Scheduled Time: 7:00 PM EST Thursday, March 26th, 2009
Scheduled Location: Wiesner Building, E15
map Streetview 20 Ames Street
Cambridge, MA 02139
Where it is inside the building: cube conference room go into bottom lobby and then into the glass room on the right up the stairs s/b then up the stairs.
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Meeting Chair: Martin Owens (doctormo)
Meeting Minutes by: All

Agenda Items

The following agenda items were proposed for this meeting:

  • Introductions (everyone)
  • New Meeting Location Required!!
  • Review of last month's Action Items

  • What was learned at the quarterly Timithy Smith Network meeting
  • SETC setup network. Best Practice.
  • Jaunty Release Party

    • Who is owner of this event?
    • Location? Globe Bar and Grill.
    • Food, Cake, and entertainment.
    • Invites for some press and canonical folks.
  • Open Floor (everyone)
  • Algot on OpenEducationDisk which contains Windows FOSS installers and .iso on thumb drive for copying.

  • Visit Avila at Legal Seafood's Take Out -- Intersection of Main & Ames


The following team members were present during this meeting:

Physically Present:

  • Martin Owens (doctormo), meeting chair, starts things off, FOSS Programmer.
  • Mike Rushton (leftyfb), Systems Admin
  • Sara Abbot (deviousdgn), Cake Maker
  • James Gray (jamespgray), Computer Programmer, Cake Eater Smile :-)

  • Algot Runeman (algotruneman)
  • Jonathan Prigot, Systems Admin at Brigam and Womans
  • Liz DeMarco, Systems Engineer used to work for IBM

  • Ralph DeGennaro (rio), Contractor

  • Mike Terry (mterry), Canonical Lexington Programmer
  • Marius Popa (mariuz)

Virtually Present:

  • BillN1VUX

Action Items

See progress for Action Items here


Group Introduction (Martin)

  • Everyone went around the room and recited their name and profession, recorded in the section above.

New Meeting Location

Steve is onto better and bigger researching type things. he is moving across the street and will be unable to host meetings, we are coming up with ideas as far as space involved...in a better place to have it. (an aside on that note: I'll be moving to the Media Lab Extension when it opens next year, so I'll actually be coming back to the lab[ish] soon)

To check: Open Times, WiFi Available, Space Size, Transport, Costs.

  • ACTION: Steve to ask museum of science computer club house space for meetings
  • ACTION: Martin to ask Mel King about getting space at the SETC late in the evening for meetings.
  • ACTION: James Gray to ask Beacon Hill Friends House about rooms.

    • DONE - cost is $40 per hour. Not available on Tuesdays. Wifi should be available. Conclusion: Not a good option.
  • ACTION: Algot to check on Nadic public library, on the commuter rail.

xxv - computer clubhouse @ MoS probably won't work, as it closes at 17:30 on weekdays. but my contact there is checking if it's possible to do it past those hours.


This is a review of our last months Action Items list.

  • Splash probably won't be working out. They're spinning up to be a large nation-wide organization focused on teaching in general. Marked as FAIL
  • Mike had some schools contact a HP contact at a school where the children are using ubuntu but not anything to do with the school. Is giving up as it may be too hard to get anywhere with the education sector.
  • it may be worth focusing on private schools, as they have a shorter turnover cycle and are less institutionalized.
  • doctormo thinks the only way to get public schools would be to make this a proper business.
  • Rio's work on the website is moving forward, domain will be moved when ready.

TSN Meeting Summary

doctormo went to quarterly meeting for ~40 community center managers for Timmothy Smith Network.

  • TSN has an endowment for roxbury; being used for IT in the community.
  • vote from the people of roxbury said they wanted that.
  • doctormo talked about what was being done at the SETC
  • advice was that 'mel king does experimental stuff, but has the expertise for it'
  • 'other centers don't have the resources to implement such on their own'
  • community centers get MS software for free, which makes it hard to compete when the person who runs it is used to MS.
  • doctormo gave a speech focusing on the positives of FS/OSS
  • and less on the negatives of MS in the educational sphere.
  • centers seemed to ask the usual questions about interoperability with Windows
  • doctormo talked about starting a program to teach teachers about Ubuntu & FS/OSS.

  • community center leaders were interested.
  • they [have or are working on] an e-learning center that teaches people about things like MS sysadmin, etc.
  • doctormo wants to put our own resources in the same place, so people can learn free stuff too
  • There is a meeting that will be set up to further FOSS use in centers for the TSN
  • ACTION: doctormo to attend TSN FOSS meeting as SETC

SETC Network Setup network

The setup at SETC needs to be finished before we can start advertising and formalising our events there.

  • leftyfb needs to rewire the SETC.
  • will take a long amount of time to do, but needs to be done before adding more resources.
  • algot can help
  • leftyfb needs a large slot of time to do it, when people aren't there.
  • ed is involved and has keys, so mel king doesn't need to be involved.
  • ACTION: leftyfb to write a list of jobs left to do and send to mailing list

Jaunty Release Party

  • ACTION: Mike to manage the event and the event location
  • Either the Enormous Room in Central Sq or the Globe Bar and Grill
  • ACTION: mterry to contact Canonical to let them know about the party
  • ACTION: mterry: Gnome social mailing list also gets notified
  • ACTION: James Gray to send announcement to Worcester Linux User's Group mailing list.

  • Interest in ubuntu at the party, getting media involved, no one to step forward to do that
  • Front facing media not currently setup
  • OEM contacts would be nice
  • ACTION: Sara to make cake
  • Rio suggests mike to contact some other places possible locations for the party
  • ACTION: doctormo to design wallpaper/poster for party
  • ACTION: doctormo to get a friend to look over a press release for the party
  • ACTION: doctormo to send press release to various media outlets

Open Floor (All)

  • doctormo gives ubuntu disks out for redistribution
  • Algot brings up the open source for windows tools.


  • There is lots to do.

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