Name: Matthew Darcy


Location: UK

Home Page: Removed

Ubuntu Information


A signed up and solid practicer of the Ubuntu Code of Conduct.


Nickname: Ikonia

Core Ubuntu Channels: #ubuntu, #ubuntu-offtopic, #ubuntu-uk, #ubuntu-server, #ubuntu-motu, #ubuntu-devel, #ubuntu+1

Ubuntu Forums

Username: Ikonia

Forum URL:

Core Forums: General Help, Server, x86 64bit users, Sun Sparc Users,

I have now lost interest in contributing to the Ubuntu forums as I no longer believe it is a usable support medium, too much noise, too many duplicate posts, too many "work for me" type answers rather than thought through posts to properly resolve issues.


Username Matt Darcy

Launchpad URL:

Current Ubuntu Involvement

  • I am an active participant on the Ubuntu core irc channels listed above in providing support and assistance to the Ubuntu Community.
  • I am a member of the Ubuntu core operators team to help manage the Ubuntu core IRC channels.
  • I am a writer and updater of documentation on the Ubuntu Community Support pages.
    • I have lost interest in maintaining any of the ubuntu documentation I have written due to the fact that the wiki changes it's layout/standards too often, and too many people can change the content of the documentation with poor quality "worked for me" information rather than factually correct documentation.
  • I provided input and feedback on previous Ubuntu build toolchains based on experiences with core linux components built up from the LFS project. This involved in a change to the LFS toolchain to allow Ubuntu to be used as a build host.
  • I create Ubuntu/Debian packages for my own and professional use

Current Ubuntu Projects

  • I am in the process of trying to re-package core package updates that are hosted in poor quality PPA's and provide these to the community should they be able to be packaged safely within the Ubuntu version they are targeted for. I refuse to release to the public software that will create conflicts with other ubuntu software or the upgrade process. These software packages must be future proof for the users of the packages, rather than installed and cause issues to the system in 3 - 6 - 9 months time.

Future Ubuntu Plans

  • Become more active in bug fix projects
  • Participate more in package maintenance on under staffed packages.
  • Look at business proceses / requirements to see if Ubuntu LTS releases can be used in professional business and educational enviornments in real world situations rather than marketing situations.

External Projects

  • I work on the Linux From Scratch and Cross Linux From Scratch projects as a developer and maintainer, which has provided valuable updates to the sanitized kernel headers program, and patches and development work to both gcc and glibc interoperability on multiple hardware platforms
  • I am active in patch submission and package maintenance on Fedora and Centos Linux distributions.
  • I am working on a gnome extension to the blue tooth application set, to allow for some futher phone/gnome interaction functionality, this is still in a very early stage though. Ubuntu has been my chosen proof of concept platform.
  • I am active in various other Open Source projects.


Ikonia is a great person to have in your IRC channel. Knowledgable, well behaved and good to hang around. -- DennisKaarsemaker

Matt Darcy is a good guy on many levels and helpful to all. Plenty off all round knowledge. +1 Paul O'Malley

ikonia adds a lot of that obscure-you-didnt-know-it-existed help to the IRC support channels, but doesnt mind tackling the 'easy' questions either, all around great person to work with in #ubuntu -- Benjamin 'Pici' Rubin

Ikonia's given a great amount of support in #ubuntu and although not currently part of the operator team, his presence in #ubuntu-ops is valued by many. Joseph Price

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