Ubuntu Maryland Local Community Team







Meeting Details

  • Date: Sunday, July 15, 2007

  • Location: IRC: #ubuntu-maryland on freenode.

  • Time: 7:00pm - Undeclared

  • Type: Ad-Hoc (Install Fest)


  • Install Fest preparations

    • Flyer revisions
    • Advertising locations
    • Hardware availability
    • A discussion on what hardware/peripherals installees should bring with them.
    • User support.
    • Documentation/presentations.

Meeting Minutes or IRC Logs

As there was no official end time for this meeting, the following IRC log stops when most discussion of the install fest had ceased. All edits are marked with brackets [ ] to distinguish them from discussion text. To download a slightly longer and unedited version of this log in text format, follow the link below:

Jul 15 19:09:01 <CraigYounkins> Alright everyone! MEETING TIMEEEEE
Jul 15 19:09:21 <CraigYounkins> So we've got this install fest on Saturday at the Loyola satellite campus
Jul 15 19:09:51 <CraigYounkins> it's open 10am to 3pm, and we'll probably need an hour each way for setup and teardown
Jul 15 19:10:12 <CraigYounkins> now i must say our #1 goal right now is pushing advertising
Jul 15 19:10:25 <CraigYounkins> rhoderickj made a flyer, but i think it needs to be modified
Jul 15 19:10:27 <phr0ze>        Yeah, thats our biggest weakness
Jul 15 19:10:44 <CraigYounkins> dsmith__: , gunjaman, LadyNikon, rhoderickj come back
Jul 15 19:11:04 <gunjaman>      kcab
Jul 15 19:11:45 <CraigYounkins> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MarylandTeam/Events/InstallFests?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=md-installfest-flyer.pdf is the flyer
Jul 15 19:12:06 <CraigYounkins> i must say it's quite good, but i believe we need some info on what to bring
Jul 15 19:12:42 <ron_>  Have we sent it to the other linux user groups and posted it at the Howard county library
Jul 15 19:13:17 <CraigYounkins> not yet i don't think
Jul 15 19:13:30 <rhoderickj>    Chuck was going to do this but I don't think he's done it yet.
Jul 15 19:13:42 <CraigYounkins> ... doubtful
Jul 15 19:13:52 <rhoderickj>    What would you like to include on the flyer? I can edit it tonight and upload the new version to the wiki.
Jul 15 19:13:53 <CraigYounkins> so Josh is it alright if we suggest some modifications?
Jul 15 19:14:00 <rhoderickj>    Sure
Jul 15 19:14:19 <rhoderickj>    Oh and I apologize for the tarbomb on the archived version. I'll fix that tonight too.
Jul 15 19:14:31 <gunjaman>      nice flyer ... can we also mention somewhere in there that if ppl had issues with their ubuntu linux install, they can bring that too and some of us can help them out ?
Jul 15 19:15:02 <gunjaman>      or is this flyer is already set in stone ?
Jul 15 19:15:21 <CraigYounkins> include "Saturday" for the date. let's get a list of stuff they need to bring going.
Jul 15 19:16:04 <rhoderickj>    The flyer isn't set in stone yet. It will be as of tomorrow (Monday).
Jul 15 19:16:07 <CraigYounkins> I think we should have enough CRT monitors for people, so I don't think they need to bring those or keyboards/mice
Jul 15 19:16:51 <CraigYounkins> what else do they need to bring besides their computer base? peripherals like printers?
Jul 15 19:17:37 <rhoderickj>    That's probably not a bad idea, but is it feasible to ask people to bring their printers?
Jul 15 19:18:15 <ron_>  I would recommend that they bring the printer model and type but not the printer
Jul 15 19:18:21 <rhoderickj>    I would definitely suggest that people with any handheld devices bring them, because we won't know if they'll work unless we try
Jul 15 19:18:29 <rhoderickj>    ron_: good idea
Jul 15 19:18:55 <CraigYounkins> okay
Jul 15 19:19:06 <CraigYounkins> perhaps include a small screenshot of [Google Maps overview/URL Removed for length]
Jul 15 19:19:16 <phr0ze>        Bring your PC with Monitor. You can leave your keyboards and mice at home. If you have a PDA or printer you can bring that too for extra assistance.
Jul 15 19:19:23 <ron_>  Also, they should bring their wireless card disks if they have them. Will we have a wireless lan available.
Jul 15 19:20:14 <CraigYounkins> Yes, we will have wireless lan available
Jul 15 19:20:25 <CraigYounkins> phr0ze: do you really think they need the montior?
