About Me

I am a Debian Developer from Heidelberg, Germany. I'm an active contributor to Freedesktop projects, while my main field of activity is to make software distribution in the Linux ecosystem easier. I have been a KDE user and developer for a long time, and although my focus has shifted a little from the visible desktop down to the lower layers of the OS, I contribute bugfixes and testing and help with the development of tools like the Apper package manager. Although I founded the Tanglu Debian derivative together with others, I still use Kubuntu a lot and being able to contribute to it directly and being more involved as a Kubuntu member would be awesome! In the "real world" I am a student of Neurosciences.

Contact Information


ximion @ Freenode and OFTC






  • Debian packaging
  • PackageKit development

  • KDE Bugfixing and Apper development
  • AppStream maintainer

  • AppStream integration at KDE upstream

  • Freedesktop member
  • Google Summer of Code Student in 2012
  • Google Summer of Code Mentor for Debian in 2014
  • Tanglu founder and developer
  • Limba maintainer

Future Goals

  • Make AppStream for Kubuntu/Ubuntu a reality

  • AppStream metadata for all the things!

  • Making 3rd-party software installations work flawlessly with all distributions and desktops, by explaining the concepts and implementing support for Limba and XdgApp into the various tools.

  • Work on CI and automated testing for more packages


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Matthias (ximion) has been enthusiastic and helpful to Kubuntu for a very long time. Now that we are working more closely with Debian, we interact with him even more frequently. It's lovely to know that he wants to pitch in more here. AppStream for Kubuntu and all of Ubuntu would be a very good thing, and ximion will make it happen! -- valorie-zimmerman 2015-06-02 02:27:25

I was working with Matthias (ximion) on the AppStream proposal and he is keen and helpful and he will be a great kubuntu member. Having the metadata that provides AppStream directly in (K)Ubuntu will make a lot of the existing solutions like app-install-data or command-not-found-data easier and more flexible. So +1 from me -- -- mvo 2015-06-18 13:50:45

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