Scheduled Time: 7:00 PM EST Thursday, August 27th, 2009
Scheduled Location: South End Technology Center (SETC) Join On Freenode IRC Channel #ubuntu-us-ma

Meeting Chair: Martin Owens (doctormo)
Meeting Minutes by: Unknown


The following team members were present during this meeting:

Physically Present:

  • Martin Owens (doctormo), Programmer
  • Mike Terry (mterry), Canonical Programmer
  • Timothy Konick (tim)
  • Doc Keen (doc)

Virtually Present:

  • Felicia
  • Bill (BillN1VUX)
  • Elizabeth (|izzie)

Agenda Items

The following agenda items were proposed for this meeting:

  • Introductions (everyone)
  • Review of last month's Action Items

  • PiCon report (doctormo or Jonathan)

  • Games event report (leftyfb)
  • Open Floor (everyone)

Action Items

See progress for Action Items here


  • Martin's talking about PiCon Jonathon manned the table

<mterry> And set it up and was awesome <felicia_> i wish i was there! <mterry> 3 days of PiCon

  • We had a table in dealer's room, a bit out of the way Gave out CDs, roved around, talked about Ubuntu Most people were aware of Ubuntu People would agree, tell their friends that it was good We offered to do live installs and did, on at least one windows xp netbook gave out about 50 cds We need a new banner, or find old one Advised to go to arisia

<felicia_> how much space did they use in the room?

  • feliciaATcapestr felicia_

<mterry> felicia_, a table about 6ftx4ft

  • against a wall near the door

<felicia_> trying to figure out how to share a room at Arisia <mterry> we had 2 laptops, a netbook, and a printer

  • for printing signs, posters, comic

<felicia_> sounds good <mterry> yeah, we're talking about who exactly will drive arisia

  • feliciaATcapestr felicia_ felicia_ is offering space, rick said he'd go but martin is concerned that we need someone to 'organize' it

    Back to PiCon, lots of authors that used Ubuntu or had at least heard of it

<felicia_> i need a serious team, all my effort will have to be on my own stuff Ican only offer space

  • feliciaATcapestr felicia_

<mterry> felicia_, right

  • Compared to last PiCon, lots more had heard of Ubuntu Someone else at the table, I don't know him (Dreads)

<felicia_> ripe for conversion!

  • Out of agenda argument with some random guy martin: mike's report on gaming event martin: we'll defer that, since mike's not here, hasn't written about it That's all on the agenda.../. light this month open floor feliciaATcapestr felicia_ felicia_, anything you wanted to say?

<BillN1VUX> felicia_ feliciaATcapestr mterry -- if we need an Arisian in charge for planning, not Felicia and not Martin, it could be me.

  • BillN1VUX beantown

<mterry> BillN1VUX, wait one sec, tim's talking

  • tim: we should talk to people that haven't heard about linux BillN1VUX, but good! i'll raise it in a sec tim: need people that will appreciate it, take interest, but we might be better served by a broader scope mterry: specific ideas? tim: getting it out more, more in your face, where you don't expect to see it, not just gaming conferences, not just geeky places martin: they're not as direct as you might think martin: some locos think we should only be in computer conferences tim: yeah, we don't need that martin: so we're already 2 steps out of core so yeah, bill said he could do arisia martin: i'm very interested in that

<|izzie> present <mterry> mterry: do we need to give him instructions/advice then?

  • martin: the job is just being the guy in charge, communicates costs, advertises to rest of community, mans the desk, someone who won't quit halfway through Hi, |izzie BillN1VUX, so I guess, you're saying you don't mind manning the desk and all that? martin is whining about WinCE is terrible

<BillN1VUX> i volunteer to plan, and help execute, not spend the *whole* event in Felicias room <mterry> BillN1VUX, martin: we don't need someone to man it indefinitely, just someone to organize the manning <BillN1VUX> right <mterry> BillN1VUX, So there can be gaps or what not, but ideally you'd get someone else that's going (martin said he would be willing) to help man in specified hours

  • tim is talking about communicating with other locos now martin: that's a topic for the ubuntu us loco team martin: says most us locos aren't that interested