Jul 15 19:20:28 <CraigYounkins> monitor*
Jul 15 19:21:09 <rhoderickj>    As with the printer, I think it'd be beneficial to know the monitor type, but I don't think the monitor needs to be present
Jul 15 19:21:10 <ron_>  The less they have to bring other than the box/laptop the better in my opinion.
Jul 15 19:21:11 <phr0ze>        Well. At least their monitor model number. Most people have lots of problems with xorg.conf
Jul 15 19:21:52 <CraigYounkins> really? all they've got to do is adjust resolution
Jul 15 19:22:47 <rhoderickj>    With all of this added information to the flyer, I have one question: should I need more space, should I reduce the font sizes or should I get rid of the circle of friends image?
Jul 15 19:23:33 <phr0ze>        Adjust resolution... Right. If the timings aren't set in xorg.conf it will not offer the full resolution to them
Jul 15 19:23:35 <CraigYounkins> personally i'd get rid of the "Join us" paragraph
Jul 15 19:24:35 <rhoderickj>    Okay, so I'll create another subsection in the right column. For example, a section with the title of "What to Bring"
Jul 15 19:24:43 <CraigYounkins> Sure.
Jul 15 19:24:52 <ron_>  yes
Jul 15 19:24:58 <phr0ze>        I've had to adjust the xorg.conf on every ubuntu install I've ever done.
Jul 15 19:25:54 <CraigYounkins> I think you're an oddball?
Jul 15 19:25:59 <ron_>  Maybe we can just show them how to do it
Jul 15 19:26:17 <CraigYounkins> warning: keep command line to a minimum!
Jul 15 19:26:35 <phr0ze>        It's complicated to people.
Jul 15 19:27:22 <rhoderickj>    Yeah, the command line can be intimidating. I think we should test the install on the closest match to the user's native monitor and then give them a card with how to contact us if something doesn't work properly
Jul 15 19:27:30 <ron_>  If people want to lug in their monitor then that's OK but not required
Jul 15 19:27:46 <phr0ze>                Horizsync       30-92
Jul 15 19:27:46 <phr0ze>                Vertrefresh     50-85
Jul 15 19:27:53 <phr0ze>        Tose are the two lines in xorg.
Jul 15 19:28:18 <rhoderickj>    ron_: I agree. I don't want to ask people to bring a monitor. I'd like to keep it so they only have to make one trip from the car to the place of installation. It's practically impossible to safely carry a computer and a monitor at the same time
Jul 15 19:28:51 <rhoderickj>    phr0ze: Yes, most monitor specs are available online though. So if we know the model type we can adjust those values as needed.
Jul 15 19:29:35 <phr0ze>        Thats what I said. We need to make sure they bring their model number with them
Jul 15 19:29:52 <CraigYounkins> that sounds fine
Jul 15 19:30:46 <rhoderickj>    What about cables?
Jul 15 19:31:02 <ron_>  Will we have a large supply of Ubuntu disk that we can give to everyone that attends
Jul 15 19:31:15 <dsmith__>      I am here
Jul 15 19:31:19 <phr0ze>        I can burn as many as reasonable
Jul 15 19:31:22 <dsmith__>      got back late
Jul 15 19:31:40 <dsmith__>      wow, lots of ppl
Jul 15 19:31:42 <CraigYounkins> I believe we have enough cat5 and power for everyone
Jul 15 19:32:26 <rhoderickj>    Some PDAs and other handhelds use non-standard attachments so those should be brought as well
Jul 15 19:32:37 <CraigYounkins> yeah, anything abnormal
Jul 15 19:32:39 <ron_>  We may need some old AT keyboards and serial mouse.
Jul 15 19:32:48 <dsmith__>      at work I have installed multiple CP's w/ Kubuntu
Jul 15 19:32:59 <dsmith__>      edgy/fiesty
Jul 15 19:33:00 <CraigYounkins> i'll have a pair of speakers there to test audio
Jul 15 19:33:38 <LadyNikon>     you know
Jul 15 19:33:42 <LadyNikon>     with all the stuff you want to add
Jul 15 19:34:00 <phr0ze>        I have an AT keyboard, I just didnt want to mention it
Jul 15 19:34:04 <LadyNikon>     you know how you get those fliers with the " call this number for more info" and lil rip offs with the numbers on them?
Jul 15 19:34:10 <LadyNikon>     maybe we should do that with the flyer?
