This a is quick summary of the UMC team weekly meeting, that took place on Wed. July 11th, 2007 on Freenode in #elisa.


4 days until GUADEC

Very close to the 0.3 milestone


Marco is working on a tribal theme

hbons is working on the Tango theme

Le Kwer did a tango styled theme too.. it's on SVN already

Mailing List

thanks to Fluendo guys (philn ;-), we now have a "real" list.

info and archives:

still no news from Jono Bacon and the Ubuntu guys Sad :-(


once more, thanks to lool, elisa, pigment, coherence and pylouie have entered the Debian archive


Matthew Bodkin, from InnovationOne, has joined us to help on the LIRC

lirc 0.8.2 is in Gutsy

Raw Log

Uzuul: so meeting time
superm1: umc meeting is right now?
superm1: in ubuntu-meeting?
Uzuul: as usual, point 1) elisa
Uzuul: superm1: no, there ;-)
superm1: oh :) okay, well ping me afterword and we can chat a bit
Uzuul: 4 days left to GUADEC... ^_^
superm1: i'll be on for the next 5-6 hrs
philn: we are not far from 0.3 milestone completion:
philn: mainly UI issues remaining.. but it's quite usable now :)
Uzuul: yeah, 85 %... well done guys ;-)
philn: yep.. i'm not far from switching my home mediacenter from 0.1.7 to 0.3 ;)
Uzuul: a good sign!
Uzuul: when do you think the 100 % will be reached? approx. date obviously...
philn: we also have a prototype of the DVD player
philn: using Fluendo plugins
philn: i'd say.. friday?
philn: but that doesn't mean a release on friday
philn: we'll release 0.3 before end of july.. if everything goes fine
Uzuul: just in time for pre GUADEC polishing...
philn: yep
Uzuul: anything to add?
philn: elisa, pigment have been uploaded to Debian, thanks to lool and Uzuul :)
Uzuul: philn: addressed in point 5) ;-)
philn: ha, my bad :p
philn: well i guess that's it
Uzuul: philn: and thanks only goes to lool btw ;-)
Uzuul: so, point 2) artwork
Uzuul: there is a new member (Marco) working on an Ubuntu tribal theme.
Uzuul: there is now 2 more elisa theme, with hbons Tango one.
Uzuul: though these won't be (at least for now) the official
Uzuul: UMC theme, I'm sure elisa guys will appreciate more skins ;-)
philn: Le__Kwer did a tango styled theme too.. it's on SVN already
Uzuul: even if both are in early development shape...
Uzuul: cool, the more choice, the better!
philn: yes
Kaleo: for clarity sake, Le__Kwer's tango theme is icons from the tango project that are here for test purposes
Kaleo: (and it looks good!)
Uzuul: well, I hope next time Le__Kwer will be there for arguing on artwork...
Uzuul: so, point 3) mailing list
Uzuul: thanks to Fluendo guys (philn ;-), we now have a "real" list.
Uzuul: info and archives:
Uzuul: still no news from Jono Bacon and the Ubuntu guys :-(
philn: yeps... seems to work fine so far
superm1: We had a heck of a time getting a list for ubuntu-mythtv, it took us mar 23 until last week, so its a slow process :)
philn: they could have warned us..
Uzuul: yep! and that's not much helping the communities to grow quickly...
superm1: from what jono and sabdfl told me, launchpad will have support in ~6 months
Uzuul: anyway, this will happen one day, but until that, we have something to rely on. Thanks again philn and Fluendo.
superm1: for any team to easily make one
Uzuul: that will be nice!
Uzuul: well, point 4) MSF
Uzuul: orion2012: there?
philn: the design forum is in place.. but as i asked on the ml, it doesn't seem to be "semi-private".. and couldn't find the poll features ;)
Uzuul: seems not yet (was/is on a job meeting)
Uzuul: philn: I've just seen your post.
Uzuul: I can't argue on it. orion2012 will post on the ml...
philn: ok.. no problem
Uzuul: I also don't know if orion2012 has done something on the UWN interview side?!
philn: in anycase, the sooner everything is set, the sooner designers can stop working on their corner and submit work on the mailing list
Uzuul: sure. that's still the top prio of the MSF
Uzuul: we talked about an UWN interview with both umc and elisa guys
philn: got no news
Uzuul: we'll discuss this on the ml if you're ok? (how, when, ...)
philn: ok
Uzuul: so 5) packages
philn: elisa in Debian \o/
Uzuul: once more, thanks to lool, elisa, pigment, coherence and pylouie have entered the Debian archive.
Uzuul: either in experimental and / or unstable
Uzuul: i've still to do pylirc though
Uzuul: iirc, i've seen the ubuntu sync request for elisa passing by this week
philn: yes
Uzuul: so, things are (slowly) on the way
philn: next point?
Uzuul: 6) LIRC
Uzuul: Matthew Bodkin, from InnovationOne, has joined us to help on the LIRC
Uzuul: namespace. For the recall, this new namespace will allow elisa / umc to
Uzuul: distribute only one lircrc (keymapping for elisa <-> lirc) file to
