01:57   Seveas  let me poke the CC
=== padmawan_ [n=padmawan@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
01:57   Seveas  mako_, ping
01:57   amachu  how should i start presenting?
01:58   Riddell amachu: wait for the meeting to start
01:58   Seveas  amachu, when you're up you can briefly introduce the team (prepare a few lines in a text editor so you can paste them), then the CC will ask questions
01:58   amachu  ok...
01:58   Hobbsee Seveas: s/ask questions/start grilling/g
01:58   Belutz  Seveas, could you ask the CC that indonesian loco team agenda to be moved first? because i'm in the middle of something
01:58   Fujitsu Hobbsee, that's the TB, not CC :P
01:59   Hobbsee Fujitsu: they both do.  just about different things
01:59   Belutz  Seveas, if it is possible
01:59   Seveas  Belutz, so am I (I'm actually at EUROOscon and the keynote is about to start)
01:59   ajmitch Seveas: who's giving the keynote today?
01:59   jsgotangco      EuroOSCON ROCK
01:59   Fujitsu Hobbsee, the CC barely grills.
01:59   Hobbsee Fujitsu: hmmm....true
01:59   Belutz  Seveas, so we are busy right now :)
=== imtheface [] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
02:01   Seveas  ajmitch, morning kynote was tim oreiully and tor norretranders, afternoon is steve coast and adrian holovaty
=== leleobhz [n=leleobhz@unaffiliated/leleobhz] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
02:01   leleobhz        dudanogueira: ?
=== pitti [n=pitti@ubuntu/member/pitti] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
=== Belutz [n=belutz@ubuntu/member/belutz] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
=== fajran [n=iang@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
=== phanatic [n=phanatic@ubuntu/member/phanatic] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
=== Belutz [n=belutz@ubuntu/member/belutz] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
02:06   Seveas  Hmm, the CC seems to be rather absent
=== elmo [] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
02:06   elmo    sorry I'm late
=== omera [n=ron@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
02:06   Seveas  elmo, you're the first of the CC to arrive
02:06   elmo    err, oh
=== gnomefreak still working on what im gonna say :) they can take thier time
02:06   dudanogueira    Seveas, im here :)
02:06   Belutz  welcome elmo
02:06   Seveas  elmo, if sabdfl is at EUROOscon already, he's within a few meters from me ;)
02:07   brendonjt       elmo, :kia ora (hi)
02:07   elmo    Seveas: he's not
02:07   jsgotangco      heh
=== Kamping_Kaiser [n=kgoetz@easyubuntu/docteam/kgoetz] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
02:07   elmo    but he's out of the office, atm, probably won't make it
02:07   elmo    i'll start ringing folks I guess
02:07   Seveas  thank you
02:08   Seveas  elmo, many of the "old agenda item" people showed up today
02:08   elmo    kamion is on his way, ETA 10 mins - sorry about this, folks
02:09   Seveas  YAY
02:09   lophyte 10mins? sweet, I have time to eat breakfast
02:09   Seveas  statment in the current keynote: "Open systems are a done deal, eg Ubuntu"
02:10   Fujitsu Yay :)
=== brendonjt makes coffee to stay awake it after midnight
02:11   elmo    and mako's on his way now
02:11   Seveas  elmo, you rock
02:11   Fujitsu Yay :)
02:11   amachu  Seveas: have we started?
02:12   Seveas  amachu, no, we are waiting for two more members of the council
02:12   amachu  Seveas: ok, Thank You
=== mak|away is now known as mak
02:14   mako_   greetings
02:15   Seveas  hi mako_
02:15   Fujitsu Hey mako.
02:15   jsgotangco      hey
02:15   ajmitch hello mako
02:15   brendonjt       mako:  kia ora hi there
02:15   mako    mak: this is going to make nick completion a bit difficult
02:15   Fujitsu mako, yeah
=== mak is now known as makl10n
02:15   Belutz  jsgotangco: hi, remember me? :D
=== Mugunth [n=chatzill@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
02:16   jsgotangco      Belutz: of course, my indonesian friend ;)
02:16   jsgotangco      Belutz: let's chat in private ;)
02:16   Belutz  jsgotangco: ok :)
02:17   dudanogueira    hello all :)
02:17   makl10n have you satarted the CC meeting?
02:17   Fujitsu makl10n, not quite yet.
02:18   Seveas  makl10n, we're still waiting for one member of the council
02:18   Seveas  who is supposed to arrive soon
02:18   makl10n We'll I've a class to take , it will be finish within 30 minutes. So, I want to come back again.
