This is the placeholder for username "Dotwaffle" - I was stupid and when importing my Launchpad ID, it imported my nickname instead of my real name... Never mind!

I'm Matthew Walster, a student from Loughborough University, doing BSc Computer Science & E-Business.

I'm also a technology consultant and technology journalist, presenting a TV show in Finland during the summer on the channel "AssemblyTV", which broadcasts to 700,000. I'm looking to get a high-up member of the Ubuntu community to present and/or be interviewed live on TV so that I can assist the Ubuntu Marketing team.

I'm always seemingly asked for GPG Keysigning... But never have my keyslip. Warn me if you want this when we meet!

Oh, and I'm going to LUG Radio Live if you want a friendly face to say hello to there!

Any comments or questions, please email me: matthew.walster [at] assemblytvdotnet.

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