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  • Very impressed! Kubuntu Maverick is incredibly nice and smooth on my acer one netbook! Special thanks to every single one who contributed to this masterpiece... really, I am enjoying it (and very much addicted already...) @Hans@

  • Updating worked fine here, except that a windows game I installed via wine now does not work any more. @jacki@

  • Three tries, three bombs. No installation has worked. Distressed. @dsmithnc@

  • Thanks for the release. Might be good to mention that it ships KDE 4.5 in the release notes. -- csenger 2010-10-02 14:24:00

  • I have to say, kubuntu has really improved over the years. Everything works, and its gorgeous. One minor annoyance, which I'm not sure is kubuntu specific, or just maverick; no aptitude installed by default? Really!?? Obviously not a problem to install it yourself, so other than that smokin' release. --ndrwgn -- ndrgone 2010-10-01 00:33:16

  • lovely -- jr 2010-09-30 12:13:27

  • not at all - not as if anyone cared though: - I just don't have a clue what I should file this against so it obviously got overlooked. well, I'll just stick with lucid it seems. this laptop just keeps making troubles.. -- ferahgo-de 2010-09-30 13:51:27

  • I tried it under kvm. Ubiquity freezes with vga vmware, works (very slow repaint though) with vga std. I really like the idea of starting installation as soon as possible, but I think the current design can be improved: right now it is a bit confusing to click on "Install" and being presented with another set of options (and on the left side "Install" is highlighted only when all the options have been filled). Besides that, the installed system is really stable and usable, and there are noticeable improvements since 10.04. -- kbios 2010-09-30 15:14:27

  • Installed fine under kvm for testing BUT xorg troubleshooter starts at first reboot (cirrus driver) - fortunately it allows to correct the configuration -- p92 2010-10-07 06:14:20

  • Woah. That installer has improved way beyond my expectaions. Nice! New kpackagekit looking smooth, too. Just one thing... If you're going to add the usual schtick in the release notes about reporting packaging bugs to Kubuntu and application bugs upstream, *please* give some user guidance on how to guess the difference. A link to a wiki page or something would be fine. I've been using Kubuntu since Dapper was released in '06 and I have still have no idea about this. -- shavedwookie 2010-09-30 16:20:25

  • I made a flash drive livecd with the RC and booted from that. Installer is very nice, and i was able to specify an existing /home and /opt partition and overwrite an existing old kubuntu install in a / partition while keeping my data and winxp install.
    • The "Searching for device drivers" window that shows up when logging out of livecd (either before or after an install) is very strange.
    • There was no notification that i was not using the 3rd party drivers for my nvidia card, something i remember getting last time i installed. I think an average user would be confused why they don't get fancy desktop effects and their 3d games don't work.
    • I seem to have lost options for my audio chip. There's only one generic "internal audio analog stereo" option in settings or mixer.
    • KDE 4.5 is looking good, and this is the first Kubuntu i've tried since KDE3 that seems to have a functional desktop. Hooray!
    • FInally, if it's desired that people sign the feedback they leave here, there should be, somewhere accessible by google if not directly linked on this page, an indication how one attaches a signature. I found two supposed solutions in moinmoin via google and neither worked.
  • For default kpackagekit checks updates weekly, No daily? Francisco T 2022-01-21 10:52:42

  • I am using kubuntu 10.10 since august. There is a lot of bugs. E.g. pulseaudio does not restore audio volume (bug reported on launchpad), sometimes login freezes (need to add "sleep 1" to kdm or gdm.conf, solution from some bugreport on launchpad), backlight does not work at all on intel gma 4500 (bug reported on launchpad and, kde since 4.5.0 is alsmot useless in the folder view mode due to the bug when desktop icons rearrange atomatically at almost any operation on desktop, including just looking at icon options (bug reported on, most probably also exist in launchpad). So far I have counted 4 serious bugs, all reported, but not fixed, that make my unhappy with ubuntu/kubuntu altogether. But who cares about bugs? E.g., was reported one year ago, it is confirmed but still unassigned and undecided. -- nizamov.shawkat