Jul 15 19:34:11 <CraigYounkins> all the stuff? i think we're just adding "computer base and peripherals, not including monitor"
Jul 15 19:34:33 <dsmith__>      when someone comes to have linux installed, we should ask them what monitor they are using and their fav. resolution
Jul 15 19:34:43 <dsmith__>      LadyNikon: god idea
Jul 15 19:34:45 <dsmith__>      *god
Jul 15 19:34:48 <CraigYounkins> lol
Jul 15 19:34:49 <dsmith__>      lol, good
Jul 15 19:34:49 <CraigYounkins> learn2type
Jul 15 19:34:59 <LadyNikon>     yeah the gods help me with one
Jul 15 19:35:05 <LadyNikon>     cause i said "gods thats alot of info"
Jul 15 19:35:10 <CraigYounkins> LadyNikon: and I suppose you have an asterisk box to handle that?
Jul 15 19:35:24 <dsmith__>      CraigYounkins: I know how to type, its just painful to read my typo's eh?
Jul 15 19:35:28 <LadyNikon>     CraigYounkins: well i did just get a webhosting site
Jul 15 19:35:48 *       loxety (n=loxety@c-69-243-56-114.hsd1.md.comcast.net) has joined #ubuntu-maryland
Jul 15 19:35:59 <CraigYounkins> i know dsmith__ I'm just making fun of ya :P... LadyNikon: what does the webhosting have to do with it
Jul 15 19:36:02 <LadyNikon>     so if you give me something.. i can put it up if you want
Jul 15 19:36:16 <LadyNikon>     CraigYounkins: i thought you were talking about bandwidth to clicko n the link.
Jul 15 19:36:23 <LadyNikon>     oh wait
Jul 15 19:36:34 <LadyNikon>     i meant link to more info on flyer.. not a number
Jul 15 19:36:41 *       LadyNikon smacks self
Jul 15 19:36:42 <loxety>        greetings
Jul 15 19:36:48 <ron_>  What else do we need to discuss about the install fest
Jul 15 19:36:49 <rhoderickj>    Hi loxety
Jul 15 19:36:51 <CraigYounkins> ahh okay. well then you have to get the URL short enough
Jul 15 19:37:08 <phr0ze>        tiny
Jul 15 19:37:09 <LadyNikon>     ron_: short on time?
Jul 15 19:37:10 <rhoderickj>    The best we can do at this point is ubuntu-maryland.org, but I don't think we're set up for this yet
Jul 15 19:37:13 <ron_>  yes
Jul 15 19:37:37 <rhoderickj>    Let's keep this in mind for the next install fest, once we have a full-fledged public website to announce stuff like this
Jul 15 19:37:47 <LadyNikon>     "Set your computer free!" shouldnt that be "Set up your computer for free!"?
Jul 15 19:37:57 <CraigYounkins> heh no he meant that LadyNikon
Jul 15 19:38:01 <rhoderickj>    LadyNikon: No
Jul 15 19:38:04 <rhoderickj>    LadyNikon: lol
Jul 15 19:38:05 *       LadyNikon blinks
Jul 15 19:38:14 <phr0ze>        http://tinyurl.com/
Jul 15 19:38:18 <LadyNikon>     that sounds like we dont know proper english
Jul 15 19:38:19 <CraigYounkins> rhoderickj: do you like the tab ripoff idea?
Jul 15 19:38:19 <rhoderickj>    Okay, what about the food situation?
Jul 15 19:38:36 <rhoderickj>    CraigYounkins: I do, but I don't think it's feasible at this point for a number of reasons.
Jul 15 19:38:58 <CraigYounkins> just link to ubuntu-maryland.org and i'll put up a link to a wiki page with more information
Jul 15 19:39:00 <rhoderickj>    CraigYounkins: This time around, I think we should just allow folks to take the whole flyer with them.
Jul 15 19:39:33 <CraigYounkins> take the whole flyer??? gee i wasn't thinking that
Jul 15 19:39:40 <phr0ze>        Thats not going to be possible at all locations
Jul 15 19:39:53 <dsmith__>      why not take the whole flyer?
Jul 15 19:39:55 <loxety>        "Se your computer free of its chains"  maybe better
Jul 15 19:40:07 <phr0ze>        Some places we may be lucky to post one.
Jul 15 19:40:12 <LadyNikon>     I can ask my school
Jul 15 19:40:15 *       LadyNikon attends HCC
Jul 15 19:40:16 <rhoderickj>    loxety: I might get rid of that whole phrase anyway, as more space will be needed to include extra information.
Jul 15 19:40:21 <phr0ze>        me too
Jul 15 19:40:38 <LadyNikon>     phr0ze: we gotta ask the student body to post it.
