This a is quick summary of the UMC team weekly meeting, that took place on Wed. Jun 27th, on Freenode in #elisa.

The full (and raw) IRC log is available here:


(quoted from philn and Kaleo) We're not far from merge [for the rewrite branch] into trunk.

Progress has been made on the poblenou skin. It's much better than the 0.1.x, much more reactive.

We are planning to freeze functionalities addition on Friday (Jun. 29) and focus on bug fixing.

Still need to take a decision for the main menu, see screencasts on website (

Much work has been done on the metadata management API and the media_provider API. UPNP integration has begun.


(quoted from philn and Uzuul) Christophe Dumas has accepted to lead the Artwork Strike Force. (CongDescribe MediaCenter/IRCMeeting20070627 here.ratulations and thanks for stepping up)

Need to form the design committee members and setup the forum+poll system, which is being worked on by the MSF.

UMC logo contest is still open.

The Endless Mailing List Caper

(quoted from Uzuul) News from Jono Bacon two days ago: "I responded to this request - I seem to remember approving it, but there will be a delay until the list is created."

The kind Fluendo people have offered us a real mailman ML. However, there is reluctance about migrating to that only to turn around and move to the official Ubuntu list. For now, we wait to see what happens with Jono.

I'll wait until next Sunday to post the migration announce. So, we wait Smile :-) .

Marketing Strike Force

Website will be Wordpress + PunBB + DokuWiki

Work on it has begun.

Work on forming the specs for Documentation and Translation efforts will begin soon.

Will be pinging people that have not added themselves to the Sandbox to do so.

Possible interview with Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter to coincide with GUADEC. I (Jeremy Teale) have already contacted Corey Burger about this.


(quoting Uzuul and philn) lool uploads are still in the NEW queue, waiting for initial approval:


I've posted the ITP for pylirc: and I'm finishing debian/rules rewrite.

We (Elisa) don't have time to package elisa 0.1.7 (unofficial package) right now.


(quoting Uzuul and philn) Christophe has updated the tasks list in the thread I mentioned last week:

Need help on these tasks, especially point 3, contact Arnaud or Christophe if you're interested in helping.

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