02:19   Seveas  makl10n, ok, the meeting lasts for about two hours so 30 minutes is ok
02:20   makl10n Seveas: if the CC looks for me (mak), tell 'em I'll be back, the fact I've applied
02:21   makl10n Seveas: I'll be back
=== vijay [n=vijay@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
=== makl10n is now known as mak|will
=== mak|will is now known as mak|away
=== padmawan [n=padmawan@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
02:22   brendonjt       padmawan, : hey there
02:22   padmawan        hi
=== Ubugtu [n=bugbot@ubuntu/bot/ubugtu] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
=== Kamion [] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
02:24   Kamion  right, sorry about that, I was moving house bits in my lunch break and forgot about the meeting
02:24   Seveas  Kamion, welcome
02:24   Seveas  mako, elmo: ping, we're complete
02:24   brendonjt       kamion: hi there
02:25   Belutz  let the meeting begin :)
02:25   mako    alright
02:25   elmo    here
02:25   Kamion  oh, I thought you'd have started
02:25   Kamion  oh well
02:25   Seveas  The agenda will start with locoteams today, IRC item is waiting for sabdfl and one of the apllicants for translation coordinator just left for 30 minutes
02:26   Kamion  what about the ubuntu-desktop-effects item? that's further up the agenda than locoteams
02:26   mako    sounds goof
02:26   mako    good even
02:26   Seveas  Kamion, ah sorry, missed it
02:26   gnomefreak      we can do that whenever
=== mindspin [] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
02:26   DBO     gnomefreak, earlier would be better
=== pygi [] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
=== Quinn_Storm can handle whenever
02:26   Kamion  I'm assuming that the ubuntu-desktop team don't want this on ubuntu-desktop?
02:26   Kamion  dholbach: ?
=== Seveas will have to leave too, i want to give a \o/ for elkbuntu (Melissa Draper) before I do so
02:27   Kamion  noted
02:27   Kamion  (though detail would be good :-))
=== pygi cheers for elkbuntu ^_^
02:27   gnomefreak      Kamion: made the team to take the load off of the -desktop team
02:27   elkbuntu        :)
02:27   dholbach        Kamion: on the mailing list? in the channel? I don't quite follow?
02:28   Kamion  dholbach: on the mailing list - I'm assuming it would be too much clutter to have aiglx/compiz/etc. discussion there?
02:28   Kamion  but would like confirmation
02:28   dholbach        we could try and see where it goes
02:29   DBO     Kamion, on top of that most of the discussion would not be relevant to whats actually in the official ubuntu repos
=== superm1 [] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
=== Gnomonic [n=gnomonic@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
02:30   amachu  so, have we started?
02:30   gnomefreak      we grew from 10 members to 82 members in a weeks time if that continues like that i think it would be alot of foreseen clutter on the -desktop list
=== quail-laptop [n=quail@unaffiliated/quaillinux/x-000001] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
02:31   jsgotangco      whoa
=== Hobbsee cheers for elkbuntu too, then goes afk
02:31   mako    yeah, wow :)
02:31   Kamion  gnomefreak: that sounds reasonable
02:32   pygi    elkbuntu: when is it your turn?
02:32   Kamion  it sounds far enough off-charter for the existing lists that a new list is reasonable
02:32   Kamion  elmo: is the current process to RT mailing list creation requests?
=== GazzaK [n=Gary@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
02:33   elmo    Kamion: mail, yeah (which goes to RT)
02:34   amachu  This is sriramadas, contact person for TamilTeam from Chennai, India. We formed the team with two members on 06-Aug-06 with two members. We are now 12 in number. We have started translating Ubuntu to Tamil.
02:34   Kamion  amachu: please wait until you're called
02:34   amachu  ok
02:34   Kamion  we'll get to you :)
02:34   amachu  Sorry for that.. :-)
02:34   Kamion  gnomefreak: OK, could you send your new list request to the address elmo gave, then?
02:34   gnomefreak      Kamion: yes sir ty
02:34   Kamion  it seems relatively uncontroversial
02:35   Kamion  righto, next - locoteams
02:35   Kamion  Sri Lanka?
02:35   Kamion  or has that been incorporated into Tamil?
=== thekorn [] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
02:36   amachu  Kamion: No..
=== Niwatori [n=Niwatori@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
02:37   Kamion  ok, Sri Lanka not here
02:37   Kamion  Northeastern US?
=== Quinn_Storm [] has left #ubuntu-meeting ["Konversation]
=== sigurdga [] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
02:38   Kamion  nope
02:38   Kamion  Tamil
02:38   Kamion  amachu: ok, you're up now :)
02:38   amachu  Hi
02:39   amachu  We formed the Tamil team with two members on 06-Aug-06. We are now 12 in number. We have started translating Ubuntu to Tamil.
02:39   amachu  Our language is spoken by 65 million people around the world. Tamil Nadu in India, Srilanka, Singapore are the countries with Tamil as official languages.
02:40   amachu  Today myself and Mukunth, ome of our team member has represented here
02:40   Kamion  Any interesting stories to tell about the take-up of Ubuntu in Tamil-speaking regions?
02:41   amachu  yes..
02:41   amachu  We have started taking Ubuntu to kids in T Nagar...
02:41   amachu  a locality in Channai, India
=== gri3fon [n=chatzill@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
02:41   amachu  We educate kids on Computing using ubuntu
02:42   Mugunth Hi All, this is Mugunth from tamil team
=== hunmaat2 [] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
02:42   amachu  We plan to take Ubuntu to Schools
02:42   amachu  and our Team is represented across two nations, India and Sri Lanka
=== licio [n=licio@ubuntu/member/licio] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
02:43   amachu  We had a Demo of Ubuntu installation
02:43   amachu  in chennai, and people were amazed to see their language in computer..
