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Meeting Details

  • Date: Wednesday, October 3, 2007

  • Location: IRC: #ubuntu-maryland on freenode.

  • Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm (meeting may end earlier, but no later)


  • Gutsy Release Party planning
  • Location of next Install Fest
  • Three Step Plan + presentation


(7:11:57 PM) CraigYounkins: well Josh why don't you kick it off with the release party planning
(7:12:19 PM) rhoderickj: Sure
(7:16:05 PM) rhoderick1: So, the wiki entry for the Gutsy Release Party is largely completed, except for the attendee list. We need to know how many are attending so we can get an accurate headcount for reservation purposes
(7:16:31 PM) rhoderick1: If you haven't already added yourself to the attendee list and you know you'll be able to attend, please do so
(7:16:37 PM) rhoderick1: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MarylandTeam/Events/ReleaseParties/Gutsy
(7:16:43 PM) chuckf [n=chuck@unaffiliated/chuckf] entered the room.
(7:16:59 PM) rhoderick1: Hey Chuck
(7:17:00 PM) chuckf: sorry I'm late, was on phone with tomtom support
(7:17:05 PM) JulianC: I'm adding myself right now...
(7:17:05 PM) chuckf: how is everyone?
(7:17:06 PM) rhoderick1: chuckchuk
(7:17:19 PM) CraigYounkins: heh. chuckchuck it out the window
(7:17:23 PM) rhoderick1: lol
(7:17:45 PM) #ubuntu-maryland: mode (+o chuckf ) by ChanServ
(7:17:52 PM) chuckf!n=chuck@unaffiliated/chuckf: chuckf has changed the topic to: Meeting Time!!!
(7:17:54 PM) chuckf: hehe
(7:18:19 PM) chuckf: CraigYounkins, I was about ready to do just that
(7:18:22 PM) rhoderick1: By the way, did anyone get pictures of the SFD event?
(7:18:31 PM) chuckf: I believe John did
(7:18:39 PM) CraigYounkins: John did but the noob hasn't uploaded 'em
(7:18:42 PM) rhoderick1: I'd like to get em on the wiki
(7:19:23 PM) chuckf: rhoderick1, in the next few days I'll be putting Gallery on the pics site and setting up accounts for various people
(7:19:33 PM) rhoderick1: Anyway, aside from the attendee list, I think the Gutsy party is pretty much ready to go
(7:19:39 PM) rhoderick1: Unless anyone has any outstanding issues or questions?
(7:19:48 PM) rhoderick1: It's a pretty simple event... thankfully.
(7:20:01 PM) CraigYounkins: heh
(7:20:03 PM) chuckf: can we do reservations there?
(7:20:17 PM) chuckf: friday nights are probalby a bit busy
(7:20:22 PM) rhoderick1: Yeah, I believe John was taking care of the reservations
(7:20:31 PM) rhoderick1: He already spoke with them about it and they said it was fine
(7:20:35 PM) rhoderick1: They have plenty of space
(7:20:37 PM) chuckf: cool
(7:21:04 PM) rhoderick1: We'll probably make reservations a few days in advance, once we have the attendee list filled out a bit more
(7:21:25 PM) chuckf: speaking of which I think I need to update it to confirm for two
(7:21:56 PM) rhoderick1: As of right now it looks like 9
(7:22:02 PM) rhoderick1: Craig, are you going to be able to make it?
(7:22:07 PM) rhoderick1: Oh derr
(7:22:10 PM) CraigYounkins: Yep, added myself to the list :)
(7:22:13 PM) rhoderick1: I see you signed it now
(7:22:30 PM) rhoderick1: Well that's all I have. :) Short and sweet!
(7:22:55 PM) chuckf: how about the bug/doc topic
(7:23:18 PM) CraigYounkins: explain?
(7:23:20 PM) chuckf: I don't mean to push that on you, I just don't know what you need to have set for that
(7:23:37 PM) rhoderick1: Right. Judging by the lack of interest in it on the forums, I don't think it's worth the trouble right now
(7:23:38 PM) chuckf: for a bug hunt/ documentation day
(7:23:43 PM) chuckf: okay
(7:24:13 PM) chuckf: I dont' mind trying it out, I just don't program
(7:24:23 PM) CraigYounkins: next on the agenda is the location for the next install fest which we will combine with the talk about the three step plan
(7:24:45 PM) chuckf: we also have to decide when we will do that
(7:24:58 PM) CraigYounkins: Amy from the central library has been asking if we would like to do an install fest there. i'm leaning towards no since i think Loyola has better facilities
(7:25:24 PM) CraigYounkins: comments?
(7:25:39 PM) chuckf: well I think we shoud do another one at both places
(7:25:49 PM) JulianC: Loyola was great. I like the idea of going to a college for an install fest.
