Hello, I have been a Linux enthusiast since around 1994/1995 where I learned about it at Iowa State University. I experimented with it for a few years and then began using it at work in 1999. Starting in 2001 I began using it on and off as a desktop OS.

Prior to 1999 I used Slackware exclusively (I still have some wu archive slackware subscription cd-roms from 1995! In 1999 I began looking for a business-grade linux and after trying Corel and Caldera settled on Red Hat 6. After becoming disenfranchised with Red Hat in 2004 I began a search that ultimately led me to Ubuntu.

In the late 90's I worked as a network admin and IT person. Around Y2K I started focusing more of my effort on web design and web programming. From 2001 until present I've worked as a web-application developer.

In July 2006 I began working for Canonical as the Ubuntu webmaster.

I have been a member of the Ubuntu art-team since its very beginning because previous jobs have frequently had me working closely with artists. I have come to understand how to communicate with artists and take conceptual designs and turn them into functional, usable and accessible web sites.

I also recently helped to start the [/Website Ubuntu Web Presence Team] - a community of people passionate about using the web as a medium to promote Ubuntu.

I myself am an OK artist but am most comfortable with the coding and management aspects of web design. Additionally I'm a good technical writer (recently had first magazine article published!).

I employ Python, PHP, SQL (PostreSQL is my favorite) Javascript, XML/XSL, CSS and BASH shell scripts in my day to day work. I occasionally use Java and VB when they're the right tool for the job and on rare occasions will use C or C++.

For my hobbies I like to write code, especially for the PICMicro Microcontroller platform, read and I am enjoy volunteering at my church.


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