=== siccness [] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
02:43   Kamion  Oh, so proprietary OSes like Windows aren't translated into Tamil?
02:44   amachu  this happened at L&T infotech, a software company in Tamil..
02:44   mako    i thought they were
=== philwyett [] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
02:44   amachu  Yes, Windows have recently launced Tamil version
02:44   amachu  but its unpopular
02:44   amachu  hardly two months since they released that version
02:45   Kamion  aha
02:45   Kamion  so not quite get there first, but get there better ... :-)
02:45   amachu  yes for sure...
02:45   amachu  But we can make it up...
02:46   amachu  since the majority of masses here cannot afford to buy windows
02:46   amachu  thats where we have an edge...
=== sloof3|arr [n=sloof3@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
=== nixternal [n=nixterna@ubuntu/member/nixternal] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
=== otis [n=ron@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
=== gnomefreak cheers for elkbuntu (have to run out for a bit)
02:47   amachu  we do have our own mailing list for conversation
02:48   Kamion  ok, we seem to have run out of questions :)
02:48   amachu  Kamion: means?
02:48   Kamion  very happy to see your enthusiasm, and glad to hear that there's another region where we stand a chance of becoming dominant in IT before Microsoft does
02:49   mako    alright then
02:49   amachu  :-), now we need official recognition... as translators of Ubuntu in Tamil
02:49   Kamion  unless anyone has any objections, I think that's the Tamil team approved
02:49   amachu  we need an URL, and forum
=== azeem [] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
02:49   mako    .ne
=== mako nods to Kamion
02:49   Kamion  URL as in a domain?
02:49   mako    alright, next team
02:49   Kamion  hang on
02:50   mako    Kamion: i saw it
02:50   dudanogueira    amachu, good job! i wish you luck on our daily battle :)
02:50   amachu  Thank You...
02:50   Kamion  elmo: do we (Canonical) deal with locoteam domains now, or is smurfix still doing it?
02:50   amachu  Cheers...
02:50   mako    i thought the plan was to shift that to jono
02:50   Belutz  amachu: Cheers :)
02:50   Kamion  works for me but I don't know how far along he is
=== mako nods
02:51   Kamion  actually, we should grab jono in here
02:51   mako    i don't either
=== ringe [] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
=== jono [] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
02:51   elkbuntu        hes on his way
02:51   amachu  we need to host our team details... on web
02:51   jono    just one sec guys
02:51   phanatic        amachu: you should subscribe to loco-contects@l.u.c if you haven't done it yet :)
02:51   Kamion  13:50 < Kamion> elmo: do we (Canonical) deal with locoteam domains now, or is smurfix still doing it?
02:51   Kamion  13:50 < mako> i thought the plan was to shift that to jono
02:51   Kamion  13:50 < Kamion> works for me but I don't know how far along he is
02:51   phanatic        loco-contacts* sorry
02:51   Kamion  for the Tamil team
02:51   jono    ok back
02:52   nixternal       Canonical does hosting as well is Canonical hosting
02:52   elmo    sorry
02:52   jono    afaik I am not dealing with LoCo resources
02:52   elmo    was talking to sabdfl
02:52   jono    I am just helping get the teams working
02:52   elmo    kamion: smurfix is still doing it
=== sabdfl [n=sabdfl@ubuntu/member/pdpc.silver.sabdfl] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
02:52   elmo    at least on a technical side
02:52   sabdfl  hi all
02:52   Fujitsu Hi sabdfl :)
02:52   jono    hey sabdfl
02:52   nixternal       hiya sabdfl
=== Yann2 [] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
02:52   phanatic        hi sabdfl
02:52   amachu  so should we contact smurfix?
02:52   Seveas  (smurfix is implementing a DIY thing for that)
02:52   Belutz  hi sabdfl
02:53   jono    I think smufix is on vacation right now
02:53   Seveas  he is
02:53   Hobbsee hi sabdfl
02:53   Scr3W_W0rM      hello sabdl
02:53   nixternal       i went through RTS for Ubuntu Chicago
02:54   amachu  Kamion: Who has to move our Team to the main table in the LocoTeam, page
02:54   jono    I have kicked some initial discussion off about centralising LoCo resources where possible
02:54   jono    amachu, I am working on getting teams accepted
02:54   Kamion  amachu: you should be able to do that yourself
02:54   amachu  ok...
02:54   Kamion  assuming this is a wiki page
02:54   amachu  Thank You..
02:54   nixternal       jono: speaking of LoCo, I was told I should chat with you as well for 'mentoring', when you get time of course
02:55   jono    nixternal, cool, who told you ?
02:55   nixternal       i wish i could remember ;)
02:55   sabdfl  nicely ducked :-)
02:55   nixternal       haha
02:55   amachu  jono: can u guide us?