<BillN1VUX> since Felicia can lock her own door, gaps are far less problematic than other events ! <mterry> BillN1VUX, that's good. So I guess we're good to go with arisia, just keep the mailing list in the loop, contact mailing list for who wants to help with manning hours, for example

  • BillN1VUX, martin will reply and say he can help BillN1VUX, martin: and maybe ask for posters and art from martin (on the mailing list) Doc just entered the room Martin is overviewing the meeting for doc's benefit

<BillN1VUX> definitely want contributions from the list <mterry> BillN1VUX, thanks, btw! <BillN1VUX> for DPic or all - did we have anime booklet at Pi-Con ? can we at Arisia? <mterry> BillN1VUX, I think martin said he printed one out, but didn't sound like a lot of them for picon

  • BillN1VUX, martin says he can get more done ahead of time. costs about $1 each BillN1VUX, if we want that to happen for arisia BillN1VUX, let him know if you want chapter 1 or 2, etc. how many BillN1VUX, maybe email the list to see if there's interest in a group pay or something, and how many would be needed?

<BillN1VUX> is that the Staples price or the Gnomon price? <mterry> BillN1VUX, martin: staples price <DPic> arisia is in januaryy, right? <mterry> martin: once you convince them to not do first page as single color, etc

  • martin: yes (DPic)

<DPic> i can get them printed for really cheap at my school next month

  • i think we should print a ton of chapter 1 leftovers can be used for anime boston and we can get a solid number of just how many people will take

<mterry> martin: can you print/cut/staple em? what would be cost per booklet?

  • DPic, ^

<DPic> no cutting necessary, but i can cut and staple them too yes <mterry> DPic, cool <DPic> i had to go to my school to staple them lasst time because staples didn't have the right...stapler <mterry> mterry says how many do we think we need for arisia

  • martin: at anime boston, we gave 250 very quick

    martin: says 1000 Smile :) we can use them over multiple events

<DPic> i agree <mterry> DPic, depends on price I guess Smile :) <-- feliciaATcapestr has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)) <mterry> martin: depends how much we can fundraise <DPic> i'll throw in $35 <mterry> DPic, do you have an idea of per unit cost with school printer

  • [ACTION ITEM] dpic to find out per unit cost [ACTION ITEM] BillN1VUX to send email to list about arisia doc: now that year is ramping up, he's going to talk to ASC admin to see facilities (this is about a new meeting place in boston common) [ACTION ITEM] doc to get that conversionation started, will email martin about it and/or mailing lists [ACTION ITEM] martin to do ldap logins for setc mterry: i thought you did that martin: nope, i failed doc: even martin's human martin: i'm talking to mccormick action group and the old colony youth center martin: about their computer la b martin: will keep mailing list up to date martin: but it's not driven by me, waiting on them

<DPic> oh and i never heard back from system76 about sponsoring us at anime boston <mterry> martin: try them again and try zereason (sp?)_ <felicia_> sorry my connection is off and on...

  • felicia_ feliciaATcapestr so bill is my kinda liasion, the inside man, since I've never done a convention, or manned a Ubuntu booth

<mterry> felicia_ that's why we take notes! <felicia_> sounds great <mterry> [ACTION ITEM] dpic to try again about anime boston

  • martin: we also don't have an organizer for anime boston, but I presume.... DPIC wants to do it martin is delegating today

<DPic> ah, actually i was gonna ask about that

  • i could also become a volunteer or paid staff for anime boston in orger to promote ubuntu to the people running the event but then i wouldn't be able to man our booth the shifts last 2 hours each tops

<mterry> DPic, what like an inside man convincing them to use ubuntu for con stuff? <DPic> so i'll still be able to help out at the booth

  • yeah i heard windows errors during the AMV contest which is oen of the main events

<mterry> DPic, organizing and manning can be separate (see above with BillN1VUX and arisia)

  • DPic, so yeah, go for it if ya like

<DPic> cool <mterry> DPic, But also see above for good organizer ideas about what to do, like try to get people to sign up for manning <felicia_> danny, your going deep undercover to work this from the inside! <mterry> martin asks doc if there's anything he's got on his plate to do?

