeah.. basics of unix and understanding whats going on..
<parma_>        and this would be during an install fest?
<rhoderickj>    Are we sure that we want to try to do both simultaneously?
<chuckf>        I don't even think 'basics of unix' I'm thinking of demoing apps
<rhoderickj>    Judging by the last install fest, chaos is expected, and I don't think the atmosphere is very good for a presentations
<parma_>        I wasn't at the last fest. What's the noise level?
<chuckf>        rhoderickj, I'd like to have a section for the curious to observe
<Biovore>       eye candy then?
<Biovore>       beryl - compfusion stuff?
<rhoderickj>    Oh, so you're thinking of something simple? Like a demo station?
<chuckf>        that type of thing, yes
<chuckf>        or stations with different things
<JulianC>       I've seen this model work with great success.
<parma_>        but during the install fest, no?
<chuckf>        parma_, yes, during the install fest. One side installs, one demos
<parma_>        ok. same room?
<Biovore>       well maybe needs some propoganda on why you should use free software.. people don't really get this yet..
<Biovore>       why is it good/better then windows and other propriatary OSes
<chuckf>        parma_, perhaps. We may be able to annex some extra space
<parma_>        I'm asking these logistical questions because the ambient noise level will dictate the type of
<JulianC>       Or provide some really good real-world examples of common use of open source software.
<parma_>        presentation.
<JulianC>       The venue for that day is perfect for this.
<chuckf>        Biovore, I agree with the propaganda angle
<parma_>        For instance, a speaker with an overhead vs. many small setups that people browse.
<rhoderickj>    parma_: I think you had a good point at the last meeting. We should focus at first on open formats and explain the fundamental differences between proprietary and open source file formats, etc.
<chuckf>        parma_, I
<chuckf>        m thinking overhead is a bit overkill for my thinking unless it's a running slide show
<Biovore>       show case open office?
<parma_>        clearly the presentation needs to mesh with the venue. But, for instance, Josh, we can't effectively
<chuckf>        that's one idea, but keep in mind that the library is already a showcase to some degree
<parma_>        explain file formats at little stations.
<JulianC>       I have not yet visited the East Columbia Library. Do we know how much space we will have to work with?
<parma_>        Otoh, a stand up presentation won't be very effective with 30 people trying to install OSs right in the middle of it.
<Biovore>       yeah.. its more about short quick illistrations..
<rhoderickj>    parma_: That's what I was thinking. I believe they need to be separate.
<chuckf>        I was hoping to get there today but couldn't make it
<parma_>        How much time do we have on that day?
<chuckf>        I think I schedule from 1 hour after opening to one hour before close so we have set up time
<chuckf>        the schedule is for the public, we have the entire day
<parma_>        Wow. That sounds like a marathon.
<parma_>        Maybe we can do both.
<chuckf>        well it's open from 10-5 if I recall correctly
<parma_>        Well that's 5 hours.
<parma_>        How long did the last fest take?
<JulianC>       9-6 on Saturdays.
<rhoderickj>    I think the last one was 5 or 6 hours
<chuckf>        we got there 9:30ish and left at 4
<rhoderickj>    We didn't get there early enough to set up though
<chuckf>        'kicking' people out the door about 3
<parma_>        Get any new recruits there?
<chuckf>        there were some new faces
<Biovore>       <--
<parma_>        Good deal.
<Biovore>       I found out you all existed there..
<parma_>        We are EVERYWHERE.
<parma_>        We shall assimilate you.
<Biovore>       I ussualy hang out in #kubuntu and answer questions.. been doing that since dapper..
<rhoderickj>    lol
<chuckf>        one of those 'K' users
<Biovore>       yup
*       Biovore like QT4
<chuckf>        we'll keep you anyway
<rhoderickj>    Aye.
<Biovore>       like a mutated fish hehe..
<Biovore>       :-P
<chuckf>        hehe
<parma_>        So, Chuck, did you say that two rooms might be available?
<chuckf>        well I'm not sure if we'll be able to get more or not
<chuckf>        it depends on the turnout and what else may be going on there that weekend
<parma_>        How did it come to be located there?
<chuckf>        However Amy, Luis, and the culture there are open to the Ubuntu ideas
<chuckf>        They had the room
<parma_>        If we don't have a separate space, I'd recommend against a "presentation" during the install fest.
<rhoderickj>    Personally, I don't think we should do an install fest for SFD.
<chuckf>        presentation as in demos or overhead presentation
<rhoderickj>    I think we should go pure informational
<rhoderickj>    And give away CDs of course
<parma_>        what's informational mean?
