1 16:55:04 <Spitty>       hello folks
   2 16:55:39 <GoatTuber>    hey
   3 16:55:58 <Spitty>       we're starting at 5, right?
   4 16:56:18 <GoatTuber>    I believe so
   5 16:57:48 <yuriy>        hi Spitty, GoatTuber
   6 16:58:08 <Spitty>       hey yuriy
   7 16:59:59 Join   mgomeztccs has joined this channel (n=mark@pool-68-160-155-135.bos.east.verizon.net).
   8 17:00:17 <GoatTuber>    heya
   9 17:00:52 <mgomeztccs>   good afternoon
  10 17:01:17 <Spitty>       hey
  11 17:01:29 <yuriy>        hi mgomeztccs
  12 17:01:42 <mgomeztccs>   hello
  13 17:03:32 <thornomad>    i am here as well.
  14 17:05:10 <yuriy>        5/12...
  15 17:05:15 <Spitty>       should we get started, or are we going to wait for some latecomers?
  16 17:06:23 <yuriy>        let's get started
  17 17:07:32 <GoatTuber>    I'm still at work throwing together a report, so I'll be back and forth between here and coding
  18 17:07:44 <thornomad>    get going
  19 17:08:03 <yuriy>        hi, i'm Yuriy, I am student at brandeis university.  I'm trying to get this MA team together, I'm glad those who are here showed up.
  20 17:08:04 <thornomad>    that's my vote
  21 17:08:23 <yuriy>        i think everybody introduced themselves already on the forums or on the ml, but go ahead and itroduce yourself if you like
  22 17:08:31 <thornomad>    hi yuriy. i live in worcester, work for a hospital.  i like linux
  23 17:08:43 <jdhoreotg>    heh
  24 17:08:53 <Spitty>       I'm Ryan, I'm currently a senior in high school in Arlington, and I think that the more people using linux, the better
  25 17:09:10 <mgomeztccs>   i am a teacher at a small christian school.  i am trying to set up edubuntu in our school
  26 17:09:11 <jdhoreotg>    hi everybody, i'm JD, i live in NYC, work for a telecom company...and i'm addicted to linux
  27 17:09:22 <jdhoreotg>    Spitty, i disagree with you there
  28 17:09:41 Mode   ChanServ gives channel operator privileges to jdhoreotg.
  29 17:09:43 <Spitty>       well, the more people that are given the option, the better
  30 17:10:06 <jdhoreotg>    true, but i think the more people switch, Linux will suffer from the same security flaws as Windows
  31 17:10:10 <yuriy>        hey jdhoreotg
  32 17:10:11 <GoatTuber>    I think it goes... the more educated people are about Linux the better
  33 17:10:16 <yuriy>        jdhoreotg: if you are wondering, getting our own channel is on the agenda ;)
  34 17:10:25 <jdhoreotg>    it's ok
  35 17:10:33 <jdhoreotg>    feel free to chill here as long as you'd like
  36 17:11:37 <yuriy>        ok so technical points
  37 17:11:48 <GoatTuber>    I'm Dan, I live in Lynn, work in Boston, and 3/5 of the configured PCs in my house run Ubuntu
  38 17:11:49 <yuriy>        do we need our own IRC channel and/or forum?
  39 17:12:09 <jdhoreotg>    i think so since it seems to be a pretty decent sized group
  40 17:12:29 <Spitty>       where would the forum be hosted?
  41 17:12:36 <yuriy>        Spitty: ubuntuforums.org
  42 17:12:41 <Spitty>       cool
  43 17:12:46 <thornomad>    how many do we have ?  I agree it would be nice. but don't like to get too spread out. hard to monitor everything i have my toe in
  44 17:12:51 <yuriy>        Spitty: like the NY and NJ teams have
  45 17:12:59 <yuriy>        thornomad: 12 people
  46 17:13:35 <yuriy>        I think an IRC channel is good, or at least, why not, but I don't really see the need for separate forums for every state
  47 17:13:49         * yuriy forgot to ask ravtux to show up
  48 17:13:54 <jdhoreotg>    heh
  49 17:14:18 <Spitty>       if nothing else, a subforum would let people know that we're out there, but i understand the concerns about spreading out
  50 17:14:23 <thornomad>    i would agree with that. i like the state unity bit but between the mailing list and an IRC should be pretty easy to keep state stuff hapenning
  51 17:14:45 <GoatTuber>    sounds about right
  52 17:15:03 Join   MichaelSelva has joined this channel (n=Babbel@c-24-61-46-171.hsd1.ma.comcast.net).