Jul 15 19:40:47 <LadyNikon>     just an FYI if you didnt know
Jul 15 19:40:54 <CraigYounkins> rawrg people jumping ahead, can we finalize this flyer first
Jul 15 19:41:04 <LadyNikon>     sorry
Jul 15 19:41:41 <rhoderickj>    I vote for taking the whole flyer. Frankly, I'm not expecting a thousand people, so I think placing 5-10 flyers at any location will be sufficient.
Jul 15 19:41:51 <CraigYounkins> my vote would be to only put up 1 but with tabs to ubuntu-maryland.org and i'll modify the wiki to have a large "Looking for install fest information?" link
Jul 15 19:42:06 <CraigYounkins> rhoderickj: that's a lot of printig
Jul 15 19:42:20 <phr0ze>        brb
Jul 15 19:42:21 <dsmith__>      10 flyers is alot?
Jul 15 19:42:22 <LadyNikon>     see having www.ubuntu.org as for more information is too vague
Jul 15 19:42:34 <CraigYounkins> i'm gonna print out 30 sheets of paper?
Jul 15 19:43:02 <rhoderickj>    CraigYounkins: I can print off two hundred at work in less than 5 minutes
Jul 15 19:43:04 <LadyNikon>     is this going to be printed in color? or black ad white?
Jul 15 19:43:15 <CraigYounkins> rhoderickj: then you have the problem of getting some to me
Jul 15 19:43:15 <rhoderickj>    In color
Jul 15 19:43:32 <phr0ze>        bak
Jul 15 19:43:46 <CraigYounkins> can some other people weigh in on the tab vs whole flyer issue
Jul 15 19:44:03 <dsmith__>      both have its ups and down
Jul 15 19:44:06 <dsmith__>      tabs, get lost
Jul 15 19:44:13 <dsmith__>      whole pages tend to stick around
Jul 15 19:44:24 <LadyNikon>     bleh
Jul 15 19:44:33 <LadyNikon>     can someone post this as the topic http://tinyurl.com/3xn4p3 is the flyer
Jul 15 19:44:55 <ron_>  Whole color flyer posted with 10-15 copies of black/white flyers left at earch location.
Jul 15 19:44:57 <loxety>        thanks for the posting LadyNikon
Jul 15 19:44:57 <LadyNikon>     that way late people can see it
Jul 15 19:45:05 <rhoderickj>    LadyNikon: If we're asking people to trust us with their computers, I think we owe them an official URL
Jul 15 19:45:16 <LadyNikon>     rhoderickj: its to long
Jul 15 19:45:17 <CraigYounkins> we'll do the whole flyer... it's decided... moving on!
Jul 15 19:45:33 <rhoderickj>    LadyNikon: www.ubuntu-maryland.org points to the wiki
Jul 15 19:45:51 <LadyNikon>     yeah but we are talking about.. eh.. nvm
Jul 15 19:45:56 <rhoderickj>    Okay. I like the tabs idea but we're not set up for this just yet. Let's do this next time. 
Jul 15 19:45:56 <CraigYounkins> rhoderickj: I would include the ubuntu-maryland.org somewhere on the flyer though
Jul 15 19:46:02 <CraigYounkins> fair enough
Jul 15 19:46:09 <rhoderickj>    CraigYounkins: Understood. I'll add it.
Jul 15 19:46:49 <loxety>        I wouldnt worry about someone not trusting the group
Jul 15 19:46:53 *       dsmith__ is now known as DOUGman
Jul 15 19:47:03 <CraigYounkins> so everyone that is coming needs to bring hardware. this includes cat5, power strips and cords, monitors, keyboards, mice
Jul 15 19:47:04 <DOUGman>       hmmmmm its ownd
Jul 15 19:47:11 <loxety>        Are we asking for some kind of payment?
Jul 15 19:47:16 <LadyNikon>     no
Jul 15 19:47:18 <CraigYounkins> lol no
Jul 15 19:47:19 <LadyNikon>     its free
Jul 15 19:47:35 *       DOUGman is now known as DSMITH__
Jul 15 19:47:52 <rhoderickj>    Next topic?
Jul 15 19:47:58 <loxety>        pointing at rhoderickj
Jul 15 19:48:03 <rhoderickj>    Are we still planning on food and drink?
Jul 15 19:48:25 <CraigYounkins> i think we were doing sodas for guests and we'll probably get pizza for the team for lunch
Jul 15 19:48:38 <rhoderickj>    CraigYounkins: Good idea.
Jul 15 19:48:43 <CraigYounkins> BJs is right across snowden, we can easily get a case of soda
Jul 15 19:48:44 <ron_>  agree
Jul 15 19:48:51 <DSMITH__>      ok afterwards, what about support for ppl we install for?/
Jul 15 19:49:01 <rhoderickj>    And we're going to collect funds for this on Thursday at the meeting?