02:55   jono    heh
02:55   jono    amachu, sure
02:55   jsgotangco      welocme back
=== hs_ [n=hs@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
02:55   jono    I am building a check list of things that LoCo teams should set up and then I am going to get all pending teams to satisfy that checklist and move them to accepted
02:55   amachu  jono: what should do from now on...
02:56   jono    amachu, we can talk about this seperately so as not to impede the meeting :)
02:56   amachu  jono: Yes sure
02:56   Seveas  where are we in the meeting?
02:56   amachu  shall i say good bye now...
02:56   mako    jono: yes
02:56   jono    amachu, I will /msg you soon
02:56   mako    jono: that sounds pretty sane
02:57   Belutz  Seveas: may i go first?
02:57   mako    smurf was using something very similar, at least early on
02:57   Seveas  (Belutz: I'm not in charge of the schedule)
02:57   amachu  jono: how do contact u? my mail id
02:57   jono    amachu, jono AT ubuntu DOT com :)
02:57   jono    amachu, drop me an email with the details and I will get onto it :)
02:57   mako    jono: our question here is: can infrastructure issues that locos have to be pushed off to you
02:58   mako    jono: doesn't mean you have to solve them, but at least help point people to the right place
02:58   mako    or places
02:58   amachu  Thank You..
02:58   jono    mako, sure, I can help point them in the right direction
02:58   jono    mako, I am working on some better docs on the LoCo pages to help with this to, so we can point people at the docs
02:58   jono    the LoCo pages are....erm...artistic...shall we say :P
02:59   jono    they need poking with a stick :)
02:59   jsgotangco      hah
02:59   ajmitch how diplomatic
02:59   sabdfl  very glad to have jono working to document and clarify the loco process
=== Fujitsu suggests Hobbsee.
02:59   Belutz  Kamion: can Indonesian Loco Team go first after this? because i have other meeting to attend to
02:59   Hobbsee say what?
02:59   jono    sabdfl, :)
02:59   Fujitsu sabdfl, certainly.
03:00   elkbuntu        Hobbsee, your poking stick, dear.
03:00   Kamion  Belutz: sure
03:00   Hobbsee oh, the long and pointy stick.  yes.
03:00   Belutz  Kamion: thanks
03:00   Fujitsu Hobbsee, yes.
03:00   jono    for LoCo people in here, keep an eye on loco-contacts - I will be posting a message soon about getting teams accepted
03:00   Hobbsee <offtopic>I want the email address too </offtopic>
03:00   mako    jono: sounds good, thanks
03:00   imtheface       okok jono!
03:01   Belutz  jono: will do
03:01   jono    Hobbsee, damn you! :)
03:01   Hobbsee jono: :P  
03:01   jono    incidentally, sorry I was late to the this meeting, a meeting overrun
03:02   Belutz  may i begin now?
03:02   Kamion  yes, I think we're done with the previous item
03:02   Belutz  ok, thanks Kamion
03:03   Belutz  Hi All, I'm Andi Darmawan, i'm the contact person for Indonesian LocoTeams
03:03   Belutz  we are here to apply for recognised status for the Indonesian LoCo Team ( We've been active in Ubuntu since the team was formed about a year ago.
03:03   Belutz  Various efforts have been done. We have provided infrastructures for the local users to grow - website, mailing list, forum, documentation. We strive to create a comfortable place where anyone can get information on Ubuntu, have a honest discussions, get help, exchange experiences, solve problems, and so on.
03:03   Belutz  We have also participated in a few conferences, then several people from Cidepok have also organized two Edubuntu conferences & instalfest. And currently we've managed the project to distribute Ubuntu repository in form of DVDs
=== mak|away is now known as makl10n
03:04   Belutz  due to expensive Internet access in our country, this will help the users in Indonesia, so they can install many applications in Ubuntu without have to connect into Internet (except for the updates of course). We have many plans for the future, including writing a book on Ubuntu targeted for everyone in Indonesia.
03:04   makl10n the CC meeting started?
=== padmawan_ [n=padmawan@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
03:05   Belutz  there are some members who focused on edubuntu also, you can check it at this site (in Indonesian)
03:05   sabdfl  Belutz: thank you for this contribution so far! what can we do to help you accelerate?
03:05   Belutz  Indonesian Loco teams have been appeared on Cnet Asia recently, you can check it at this site,39056105,61953558,00.htm
03:05   sabdfl  i have to step afk for a while, will read scrollback
=== imtheface cheerleader for Indonesian Team
03:06   Belutz  sabdfl: we need to be the official ubuntu team for indonesia, so we could speak on behalf of ubuntu
03:06   Kamion  makl10n: some time ago, yes
03:06   sabdfl  Belutz: is there any other team right now?
03:06   jsgotangco      Belutz: you sure its not just in jakarta? ;)
03:06   Seveas  (makl10n: I asked for the translation item to be moved down in the agenda so you wouldn't be left out)
03:07   Belutz  sabdfl: yes they are, imtheface, fajran, harry_sufehmi, Niwatori, and others
03:07   makl10n Seveas: Thanks
03:07   jono    Belutz, you progress is impressive
03:07   imtheface --> translation team
03:07   hs_     Hi, I just would like to show the achievements with the Indonesian schools :
03:07   hs_     First Edubuntu installfest :
03:07   Belutz  jsgotangco: most of the members are in jakarta, but we ship the DVD repos nation wide
03:07   hs_     Second Edubuntu installfest :
03:07   jsgotangco      impressive
=== Chousuke [] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
03:07   sabdfl  imtheface: how do you feel about Belutz's team taking on an official role? is there good coordination between the different teams?