  53 17:15:13 <yuriy>        hi MichaelSelva
  54 17:15:17 <MichaelSelva> hello
  55 17:15:20 <Spitty>       welcome to the party
  56 17:15:30 <MichaelSelva> Thanks!
  57 17:16:26 <MichaelSelva> Using BABBEL irc client for first time, never used freenode before, so please bear with me if I'm a little slow in responding.
  58 17:16:51 <GoatTuber>    ugh, I just wrote 161 lines of code with only 3 comments... talk about a rush job
  59 17:17:05 <jdhoreotg>    Babbel kind of sucks IMO, MichaelSelva
  60 17:17:13 <yuriy>        GoatTuber: 3 > 0 :)
  61 17:17:35 <MichaelSelva> I google'd "irc client Mac OS" and this was the first one I found that runs on Intel Macs
  62 17:17:41 <jdhoreotg>    ahh
  63 17:17:52 <MichaelSelva> I'm open to any recommendations
  64 17:18:01 <jdhoreotg>    Colloquy, X-Chat Aqua, or a client called iRC are all better than Babbel
  65 17:18:11 <mgomeztccs>   i'm using colloquy. its pretty nice'
  66 17:18:11 <jdhoreotg>    i prefer Colloquy and iRC personally
  67 17:18:29 <yuriy>        ok so everybody agrees on getting #ubuntu-us-ma ?  I'd like to hear more opinions about a forum
  68 17:18:43 <MichaelSelva> Are Linux clients more robust / easier to use?  I'm running EDUBUNTU Linux within Parallels on the Mac.
  69 17:19:09 <GoatTuber>    #ubuntu-us-ma sounds good... no preference for forums though
  70 17:19:11 <jdhoreotg>    i'd stick with an OSx client
  71 17:19:17 <thornomad>    I think it can't hurt to have another IRC channel.  I think there are too many forums as it is.
  72 17:19:27 <yuriy>        robust?
  73 17:19:30 <GoatTuber>    I agree
  74 17:20:00 <MichaelSelva> Eventually I want to switch my school computer lab over to Linux, so I'd be interested in exploring irc clients within that environment eventually.  But for now I'm primarily Mac-based
  75 17:20:23 <yuriy>        konversation is nice, dunno about gnome stuff
  76 17:20:37 <Spitty>       i think we should have a seperate IRC channel, but no forum yet- is there another way to notify people on the forums of our existence?
  77 17:20:38 <MichaelSelva> Is anyone else on this chat working at a school?
  78 17:20:47 <mgomeztccs>   i am
  79 17:20:54 <MichaelSelva> Where?
  80 17:21:23 <yuriy>        jdhoreotg: you the resident irc expert?
  81 17:21:30 <jdhoreotg>    yep
  82 17:21:50 <mgomeztccs>   lunenburg, ma
  83 17:22:05 <yuriy>        jdhoreotg: what do we need to do to get a designated channel?
  84 17:22:13 <jdhoreotg>    nothing
  85 17:22:15 <C_J_Pro>      O_o
  86 17:22:17 <yuriy>        just join it?
  87 17:22:29 <jdhoreotg>    all you need is about 5 minutes of time and a decent knowledge of IRC
  88 17:22:57 <C_J_Pro>      Here are the commands:
  89 17:23:03         * yuriy doesn't have the latter, iffy on the former :D
  90 17:23:04 <MichaelSelva> mgomeztccs: I am the computer teacher / tech specialist / computer guy at a K-5 parochial school in Watertown, MA.  New gig, just started in November.
