About Me

I am a 18-year-old student from Worcester, in the UK. I am currently at university in Oxford studying Maths. I first started using Ubuntu around Gutsy, and have since then enjoyed being part of the Ubuntu UK community.

Unfortunately, due a pretty heavy academic workload, I can't do a lot of Ubuntu-related stuff in term time. I'll probably be around in the holidays though, and I am still generally on IRC, so feel free to ping me. Just don't expect me to have the time to do whatever you want me too.

Contact Information


  • Have been offering help and support in the #ubuntu-uk IRC channel for over a year
  • Helped out in the early stages of the ubuntu-manual project (ubuntu-manual)

  • Various small bug triaging tasks
    • Forwarded bugs #80233 and #441444 upstream
  • Have done a small amount of en_GB translation on Launchpad

Future Goals

  • Attend more social events
  • See the ubuntu-manual project through as a core contributor


Josh is an awesome dude and a great help to the Ubuntu Manual Project. He's very knowledgeable for a 17 year old and can pretty much handle anything I throw at him - from python to setting up a Planet to handling translations with Launchpad and LaTeX. He's always around, very committed to the team and to Ubuntu and I know that he will bring a great deal of useful advice to any project that he is involved with. He also shows some good leadership aspects when he took control of a meeting in my absence and seems to be a fairly well rounded person in real life. I enjoy working with him!

By Benjamin Humphrey


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