Let's pull together 10 short movies showing off 10 amazing things about 10.10. We can polish up the details later, for now, let's gather a list of potential subjects for the movies here, as well as links to candidate draft movies:

Artistic Guidelines

Try to follow Ubuntu Brand Guidelines and the styling of 10.10 where you can (Ubuntu Font, colour palette, circle of friends... you get the drift).

Pick great music (preferably from a CC provider, and give credit to the artist). Browse tracks from the Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase:

Keep it short, 30 seconds best, 1 minute tops.

There are some "set the bar high" challenges, and ideas for ways to approach the problem at which are worth reading.Don't mind the arsey style Wink ;-)

We'll refine and polish them closer to the big day.

We'll make a single 1-minute "10.10 in 1 minute" which covers all the features closer to the time, let's use this process to help identify the teams / people who do this best, and also identify the features that resonate best.

10 Best Things in 10.10

Helping out Upstream Application Developers

Many of the applications we ship in Ubuntu by default are written by people upstream to Ubuntu, such as the GNOME project and others. We should encourage participants be clear about which upstream projects provided the highlighted feature so that these projects can use the videos on their websites and as part of their marketing plans.

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