Jul 15 19:49:11 <CraigYounkins> yeah
Jul 15 19:49:17 <rhoderickj>    Or: WHO is going to collect funds and be responsible for getting the soda?
Jul 15 19:49:18 <loxety>        DSMITH__, suggest the ubuntu forums
Jul 15 19:49:32 <LadyNikon>     and #ubuntu on freenode
Jul 15 19:49:41 <DSMITH__>      thats kinda hollow
Jul 15 19:49:52 <loxety>        hows it hollow?
Jul 15 19:49:53 <DSMITH__>      I know what your saying, but what if they are not truly savy
Jul 15 19:49:53 <LadyNikon>     we can have a guide to irc as well
Jul 15 19:50:15 <loxety>        they cant get to a webpage?
Jul 15 19:50:19 <rhoderickj>    DSMITH__, LadyNikon: We can create a custom support wiki page that provides a run-down of their options.
Jul 15 19:50:32 <LadyNikon>     " If you have any problems with this there are many ways of getting help so you aren't alone!"
Jul 15 19:50:38 <phr0ze>        What about some sort of email system. They send an email to a box for help.
Jul 15 19:50:40 <ron_>  if we truly want converts then the more post install help the better
Jul 15 19:50:40 <DSMITH__>      I would think a support something should be setup
Jul 15 19:50:44 <CraigYounkins> and at the fest we'll talk to them about what support system exists
Jul 15 19:50:57 <loxety>        if we dont think a person cant get to the ubuntu forums why include a url on the flier?
Jul 15 19:51:06 <DSMITH__>      spiceworks is a free support system
Jul 15 19:51:17 <LadyNikon>     well.. its different for support vs just looking for info
Jul 15 19:51:20 <DSMITH__>      if someone has a website this could be loaded onto it
Jul 15 19:51:26 <LadyNikon>     people are usually frantic when they cant get something working..
Jul 15 19:51:31 <LadyNikon>     and have had no exp with that product.
Jul 15 19:51:32 <CraigYounkins> DSMITH__: It's a ticketed support system?
Jul 15 19:51:33 <DSMITH__>      exactly
Jul 15 19:51:36 <DSMITH__>      yea
Jul 15 19:51:40 <CraigYounkins> I can install it.
Jul 15 19:51:46 <DSMITH__>      check it out
Jul 15 19:51:51 <LadyNikon>     DSMITH__: thats why i was thinking more the ubuntu channel than a forum
Jul 15 19:52:04 <DSMITH__>      channel is hit or miss
Jul 15 19:52:08 <LadyNikon>     DSMITH__: i just think that people may expect a phone number with someone waiting for them
Jul 15 19:52:13 <LadyNikon>     which is scary
Jul 15 19:52:25 <DSMITH__>      well I do not suggest that
Jul 15 19:52:26 <LadyNikon>     How has other installfests worked out support wise?
Jul 15 19:52:30 <LadyNikon>     has anyone does this before?
Jul 15 19:52:42 <DSMITH__>      we could offer payment for support
Jul 15 19:52:42 <phr0ze>        Nope
Jul 15 19:52:47 <loxety>        Shouldnt this group be a spring board for future ubuntu users and not an end all be all
Jul 15 19:52:55 <rhoderickj>    LadyNikon: I've done a lot of research and most LoCos have a support page that provides custom information for those whom they've installed for.
Jul 15 19:53:05 <LadyNikon>     rhoderickj: like FAQ's?
Jul 15 19:53:20 <phr0ze>        We can provide a doc on their desktop that is easy to open with links built in
Jul 15 19:53:28 <phr0ze>        And guidance
Jul 15 19:53:28 <DSMITH__>      if you support your end users, then by word of mouth it will spread
Jul 15 19:53:34 <rhoderickj>    LadyNikon: Yes FAQs, links, and information on how to get more support from both the team and the ubuntu community at large
Jul 15 19:53:56 <CraigYounkins> I will try to install this help desk software in the coming days
Jul 15 19:54:05 <CraigYounkins> and we can link to it from the wiki
Jul 15 19:54:11 <rhoderickj>    CraigYounkins: Shouldn't it be on ubuntu-maryland.org?
Jul 15 19:54:18 <rhoderickj>    Installed, I mean?
Jul 15 19:54:19 <phr0ze>        I think we should put it on the desktop. Not get too deep talking to them about all this and jusdt say, if you ever need help open this file.
Jul 15 19:54:32 <rhoderickj>    phr0ze: Brilliant idea.