  • doc says he's busy, but next thing is just ASC room doc's been doing web work, planning for a slashdotting at work event rundown: desktop education for setc every tuesday wednesday: sysadmin classes for 3 more weeks loco meeting next month, as usual (maybe at asc if things are awesome) that's it until jan's arisia doc: so if I'm correct, what's with 9.10? martin: no release party scheduled felicia_ feliciaATcapestr martin: jason was interested in being involved, as did felicia_ martin: we need it to start being organized. (thought it was on agenda)

<BillN1VUX> sounds like i should give dpic the brain dump i gave martin on print-buying <mterry> BillN1VUX, martin says "write it as a course :)"

  • mterry: what do we need to do organize release party martin: location, time, food, advertizing no one's looked into it martin is pressuring me to do it

<BillN1VUX> martin can hire a courseware editor Smile :-) <mterry> martin: "martin is a courseware editor" <BillN1VUX> the expert on release party arzsara and mike

  • are*

<mterry> martin: we don't really like the same place as previous release parties

  • martin: we want something more day-ish martin: maybe saturday/sunday? martin: as a day event, not an evening event martin: most locos have much bigger events mterry: yeah, i don't want do to that (organize it) martin: well we need someone or it's not going to happen this time doc: can't believe it's been 6 mths doc's talking about being from ithica

<BillN1VUX> media lab should be back in town ? <mterry> martin: do we have a contact there?

  • martin: maybe we shoiuld get in contact with maco mako

<BillN1VUX> my sympathy to Doc, i overcame being born in grad school there <mterry> [ACTION ITEM] martin contact mako

  • doc: I liked it, but wasn't going to do astronomy there without phd martin tries to close meeting

<BillN1VUX> astronomy without phd is largely amateur ... <mterry> doc: 9.10 question was answered partially, but what about features? <-- MikeC_ has quit ("Ex-Chat") <mterry> mterry: we just passed FeatureFreeze

  • mterry: Software Store is being worked on martin: how about calling it More Programs martin: hadn't heard about it now we're talking about the name talking about how it plans to let people buy software doc says doing so well could be revolutionary doc open source could become economically viable if we make it easy to buy open source software martin and doc talking about making money as an indy dev and how it's nigh impossible martin: i want to earn money doing open source development

<DPic> sorry to change subject again but i'm rewriting my message to system76-- does anybody have some new creative ideas for what we can offer at anime boston? <mterry> martin: making a big deal about their hardware and where they can buy it isn't enough?

  • martin: it's already non-zero-sum, it's just if they think it's worth it

<DPic> alrighty <mterry> mterry: i'm talking about 'quickly'

  • it's an app that makes it easier to write apps for ubuntu martin: calling meeting martin: talking about 'facepam' --logging in via your face with camera

<BillN1VUX> not to be confused with facepalm <DPic> would we like any sort of sys76 partnership for arisia as well ? <felicia_> will they upgrade us to a suite? <DPic> huh? i don't know what that means but i have no idea what they're willing to do. i'm wondering if i should ask <felicia_> system 76, the computer manufacturer...they have an ubuntu connection? yes

  • Maybe they'd like a room to fill with laptops, and the loco does it thing with our software their hardware could it be simple like that?

<BillN1VUX> possible, but they'd probably not mind keeping budget low for arisia ... reg cost and printing <DPic> i just sent an email to the list

  • a draft message to sytem76 please review!

<BillN1VUX> the small nu ber of suites on retail floor are HARD to get, and on other

  • floors you have to host an open party (i use a regular room for a closed party) DPic: i just sent you edited log of print-buyer 101 brain dump previously inflicted upon docmo

<DPic> yeah i'm looking it over now

  • BillN1VUX, so should i not have the copies printed at my school?

<BillN1VUX> if your school can and will work for free, hey great <DPic> not free, but cheap <BillN1VUX> i was responding to DocMO's poster / flyer blead <DPic> i'll get a quote

  • yeah

<BillN1VUX> school will likely underbid gnomon ! and better quality than staples ?

  • re which i was hoping we could work together for.

<DPic> the quality will probably be the same, but i don't think staples was bad <BillN1VUX> on which i was hoping we could work together . <DPic> huh? <BillN1VUX> staples isn't bad, just less consistent ... since not fulltime printers

  • swap trailing FOR for leading ON

Group Introduction

  • Everyone went around the room and recited their name and profession, recorded in the section above.

Open Floor (All)


  • There is lots to do.

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