03:08   hs_     On the second installfest, participants from as far as 600 km away came to join in.
03:08   Belutz  sabdfl: actually i'm proposing imtheface aka Andy Apdhani to be the Team Leader :)
03:08   hs_     second that
03:08   imtheface       :)
03:08   sabdfl  ok, so you're saying there are informal teams, and you'd like to create an official team that draws from those guys
=== jonh_wendell [] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
03:09   sabdfl  sounds good to me. have you worked with jono yet?
03:09   Belutz  sabdfl, yes, so there could be one official teams
03:09   jono    Belutz, I recommend we have a chat about your work
03:09   imtheface       yes, i've follow discussion on loco mailing list!
03:10   sabdfl  if jono is happy with the state of the team, organisation, leadership, website, mailing lists, goals... then +1 from me
03:10   Belutz  sabdfl: i don't think i have chat with jono, but my friend imtheface who recently make contact with other loco team
03:10   sabdfl  i need to step afk for real now!
03:10   sabdfl  will read scrollback
=== sabitha [n=admin@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
03:10   jono    Belutz, I would like to have a discussion to discuss the specifics if possible, as I am not familiar with your team
03:11   Belutz  jono: will do :)
03:11   jono    Belutz, how do the informal teams work together?
03:12   Belutz  jono: actually they moved alone at first, but we ask them about joining us, because some of the informal teams doesn't know about loco teams
03:12   sabitha i iiiiiiiiiiiiiihiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
03:12   jsgotangco      sabitha: bless you
03:12   sabitha :)
03:12   jono    Belutz, when you say informal teams, are these Ubuntu teams or Linux User Groups?
03:12   Belutz  jono: if we could be as one, we could make the activities nation wide
03:13   imtheface       and currently I've made contact with them so we can work together with them side by side
03:13   jono    Belutz, yes
03:13   Belutz  jono: they are not LUG and not Ubuntu Teams, but they promote ubuntu and edubuntu
03:13   jono    right
03:13   sabitha brb
03:13   jono    Belutz, has anyone applied to be the official team before from these informal groups?
03:13   jsgotangco      Belutz: id is a very large place, is that even feasible
03:14   Belutz  jono: not yet as far as i know
=== vincent_ [n=vincent@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
03:14   jsgotangco      ive experinced this as well
03:14   jsgotangco      for groups wayyy down south
03:14   Belutz  jsgotangco: it is feasible, as long as we communicate and work each other :)
03:14   jono    Belutz, ok, well +1 from me, I am happy to make you an official team :)
03:14   jsgotangco      i let them use loco resources, ie., website, etc.
=== kenyanteam [n=ron@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
03:14   Belutz  jono: thanks :)
03:15   jono    Belutz, I think you need to take special care to get all the informal teams communicating together well and preferably on the same mailing list and IRC channel
03:15   Belutz  jsgotangco: thanks for all your support :)
03:15   jsgotangco      yeah
03:15   imtheface       same here jsgotangco!
03:15   Belutz  jono: yes, our mailing list becoming more active everyday
03:15   jono    Belutz, awesome :)
03:15   imtheface       jono, already in progress!
03:15   jsgotangco      the thing is, you don't need to influence the actions of far flung teams, as long as the goals are much the same collectively
03:15   jono    then sure, I am happy to make you an official team
03:15   imtheface       they've join to our mailing list!
03:16   jsgotangco      but sometimes these informal groups look into guidance
03:16   jsgotangco      that's where you guys come in ;)
03:16   Belutz  jsgotangco: that's why we persuade them to join us :)
=== harry_sufehmi [n=hs@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
=== leleobhz [] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
03:16   jsgotangco      yeah
03:16   imtheface       jono, many thanks then!
03:16   imtheface       harry_sufehmi, welcome back!
03:16   imtheface       also cheers jsgotangco
03:17   jono    imbrandon, :)
03:17   jono    oop
03:17   jono    oop
03:17   jono    oops
=== imbrandon looks up
03:17   jono    argh
03:17   imbrandon       heh
=== jonh_wendell [] has left #ubuntu-meeting ["Saindo"]
03:17   jono    imtheface, :)
03:17   Belutz  :)
03:17   mako    alright
03:17   jono    Belutz, I will move the team to the official table now
03:17   Belutz  jono: so, what should we do next?
03:17   harry_sufehmi   hi imtheface, hope I didn't miss anything important
03:18   imtheface       jono, sorry didn't make it to the loco-meeting yesteday!
