This a is quick summary of the first UMC team meeting, that took place on wed. Jun 13th, on IRC #elisa.

The full (and raw) IRC log is available here:

I've either made update or comments on some of the below information.


in time for guadec, everything's rolling, and 2 "classic" themes are planned.

(from philn) the architecture is ok, AFAIK, we are doing some small adjustments I'm working on a new plugin/component registry which will boost elisa startup substantially the docs are not very up-to-date these days


Christophe Dumas has made several excellent UI propositions, for various aspects:

For the recall, a vote on the mailing list is needed on the 2nd point (HomeMockup)! philn will post some screencasts to help us deciding Wink ;-)

Elisa 0.3 will also feature 2 "classic" themes: the same theme with green *and* blue color palette variation. This will allow both the Elisa and UMC teams to have a specific theme at no cost. Note: Classic theme are in act the new ones, as presented in the above HomeMockup page.

(philn) A 0.1 style frontend may be available if lionel has enough free time.

Mailing List

ping'ed Jono 3 days ago... nothing. gotta catch him on irc...

Update: I got news from Corey Burger just after the meeting. He will talk to Jono Bacon about the ml and push he creation. Seems Jono is very busy too.

Website and Marketing SF

there is some work underway on the ml.

Update: Jeremy Teale has created a Strike Force page:

People already acting, or planning to, in the website and external communication areas are welcome to expose ideas and actions on the ml using the [MSF] subject prefix.


(uzuul) well, hum, packagers on holidays Sad :( gotta reload myself a bit more, and find time to finish the cleanups to upload to d.o... no update on lool side.


lirc 0.8.2 released work on a config GUI can start. we can limit to USB devices + autodetection first. somebody seems interested on the ml. if somebody is interested in working on that subject, mail back.

Update: Loic Dardant has posted an excellent summary on the lirc progress since.

lirc 0.8.3 will however be needed for the new "standardised" namespace

Various Ideas

  • "UMC Desktop integration" wattazoum submitted this idea. the main idea is to be able to use UMC / Elisa as the default/prefered player, whatever your desktop is (Gnome, KDE, Xfce, ...). this implies some systray icon, background mode, elisa shortcuts, ... wattazoum will create a launchpad + wiki spec to detail this idea.
  • "democracy" like -interaction

    lightyear mentioned the idea to create a democracy ( like plugin this is just the birth of an idea in fact, and will be later discussed

  • weather plugin

    lightyear made some mokups of the new weather plugin (aka WeatherNG):

    I've asked to lightyear if he will consider a "wii style" ( weather plugin. This will be discussed later on on the ml

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