This a is quick summary of the UMC team weekly meeting, that took place on Wed. July 4th, on Freenode in #elisa.


Rewrite branch was merged into trunk.

The poblenou frontend is enhancing very quickly now.

Focusing on bugfixes.

People should start testing trunk and giving feedback.


New member, Linediconsine (Marco).

Need a forum (I know, I know ;-))

Mailing List

No update from canonical.

Raw Log

Uzuul: well, it's now UMC meeting time...
Uzuul: as I already told privately to several of you, I'm currently more than busy at work.
Uzuul: the 3 leaders of the UPS world (APC, MGE and Powerware) are currently merging (APC and MGE)
Uzuul: and Powerware is acquiring the small systems division of MGE. since I'm the Linux expert at
Uzuul: MGE, and also the project leader of the major FLOSS UPS support software (NUT), you can easily
Uzuul: imagine how is my current position...
Uzuul: the fact is that my current actions and decisions will have a huge impact on the UPS FLOSS support.
Uzuul: and this is currently taking me away of the UMC.
Uzuul: so the meeting will be quick this evening...
Uzuul: point 1) elisa
lekastor38: Hello every body, sorry for beeing in late
Tartopom: hi
Uzuul: philn|home, Kaleo...
philn|home: we merged to trunk yesterday
Tartopom: sorry too :p
Uzuul: philn|home: hey great news ^_^
Kaleo: Hi
philn|home: the poblenou frontend is enhancing very quickly now
Uzuul: hey all
philn|home: the grid widget still needs to be integrated however... no ETA on that task, Kaleo might tell you more :)
yyoyo: hi everybody
Uzuul: hi yyoyo
yukaro: hi
Kaleo: yep, visually speaking, things will not change much in the next two weeks (before GUADEC)
Kaleo: apart from the grid widget that should land anytime soono
Kaleo: -o
philn|home: we now focus on bugfixes
Kaleo: Trac is now working again and anyone is welcome to fill bug reports
philn|home: except maybe for the audioscobbler component i'm working on ;)
Kaleo: and external plugins some people are working on :)
Kaleo: (thinking about facebook)
Kaleo: anything else ?
philn|home: so we are confident.. people should give a try to trunk and give us feedback
Linediconsine: What I can use for record the elisa session ?
Linediconsine: like in the video in home page
Uzuul: kudos to the elisa team ^_^
Kaleo: istanbul
Kaleo: but MacSlow has a better idea maybe
philn|home: the artwork also been updated.. looks quite nice if you ask me :)
Uzuul: Linediconsine: if you make some screencast, contact orion2012 for publishing it on the umc website...
Uzuul: so point 2) artwork
Uzuul: Le_Kwer seems missing... philn|home: can you take on a summary?
Linediconsine: Hi
Linediconsine: I am here
philn|home: well we're waiting the forum structure being setup
philn|home: people keep submitting stuff on the mailing list, we really need that forum ASAP
Linediconsine: Orion sound like ont online ... where I can contact it ?
Uzuul: I've had no news from orion2012 on this.
philn|home: gimme admin rights, i'll create the sections :)
Uzuul: but the various people needed seems not MIA anymore, so things should move on
philn|home: ok, cool
philn|home: so apart from that, not much news, AFAIK
Uzuul: well, we have welcome a new member in the ASF
Uzuul: Linediconsine (Marco)
Linediconsine: HI ! I am here !
Linediconsine: :)
philn|home: welcome, dude :)
Uzuul: Le_Kwer will have a good bunch of people to work with him...
Uzuul: as soon as the GUADEC ends ;-)
lekastor38: Linediconsine, you have made interesting screens
philn|home: yes
Linediconsine: thanks.. now I have elisa running and I can work whit the image on it
Linediconsine: whit the other team
Linediconsine: :)
philn|home: we should write a theme howto at some point
Uzuul: that would help contribs
Uzuul: so point 3) mailing list
Uzuul: no update from canonical, and I've had no time to move on...
Uzuul: s/guys/guy/
philn|home: so are annoucing the ml ?
philn|home: +we
Uzuul: grumff, this is really the boring part!
Uzuul: philn|home: well, I let you announce the move.
philn|home: ok, first thing done tomorrow morning
Uzuul: thx
philn|home: i'll migrate subscribers too
Uzuul: point 4) MSF
Uzuul: orion2012 seems missing too :(
philn|home: we can ask him an update tomorrow over mailing list
Uzuul: not much news else. membership triage, a mail about website formalisation...
Uzuul: points 5, 6, 7) packages, LIRC, others
Uzuul: no update
Uzuul: anything to add before we close the quickest UMC meeting ever made?
lekastor38: yes, but just a question
dev: I have some news from the connectivity department
philn|home: hmm no.. just wanted to add that we'll post new screencasts on website and probably a new status post
philn|home: dev: ha yeah dev, forgot to say that UPnP MS and MR are operational now ;)
lekastor38: can someone give me a link or information on making packages (for testing our LIRC applet) in the state of the  art) ?
dev: there is a first version of a Coherence plugin for Rhythmbox, allowing it to access UPnP shares
philn|home: dev: coool
dev: and I have Coherence up and running on the N800, allowing us to build ControlPoints and MS/MR there
Uzuul: so meeting closed. thanks to all the attendees

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