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About Me

I'm an Engineer for a company based outside Reading that develop Linux based storage platforms for the video editing market. In my spare time, I attempt to play (read murder) the banjo, play board games and fiddle with electronics.

Things I do for Ubuntu


  • I'm an active member of the Ubuntu-UK LoCo

  • I have started trying to improve community support in the UK loco by helping draft some guidelines and investigating what drives people to help with support - More info at My Blog, here and here

  • I have chaired UK LoCo meetings

  • Presented a talk at OggCamp on improving the way we provide support - Outcome here

  • Started forming a support oriented team for the UK LoCo - here Follow on from initial meeting here

  • I attempt to give helpful support and advice in the #ubuntu-uk irc channel


  • I tend to run late Alphas / Early Betas at home on my non-critical machines and report issues as appropriate


  • I've contributed bug reports

  • I help out with queries on the UK LoCo mailing list where appropriate

External Stuff

  • I have supplied (very poor) patches to a couple of projects

Room for Improvement

  • I am attempting to become fluent in a single programming language (rather than be passable in a few)
  • Need to consult more with other projects and do more research into any problems I'm attempting to solve
  • Have not yet conquered world. More effort required.
  • Want to learn howto paint/draw with watercolours.


  • daubers is always helpful and enthusiastic in the #ubuntu-uk channel, and in real life too. He is very knowledgeable about high end storage systems and willing to share what he knows with others. -- alanbell 2010-07-16 20:46:42

    daubers is a friendly, helpful person to have around in #ubuntu-uk, and has recently been working hard on setting up a new system for offering community support in the UK LoCo. -- dutchie 2010-09-07 18:53:31


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