Jul 15 19:54:40 <DSMITH__>      well it is a website, then you can bookmark it
Jul 15 19:54:56 <phr0ze>        Either way. I actually like the bookmark idea
Jul 15 19:54:59 <rhoderickj>    phr0ze: But if they lose X then...
Jul 15 19:55:00 <ron_>  If you are referring to spiceworks it looks like it only runs on Windows
Jul 15 19:55:02 <phr0ze>        We can improve it over time.
Jul 15 19:55:10 <LadyNikon>     phr0ze: i think suse does that they?
Jul 15 19:55:13 <LadyNikon>     so its a good idea
Jul 15 19:55:17 <LadyNikon>     "click here for help"
Jul 15 19:55:31 <phr0ze>        I haven't run suse in years
Jul 15 19:55:34 <rhoderickj>    Hey, in the future we can write our own support system in Python and have it send support requests to the  group! :)
Jul 15 19:55:48 <CraigYounkins> rhoderickj: I thought that ubuntu-maryland.org was just a domain based redirect? do we have webspace there?
Jul 15 19:56:05 <DSMITH__>      hmmm spiceworks IS windows only, I am sure there is an alternate solution for linux
Jul 15 19:56:12 <ron_>  Can this be completed in less than a week?
Jul 15 19:56:17 <LadyNikon>     but then we have to hope for an internet connection.
Jul 15 19:56:30 <CraigYounkins> d'oh @ spiceworks :(
Jul 15 19:56:34 <CraigYounkins> it looked so nice though
Jul 15 19:56:39 <rhoderickj>    CraigYounkins: Yes, as of right now it just redirects, but I think Chuck has space at DreamHost. What I'm saying though is that once we start giving people a URL, we shouldn't change it on them. We need to be consistent. So, at this point, the only thing we have that won't change is the wiki. I think we need to rely on the wiki for now.
Jul 15 19:56:49 <DSMITH__>      give them the install cd , with instructions
Jul 15 19:57:07 <CraigYounkins> rhoderickj: Gotcah
Jul 15 19:57:46 <phr0ze>        Point the domain to the Wiki. Then move it when we are ready
Jul 15 19:57:53 <rhoderickj>    phr0ze: Exactly.
Jul 15 19:58:32 <CraigYounkins> what else do we need to talk about?
Jul 15 19:59:02 <ron_>  Are we doing just a basic install or Kubuntu plus extrats
Jul 15 19:59:11 *       parma (n=dad@c-68-34-100-108.hsd1.md.comcast.net) has joined #ubuntu-maryland
Jul 15 19:59:22 <phr0ze>        I suggest just Ubuntu
Jul 15 19:59:26 <CraigYounkins> i was thinking flat ubuntu - don't confuse them
Jul 15 19:59:51 <rhoderickj>    It's rather easy to from Ubuntu -> Kubuntu, so I'd say stick with Ubuntu at first and if they feel the need to change, they have that option
Jul 15 20:00:07 <ron_>  Some windows users would find Kubuntu easier to use
Jul 15 20:00:09 <rhoderickj>    * Change on their own, I mean
Jul 15 20:00:33 <CraigYounkins> ron_: I think i'd disagree. personal choice imo
Jul 15 20:00:41 <CraigYounkins> or preference, rather
Jul 15 20:00:44 <DSMITH__>      i prefer kubuntu, but am comfortable with both either way
Jul 15 20:00:55 <LadyNikon>     i think ubuntu is easier
Jul 15 20:01:01 <ron_>  Fine. Basic install
Jul 15 20:01:28 <rhoderickj>    Are we all going to try to post some of these flyers?
Jul 15 20:01:34 <phr0ze>        Yes
Jul 15 20:02:09 <rhoderickj>    Good
Jul 15 20:02:10 <CraigYounkins> when you post flyers, use this page to log it - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MarylandTeam/Events/InstallFests/AdvertisingLocations
Jul 15 20:02:21 <rhoderickj>    CraigYounkins: You read my mind.
Jul 15 20:02:29 <CraigYounkins> that way we have a record of what places accept the advertising and can use it later
Jul 15 20:02:31 <ron_>  Can you email that later?
Jul 15 20:02:45 <CraigYounkins> er i guess.
Jul 15 20:02:57 <LadyNikon>     why not just post a log of this?
Jul 15 20:03:05 <LadyNikon>     save it and post it on the wiki
Jul 15 20:03:18 <rhoderickj>    LadyNikon: I will posting an IRC log shortly after we end the meeting.