03:18   jono    imtheface, no worries
=== Chousuke [] has left #ubuntu-meeting []
03:18   jono    Belutz, I will move you to the official table and you are now considered official :)
03:18   imtheface       harry_sufehmi, u miss the whole things
03:18   Niwatori        harry: you missed the approval fanfare :P
03:18   kenyanteam      hi, i'm here to represent kenya loco team
03:19   Scr3W_W0rM      :)
03:20   Belutz  thanks to jono and all CC members :)
03:20   Belutz  we will do our best to promote ubuntu in indonesia
03:20   harry_sufehmi   thanks all
03:20   jono    Belutz, do keep me updated with how you get on :)
=== AmyJ [n=AmyJ@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
03:21   Belutz  jono: i will, your email is jono @ u.c ?
03:21   dudanogueira    Belutz, wish you luck
03:21   jono    Belutz, yes
03:21   Belutz  dudanogueira: thanks :)
03:21   AmyJ    hi freeflying
=== raphink [n=raphink@ubuntu/member/raphink] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
03:21   jsgotangco      yay
03:21   freeflying      AmyJ: hey
03:21   Belutz  jono: ok, i'll note that
03:21   Belutz  Cheers for Indonesian LoCo Teams :)
03:21   jsgotangco      \o/ ubuntu-id \o/
03:21   Belutz  jsgotangco: thanks :)
03:22   makl10n Cheers for Indonesian LoCo Team from me too
03:22   Scr3W_W0rM      Cheeers...
03:22   Niwatori        thx jsgotangco
03:22   Belutz  ok, i have to attend another meeting, thanks again all :)
03:22   fajran  thanks all!
=== unfknblvbl [] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
03:22   jono    Belutz, also see #ubuntu-locoteams :)
03:22   Belutz  jono: will do :)
03:23   Belutz  bye all :)
=== Belutz [n=belutz@ubuntu/member/belutz] has left #ubuntu-meeting []
=== gri3fon [n=chatzill@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
03:24   elmo    so, err, where are we up to?
03:24   Hobbsee how late will this meeting run?   will we have a 3 hour meeting or something?
03:25   Hobbsee elmo: heh.  poke someone to talk
03:25   Kamion  well, I have to step out in an hour's time for twenty minutes or so, so I hope not
03:25   Kamion  ok, Bangladesh was next in the normal ordr
03:25   Kamion  order
=== Hobbsee wonders who usually chairs this thing.
03:25   Kamion  then Ukraine, Kenya, Hungary
03:25   Kamion  any of those here?
03:25   Kamion  Hobbsee: kind of magical floating chair
=== patroclus [] has left #ubuntu-meeting ["Ex-Chat"]
03:26   elmo    sometimes it floats off without someone attached
=== Huahua [n=hua_@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
03:26   phanatic        Kamion: Hungary present
03:26   Hobbsee Kamion: seems that whoever's sitting on it today needs a good poking, before everyone falls asleep :P
=== hunmaat2 [] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
03:26   Kamion  phanatic: ok, please carry on
03:27   phanatic        Hi everyone, I'm Szilveszter Farkas, the contact person for the Hungarian LoCo Team. Please let me introduce our team in a few words. The whole story began with the Translation Team, which was formed at the end of August 2005 after translating the entire (unofficial) Breezy Guide. Since then we organized many Translation Weekends to accelerate the localization of Ubuntu.
03:27   phanatic        The next step was the founding of the Hungarian Ubuntu Community homepage ( in the middle of December 2005. We set up a Wiki-based site, so anyone can contribute (there are dozens of howtos available). A forum is also available, we have more than 550 members as of today, and many of them are very active. We have a crew who are hanging around on IRC to help other people as well (#ubuntu-hu). There are two mailing lists current
03:27   phanatic        ly: one for the translators and one for the community.
03:27   phanatic        In February 2006, a member of our team introduced Ubuntu both on TV and radio (smaller, non-profit stations).
03:27   phanatic        In the mean time we also helped out on other IT forums in Hungary to help the beginners getting started with Ubuntu.
03:27   phanatic        We have also localized the Ubuntu and Kubuntu Desktop CDs, and found sponsors for mirroring them.
03:27   phanatic        The latest news is that we are organizing an Ubuntu Conference in Budapest (with the kind support from Canonical). We invited many well-known developers to present their contributions, and there are also talks in Hungarian to beginners, professionals and business people. (Almost 200 people registered to attend.) More info on that: - We plan to give away 100s of {U,Ku,Edu}buntu CDs, and also ordered a p
03:27   phanatic        lenty of laptop stickers. Oh, and everybody is invited to both the conference and the Edgy release party after that ;)
=== Seveas [n=seveas@ubuntu/member/seveas] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
03:29   jono    phanatic, this all sounds great
03:29   phanatic        jono: thanks
03:29   jono    phanatic, was it you who mailed me about speaking at the conference?
=== siaya [n=ron@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
03:31   phanatic        jono: i don't think so
03:31   jono    ahh
03:31   phanatic        jono: that must have been another conf
03:31   jono    :)
03:32   hunmaat2        And a more latest news is that we are upgrading our community site. We want to make (and have made for test) a hungarian ubuntu planet-like drupal site and a wiki module for it, migrating our old forum and ubuntu-guide-based documentation.