  91 17:23:06 <GoatTuber>    I don't work for a school, but I'm working with a teacher over at the Bunker Hill elementary school on setting up an Edubuntu thin client network
  92 17:23:07 <C_J_Pro>      /join #ubuntu-ns-****
  93 17:23:24 <yuriy>        C_J_Pro: heh that i can do
  94 17:23:29 <C_J_Pro>      /cs register #ubuntu-ns-**** Description
  95 17:23:31 <jdhoreotg>    then to register it, the command is: /chanserv register #ubuntu-us-ma password
  96 17:23:42 <C_J_Pro>      It's password?
  97 17:23:47 <C_J_Pro>      It's one or the other
  98 17:23:48 <jdhoreotg>    but you have to join the channel first
  99 17:23:53 <jdhoreotg>    it's password
 100 17:24:00 <C_J_Pro>      Password is optional
 101 17:24:03 <MichaelSelva> GoatTuber: One of the things I wanted to suggest today is a "barn-raising" team for installing Edubuntu in schools.
 102 17:24:11 <C_J_Pro>      So just /cs register #ubuntu-us-ma
 103 17:24:26 <yuriy>        jdhoreotg, C_J_Pro: thanks. i'll look up docs and learn irc commands better when i get a chance
 104 17:24:37 <jdhoreotg>    good plan
 105 17:24:49 <C_J_Pro>      Now, to the school.  I got a Windows XP machine to hassle with
 106 17:24:58 <MichaelSelva> What I mean is that an experienced edubuntu-er teams up with a novice to set up a network, and then the novice becomes the experienced person who helps the next novice, and so on . . .
 107 17:25:05 <yuriy>        MichaelSelva: ok let's get to that
 108 17:25:07 <yuriy>        GOALS
 109 17:25:45 Mode   jdhoreotg gives channel operator privileges to you.
 110 17:25:58 <C_J_Pro>      ...
 111 17:26:04 Join   thornomad_ has joined this channel (n=thornoma@81.sub-75-194-65.myvzw.com).
 112 17:26:10 <yuriy>        i think getting ed/ubuntu into schools should be a big point
 113 17:26:18 <jdhoreotg>    his meeting, he gets ops until the meeting is over
 114 17:26:31 <GoatTuber>    yuriy: definately
 115 17:27:04 <yuriy>        MichaelSelva: did you have any details in mind?
 116 17:27:08 <thornomad_>   schools or community centers or something like that.  would be terrific
 117 17:28:33 <Spitty>       yeah.  maybe we could help out local LUG's with install-fests, or even hold our own
 118 17:28:53 <GoatTuber>    most schools already have small networks set up, and old boxes sitting around collecting dust. Setting up a decent server would be a small investment, then the number of thin clients they could toss on it gives more students a chance to use a machine rather than huddling around one or idly waiting by
 119 17:29:50 <MichaelSelva> Well, for starters, I have a computer lab with 11 Windoze XP workstations, which I am eager to transform into an edubuntu network.  Once it is up & running I could make it available for site visits from prospective edubuntu users, or training sessions, or meetings of the local ubutu users group, etc.
 120 17:30:00 <mgomeztccs>   that's a great idea
 121 17:30:12 <GoatTuber>    the school by Bunker Hill has 6 whole computers for classes of 30+ students
 122 17:30:21 <Spitty>       yeah, that's really excellent
 123 17:30:23 <mgomeztccs>   also, some sort of network for taking donated computers would be good.  a lot of us are in the tech industry
 124 17:30:34 <GoatTuber>    MichaelSelva: that would be great
 125 17:30:40 <Spitty>       I know MIT has a structure for that
 126 17:30:41 <MichaelSelva> Is there a central clearing house for inquiries about edubuntu, where we could contact interested schools?
 127 17:30:43 <thornomad_>   yea, that would be neat.  I haven't experimented with edubuntu (except to install it for my brother) but the thin client concept sounds pretty awesome
 128 17:30:47 <yuriy>        mgomeztccs: yes, great idea as well
 129 17:30:51         * yuriy has some lying around
 130 17:31:26 Join   claydoh has joined this channel (n=claydoh@66-252-58-230.dyn-adsl.midmaine.net).