Jul 15 20:03:40 <phr0ze>        What about 64bit
Jul 15 20:03:49 <rhoderickj>    By the way, I'd like to ask everyone who has not yet added themselves to the members list to please do so. You can find it here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MarylandTeam/Members
Jul 15 20:04:11 <phr0ze>        Did we get word on any of those free computers
Jul 15 20:04:28 <CraigYounkins> phr0ze: worry about that at the real meeting... for the next one anyway
Jul 15 20:05:04 <phr0ze>        Just thinking it may help turnout if we got a few to give away
Jul 15 20:05:05 <DSMITH__>      free comp's joy
Jul 15 20:05:38 <CraigYounkins> i don't think we have any...
Jul 15 20:06:07 <LadyNikon>     giving away a computer?
Jul 15 20:06:14 <rhoderickj>    Any other business to discuss?
Jul 15 20:06:27 <LadyNikon>     What info will the users be taking away with them?
Jul 15 20:06:34 <phr0ze>        How many CDs, and realistically how much equipment
Jul 15 20:06:51 <CraigYounkins> if you have hardware please add it to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MarylandTeam/Events/InstallFests/2007July21
Jul 15 20:06:52 <rhoderickj>    LadyNikon: You mean as in documentation/manuals?
Jul 15 20:07:10 <LadyNikon>     rhoderickj: anything.. even if its a "dont panic" print out
Jul 15 20:07:13 <loxety>        I think a printed out help guide could be a good thing
Jul 15 20:07:25 <phr0ze>        I dont think we all should just bring a whole bunch of hardware. We should decide mow much we need, then see who has it
Jul 15 20:07:28 <rhoderickj>    LadyNikon, loxety: Good idea. I didn't really think about that.
Jul 15 20:07:40 <CraigYounkins> yeah, you with the mega printer go for it
Jul 15 20:07:51 <loxety>        http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Ubuntu:Feisty#Unofficial_Ubuntu_7.04_.28Feisty_Fawn.29_Starter_Guide is a nice guide
Jul 15 20:08:04 <LadyNikon>     heh
Jul 15 20:08:12 <LadyNikon>     maybe a "dont panic" page with that link on it
Jul 15 20:08:20 <rhoderickj>    CraigYounkins: I'll gladly print a whole bunch of them, but I'll need something to print. What information should be included? Does anyone know of a simple users manual that already exists?
Jul 15 20:08:22 <loxety>        I've given this url to new ubuntu users and printed out parts of it
Jul 15 20:08:42 <LadyNikon>     too bad we cant score some usb keys.. with bookmarked pages
Jul 15 20:08:59 <CraigYounkins> when we setup their machines we will bookmark a few things
Jul 15 20:09:01 <loxety>        cdr are cheap
Jul 15 20:09:06 <CraigYounkins> which brings me to... waivers!@
Jul 15 20:09:14 <LadyNikon>     heh
Jul 15 20:09:18 <rhoderickj>    Waivers?
Jul 15 20:09:25 <LadyNikon>     " I hate ubuntu I am sueing!"
Jul 15 20:09:26 <loxety>        I like waffles better
Jul 15 20:09:34 *       DSMITH__ waves
Jul 15 20:09:43 <rhoderickj>    Yikes. Those waivers.
Jul 15 20:09:45 <CraigYounkins> yeah, a "we hold no liability" waiver
Jul 15 20:10:02 <CraigYounkins> because there's a SLIGHT chance a partition will get damaged or w/e
Jul 15 20:10:10 <LadyNikon>     oh oh
Jul 15 20:10:13 <CraigYounkins> another thing to add to the flyer: mention they need to backup data before they come
Jul 15 20:10:19 <LadyNikon>     "PLEASE PLEASE back up yoru stuff"
Jul 15 20:10:19 <DSMITH__>      doesn't M$ offere no warranties as well?
Jul 15 20:10:22 <phr0ze>        Did we tell them to back up their data in the flier
Jul 15 20:10:23 <ron_>  Again, what have other install fest groups use
Jul 15 20:10:29 <rhoderickj>    CraigYounkins: Are going to be doing backups on site? Are we going to backup their Windows install/docs/pics/etc, prior to installing Ubuntu?
Jul 15 20:10:30 <loxety>        we could check their goverment ID with the waiver
Jul 15 20:10:36 <CraigYounkins> NO
Jul 15 20:10:36 <LadyNikon>     i would think no
Jul 15 20:10:42 <LadyNikon>     they need to back their stuff up
Jul 15 20:10:46 <LadyNikon>     or we will be there all day
Jul 15 20:10:46 <loxety>        collect SS#'s
Jul 15 20:10:56 <rhoderickj>    loxety: lol
Jul 15 20:10:57 <CraigYounkins> we've decided that we will *not* hold on to their data.. even for the duration of the fest
Jul 15 20:11:00 <phr0ze>        If you back up for them you are liable
Jul 15 20:11:02 <LadyNikon>     that way they cant say we took their identities later
Jul 15 20:11:05 <rhoderickj>    CraigYounkins: Oh, good point.