<chuckf>        I'm not sure that we can change the install fest at this point
<parma_>        except we have those machines from the library, right?
<chuckf>        I think it's in the library publication
<chuckf>        we do have those, yes
<parma_>        The problem I see with demos is that you don't reach many people at a time.
<JulianC>       If we're going to be doing demos, which systems would we use?
<parma_>        Presentations are way more efficient.
<parma_>        overhead, I mean.
<rhoderickj>    Informational = Presentations/demos/etc.
<parma_>        I see.
<parma_>        Well, I think we can do both, just not in the same room
<chuckf>        Well I just saw this on the calendar:
<chuckf>        http://host.evanced.info/hclibrary/lib/eventsignup.asp?ID=15049&rts=&disptype=&ret=eventcalendar.asp&pointer=&returnToSearch=&SignupType=&num=0&ad=&dt=mo&mo=9/1/2007&df=calendar&EventType=ALL&Lib=1&AgeGroup=ALL&LangType=0&WindowMode=&noheader=&lad=
<parma_>        ok, that's greek in xchat.
<rhoderickj>    As much as I enjoy an install fest, it completely monopolizes our time and energy. I think we'd have more success with hosting an open room with multiple demo stations and free CDs with presentations.
<chuckf>        it's a link
<chuckf>        http://tinyurl.com/37en5z
<parma_>        I'm with Josh on this, although I recognize the preexisting problem.
<chuckf>        forgot I had tinyurl
<rhoderickj>    Hmm... So they've already announced an install fest?
<rhoderickj>    Is that what I'm seeing? :)
<chuckf>        yes
<chuckf>        because that is what we decided at the June meeting when the ad had to be in the next day
<rhoderickj>    Okay, then I suggest we do one of two things: 1) Either abandon presentations in any real sense; or 2) Break up the team into two separate groups with two separate rooms and do both simultaenously
<rhoderickj>    I just don't think they'll play well together
<chuckf>        I'll see about a second room
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<rhoderickj>    Unless we did installs from, say, 10 - 2, and presentations from 2 - 3 or something
<chuckf>        rhoderickj, i like that idea
<parma_>        Yes, that
*       dsmith_ has quit (Remote closed the connection)
<parma_>        would work.
*       dsmith_ (n=dsmith@c-76-114-154-224.hsd1.md.comcast.net) has joined #ubuntu-maryland
<chuckf>        and maybe install 10-2:30 then 3-5 presentations
<JulianC>       Maybe a few installees might allow their systems to serve as a demo machine for a few minutes after a successful install.
<rhoderickj>    chuckf: That sounds good.
<chuckf>        gives us a little break as well
<JulianC>       That would require more successful installs, though.
<parma_>        Again, though, demos only reach 2 or 3 at a time.
<chuckf>        parma_, if we go with this plan, we can do group demos
<rhoderickj>    parma_: Unless you have a digital projector :)
<parma_>        how are group demos done?
<chuckf>        rhoderickj, I think we can get one from the library
<rhoderickj>    chuckf: If not, I'm sure we can rent one for the day
<chuckf>        well I'm thinking maybe a lightening talk situation
<parma_>        huh?
<chuckf>        each speaker gets 10-15 minutes to do a presetation on a topic
<parma_>        oh, I see.
<chuckf>        unless we have something/someone that wants to go longer
<parma_>        I think we need to pick our target audience.
<parma_>        That way we can tailor the presentation
<chuckf>        I'm thinking the general user
<parma_>        potential windows refugee?
<chuckf>        the idea of Ubuntu is 'Linux for Humans'
<rhoderickj>    parma_: You have a good point about the audience. We could end up preaching to the choir... or scaring the hell out of newbies.
<chuckf>        parma_, that type, yes
<chuckf>        and those that might want to dig a little deeper, give them a tease
<chuckf>        but I don't want a presentation on the TCP stack
<parma_>        yep
<parma_>        We can pull this off, I think.
<chuckf>        I know we can if we get the audience
<parma_>        I'm thinking 45 mins, with overhead screen AND HANDOUT.
<parma_>        Must have handout to take with them
<JulianC>       Personalization of the desktop might be a good demo.
<parma_>        Otherwise too much to digest in one sitting.
<Biovore>       yeah
<Biovore>       kiba-dock maybe..
<chuckf>        45 minutes total? I'm thinking let the talks go for 2 hours and announce the schedule
<JulianC>       It's a computing task that users at all levels of expertise do at some point.
<parma_>        Way too long for new people to digest.
<chuckf>        people can come for what they want, and drop in and out of otheres
<rhoderickj>    chuckf: Do you really think we can get that many presentations together in a few weeks?
