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 * CommunityCouncil member.

About Me

I am a 25 year old English lawyer. I'm an Ubuntu Community Member. My launchpad page is [ people/mdke] and my website and blog are at [].

My interest in Ubuntu

I'm interested in the Ubuntu Community spirit and relations and in helping to work build a community where the different parts work and talk together.


What I am involved in

  • CommunityCouncil member.

  • WikiTeam - team management and wiki documentation.

  • DocumentationTeam - team management, translation, website administration, packaging, writing.

  • [:ItalianCommunityStructure:Italian Team]: LoCoTeam Council, Locoteam Contact, Documentation Team administrator, Translation Team administrator, Mailing list administrator, IRC, Marketing Team.

  • [ Ubuntu Website] editor.

  • [ Fridge] editor.

  • Active generally in other community related areas.

Laptop Testing

The following pages are the results of my testing on my laptops, the first kindly supplied by [ Canonical], and the second my own laptop.


Subpages of this one:


Related Wikipages



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