(7:25:50 PM) chuckf: perhap the next one at loyola, then back to the library
(7:25:56 PM) JulianC: We got great support from Loyola.
(7:26:26 PM) Chris1: Perhaps we should try out here? Frederick County...or perhaps Carroll?
(7:26:53 PM) chuckf: Chris1, do you have a place in mind?
(7:27:14 PM) rhoderick1: I may be able to hook us up with some facilities at Hood College
(7:27:23 PM) Chris1: We have a nice Central Library here in downtown Frederick
(7:27:27 PM) rhoderick1: We could coordinate with the local computer science club there
(7:27:27 PM) Chris1: Hood is good as well
(7:27:37 PM) chuckf: rhoderick1, cool that sounds great
(7:27:39 PM) rhoderick1: I spoke with them about that possibility a few months ago
(7:27:42 PM) chuckf: it's a matter of when as well
(7:28:17 PM) rhoderick1: Maybe even FCC would welcome us. I'm not sure.
(7:28:29 PM) chuckf: josh, do you think it would be worth trying to do a meeting/presentation out there to gage interest?
(7:29:01 PM) rhoderick1: I don't see why not. Hood events can sometimes draw a crowd, but it's a liberal arts college so I doubt it'd be a block party :)
(7:29:41 PM) Chris1: Still Students like "free" in all senses of the word
(7:29:47 PM) rhoderick1: Definitely
(7:29:50 PM) chuckf: that's true
(7:30:19 PM) rhoderick1: Even if we picked up one new active member, I think it'd be worth it
(7:30:20 PM) JulianC: Since I wasn't there, how did it go three weeks ago?
(7:30:36 PM) CraigYounkins: quite well
(7:31:10 PM) CraigYounkins: sorry, dad bugging me
(7:31:18 PM) chuckf: np
(7:31:53 PM) CraigYounkins: we had 3 people come in with machines, we sold about 15 of the library's, and quite a few people stopped in just to talk to us about linux and free software
(7:32:46 PM) rhoderickj left the room (quit: Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)).
(7:33:09 PM) JulianC: Sounds like it went smoothly.
(7:33:22 PM) CraigYounkins: it did :) it was much better organized
(7:33:32 PM) CraigYounkins: we could have accomadated a lot more people.
(7:33:47 PM) chuckf: very easily
(7:33:58 PM) You are now known as rhoderickj
(7:34:57 PM) CraigYounkins: so we have this presentation on Nov 21st that we've got to get ready for
(7:35:08 PM) chuckf: yup
(7:35:19 PM) rhoderickj: Really? That's news to me.
(7:35:25 PM) chuckf: I was going to take a look at the wiki pages this weekend and see what I could do
(7:35:26 PM) CraigYounkins: ah, yes.
(7:35:35 PM) CraigYounkins: Josh i made a post on it :)
(7:35:39 PM) rhoderickj: You did?
(7:35:45 PM) CraigYounkins: under the three step plan
(7:35:49 PM) CraigYounkins: there's a blurb about it, heh
(7:35:56 PM) JulianC: From what I've read so far, it looks like we want to put together a standard presentation that we can shop around.
(7:36:07 PM) rhoderickj: Hmm... we should create a thread dedicated to it, so people like myself don't overlook it :)
(7:36:07 PM) chuckf: JulianC, that's about it
(7:36:09 PM) CraigYounkins: we're giving a presentation to a Microsoft users group
(7:36:17 PM) rhoderickj: Whaaaa?
(7:36:24 PM) CraigYounkins: :)
(7:36:29 PM) rhoderickj: We'll going to get beaten and robbed
(7:36:30 PM) chuckf: the one we're doing first is a general 'here's the benefits' type of thing
(7:36:47 PM) chuckf: rhoderickj, that's why we're showing up in numbers:)
(7:36:48 PM) chuckf: hehe
(7:36:50 PM) rhoderickj: lol
(7:37:04 PM) rhoderickj: Is Joel going to be the presenter?
(7:37:13 PM) CraigYounkins: we need multiple presentors
(7:37:15 PM) chuckf: and it sounds like it's going to be an older crowd too
(7:37:26 PM) chuckf: Joel is going to spearhead it
(7:37:35 PM) rhoderickj: Cool. That guy is awesome.
(7:39:07 PM) rhoderickj: I'll get the wiki page for the presentation up
(7:39:28 PM) CraigYounkins: yeah, there's some stuff about it already up but it needs to be better organized on the wiki
(7:39:49 PM) rhoderickj: Right on. I'll weave it together.
(7:40:27 PM) rhoderickj: I want to create separate pages for each presentation, and then LINK to that presentation from the event page
(7:40:40 PM) rhoderickj: So they can easily be recycled for more than one use without a lot of copying and pasting
(7:40:49 PM) rhoderickj: That's why I have it set up the way it is now.