 131 17:31:30 <yuriy>        MichaelSelva: that's something I think we would have to organize
 132 17:31:56 <Spitty>       MIT has something called the "used computer factory" where people donate computers, and they then repair them and donate them to people without PCs
 133 17:32:00 <yuriy>        and really that's my main concern, how to approach schools with such things?
 134 17:32:00 <MichaelSelva> In addition to the 11 workstations in my computer lab, my school has a couple of dozen machines sitting around collecting dust, but they could probably function fine as thin clients.
 135 17:32:14 <Spitty>       i'm pretty sure most of them so out as windows PCs, though
 136 17:32:35 <Spitty>       yuriy: we'd need a very polished marketing campaign to be taken seriously
 137 17:32:48 <yuriy>        Spitty: indeed.
 138 17:33:01 <GoatTuber>    Spitty: weird, I have a couple old Solaris boxes MIT donated to me before they fired me =)
 139 17:33:10 <Spitty>       and I don't think we could present ourselves as a total replacement for existing windows networks- at least, not at first
 140 17:33:11 <MichaelSelva> I belong to a group called MassCUE (Massachusetts Computer Using Educators), which has a monthly newsletter: a good place to run a classified ad or announcement once we are ready to do stuff with schools.
 141 17:33:24 <mgomeztccs>   i think we would have to start by having one school do it and show what can be done
 142 17:33:44 <yuriy>        MichaelSelva: interesting.
 143 17:33:45 <Spitty>       something else we can use is local cable access TV stations
 144 17:33:50 <mgomeztccs>   having some kind of curriculum to go with it would be a big sell too
 145 17:34:19 <yuriy>        mgomeztccs: sounds like MichaelSelva and you are starting on that? the one school to show that is
 146 17:34:26 <MichaelSelva> My understanding is that you can install edubuntu on a windoze machine in "dual boot" mode, so you can switch back & forth between the two OSes as needed.
 147 17:34:36 <Spitty>       yeah
 148 17:34:48 <mgomeztccs>   MichaelSelva:  does that work with a thin-client setup?
 149 17:35:07 <yuriy>        MichaelSelva: not with thin-clients, but with complete machines that'd work
 150 17:35:08 <MichaelSelva> Another potential venue is public libraries, which never seem to have enough computers.
 151 17:35:39 <GoatTuber>    mgomeztccs: as far as I know, you'd have to do that through the BIOS. Just set it to network boot before the HD
 152 17:35:47 <yuriy>        Spitty: do you know local LUGs? are they listed somewhere?
 153 17:35:52 <Spitty>       something that would be very cool to have is a video documenting the installation of the Edubuntu boxes
 154 17:36:01 <mgomeztccs>   GoatTuber:  i mean, the thin-clients tend to be bare-bones.
 155 17:36:11 <Spitty>       yuriy, I do not, but I'm sure there's a list floating about somewhere on the web
 156 17:36:15 <MichaelSelva> Newbie question: what is a LUG?  Local user group?
 157 17:36:22 <GoatTuber>    tend to be, but it's not mandatory
 158 17:36:34 <mgomeztccs>   gotcha
 159 17:36:45 <yuriy>        GoatTuber: but that's the general idea and advantage of a thinclient
 160 17:36:49 <mgomeztccs>   MichaelSelva:  linux user group?
 161 17:37:04 <mgomeztccs>   GoatTuber: and that's what schools tend to have lying around
 162 17:37:32 <GoatTuber>    Indeed. I'm not saying it's a great idea... it's just doable
 163 17:37:39 <Spitty>       mgomeztccs has it.  a LUG is a linux user group that promotes linux in a given geographical area
 164 17:37:49 <MichaelSelva> In my school, I am planning a mix of dual boot and thin client machines.
 165 17:37:50 <mgomeztccs>   GoatTuber:  and probably preferable
 166 17:37:54 <Spitty>       often centered around colleges
 167 17:38:12 <GoatTuber>    having to switch the BIOS to dual boot is almost as bad as MS's boot manager
 168 17:38:13 <MichaelSelva> spitty: thanks for the clarification on LUGs
 169 17:38:29         * yuriy just found out someone esle in my class uses kubuntu
 170 17:40:01 <GoatTuber>    has anyone booted Linux from a USB drive?
