About me

I'm a member of the Ubuntu ServerTeam.

I became a MOTU on September the 3rd 2007 and a Core-Dev on February the 12th 2008.

You can find out how to get involved with the ServerTeam at GettingInvolved.

Launchpad account:

Email: <mathiaz AT SPAMFREE ubuntu DOT com>


I work for Canonical as an Ubuntu Server developer.

Ubuntu contribution

I've contributed in different areas:

Bug triaging

I'm a member of the ubuntu-server team in LP and work on various bugs related to packages ubuntu-server is bug contact for.


My packaging work (list of uploaded packages) covers:

  • merges:
    • ipsec-tools, ntp, mysql-dfsg-5.0, quagga, squid (sponsored by soren).
    • nfs-utils, fetchmail, squid (sponsored by pitti).
    • sysklogd (sponsored by pitti) was a tricky merge as the package doesn't have any patch system, the diff between ubuntu and debian was important (mainly running the daemons under a non-root account) and a new upstream release (after years of inactivity) - debdiff of the merge

    • icecast2, tomcat5.5 (in universe).
  • sponsoring uploads in universe (assigned by dholbach):
    • vipec, adtool.
    • I've also commented on other universe sponsor requests.
  • maintain audit package in universe.
  • clarify the state of MySQL documentation. I got in touch with the Documentation team at MySQL in order to make sure that the man pages and the manual can be distributed in the restricted repository. I've packaged the man pages and the manual in the mysql-doc-5.0 package and updated mysql-dsfg-5.0 to reflect that change.
  • publish SRUs for dapper, feisty and gutsy:
    • php5 (sponsored by kess).
    • apache2, openldap2, quagga (sponsored by pitti).


I've updated and revamped the ServerTeam wiki pages to follow the TeamTemplate. Examples: GettingInvolved, Roadmap

Feature development

AppArmor integration: I've worked on integrated AppArmor into Ubuntu, working mainly on profiles and administration tools. My work can be found in AppArmorGutsy. I've also written a AppArmor user guide.

The package is maintained in bzr. I use my branch and push/merge with the ubuntu branch handled by KeesCook. The full source code is bzr and we merge upstream code via the vcs-import branch. We don't use the buildeb plugin.


I've been chairing the Ubuntu Server Team meeting for the past few months, writing the minutes (2008-01-23, 2008-01-16) and maintaining the MeetingLogs.


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