This a is quick summary of the UMC team weekly meeting, that took place on wed. Jun 20th, on IRC #elisa.

The full (and raw) IRC log is available here:


(quoted from philn, Kaleo and yyoyo) a complete summary with a screencast can be found here:


we've seen some great pieces of artwork recently from Christophe, Vinicius and Hylke. The Artwork Strike Force is doing its way.

but due to time constraints on its side (GUADEC), the elisa team will have to focus on porting the 0.1 style UI to get something ready in time.

This will allow us (with MSF) to organize a more efficient system (like forum + poll).

Mailing List

still no good news from Jono Bacon. since all this is taking far too long, Fluendo has proposed to host the ml (archived, using domain). Kaleo told me that it will be up and running today...

Note that this is simply a temporary improvement while waiting for the official @ubuntu ml.

Website and Marketing SF

Jeremy Teale has accepted to lead the MSF effort. I hope you will be numerous to join him on the website, documentation, translations and communication subjects.


Loic Minier <lool> has to receive many kudos for his work. he has uploaded elisa, pigment, coherence and pylouie on the only remaining points are pylirc (ITP underway) and python-daap update (lool has already done the necessary)

LIRC and user input / interaction

Christoph Bartelmus (LIRC Project Leader) has announced lirc 0.8.3 roadmap:

many major changes and improvements. but the LIRC team also need help. if you feel you are a kernel hacker or C developper,

the various ideas of the point 7 have not been updated

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