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  • Do we want to use a different label "Hidden" for the invisible status? Since google and yahoo both use "invisible" to denote the status in their web interface and in their respective IM clients.
  • For the multiple accounts in the same service , the icon of the account can be allowed to change color. Simple hue shift can allow this.[a color which the user can decide] Users are already used to tagging/color coding the e-mails and sorting them accordingly , similar can be used to differentiate the different user accounts. --vish
  • Wow, this looks really nice, but will it show popup notifications from the Broadcast accounts using the notification applet? It could get a bit messy if you have many set up. --Liam
  • For services that don't have an "invisible" status, you can notify the user that "X" service doesn't support invisible, and so ask the status he want's to setup there. This message should have a checkbox with the following text: "Don't ask me again". And the decision should be changeable on a configuration screen. --BrodocK

Can the "MeMenu" access account information from Empathy, Pidgin, whatever client is used or does everything need to be added in manually? --Anzan

1. I agree with Brodock, that the word "Invisible" sounds more natural and intuitive than "Hidden".

2. I think Skype should also be taken into consideration here as they have recently announced that they will the new Skype client will be developed in open source. I think there is a huge opportunity of a Skype client(gtk/gnome based) that integrates much better in Ubuntu desktop ecosystem because like it or not. It is the most used VoIP service in the world.

--Mir Nazim


I think that the term "broadcast" is very nerdy and unintuitive. I've never heard the word used in this sense before. Having only seen screenshots of the menu I'm still not entirely sure what it means. Is this status updates? Why not just name it "Status Accounts..." or better yet "Social Networks...". I think it would also be a great improvement to combine the two items "Broadcast accounts..." and "Chat accounts.." into "Accounts...", surely the status indicators and text field give an idea of what sort of account we mean, or perhaps "Social accounts...". Why have two separate items? Besides the most widely used social network, Facebook, offers both status updates and chat so it makes sense to only have to add it once. -- tom-harris 2010-02-07 15:31:37

Please do not forget the most important german social networking communities studiVZ (for students), schuelerVZ (for pupils), and meinVZ (for all the rest). If you could integrate them, you would create the best social tool ever!


I've tried the "Me Menu" under Lucid Alpha 3, as well as its predecessor, the "Messaging Menu" under Karmic. While these features might be valuable to someone, they aren't valuable to me, and what they lack in particular is a good "opt out" mechanism. I would like to permanently remove these menus, but it's not possible: Karmic's Messaging Menu is part of the Indicator Applet, which otherwise provides useful information like battery power. Lucid's Me Menu is part of the "Indicator Applet Session" (which used to be called "Fast User Switch Applet") and can't be removed without also removing the logout/shutdown menu associated with it. Before releasing this feature, please remember to make it configurable so that antisocial people like me won't be bugged by these extra menus! --JohnBaptist

I like it so far. I tried Lucid Beta without knowing about this, and I understood what "broadcast account" meant. But I agree with Tom Harris: it's a silly word to use, and there's really no point in splitting them to the user. Mind you, I'm not into the whole "social" stuff, so I might not be the best judge. I just use IM.

One concern: what's the point of filling out three pages of personal information in the "About Me" dialog window? Is it available to all the services I sign on to? Could this be a security concern? Identity theft would be *so* easy with access to other people's "About Me" data. I think there should be a "Help" button or link, that takes the user to security information.

@JohnBaptist, you can just remove the indicator-me package. It even shows up in Ubuntu Software Centre as "indicator showing user information and status."

--Alejandro Moreno

Ubuntu Lucid: Only half social from the start!

There's a break in the usability. You can sign off but not back on? And when a chat client is not loaded, the menu doesn't automatically boot one up? Looking at one of the bug reports (I couldn't find the exact one where I read it, but here is one of the couple duplicates, there was a lot of talk about the evils of choosing for the user what IM program they used or something. Can't this be solved by having a Instant Messenger option in gnome-default-applications-properties program and then have the me-menu reference this option and boot up the appropriate client?

Also with regards to when empathy is actually running, and you click "Offline," and you then go to the same place to go back online later, you find that you cannot do it; you cannot go back online from the me-menu. Am I the only one that thinks that is a obvious gab in functionality? Is there a technical issue I'm not aware of? The only time the status options in the me-menu should be grayed out is when a client is not open and the user has not selected a status. When a client is open, the status should all be clickable and live. --Brian Clements 2010.05.05-19:20

I totally agree with Brian Clements.. I think that MeMenu should give the possibility to switch status from offline to online... just update the status and open the chat application in background, without opening the buddy list. It should be a quick way to change the status when I want to be immediately reachable (but I'm not interested in contact anybody at the moment) --clem 2010.06.02

Some interesting news here:

Wrt keyboard nav - at the moment when switching between indicator menus with the arrow keys, the MeMenu halts this with its text entry box. This is useful when there is text already entered (for editing), but it would be nice to not get stuck when there isn't any text there. --jputt 2010.06.27

Integration with Evolution contatcs

Changing something in "About Me" is reflected in Evolution contacts. But: Merging it with an another contact breaks this connection. Bernard.

Privacy control needed

No one knows where the information from About Me goes. We need checkbuttons (ex: private, local, messaging, broadcast) where one can define where he allow his data to go. Bernard

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