  • Hi, I've just installed RC about an hour ago. Everything seems fine, new kpackagekit rocks, installer as well. One minor flow - during installation of updates, there is no kpackagekit icon in the tray. I mean there is an icon but the one with question mark. Oh, and blur effect doesn't work for me. Anyway, I think that this will be a great release. Thanks! -- yatzekmaal
  • Installed Kubuntu 10.10 RC. Installer is very nice but it fails when I tried to set my own partitions as option where to install. The installer tried to list my partitions but nothing happends. But nevertheless its a nice release !
  • Nice release, really happy with the polish of Kubuntu now. KPackageKit has finally arrived! And +1 for Amarok 2.3.2. My (2) wishes would be for KMyMoney, Partitionmanager, and Choqok to be included by default, as well as to optionally set up UbuntuOne-KDE on install. These are minor wishes, but overall great release and the installer looks great. -- dequire

  • Upgraded to Kubuntu 10.10 RC from 10.04LTS using command line. Only a few problems on startup. 1. Ran into LP Bug 632419, where the icons on the system tray pop-up overlapped. 2. The Window Decorations in the particular theme I was using (Ghost) didn't like the upgrade; which may be related to 3. the special effects seem to be taking a lot more processing power: I actually had to start turning them off. It seems related to the 'Blur' transparency issue I've seen noted elsewhere. On the plus, I'm glad to see the microblogging widget is now compatable with Twitter. -- dennishogan

  • Hi! I upgraded from Lucid and I get kernel panic if I use default kernel (2.6.35.x). If I use 2.6.32.x everything is ok.
  • I've just tested livecd,there where 2 things that bothered me,
    • 1- bluetooth icon does nothing when clicked, as all functions are on right click, can't it be patched to provide the same menu on both clicks?
    • 2- And more important, dsl connections doesn't work in NM plasmoid, neither they did in knetworkmanager, I can create the connection but it won't appear in connection list, no matter what I do, I think this is a serious bug(already seen it reported), I know it's a knetworkmanager bug. But it should be fixed defore final release.Or tell in some part how to use pppoe-conf at least(not in the internet for obvious reason).
  • I used usb-creator to make a live USB flash drive from a post-RC Kubuntu nightly .iso a few days ago (I improved the garbled repetitive page). So far while trying it out without installing:

    • I found and filed a few minor ubiquity bugs (release notes browser goes away when you [Try Kubuntu], some confusing terms).
    • In the MaverickMeerkat/RC/Kubuntu#BlueDevil Kubuntu wiki page, the screenshot for "Blue Devil" has a blue panel, but it's gray in Try Kubuntu.

    • The big thing that confuses me is MaverickMeerkat/RC/Kubuntu#PulseAudio "Kubuntu now uses the PulseAudio sound server by default.", yet when I click System Settings > Multimedia > Phonon > Backend, it shows "Xine", not PulseAudio!

    Overall, looks good! -- skierpage 2010-10-08 06:28:55

  • I spoke too soon. Despite Phonon Backend being Xine, it appears 10.10 does run a PulseAudio server. I have VIA 8237 audio chip and a Creative Audigy ZS card, they both report as "Internal Audio Analog Stereo" to Phonon-Xine-PulseAudio in System Settings > Multimedia > Phonon > Output Device Preference and only the Audigy card works. This may be a slight improvement, I couldn't get PulseAudio to work in 9.10 or 10.04 and the only way I got all of KDE and VLC and Flash player to make sound was by uninstalling PA completely and configuring bare ALSA. -- skierpage 2010-10-08 09:21:23

    • The reason the VIA 8237 didn't make sound is PA had muted it. But KMix didn't show this and couldn't fix it, I had to mess around with pacmd. The integration of the Phonon > Xine > PulseAudio audio stack in Kubuntu 10.10 seems terrible, I thought Fedora and Mandriva had fixed this stuff. -- skierpage 2010-10-09 05:49:18

  • GParted is available on the Ubuntu LiveCD but not the Kubuntu LiveCD. Help! GParted is critical to installation, since the partition manager included with the (K)Ubuntu installer is very rudimentary (it doesn't allow working with extended partitions and many other necessary options). Please, please, please figure out a way to get GParted on the Kubuntu LiveCD as well. -- perspectoff 2010-10-21 07:14:00

  • Tried upgrading to Meerkat 10.10 and I am getting the following error msg.

    kdesudo "do-release-upgrade -m desktop -f kde -d"
    QInotifyFileSystemWatcherEngine::addPaths: inotify_add_watch failed: No such file or directory
    QFileSystemWatcher: failed to add paths: /home/abe/.config/ibus/bus
    Bus::open: Can not get ibus-daemon's address. 
    IBusInputContext::createInputContext: no connection to ibus-daemon
    It lets me proceed but eventually after downloading all packages it refuses to do the update indicating that there was something wrong with X. I believe it is complaining about Intel graphics driver. Any one seen this error

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