 171 17:40:07 <thornomad_>   i think that you would need to locate a "pilot program" .. a school that was willing to be a test subject.  then setup a network there.  get the benefits lined up (lots of machines for a low per-machine cost) and go from there.
 172 17:40:12 <yuriy>        ok 1. schools/libraries (MichaelSelva, mgomeztccs keep us posted and ask if you need any help!)  2. help LUGs with 
 173 17:40:18 <GoatTuber>    that could be good for giving demos
 174 17:40:26 <yuriy>        2. help LUGs with installfests
 175 17:40:34 <yuriy>        2a. TODO: find LUGs
 176 17:40:43 <MichaelSelva> what is installfest?
 177 17:41:10 <Spitty>       a bunch of people get together and install linux for people who wouldn't otherwise be able to do it
 178 17:41:16 <yuriy>        MichaelSelva: an event where people can bring computers where linux users can help them get set up
 179 17:41:21 <mgomeztccs>   i couldn't go with a full-fledged lab as we already have one with brand new macs.  but i'd like to put computers in all the classrooms using edubuntu.
 180 17:41:50 <Spitty>       there's a list of LUGs in MA here: http://lugww.counter.li.org/groups.cms?&cc=US&rc=MA but there's only two
 181 17:41:52 <yuriy>        GoatTuber: yeah linux can run of a USB drive
 182 17:42:03 <yuriy>        but a live-cd is just as good for demos
 183 17:42:08 <Spitty>       one in worcester, and one in boston
 184 17:42:08 <mgomeztccs>   thornomad_:  curriculum would be good to go with it.  projects kids can do using open office or tux paint or scribus.
 185 17:43:21 <MichaelSelva> Don't forget KTURTLE!  I teach logo to students in grades 1-5, and kturtle appears to be a very good version of logo.
 186 17:43:33 <mgomeztccs>   lots of possibilities
 187 17:43:35 <yuriy>        what's logo?
 188 17:43:49 <MichaelSelva> It comes as part of standard edubuntu install.
 189 17:43:50 <mgomeztccs>   but its important not just to give them computers but give them something to do with them
 190 17:43:58 <GoatTuber>    yuriy: I've showed people the live-cd on their computers, and I've shown it to people already installed on my laptop. The live cd shows them "here's what you start with", but the laptop shows them what they can do with it.
 191 17:44:29 <GoatTuber>    showed?
 192 17:44:31 <GoatTuber>    shown*
 193 17:45:18 <MichaelSelva> LOGO is a progarmming language invented around 30 years ago by some MIT folks as a tool for introducing computer programming to youngsters.  Best known for "turtle graphics" capability - intricate geometric designs based on a very small vocabulary of commands to a virtual "turtle" on screen.
 194 17:45:41 <yuriy>        mgomeztccs: trying to remember how we used computers in elementary school... i guess a curriculum as you describe would be needed, yes
 195 17:45:55 <yuriy>        but not as relevant to say a middle school or higher
 196 17:46:23 <mgomeztccs>   yuriy:  we have curriculum for kindergarten through 12th grade.  elementary comes in once a week to work on a project that integrates with another part of their curriculum.
 197 17:46:45 <Spitty>       in my high school, computers are mainly used to do research, write papers, or some other similar mundane stuff
 198 17:47:26 <mgomeztccs>   our students develop websites (using Joomla CMS) create and edit videos, and learn microsoft office.
 199 17:47:35 <MichaelSelva> Same with my school - activities in my lab are collaboration between myself & the regular teachers.  Typical assignment: use Web to research a topic, then use Word or Powerpoint to write up results.
 200 17:48:06 <yuriy>        mgomeztccs: interesting.
