Scheduled Time: 7:00 PM EST Thursday, October 29th, 2009
Scheduled Location: Democracy Center, 45 Mount Auburn Street, Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA, 02138
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Meeting Chair: Martin Owens (doctormo)
Meeting Minutes by: Nobody


The following team members were present during this meeting:

Physically Present:

  • Martin Owens (doctormo), Programmer

Virtually Present:

  • James Gray (jamespgray), Ubuntu User via IRC.

Agenda Items

The following agenda items were proposed for this meeting:

  • Introductions (everyone)
  • Review of last month's Action Items

  • Review of Grassroots Technology Conference (doctormo)
  • Additional planning for 9.10 release party.
  • Evenings for Advocacy, how that's going.
  • Open Floor (everyone)

Action Items

See progress for Action Items here


Group Introduction

  • Everyone went around the room and recited their name and profession, recorded in the section above.

Open Floor (All)


  • There is lots to do.

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