Uzuul: support *all* remote controls without the need of edition / configuration...
superm1: Also, i have a few words to throw in for lirc related to getting the modules into the kernel
philn: great, welcome Matthew
Uzuul: superm1: I'm re reading your mail. you seem to mention some mainline integration work?
superm1: I didn't want to step on the toes for those who are pushing into, but in the interim i'm going to assemble a patch
superm1: for the ubuntu build
superm1: similar to what i prepared previously on the bug that you commented on
superm1: and until its in, i'll be maintaining that
philn: good news!
superm1: so that there will be module availability
Uzuul: superm1: cool, thanks. you should also step up on the lirc ml for talking a bit...
superm1: Also, I packaged lirc 0.8.2
superm1: its in gutsy now
superm1: so the lirc.hwdb is there
superm1: /usr/share/lirc is where I opted to place it
Uzuul: right choice
Tartopom: heuuu
Tartopom: for the new forum
superm1: depending on how much additional help you will need on the lirc namespace work, I might be able to help a bit with that as well
Tartopom: It's work in my house (sorry for my english ...)
Uzuul: superm1: thanks a lot. this is how i see inter project collab. work (the sane competition ;-)
superm1: hehe
Uzuul: for info, superm1 is leading mythbuntu ^_^
philn: ahhh ;) good to know
Uzuul: Tartopom: you can go on now ;-)
Tartopom: ;)
Tartopom: so here is the new beta forum :
Tartopom: and it's works fine :p
Tartopom: you can post a new topic or make a poll
philn: ok.. can posts be restricted for some sections?
superm1: Tartopom, how come you guys don't look to make a forum section on the existing ubuntuforums ?
Uzuul: ah, right. the migration was from punbb to smf
superm1: as long as the lead developers of a project approach them with a request, they are pretty good about making the subsections
Uzuul: superm1: well, it's a legacy from the very first umc effort, and is needed for polling.
superm1: ah ok.
philn: superm1: yes but we need a semi-private+polling forum
Uzuul: but you have a point (orion2012: any args?)
Tartopom: philn: yes the design section is only available for agreed people ;)
Tartopom: I don't know if you see it btw :p
MacSlow: hi Uzuul
Uzuul: hi MacSlow
Uzuul: well, point 7) other things
Uzuul: Seb Gripon just told me that he won't be able to take the lead of the Distro SF :-(
philn: Tartopom: ok, cool.. i created an account on the punbb forum.. do i need to re-create it in that one?
Uzuul: so somebody is needed to drive the Distro creation process
Tartopom: philn: yes because all the old punBB accounts migrated to the new but it's not automatic
Tartopom: philn: we don't know yet if SMF will remplaced PunBB or not..
lekastor38: when the distro process should start ?
Tartopom: Uzuul: I'm most interested by the distro than the software umc but i have not the skills.. and I'm in the MSF ^^
Uzuul: superm1: have you made some doc on the distro derivation process for MC needs? that would help in bootstraping people on our side
Uzuul: Tartopom: nothing stops from being in several SF ;-)
superm1: Uzuul, there are several ways to go about it
Tartopom: Uzuul: I have a life :p
superm1: I haven't written any docs on the matter, but you should join #ubuntu-derivative
lekastor38: uzuul, i saw some times ago a link on ubuntu docs, on how to derivate...
superm1: when some folks are in there
Tartopom: Uzuul: a little bit :p
Uzuul: lekastor38: I've tracked the various ubuntu wiki docs on the umc distro wiki page.
superm1: Uzuul, I can point you guys at the scripts we use
lekastor38: as, i told you some times ago, uzuul, i am interested to work on distro too
superm1: if you would like see the process that we are using
superm1: to build disks and such
philn: we should vote for that leader via the new forum+poll ;)
Uzuul: the hard part is to select the right set (minimum) of software and have a build process with some people to work on...
Uzuul: philn: yeah, are you applying? ;-p
philn: Uzuul: i'd like to have a life too ;)
superm1: Uzuul, you will probably want to talk a bit with joejaxx about how he chose software for ubuntu studio and fluxbuntu
Uzuul: superm1: yep, I'm interesting in
superm1: Uzuul, after the meeting i'll point you at some of it and try to explain what we do
superm1: and a few points i've picked up
Uzuul: philn: a what? ;-)
Uzuul: superm1: thanks
Uzuul: well, anything to add guys?
philn: hmm all set here ;)
Uzuul: the various part of the project are going well. Elisa is... more pretty than ever, and in time for its (her?) GUADEC rendez-vous ;-)
Uzuul: so meeting closed. thanks to all the attendees

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