03:32   jono    well your team certainly gets a +1 from me
03:32   phanatic        jono: thanks a lot :)
=== tourach [] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
03:33   phanatic        i hope the others agree too
=== RedKrieg [] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
03:34   Seveas  anything else needed from/for the hungarian team or can we move on?
=== Niwatori [n=Niwatori@] has left #ubuntu-meeting []
03:35   mako    alright then
03:35   elmo    looks fine to me
03:35   jono    do the CC members want to vote or are they happy?
03:35   mako    yes, seems find
03:35   jono    ok cool
03:36   Seveas  I want to speak on behalf of RolandoBlanco
03:36   mako    Seveas: ok
03:36   Seveas  I've been e-mailing him and sadly tuesday is a very bad day for him
=== suzan229 [n=suzan@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
03:36   Seveas  if we can have a meeting on wednesday, at a same time for him (south america) he can show up
03:36   mako    Seveas: every day and time is bad for some people
03:37   makl10n suzan229: hello...
03:37   Seveas  mako, agreed, but having one meeting on a wednesday won't hurt, would it?
03:37   suzan229        makl10n: sorry for late
03:37   suzan229        :-)
03:37   makl10n suzan229: it's okay. the Translation / Localization agenda not yet started
03:38   mako    Seveas: except that we'll all forget it :)
03:38   suzan229        mak110n: That's good. So I'm not late. :-)
03:38   makl10n suzan229: hang around. okay?
03:38   jono    ok, I will make the Hungarian team official if there are no objections
03:38   mako    well you are late, but this has been a long meeting
03:38   Seveas  mako, give me a list of phone numbers and I'll be stalking
03:38   suzan229        makl10n: ok
03:38   mako    jono: go ahead
03:38   jono    cool
03:38   jono    phanatic, congrats! :)
03:38   mako    Seveas: we can talk about it at the end of this meeting when we plan the next one
03:39   mako    lets move on
03:39   Seveas  mako, ok
=== RedKrieg [] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
03:39   Seveas  kirjanov denis?
03:39   phanatic        jono: thanks, we'll try hard to keep you happy :)
03:39   jono    :)
03:39   Seveas  (btw: I mailed ALL the people with old items on the agenda, those who don't show up today can imho be removed)
03:39   Seveas  Neal Bussett, Flannel?
=== siaya [n=ron@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
=== kelemengabor [] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
03:40   thoreauputic    oh, i hope Flannel makes it - he has been quite helpful on #ubuntu
03:40   Hobbsee Seveas: IRC is set to away
03:41   Seveas  y3dips, Ahmad Muammar?
03:41   thoreauputic    maybe he went to sleep ;p
03:41   Hobbsee [23:40]  [Whois]  Flannel has been idle for 4 hours, 7 minutes, and 36 seconds.
03:41   Hobbsee thoreauputic: quite likely.
03:41   Hobbsee Seveas: [23:41]  [Whois]  _y3dips[0xff]  has been idle for 5 hours, 1 minute, and 30 seconds.
03:41   Hobbsee Seveas: who's next?
03:41   Seveas  thoreauputic, he said he would make it -- he can always reapply later. Being removed from the agenda merely means that we have a smaller agenda ;)
03:42   Seveas  Brendon Toogood brendon8
03:42   brendonjt       kia ora
03:42   johnlittle      good
03:42   thoreauputic    Seveas: good point - lets move on
03:42   thoreauputic    :)
03:42   brendonjt       hello
03:42   Seveas  Hi brendonjt
03:42   Seveas  Please introduce yourself to us and the CC
03:42   brendonjt       my name is brendon toogood and from new zealand
03:43   Kamion  Brendon had an e-mailed endorsement from a local computer technician he's worked with, saying that he's been a staunch supporter and advocate of Linux in the area
03:43   brendonjt       i have been using ubuntu  since dapper but have been using linux for a number of years,since the release of dapper, and alot of my work
03:44   Hobbsee brendonjt: do you have a wiki page here?
03:44   brendonjt       has been un-noticed except by the endorsement for the it tech who emailed the cc
03:44   brendonjt       wiki/Brendon8
03:45   mako    right
=== whitesoft [n=whitesof@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
03:45   brendonjt       my wiki page might not be as flash or set out as flash as others but i  use all my spear time promoting ubuntu and teaching people how to use it and have been in the #ubuntu channel
=== Burgwork [n=corey@ubuntu/member/burgundavia] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
03:45   whitesoft       Hello!
03:46   mako    but work in advocating gnu/linux more generally alone does not cross the threshhold of participating in *ubuntu*
=== Hobbsee kicks the wiki
=== nixternal watches as the wiki kicks back
03:46   Seveas  hi whitesoft, good you could make it!
03:46   mako    whitesoft: yes, definitely
03:46   whitesoft       Thanks!
