Matthew Palmer

Email: <> IRC: womble

I'm a general-purpose geek, interested in pretty much anything that involves electricity (and a fair few technical things that don't). I work for a Linux/IT services company in Sydney, Australia, where I also live with my wife.

I contribute in minor ways to any number of OSS projects, hacking together patches and contributing on mailing lists, but my larger contributions are as lead developer on an asset tracking system called IRM, which I successfully adopted from a largely inactive previous developer, and also to Debian (where I've been a developer for the past 3 or so years), maintaining packages, the FAQ for the debian-mentors mailing list and IRC channel, and acting as an Application Manager, processing new maintainer applicants. I'm also assisting Jon Oxer in organising the Debian Miniconf at LCA 2006.

In the wider OSS community, I've presented many times to Linux User Groups (in Sydney, Wollongong, Manchester, Leeds, and Sheffield), on a variety of interesting topics, and have presented at the Debian MiniConf at LCA 2005 and at OSDC 2005. I am also a mentor and organiser of the Community Code project, which aims to help as many people as possible contribute to Open Source in whatever way they are gifted to do so.

I'm interested in contributing to Ubuntu by improving packages (especially those used by my employer or myself), enhancing the mentoring and "newbie hacker" aspects of Ubuntu, and in helping to feed changes back to Debian.

I currently contribute to Ubuntu by using it, evangelising it both at work and to friends, family (I've deployed an Ubuntu-based PC to my grandmother, who loves it) and anyone else who'll stand still long enough for me to press a CD into their hands, and providing help here and there on the lists, IRC channels, and doing little tweaks on the wiki. I've also provided security updates for the phpwiki and squirrelmail packages in hoary.


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