(7:41:27 PM) rhoderickj: At least I think that's what I was thinking:-$
(7:41:30 PM) chuckf: rhoderickj, thats great
(7:41:52 PM) CraigYounkins: so what we talked about at the last meeting was a new system with 3 steps: presentation, install fest, and support
(7:42:19 PM) CraigYounkins: we present to a group about why they should install it, install fest doesn't change much, and lastly, develop a support system
(7:42:23 PM) JulianC: Support to local users, or to the whole Ubuntu community?
(7:42:32 PM) CraigYounkins: local users
(7:42:33 PM) chuckf: local
(7:42:39 PM) CraigYounkins: the support step is the last one we'll tackle
(7:42:51 PM) CraigYounkins: I've got the install fest system down, we need to work on the presentation
(7:43:14 PM) Chris1: The forum is a good place to start...already a couple requests there. Support-wise
(7:43:55 PM) chuckf: the thing with forum support is that if we can offer the solution, great. But other fourms are better suited and already there
(7:45:40 PM) JulianC: With the presentations... do we have a running list of potential venues?
(7:46:04 PM) CraigYounkins: No, another thing we can establish a system for in the wiki
(7:47:43 PM) CraigYounkins: so when do we want to schedule an install fest?
(7:47:45 PM) rhoderickj: Do we have a venue for the 21st presentation?
(7:47:52 PM) rhoderickj: Time?
(7:47:54 PM) chuckf: the venues would have to be placesthat come to us or we discover
(7:48:17 PM) chuckf: rhoderickj, carroll county somewhere, and I think their meeting starts at 7:30
(7:48:19 PM) CraigYounkins: Yes... though the gentlemen at the meeting didn't post the info on the forum like i asked him to :(
(7:48:29 PM) chuckf: I should see those guys next wednesday
(7:48:29 PM) JulianC: Early December sounds ideal.
(7:49:34 PM) chuckf: the 1st or 8th would be the only options  Ithink
(7:49:58 PM) chuckf: otherwise we run into holiday parweekendty s
(7:50:06 PM) chuckf: party weekends
(7:50:19 PM) CraigYounkins: i agree
(7:50:33 PM) CraigYounkins: and do we want Loyola for this one?
(7:50:33 PM) JulianC: November just sounds too close at this stage.
(7:50:42 PM) CraigYounkins: well, we want it after the presentation
(7:50:58 PM) rhoderickj: Sorry to interrupt, but did anyone decide on a title for the presentation?
(7:51:12 PM) chuckf: rhoderickj, not at this time
(7:51:25 PM) rhoderickj: Okay, we'll get with Joel on that
(7:51:26 PM) chuckf: CraigYounkins, we can try fo it if you want
(7:52:06 PM) CraigYounkins: chuckf: two things, I don't have forum moderation. second, can you give me the contact info for the person at Loyola so I can arrange it?
(7:53:02 PM) chuckf: CraigYounkins, I've sent another note to the forum person, and I'll look up marco's info
(7:54:36 PM) CraigYounkins: thanks
(7:56:39 PM) chuckf: anything else for the evening?
(7:56:58 PM) rhoderickj: That was an easy meeting. :)
(7:57:00 PM) Chris1: "In the Street"?
(7:57:13 PM) rhoderickj: neither aptenix nor matthewboh are here
(7:57:21 PM) Chris1: some Hem-and-Haw
(7:57:24 PM) Chris1: I'm aptenix
(7:57:28 PM) rhoderickj: I won't be able to make the In the Streets thing in Frederick even though I live in Frederick
(7:57:30 PM) rhoderickj: Oh, duh
(7:57:52 PM) rhoderickj: Besides, I think we need a table for legitimacy
(7:57:59 PM) rhoderickj: And it's already too late to register
(7:58:06 PM) rhoderickj: Otherwise people will think we're just giving out spyware
(7:58:17 PM) CraigYounkins: :-(
(7:58:29 PM) Chris1: I'm not sure I fully agree
(7:58:41 PM) Chris1: If we talk to them first
(7:58:42 PM) JulianC: Any other community festivals coming up... or have they all passed with the change of seasons?
(7:59:16 PM) rhoderickj: Chris, have you had anyone take you up on attending the event?
(7:59:22 PM) chuckf: Chris1, how likely is it that people want to hear about a computer OS at a street festival from persons on the street?
(7:59:24 PM) Chris1: nope
(7:59:35 PM) Chris1: Yeah..I see your point
(7:59:56 PM) chuckf: if we had a table, that's one thing
(8:00:07 PM) Chris1: ok
(8:03:36 PM) CraigYounkins: well, thanks for coming everybody
(8:03:48 PM) rhoderickj: See ya'll at the next one!

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