Ubuntu-Meeting Log 2004-11-18

Topic: Community Council Meeting - Tuesday 07 December 2004 at 16:00 UTC:
Agenda: https://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/CommunityCouncilAgenda

05:00   jlinares        bona tarda
05:01   teo     hi
05:03   mako    #ubunut-meeting
05:03   mako    BUST AN UNBUNUT
05:03   jordi   Avall els pantalons! (we need to boost catalan usage in this conference...)
05:03   fabbione        ehhehe
05:03   jdub    jordi: that is very different to the spanish
05:04   jordi   well, it's adifferent language after all :)
05:04   jdub    sounds french ;)
05:04   seb128  yeah
05:04   jordi   jdub: doh, I thought you said "abajo los pantalones"
05:04   jordi   They tell me you said "Estoy buscando mis pantalones"
05:04   jordi   Sooo, let's make that "Estic cercant els meus pantalons!"
05:05   jdub    jordi: oh, avall is "take off"? :)
05:05   mako    jdub: avail yourself of your pants
05:05   jordi   "abajo" :)
05:05   jdub    heh
05:05   jdub    mako: NEVER!
05:05   jdub    you will have to fight me!
05:06   quique  we will...
05:06   mako    believe me, i will
05:06   lamont__r       agenda item #1 is jdub's pants?
05:06   mako    if ubuntu has taught me anything, it's that TOGETHER, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE
05:06   jordi   I need to announce that jdub has been able to deliver a package maaaaany Debian people were waiting for.
05:06   quique  and #2 is his underware
05:06   jordi   It took like... 4 minutes to prepare.
05:06   sivang  jdub : can you see this?
05:06   mako    ok, so this meeting
05:07   mako    i will "Run" this if nobody else wants to
05:07   smurfix_        quique: under_wear_.
05:07   quique  i know...
05:07   jordi   remember, you said you would not be able to run for 2 minutes.
05:07   mako    elmo, Kamion: around?
05:07   elmo    yes
05:08   Kamion  yes
05:08   mako    ok, so the agenda is, AFAIK, empty
05:08   smurfix_        It says "Any new maintainers?".
05:09   mako    are there are new maintainers for the council to consider this week?
05:09   mako    anyone here that wanted to be on that agenda but isn't?
05:09   mako    or, any other business folks want to have mentioned?
05:10   mako    otherwise, i think we should just do a bit of a summary from the conference and end it.. short and sweet :)
05:11   haggai  yesterday there was some discussion about seeds, and the fact there isn't really a defined process for accepting/rejecting seeds
mako    is happy to add that to the list
05:11   mako    or is this a TB issue?
05:11   mako    Kamion?
05:12   haggai  did anyone come up with ideas from the discussion yesterday about how this should be done?
05:12   jdub    haggai: i'm writing a process document about it
05:12   jdub    probably something to propose to the TB next week
05:13   haggai  ok
05:13   Kamion  mako: kind of crossover; I don't think it needs to be approved by the TB necessarily
05:13   haggai  yeah, I think there is a community element to it
05:13   Kamion  I guess process for accepting/rejecting proposals needs approval
05:14   mako    haggai: do you want to give an executive summary of the problem at least and maybe people can communicate/discussion with jdub etc for something to bring to the TB next week?
05:14   elmo    btw, we just  lost bof room upstairs
05:14   mako    or anyone else that is willing to do it?
05:14   jdub    elmo: hrm?
05:14   lamont__r       well, parts of the bof room...
05:14   lamont__r       network connectivity crap
05:14   jdub    mako: (task to write it was assigned yesterday)
05:15   haggai  ok sounds like I missed a vital part :)
05:15   mako    jdub: is it worth doing a summary of the problem
05:15   jdub    haggai: i think you're right that it is both CC and TB relevant
05:15   haggai  summary is basically, there isn't one.  A procedure, that is.
05:15   jdub    mako: yeah
05:16   jdub    currently we are in perpetual seed freeze
05:16   jdub    with matt and i confirming changes as required
05:16   jdub    at the moment, we are confirming things that are required to continue development
05:16   jdub    such as new dependencies, etc.
05:17   jdub    but we also have the open proposals (see SeedManagement on the wiki)
05:17   jdub    there is no documented process or responsibility for ensuring those proposals are dealt with
05:18   mako    so it's a process issue for getting packages added to hoary basically?
05:18   jdub    added to base/desktop/supported
05:18   jdub    we'll have to have a bigger discussion about universe and multiverse
mako    agrees with Kamion that this is a CC issue as well as a TB one
05:19   mdz     mako, basically
05:19   mdz     we know what the requirements are for the process
05:19   mdz     but it has not been written yet
05:20   elmo    mdz lives
05:20   mdz     barely
05:21   mako    for those that are not in mataro, mdz is sick
05:21   Kamion  and then there's the illness
05:21   mako    and sabdfl is away for a couple days
05:21   mako    Kamion: :)
05:21   Kamion  should be back tomorrow morning or so
05:21   jdub    (ripe for coup_
05:21   mako    jdub: alright, so we should definitely move quickly..
05:21   mako    i mean, with the seed prososal document
05:21   mako    right
05:22   jordi   mdz: ugh, I didn't know :/
05:22   fabbione        (that's because mdz didn't have enough burbon yesterday night btw)
05:24   mako    ok
05:24   mako    so i am happy to do an update for folks not at the conference
05:24   mako    and then we can call it quits unless other people have things
05:25   mako    about 50 of us have arrived in mataro already i believe
05:25   mako    and we've had two days of the conference almost over
05:26   mako    almost all of the canonical employess are here already
05:26   mako    and the rest are guests from spain a and from outside who have come
05:26   mako    we've had a handful of bofs on a number of topics.. yesterday saw the hoary feature goals LOVEFEST
05:27   mako    and a bof on seedmanagement and an effort by myself and some others on input methods
05:28   mako    we are also talking a bit about anothre canoncial project called launchpad
05:28   mdz     the process needs to ensure that proposed packages meet the criteria, which are fairly well-specified
05:28   mdz     and that there is an opportunity for discussion
05:29   mako    which includes a number of tools that, in the near future, ubuntu will be using to make making ubuntu easier.. and doing a whole lot of other things that involve working on free software and open source in general easier as well
05:30   mako    we'll be having an open day with lots of other people from barcelona and beyond this satruday
05:30   mako    and other than taht we will focus on a handful of bofs and sessions a day and a lot of hacking :)
05:31   mako    that's my summary :)
05:31   mako    so is there anything else?
05:31   mako    Kamion, elmo?
05:32   elmo    not from me
05:32   mako    alright then..
05:32   mako    next tuesday for the TB meeting and two weeks from today for the next CC meeting
05:32   Kamion  nothing from me
05:33   Kamion  thanks for the summary
05:33   mako    maybe an agenda next week :)
05:33   mako    or in two weeks
05:33   Kamion  let's hope so :)
05:33   Kamion  the CC has been quiet agenda-wise recently
05:33   Kamion  which I'm not entirely sure is a good thing, but we can talk about that later :)
05:33   jordi   mako is mine now. We have... issues to solve.
05:33   mako    Kamion: i share you concern
mako    adjurns the meeting
05:35   mako    thanks everyone for coming!
05:35   mako    laptop bof will be starting for those in mataro

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