 201 17:48:36 <yuriy>        i guess we had the occasional MS Office class in middle school, but in high school we had one course on keyboarding, and everything else assumed you know how to use a computer/office applications
 202 17:49:03 <Spitty>       i think open office more than fills the place of MS office
 203 17:49:05 <yuriy>        and the keyboarding (typing) course is OS agnostic i would hope
 204 17:49:09 <mgomeztccs>   we contracted with school technology programs (schooltechnologyprograms.com)
 205 17:49:21 <Spitty>       especially considering that most schools are running office 97 or so
 206 17:49:23 <mgomeztccs>   Open office would be a great replacement and save schools $
 207 17:49:30 <Spitty>       exactly
 208 17:50:09 <MichaelSelva> We have several packaged keyboard tutorials (Type to Learn), and by the 5th grade most of our students can use keyboard efficiently, even if they aren't quite "touch typists" yet.
 209 17:50:26 <thornomad_>   yea i think a curriculum would be neat, but that's a lot of work.  i did a curriculum for a short eight week in school theatre program and it took forever.  i think our first point should be that kids need computers; second: schools need computers.  third: edubuntu is cheap and better.
 210 17:50:30 <MichaelSelva> Another plus of edubuntu: comes with its own typing tutorial.
 211 17:50:52 <yuriy>        mgomeztccs: a little confused what schooltechnologyprograms do. are we looking to basically try to do the same thing ourselves?
 212 17:51:20 <mgomeztccs>   yuriy:  maybe eventually
 213 17:51:31 <mgomeztccs>   whoops, gotta put my daughters in the tub, be right back
 214 17:51:47 <MichaelSelva> Curriculum is not a problem for schools.  there is LOTS and LOTS of stuff in the public domain for teaching basics of computer operation, as well as specifics of word, excel, and other office apps.
 215 17:52:04 <GoatTuber>    I've tried a couple of the typing packages, they seemd rather... half finished
 216 17:52:30 <thornomad_>   MichaelSelva: I agree.  bring them computers and let them do the curriculum.  with mcas and all that other nonsense they know what they think they need to teach.  we can give them a better platform to teach it on
 217 17:53:03 <yuriy>        ok so sounds like we have a general idea what we want to do as far as schools go.  we should start putting together some sort of todo list, but that's for a later meeting.
 218 17:53:09 <yuriy>        any other major goal points?
 219 17:53:26 <MichaelSelva> a "live" meeting would be nice
 220 17:53:38 <mgomeztccs>   definitely
 221 17:53:45 <yuriy>        MichaelSelva: specifics of word/excel, but what about OO.o?
 222 17:53:59 <yuriy>        MichaelSelva, mgomeztccs: yes, let's plan one
 223 17:54:02 <MichaelSelva> what is 00.0?
 224 17:54:09 <yuriy>        OpenOffice.org
 225 17:54:10 <mgomeztccs>   open office.org
 226 17:54:45 <yuriy>        ok i want to decide the forum question first
 227 17:55:01 <MichaelSelva> can use tutorials designed for em-ess word & excel for open office, much of the command structure & interface is identical
 228 17:55:51 Quit   thornomad has left this server (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)).
 229 17:56:06 <yuriy>        on one hand every team seems to be getting their own, on the other hand i don't really understand why
 230 17:56:36 <mgomeztccs>   do we have a separate website?  I thought i saw one
 231 17:57:00 <yuriy>        mgomeztccs: wiki page: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/MassachusettsTeam
 232 17:57:26 <GoatTuber>    there's the wiki, thinkpad, and something on cafelinux...
 233 17:57:35 <yuriy>        thinkpad?
 234 17:57:37 <mgomeztccs>   http://www.cafelinux.org/nuubuntuteam/
 235 17:57:45 <GoatTuber>    no, I'm a tard
 236 17:57:47 <GoatTuber>    I forget
 237 17:58:08 <GoatTuber>    launchpad
 238 17:58:09 <GoatTuber>    heh
 239 17:58:31 <yuriy>        yes we're a team on launchpad
 240 17:58:33 <GoatTuber>    I just did an xubuntu install on a 233MHz Thinkpad with 64MB RAM
 241 17:58:55 <yuriy>        GoatTuber: work well?
