People and skills

Write down your name and useful skills for the project

  • Arnaud Quette (Uzuul) : Development (not in python yet), packaging, organization, ideas, ...
  • Benjamin Guillet (Tartopom) : (X)HTML, CSS, Python in the future, a lot of ideas.
  • Cédric Dufouil (Sleg) : multimedia C/C++ developer (Software Engineer).
  • Gilles Offre (polux) : Some C, documentation, english->french translation, ideas.

  • Jason Simanek : artwork, design, (X)HTML, CSS, (I can work around php/asp/ColdFusion and use includes), organizing information is fun
  • Jonathan Delrot (Vertige) : artwork, use inkscape, design, ideas...
  • Loïc Dardant (dloic) : Development (object and non-object), web competences (php,...) management, ideas
  • Oumar Aziz Ouattara (wattazoum) : Java/J2EE Developpers, UML, Project Management and Specifications, Languages (French,English,Japanese), want that project to be a very big move for Linux.
  • Sébastien Gripon (kritchek): C++ conception and development (object in general), planification, and a lot of ideas too !
  • Florian Boucault (Kaleo): Development (mainly C, C++ and Python these days), Elisa team member.
  • XioNoX : French translation, testing, ideas.
  • Jeremy Teale (jteale/orion2012): Development (Python), documentation, and packaging
  • Bryan Haskins (Toxicity999): Tons of ideas, Documentation, Plenty o' media to play with in testing.
  • Mirco Müller (MacSlow): Graphics/UI-development (C, C++, Python), currently a Fluendo intern, experienced with working on and with Pigment

  • Denis Gautherot (lekastor38) : Conception and Development (C, C++, starting learning python and php), lot of ideas, tests, documentation, french/english translations, SIP and TCP/IP skills. Want to make this project a credible and popular alternative of proprietary ones.
  • Mathieu Fontaine (Spidou) : Development : Java, Ruby, GTK2, (Python if necessary, I'll learn :P) | WebSite : (X)HTML/CSS, PHP, Ruby On Rails | Translations: English to French.

  • Stojance Dimitrovski (sdimitrovski) : Mono (C#, Boo...), some Python (some more), testing, ideas, documentation. Translations: English-Macedonian. Want to make this project a good alternative to other closed-source media centers.
  • Bhavani Shankar (bhavi) : Programming in C++, C#, JAVA,J2SE, JAVA scripting,JSP,Perl,Python,Web Design,HTML,XHTML,XML,Cryptography,Applied Cryptography,Network Security,Linux Kernel Programming and OS architecture, Solaris 10 and OPEN SOLARIS KERNEL ARCHITECTURE,Hacking,reverse enginnering,Learning Maya 8... Translations: English to Hindi,English to Kannada,documentation, Lots of ideas on project implementation,marketing and distribution.Want to make this project a credible and popular alternative of Windows XP MCE.
  • Loye Young (LoyeYoung) : I hold a doctorate in law and practiced law for 8 years before getting into finance and technology, I'm not afraid of lawyers. I can host a repository on my servers (in the USA) to provide software that others won't. I build systems. I sell systems. I can write so that people understand.

  • Rostislav "zbrox" Raykov (RostislavRaykov) : I've participated and done much work on the GNOME translation. I can translate the software to Bulgarian, I can also help with testing and giving feedback on usability, and of course bug reports.

  • Adam Sunderland (Iterion) : Development/Design : Python (learning), Ruby, C++, PHP, JAVA/J2EE. OOP Design, Spec development, Project Management. Also, English to Japanese translation is a possibility (As I have been learning for some time now).
  • William Crandell (Tekcronic) : I program in HTML/DHTML (Learning XHTML / XML) also I have experience in PHP, C++, and Python I have an overall understanding and need to familiarize myself with IDE's.
  • William Wolf : I have experience with C/C++, Python, Perl, php and others. Also have some experience with debian package creation and management, and am willing to do lots of testing where I can. I'm Very excited about this project.
  • Ionut Bizau (smalltalk): Python, C/C++, .NET, ... ideas)
  • Rik Goldman: Documentation, tech writing, testing. licheghoulmann at gmail.
  • TommyB: Python, C/C++

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