Scheduled Time: 7:00 PM EST Thursday, August 28, 2008
Scheduled Location: MIT Media Labs

Meeting Log: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MassachusettsTeam/Meetings/IRCLogs/2008-08-28

Meeting Chair: Martin Owen
Meeting Minutes by: Sarah Abbot

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We talked a bit about the PI-Con and few other rough thoughts/ideas. One thing we did talk a bit about was how we might relate to the small "Mom & Pop" computer shops that are still out in the world. The idea came from one that I talked with saying that he dealt with (among other things) moving programs/data to new computers for people. The obvious idea is that its easier with Ubuntu, but I also thought of the old computers being donated to SETC.

Utlimately, this might give us an "in" to either talk/work with owners/staff on some salesmanship of Ubuntu and/or training. As well as perhaps possibility to advertise the install-fest.

Anyways, this kind of gives four things to do. Talk to Mel (that's his name right?). Find "mom & pop" places in the greater Boston area. Create a package/message for them. Go out and talk to them. Smile :-) So, what can anyone reading this do to help (if they want)? For #1, M & M, I didn't think about this until the way home. If we're talking in SETC's name, we should check with him. Can we do that tomorrow? Sorry for not emailing until now.

For #2, the plan is to get a big list going, and divide & conquer. Map it out to do as much as we can as easily as we can. So if anyone knows one, please let me know; include an address or phone is possible. Also, if anyone wants to put on a marketing/salesman hat, and wants to go around to some, let me know.

For #3, one thing corporate USA has taught me is a consistent image/message. If anyone has source files for posters and/pamphlets, let me know. Also (equally important), if anyone has verbaige for press releases, presentations and/or speeches, can they send them to me? We can compile a package for everyone to review before going out to the "mom & pop's".

And like I hinted at above, please pick apart the plan. With the motivation to make it better I hope. Smile :-)

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