 242 17:58:57 <GoatTuber>    so I still had "Thinkpad" stuck in my head
 243 17:59:17 <GoatTuber>    let's just say it worked
 244 17:59:42 <Spitty>       heh, define "worked"
 245 17:59:59 <GoatTuber>    well, like that slogan, it "just works"
 246 18:00:07 <GoatTuber>    it doesn't say how long it takes to get there
 247 18:00:12 <Spitty>       hahaha
 248 18:01:09 <GoatTuber>    we then ripped out the old sticks and threw in two new 128MB sticks, then he through regular Ubuntu on it
 249 18:01:36 <GoatTuber>    threw* (jesus my grammer is bad today)
 250 18:01:49         * yuriy scrolls up. ok i guess no one particularly wanting a forum.
 251 18:02:21 <MichaelSelva> the "sticky thread" for boston area works fine for me
 252 18:02:40 <yuriy>        Spitty: you were concerned about getting word out we exist on the forums? what do you mean exactly? announce it to NU team? US teams?
 253 18:03:04 <GoatTuber>    so, now he's running straight ubuntu and tooling around with it a bit. It takes about 3 minutes to boot up, and then it does its thing. I suggested switching back to xfce to cut down on some overhead
 254 18:03:12 <Spitty>       I wasn't aware of the sticky thread (or I possibly forgot.)   As long as people can find out that we're out there, I'm happy
 255 18:03:20 <mgomeztccs>   MichaelSelva: if we get bigger and more involved that might get to be a pretty big thread
 256 18:04:30 <yuriy>        i think that any communication that shouldn't be on the mailing list would be stuff that should have a wider audience than our own forum anyway
 257 18:05:24 <GoatTuber>    I think we generally want to avoid creating yet another forum. I say if the thread ends up being inadequate, then we expand to a new forum.
 258 18:05:37 <Spitty>       i agree with that
 259 18:05:45 <MichaelSelva> I second goattuber's motion.
 260 18:06:04 <mgomeztccs>   sounds good
 261 18:06:09 <yuriy>        it's not really just the thread. we have the NU team forum. I think stuff that gets posted to forums should generally have a wider audience than just us anyway
 262 18:06:25 <GoatTuber>    indeed
 263 18:06:32 <yuriy>        ok
 264 18:06:38 <yuriy>        in person meeting
 265 18:06:52 <GoatTuber>    I think maybe MA specific events could be posted in the thread
 266 18:07:18 <Spitty>       this kind of brings up the question- where is it easy for everyone to get to?
 267 18:07:47 <yuriy>        for most people probably somewhere in/around boston
 268 18:07:53 <GoatTuber>    I work right around the corner from Faneuil Hall/Quincy Market
 269 18:07:57 <MichaelSelva> I'd like to "nominate" Stella's Pizza on  Mount Auburn Street in Watertown as the site for a live meet.  Food is great, easy accesss by car or bus, 2 miles from Harvard Sq red line.
 270 18:08:20 <Spitty>       that's on the 71 and 73, right?
 271 18:08:43 <Spitty>       (buses)
 272 18:08:49 <MichaelSelva> AND . . . if we want to do more than eat, my school / computer lab is two blocks away, and I have several extra machines to experiment with.
 273 18:09:36 <MichaelSelva> Correct!  The 71 and 73 both originate @ Harv Square, then they split off with one going to Watertown the other to Belmont.
 274 18:09:49 <yuriy>        sounds good to me.. although, 2 mi walk from red line?
 275 18:09:53 <Spitty>       that's really easy for me- how about other people?
 276 18:10:03 <Spitty>       take the 71 or the 73 from harvard square
 277 18:10:07 <yuriy>        what's 71 and 73? buses?
 278 18:10:09 <mgomeztccs>   i'm okay with that.  when?
 279 18:10:10 <Spitty>       yeah
 280 18:10:20 <MichaelSelva> Wednesday is best day for me.
 281 18:10:26 <GoatTuber>    if it's during the week, I'd have to take the train back to Revere and grab my car, then drive in
 282 18:10:42 <mgomeztccs>   sorry, but wednesday's really bad for me
 283 18:10:50 <GoatTuber>    so anything before 8pm would be impossible
 284 18:11:13 <Spitty>       weekend, maybe?
