About Me

I am a lawyer from the United Kingdom. I am 29 years old, and married. I live and work in London.

My launchpad page is people/mdke and my website and blog are at

My interest in Ubuntu

I'm interested in the Ubuntu community spirit and relations and in helping to work build a community where the different parts work and talk together. I still believe that this is one of the great challenges for the Ubuntu community as it continues to grow at a fast rate. I'm also interested in the relationship between Canonical, the corporate sponsor of Ubuntu on whom Ubuntu relies heavily in so many different ways, and the volunteer community without which I am convinced that Ubuntu would not have had the success that it does. I am a strong believer in the philosophical and practical benefits of free software and will defend the Ubuntu promise wherever I see it threatened.


  • I am mdke at

  • Email me if you like: <mdke AT ubuntu DOT com>

  • My GPG key is: 0E6B06FF.

What I am involved in

  • CommunityCouncil member.

  • DocumentationTeam - I have been heavily involved in the DocumentationTeam for several years now. My main contributions to the team are in the areas of team management, translation, website administration (, packaging, and writing.

  • WikiTeam - team management and wiki documentation.

  • Italian Team. I was a founding member of the Italian Ubuntu community and gave up my seat on the Italian LoCoTeam Council and as LoCoTeam Contact in 2010.

  • Ubuntu Website editor.

  • Occasional Fridge editor.

  • Active generally in other community related areas.

See all teams that I participate on my Launchpad team membership page.


Significant initiatives in the community that I've been involved in include:


Subpages of this one:


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