<parma_>        Well, again, depends on the target aud.
<chuckf>        well we don't have to announce the entire schedule for a few weeks
<rhoderickj>    Besides, I admit it: I'm terrified of public speaking and you'd have to pull my teeth to get me to do it. :) Do you think we'll have enough volunteer speakers for this?
<parma_>        And, nothing says we can't repeat the same thing a couple of times.
<chuckf>        parma_, true
<parma_>        I speak in front of people all the time.
<chuckf>        rhoderickj, I'll be up there
<chuckf>        for at least one
<JulianC>       At the last install fest, people were there for an average of 2-3 hours, right?
<rhoderickj>    parma_: I can tell by the way you speak at the meetings. You're a great public speaker.
<rhoderickj>    Chuck too
<chuckf>        and I'm like you, I don't like it, but it's for the 'greater good' :)
<chuckf>        besides, a group like this is friendly
<parma_>        Get people in the room, and we can do this.
<rhoderickj>    parma_: Would you like to be the OpsTeam leader for the Presentations team?
<parma_>        Already volunteered at last mtg.
<rhoderickj>    Right on. I was just making sure that I didn't dream that.
<rhoderickj>    :)
<parma_>        Never suggest solutions unless you're willing to be volunteered.
<parma_>        Learned that in the marines!
<chuckf>        that's true
<chuckf>        I'm also working some local lugs and previous lug speakers for volunteers as well
<rhoderickj>    lol
<parma_>        The presentations team should talk specifics offline between now and the next in-your-face meeting
<rhoderickj>    Agreed.
<parma_>        maybe we can do another irc chat
<chuckf>        that's easy enough
<rhoderickj>    Same for the install fest team
<rhoderickj>    I think we really need to break up the responsibility by the opsteams so we each know our responsibilities
<rhoderickj>    err... that was a recursive statement but you get the point
<chuckf>        yeah
<parma_>        Hey chuck, did you ever catch up with Mr Hastings for his email address?
<parma_>        He had some good points I'd like to take advantage of.
<chuckf>        I sent him an email the other day, have not heard back
<parma_>        Hmmm.
<parma_>        Windows pain points, for example.
<chuckf>        I'll send a follow up tonight
<chuckf>        one thing that I don't want to focus on is the 'windows is evil' mantra
<parma_>        Nah. Not necessary.
<chuckf>        I understand the pain points, but hopefully you get my evil line
<parma_>        Of course. Besides, it's Microsoft that's evil, not windows!
<chuckf>        unless you were told that you're running a pirated copy :)
<chuckf>        after paying for it
<parma_>        I consider it low hanging fruit to introduce people to an OS that doesn't require them to by McAfee, for instance
<chuckf>        that is a plus
<parma_>        Surf without spyware
<parma_>        All kinds of advantages
<parma_>        AND FREE
*       CraigYounkins (n=xxx@c-69-138-194-105.hsd1.md.comcast.net) has joined #ubuntu-maryland
<CraigYounkins> <_<
<chuckf>        the Free should be focused on
<parma_>        For newbies, free as in beer is more important than free as in speech.
<chuckf>        CraigYounkins, arent you hacking out in vegas?
<JulianC>       But we have to make sure that they know it's free as in kittens.
<CraigYounkins> chuckf: Er... well. <_< I lost track of my days. i fly out Friday
<JulianC>       But the maintenance is easier.
<CraigYounkins> sorry about that.
<parma_>        Later on, the free as in speech begins to matter more.
<chuckf>        true
<chuckf>        CraigYounkins, that's right you're doing defcon, not blackhat
<rhoderickj>    Also, it's important to point out the package system. I think that's one Linux's greatest advantages. No searching for apps via the internet; and the apps you DO find are reputable because they're packaged by MOTUs for Ubuntu.
<parma_>        right-on.
<parma_>        That isn't even on people's radar screen.
<chuckf>        rhoderickj, that is important and maybe we can demo installing a new package
<chuckf>        from 'find the app in synaptic to installing and demoing
<CraigYounkins> chuckf: The hat I wear is many colors.
<rhoderickj>    chuckf: good idea.
<parma_>        They don't know they miss it, because it's unheard-of.
<parma_>        but they'll WANT it.
<chuckf>        they will
<chuckf>        So what else do we need to cover?
<rhoderickj>    Do we have leaders yet for the Marketing Team and Install Fest team?
<rhoderickj>    Craig: I nominate you for install fest. You rock.
<CraigYounkins> lol thanks, I nominate myself too :P
<parma_>        Second
<chuckf>        cool, it's passed then
<rhoderickj>    What about marketing?
