Team Page: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MassachusettsTeam
Meeting Log(s): https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MassachusettsTeam/Meetings/IRCLogs/2007-09-27
Meeting Chair: Martin Owens
Meeting Minutes by: Sara Abbott
When and Where: Vanu Inc. - Ubuntu Awareness Meet-up (Cambridge, MA) 7:00PM EST

Meeting Agenda for 27th September 2007

  • Case Badge Gloating -- Martin Owens
  • Install Fest Planning -- Steve Pomeroy
  • Gutsy release party planning -- Jason Normand

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The following were present during this meeting:

Members Present

  • Yurily
  • Mike Rushton
  • Theresa Hepburn
  • Will
  • Martin Owens
  • Jason Normand
  • Danny
  • guy in the white shirt crew cut (name?)...
  • Steve
  • Sarah
  • Brian DeLacy

  • Brian Fallik
  • Sara Abbott


  • Meeting called to order at 19:12, by Meeting Chair, Martin Owens

  • We discussed case badges and the money we were able to make with them.
  • We used some of it to buy a generic Ubuntu banner for the team for use at InstallFests ($100)

  • Steve has access to the media labs for other banners if we need them.
  • Change the way the way Massachusetts is slanted in our logo so it looks better; Steve is going to update the media changes to make the banner more ascetically pleasing.
  • Need a wireless network, but the media center has the fastest mirror on the east coast. So we needed a dedicated “PIXI ROUTER LINKSYS”. PIXI has to be wired. Wireless router model takes Linux. “go ahead mike”
  • InstallFest - MIT Media labs, bring friends with Ubuntu, people who don’t know what it is, bring anyone you want, talk to anyone where you live, print out the banner, ask to put in windows of stores. PR Leep, advertisement, however, you get more if you do it face to face. More posters.

  • Yurily at Brandise might pass out papers
  • “we have access to the equipment at the media labs” 3d ubuntu logo would be cool. Says lefty
  • Estimated numbers of people. Who knows who is going to show up. OLPC might show up, Local team.
  • We should be bringing power strips with us, but we should be able to use the power-strips that are there.
  • 4 times a year, Probably can organize so we can do this on an even schedule.
  • Giggabit install.
  • Need trash, there will probably be food there, if there is an all day event. Theresa can be a janitor.
  • Projector If we need them. Brian Delacy.
  • Tours at the lab? Steve can you do that? Brian Delacy brought it up. The Media lab is ok with people coming to see it, as long as someone wants to give a tour.
  • After party at CBC perhaps…
  • A registry if you want to post to, announcement list. Going forward we could have a request.
  • Mako wants to do a presentation perhaps about UBUNTU. Show off open office, Firefox,
  • We are on Craig list
  • Time line on wiki?
  • Martin’ thrills us with his bad jokes…
  • Waiver form…LOCO isn’t a thing with any responsibility.
  • Gutsy release party…hang out, bring install possibly if you want.
  • 20 people party. “The Globe” Copley square…green-line, parking is bad, but garages. On a Thursday. Function hall/restaurant Thursday, at 7:00
  • Elementary school is easier, there isn’t an “IT” Department.
  • Old hardware exchange program.
  • Ohio Linux fest is sponsored by many places and Google…ect.


  • Gutsy Release Party Venue Settled
  • Work on wiki website design commenced

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