 285 18:11:16 <yuriy>        weekends or anytime week after next works for me
 286 18:11:28 <GoatTuber>    weekends are good for me
 287 18:11:38 <yuriy>        weekdays are very busy lately (just spent two entire nights working on 1 assignment :O)
 288 18:11:39 <mgomeztccs>   saturdays would be best for me
 289 18:12:25 <MichaelSelva> Sunday afternoons  would be a possibility for me, but I'm not sure if I have access to school during weekend.  Pizza parlor is open 7 days / week.
 290 18:12:57 <Spitty>       saturday is fine with me
 291 18:13:50 <MichaelSelva> how about sat the 31st?
 292 18:14:12 <mgomeztccs>   crap, our school has a banquet that night
 293 18:14:25 <MichaelSelva> afternoon?
 294 18:14:44 <mgomeztccs>   that may be doable.  i live in Fitchburg, so i'd need time to get back home
 295 18:14:59 <Spitty>       that works well for me
 296 18:15:03 <mgomeztccs>   sorry my schedule is so picky :(
 297 18:15:59 <MichaelSelva> How about If we meet for lunch @ pizza parlor around 12, and then, time permitting, a visit to computer lab.
 298 18:16:08 <yuriy>        anytime 3/31 to 4/11 is good for me.
 299 18:16:10 <mgomeztccs>   that sounds good.
 300 18:16:15 <Spitty>       fine by me
 301 18:16:23 <Spitty>       what's the name of the pizza place again?
 302 18:16:44 <GoatTuber>    I'll be late, you can count on it
 303 18:17:15 <MichaelSelva> OK, I will be happy to serve as the official "host" for this gathering.  I'll send an email to the list with exact location, bus routes, google map, etc.
 304 18:17:18 <yuriy>        sat 3/31 12pm at Stella's Pizza on  Mount Auburn Street in Watertown
 305 18:17:30 <mgomeztccs>   excellent
 306 18:17:37 <MichaelSelva> the deal is done.  I look forward to meeting all of you in person.
 307 18:17:41 <yuriy>        so it's accessible by car right? since it's over break i'll be driving
 308 18:17:51 <mgomeztccs>   gotta go, daughters in tub crying.  look forward to meeting everyone
 309 18:17:54 <MichaelSelva> yes, and parking is very cheap
 310 18:18:28 <yuriy>        ok thanks all for showing up and see you in two weeks
 311 18:18:36 <yuriy>        meeting adjourned :D
 312 18:18:36 <MichaelSelva> meters are 25 cents an hour, or you can park for free if you park a little further away!
 313 18:18:50 Quit   mgomeztccs has left this server.
 314 18:18:51 <MichaelSelva> thank you yuriy for organizing this chat! 1
 315 18:18:53 <yuriy>        oh and sorry it was kind of long
 316 18:19:10 <GoatTuber>    if I get time, I'll work on my logo idea
 317 18:19:34 <Spitty>       no worries, thanks yuriy for the hard work
 318 18:20:08 <MichaelSelva> and thanks to everyone else esp for advice on irc clients
 319 18:20:23 <GoatTuber>    thinking about having Tux standing inside the Ubuntu ring wearing a feather or two, dumping a "Windows" crate
 320 18:20:53 <Spitty>       heh, if only I had artistic talent
 321 18:21:00 <MichaelSelva> I think I'll wear my tuxedo to our meeting
 322 18:21:11 <GoatTuber>    and if only I didn't have a million projects
 323 18:21:14 <yuriy>        lol
 324 18:21:32 <GoatTuber>    and distractions... by the way I'm up to 5 whole comments
 325 18:21:44 <Spitty>       ok folks, nice meeting you all, i've got to run
 326 18:22:07 Quit   Spitty has left this server ("Leaving").
 327 18:22:11 <MichaelSelva> ten-four, over & out
 328 18:22:44 Quit   MichaelSelva has left this server ("Babbel v070113.19 Mac OS X Edition (Intel) - http://www.babbelirc.com").
 329 18:23:55 <GoatTuber>    ok, I gotta integrate this report and push it to production, I'm off
 330 18:24:10 Part   GoatTuber has left this channel.

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