<parma_>        And in writing too.
<rhoderickj>    :)
<CraigYounkins> the one thing I need help with is physically managing the GX100 machines the library is giving us
<chuckf>        CraigYounkins, do you know if John wants to co-chair with you on this?
<CraigYounkins> probably does. and he's quite welcome to!
<JulianC>       How many GX100s again? I forgot the quantity.
<rhoderickj>    If any team has two leaders, it should definitely be the install fest team
<chuckf>        if John wants it I suggest we give it to him as he did a lot for us
<CraigYounkins> we never got an exact could JulianC, it was about 60 or so.
<rhoderickj>    agreed
<parma_>        What's the matter with the GX100s?
<CraigYounkins> well, i'm working out an imaging system for them
<CraigYounkins> first problem is i think i've got a bad one.
<chuckf>        CraigYounkins, what kind of help do you need?
<CraigYounkins> second, we need to get them out of the library to store them
<chuckf>        I thought luis could store those, not the monitors
<CraigYounkins> i really have no idea. i need contact info for him... i don't think i have it.
<chuckf>        CraigYounkins, If i dont' email you with it by the end of the night, ping me
<CraigYounkins> OK.
<CraigYounkins> are we registered for SFD
<chuckf>        yes
<chuckf>        last week
<rhoderickj>    By the way, I want to remind everyone to USE THE WIKI. Especially the opsteam pages. That's what it's there for. It's a great organizational tool to keep us up on our TODO list.
<CraigYounkins> great, we are getting free crap?
<chuckf>        rhoderickj, good point
<chuckf>        CraigYounkins, I don't know
<chuckf>        CraigYounkins, If it shows up, then yes
<Biovore>       hmm free crap..
<parma_>        worth every penny
<parma_>        What's next?
<rhoderickj>    Install fest photos are up: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MarylandTeam/Events/InstallFests/2007July21
<CraigYounkins> heh, just looking at those
<chuckf>        you got the info I take it?
<parma_>        Cool
<CraigYounkins> chuckf: Give a few of us forum admin power please.
<rhoderickj>    chuckf: Yeah, I got it. Thanks.
<rhoderickj>    I second Craig's notion. 
<chuckf>        CraigYounkins, I'm waiting on info
<CraigYounkins> lol Josh you make this a constant democracy. it's great.
<rhoderickj>    ha. I'm not saying it formally... that's how I talk. Online anyway. :)
<CraigYounkins> what about a lead for Marketing
<rhoderickj>    I don't think we have enough folk here to decide on a marketing leader
<CraigYounkins> obviously, that team will be working closely with mine.
<rhoderickj>    I'd take the job myself but I'm already leading the Web team and I don't think two teams should have the same leader
<chuckf>        it will, yes
<CraigYounkins> good deal
<CraigYounkins> what about going to the East library branch?
<chuckf>        rhoderickj, if you want the task, feel free to take it
<CraigYounkins> Will we have enough space, power, etc?
<rhoderickj>    chuckf: Maybe I will for now.
<chuckf>        CraigYounkins, I'm going this week
<rhoderickj>    chuckf: Regardless of who's leading, I'll do whatever's necessary to help out.
<parma_>        That's the spirit.
<CraigYounkins> yeah i guess i should get down there
<chuckf>        rhoderickj, I'm not pushing you to do it, but as it is vacant and if you want a name tonight, it's you
<parma_>        Second!
<CraigYounkins> i dunno i kind of agree with Josh
<parma_>        Nothing needs to be permanent
<CraigYounkins> two teams with the same leader defeats the purpose of separate teams..
<chuckf>        CraigYounkins, we can always name someone new next week if they step up
<rhoderickj>    I'll be the ACTING leader, until someone else takes the position.
<parma_>        exactly
<CraigYounkins> lol OK
<chuckf>        CraigYounkins, no, because the volunteers may be different
<parma_>        Ok, in the next couple of days, I'm going to post on the wiki (if I can figure out how) an outline
<parma_>        for presenting to windows refugees
<parma_>        We can flesh out the topics as we go and develop
<rhoderickj>    parma_: Sounds good. Don't be afraid to contact me if you need any help wikifying your stuff. 
<chuckf>        parma_, remember that there may already be wiki pages on that topic in the rest of the site
<parma_>        Yeah. I'm sure I'm going to flail about some.
<dsmith_>       whats going on
<parma_>        Good point Chuck
<chuckf>        hi dsmith_
<dsmith_>       MN state bridge collapsed :(
<chuckf>        if the efforts are already out there, don't duplicate them is my motto
<rhoderickj>    I have more work to do on the opsteam wikis. I've already found a bunch of helpful links for each team and I'll be posting them in the next few days.
