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Meeting Details


No, that time is not a misprint. This weeks meeting will be at 7:30pm on Thursday evening. We'll be at the Howard County Central Library as normal.

We have two major topics to discuss this week.

First is meeting time and day. Due to other obligations, the library had to move our start time back to 7:30pm. We can discuss options as to moving to another day and schedule the two hours that we had before at the same location. Another option is to move to a different location within the library system that has free time on the same evening.

The second item on deck is the presentation to the CMUG Windows group on the 21st. Joel has the presentation from John so we should have a run through to work on.

We also have 10 of the GX100's from the library to offer. So if anyone is interested in them the cost is a $25 tax-deductible donation to the 'Friends of Howard County Library' organization. Please email me in advance to insure they are available at meeting time for you to take home.

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