About Me

I'm 29 and live in San Diego, CA (USA). I'm a mechanical engineer. My personal site is here here. I also maintain a site that instructs how to install Linux on my particular laptop. It's linked to by so I get a fair amount of traffic.

How to Contact Me

You can reach me at

Supporting Ubuntu

I think that the Ubuntu/Kubuntu combo is the best thing that ever happened to linux given my frustration with other distributions. I can program but not well enough to be helpful to the project so I donate money, spread the word and answer any questions I can about the project.

Laptop-Project Notes

I'd like to participate in the laptop program. While I already have one laptop, I wouldn't mind another since I really want to get one for my wife and install Ubuntu on it but I can't afford it. I'd help any way I could - since she's just need it for a half hour at a time, there'd be plenty of time for me to do debugging stuff. I also just want to help this marvelous project out Smile :)


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