<CraigYounkins> Josh thank you for all your work on the wiki. I stink at 'em and really appreciate your work
<rhoderickj>    CraigYounkins: You're welcome. I'm glad to help.
<dsmith_>       hi chuck
<dsmith_>       and everyone else
<CraigYounkins> hi
<rhoderickj>    hi
<parma_>        hi
<rhoderickj>    Do we have anything else to discuss?
<JulianC>       Logo?
<rhoderickj>    Yeah, that's a good point. In case anyone didn't catch it, there's a thread in the forums about a team logo
<CraigYounkins> we... need a logo?
<rhoderickj>    No, we don't need one.
<dsmith_>       dont make this too complicated
<dsmith_>       KISS
<rhoderickj>    It's really a way to build espirit
<chuckf>        well if someone comes up with one or more, great
*       dsmith_ wonders how long it was before Apple had a logo
<chuckf>        I like the idea of a logo, but like so much else I'm not stressed over it
<rhoderickj>    Take a look at the thread in the forums if you're interested in what's already been discussed logo-wise
<parma_>        I'm graphically challenged.
<CraigYounkins> yeah i think we have bigger things to worry about
<rhoderickj>    Yes, I don't think anyone considers a logo to be a priority
<CraigYounkins> we really need to start advertising *now*
<chuckf>        And if my brother gets some time he said that he'll try to whip something up
<rhoderickj>    I was going to give it a go just to learn GIMP
<chuckf>        however don't hold your breath for that one
<JulianC>       I looked for the standard logos...
<CraigYounkins> we have a month and a half 'till this install fest... chuck please send me an email about the place and anything different that we'll need this time. tables, chairs?
<CraigYounkins> after you visit it i mean
<CraigYounkins> you did explicitly reserve the place didn't ya?
<chuckf>        CraigYounkins, I'll let you know, and it's on the library's calendar
<chuckf>        http://tinyurl.com/37en5z
<CraigYounkins> Start Time: 10:00 PM
<CraigYounkins> End Time: 5:00 AM
<CraigYounkins> GG
<parma_>        Whoops!
<parma_>        Sorry, I can't make it after all.
<CraigYounkins> lol
<chuckf>        it's a nighttime campout thing
<chuckf>        !
<parma_>        Need my beauty sleep
<chuckf>        parma_, yeah, we'll miss you but we'll be happy you slept
<CraigYounkins> uh... huh...
<chuckf>        :)
<parma_>        he he
<rhoderickj>    Dude, who brought the doughnuts last time?
*       chuckf did
<rhoderickj>    Nice!
<chuckf>        the krispy kremes
<rhoderickj>    Thanks for that. They were awesome. I hope we see more doughnuts at the next event.
<rhoderickj>    ;)
<chuckf>        JulianC brought the holes
<CraigYounkins> we'll have to decide if we're doing food for everyone or just us.
<rhoderickj>    Oh, I didn't see any holes.
<chuckf>        rhoderickj, I plan to get them again
<rhoderickj>    How do you do the emote thing?
<dsmith_>       10 pm to 5 am?
<JulianC>       I would go more with snacks.
<chuckf>        CraigYounkins, I'm thinking of doing the same pizza type thing if the crowd's the same size
<JulianC>       Many installees will likely not be there all day.
<rhoderickj>    Pizza worked out well
<CraigYounkins> chuckf: Well, i'm hoping it will be quite a bit bigger, especially if we are giving away these computers!
<chuckf>        rhoderickj, emote thing?
<dsmith_>       wow..
*       chuckf like this emote thing?
<parma_>        Website says $50 each
<rhoderickj>    chuckf: yes, that thing
<dsmith_>       talk about late night partying
<CraigYounkins>  / me
<parma_>        wtf?
Usage: ME <action>, sends the action to the current channel (actions are written in the 3rd person, like /me jumps)
<chuckf>        rhoderickj, type /me whatever
*       rhoderickj drools
<rhoderickj>    Oh, okay
<rhoderickj>    Now I am empowered
<dsmith_>       heh
*       rhoderickj is empowered.
<chuckf>        parma_, that's not my choice, it's a library thing
<dsmith_>       reminds me of college
<CraigYounkins> um so are we gonna get the time fixed?
<rhoderickj>    CraigYounkins, are we giving away the computers at the install fest?
<chuckf>        parma_, I'll see how firm that price it
<chuckf>        s/it/is
<chuckf>        CraigYounkins, yeah
<rhoderickj>    It's going to be a busy day
<chuckf>        and fun

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