Jul 15 20:11:46 <LadyNikon>     yeah something on the flyer should say " Please back up any important data" your hard drive will be erased"
Jul 15 20:11:54 <CraigYounkins> no don't say that
Jul 15 20:11:56 <LadyNikon>     i wouldnt say formatted just in case they dont know whawt that means
Jul 15 20:11:59 <CraigYounkins> because we'll be dual booting
Jul 15 20:12:05 <LadyNikon>     oh?
Jul 15 20:12:17 <DSMITH__>      dual booting is probable preferable
Jul 15 20:12:20 <LadyNikon>     so ..
Jul 15 20:12:28 <ron_>  We don't want to scare people away
Jul 15 20:12:29 <LadyNikon>     a person comes in their their winders machine
Jul 15 20:12:36 <CraigYounkins> "In any computer operation, there is always a very slight chance that something will go wrong. In this case, we want you to have a backup of your data"
Jul 15 20:12:38 <LadyNikon>     and we install windows/ubuntu on it?
Jul 15 20:12:40 <LadyNikon>     or ..?
Jul 15 20:12:56 <CraigYounkins> we are only installing ubuntu, but if they already have windows than we will resize partitions
Jul 15 20:13:04 <rhoderickj>    ...very carefully.
Jul 15 20:13:05 <phr0ze>        yep
Jul 15 20:13:05 <LadyNikon>     eh..
Jul 15 20:13:09 <LadyNikon>     i dont like that.
Jul 15 20:13:24 <CraigYounkins> why?
Jul 15 20:13:39 <phr0ze>        why?
Jul 15 20:13:44 <LadyNikon>     ever heard never throw rocks through windows?
Jul 15 20:13:46 <DSMITH__>      I've done dual boots before. Never once had an issue.
Jul 15 20:13:47 <LadyNikon>     cause they break.
Jul 15 20:13:49 <loxety>        I'd suggest ubuntu or no ubuntu
Jul 15 20:14:09 <LadyNikon>     i dunno
Jul 15 20:14:09 <phr0ze>        There is no way you'll get them to go cold turkey
Jul 15 20:14:17 <LadyNikon>     its scary.. and sitting in linux help channels
Jul 15 20:14:20 <CraigYounkins> lol
Jul 15 20:14:23 <rhoderickj>    phr0ze: Agreed. Cold turkey is very difficult.
Jul 15 20:14:32 <CraigYounkins> yeah, i'm against cold turkey
Jul 15 20:14:40 <CraigYounkins> warm turkey is OK though
Jul 15 20:14:43 <LadyNikon>     hey I wont be there to screw it up so you may be ok.
Jul 15 20:14:47 <rhoderickj>    CraigYounkins: lol
Jul 15 20:14:53 <phr0ze>        I've done several dual boot installs using the basic guided install.
Jul 15 20:15:12 <LadyNikon>     yeah so
Jul 15 20:15:18 <rhoderickj>    We just have to be careful with the partitions. Make sure the Windows partition is defragged before resizing, etc.
Jul 15 20:15:23 <loxety>        for people that dont want to install just ubuntu I'd suggest they use a live cd for a while
Jul 15 20:15:26 <phr0ze>        I've even done it without defrag. it worked fine
Jul 15 20:15:35 <rhoderickj>    phr0ze: Really? You're braver than I.
Jul 15 20:15:43 <CraigYounkins> we also have to work on a presentation for introducing them to the OS
Jul 15 20:15:43 <rhoderickj>    * err... more brave
Jul 15 20:15:46 <DSMITH__>      same here, never had an issue
Jul 15 20:15:52 <LadyNikon>     yeah something on the flyer should say " Please back up any important data"
Jul 15 20:15:54 <loxety>        This method worked well for a friend of mine
Jul 15 20:16:02 <CraigYounkins> do we have a projector?
Jul 15 20:16:04 <LadyNikon>     there i took out deleted HDD
Jul 15 20:16:08 <rhoderickj>    CraigYounkins: I found a nice presentaiton on another LoCo site in odp format. It was decent.
Jul 15 20:16:11 <DSMITH__>      i never once bother w/ defrag; however these were always new installs, of course 'cept for 3 machines
Jul 15 20:16:26 <CraigYounkins> rhoderickj: Ah I think I saw the same one. was for like Kentucky or something

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