03:47   brendonjt       i have been promoting ubuntu not just linux and have made flyers and the likes around my small town to promot and get people in volved even took the live cd to a school to show off how powerful it is and got positive response
03:48   Seveas  brendonjt, you'll have to excuse me for being blunt, but the CC is looking for a sustained and significant contribution and your wiki page does not show such a contribution
03:48   brendonjt       Seveas, : yes true i have problems with wording myslef  it is a health problem  i am more hands on
03:49   mako    brendonjt: right, but the only testimonial you have does not demonstate involvement in *this* community
03:49   Seveas  brendonjt, how active are you in the NZ locoteam?
03:50   brendonjt       i am involved as we are going to be relaunching it and am involved with the people there who are to to relaunch it
03:50   brendonjt       some of them are here
03:50   mako    brendonjt: great
03:51   Seveas  brendonjt, that's very good -- this means that in a few weeks or months you WILL have made a visible contribution to the Ubuntu community
=== Gnomonic [n=gnomonic@] has left #ubuntu-meeting []
03:51   Seveas  the NZ team should be kicking the AU teams ass imho
03:51   mako    brendonjt: what wi would recommend is that you continue your involvement in the loco, and then come back with few testimionaisl from folks on the loco and that you have worked with in ubuntu as part of that
03:51   elkbuntu        hey!
=== thoreauputic eyes Seveas
03:51   thoreauputic    ;)
=== siccness glares at Seveas :)
03:52   Hobbsee Seveas: they dont have big enough feet
=== Fujitsu prods Seveas with a big poker.
03:52   mako    brendonjt: so work closely with jono which you should be doing already with the loco and he should be willing to help tell you when you're going to be ready to head back here
03:52   mako    lets move on
=== Hobbsee attacks Seveas with her long pointy stick.
03:52   brendonjt       Seveas, : but the way it was launched was pretty dim compared to what it should have been, i only discovered it by google had no idea at the stage it even exsisted
03:52   dudanogueira    :)
=== connorhu [] has left #ubuntu-meeting []
03:52   Seveas  next up is whitesoft
03:52   Seveas  who could make it after all
03:53   Seveas  brendonjt, help making it grow and you'll get a kiss from Hobbsee
03:53   Hobbsee now hey!!!
03:53   brendonjt       huh?
=== suzan229 [n=suzan@] has left #ubuntu-meeting ["Ex-Chat"]
03:53   Hobbsee you most certainly will not
03:53   Kamion  brendonjt: that does sound like a good reason to relaunch with a bit more fanfare
=== Hobbsee thumps Seveas
=== suzan229 [n=suzan@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
03:53   thoreauputic    oh dear..... i fear there has been a motion against the chair ;)
03:53   Seveas  whitesoft, ?
03:53   whitesoft       Plese, sorry for m poor english ;)
03:54   brendonjt       yip only got a few weeks to help out  as i am starting back at work  up at 4am till 4am
03:54   whitesoft       Hello, my name is Rolando Blanco ( I'm System Engeneer, works with Ubuntu since warty, I discover it browsing the net...
03:54   whitesoft       ...How in my country, de gob. do mandatory the use of Linux in the desktop, then I try ubuntu. and be loved whit it.
03:54   whitesoft       I forgot Hasefroch, then changa me mind and my work only Linux,
03:54   whitesoft       How UBUNTU if for Huma, then I decide us it...
=== otis [n=ron@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
03:56   Seveas  Is anyone from the latino american team around to vouch for whitesoft ?
03:57   Seveas  The site looks nice, how involved are you with it right now whitesoft?
03:59   mako    yes, it is pretty impressive
=== deTux [] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
03:59   Seveas  ok, next sessions are starting here, so unfortunately I'll be away again
03:59   whitesoft       Rigth now I just bring support and teach Ubuntu Linux
03:59   whitesoft       May be someone, ask what can I do for Ubuntu, Welll...
03:59   whitesoft       ...You can check this is the site of the LoCo VenezuelanTeam
04:00   whitesoft       Rigth now, Matt and me are working to change to too
04:00   whitesoft       Questions?
=== fajran [n=iang@] has left #ubuntu-meeting []
=== R3Ndy [i=Kriesmar@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
=== deTux [] has left #ubuntu-meeting ["Leaving"]
=== lucychili [] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
04:02   Hobbsee elmo, Kamion questions?
04:02   Hobbsee jono:?
04:02   thoreauputic    anyuone?
04:02   bimberi sigh
=== sfair [] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
04:03   Kamion  I'd really like to hear something from other Latin American Ubuntu folks
04:03   Kamion  about how whitesoft is doing
04:03   makl10n thoreauputic: on which agenda the meeting going on. for the time being
04:03   mako    whitesoft: looks really good
04:03   mako    but i'd love to hear from others
04:06   Kamion  Would it be possible to get somebody else on the Latin American team to e-mail in an account of what you've been doing, and we can review that next time (in your absence, if necessary)?
04:06   mako    yes that's fine
04:06   mako    whitesoft: it's good that you've showed up, you don't need to do ita gain
04:07   mako    but it would be good to collect a couple testimonials before we make a decision to approve the membership request
04:07   whitesoft       I m the creator of this, In fact, I host it, and register it, this was a very nice experience, beacause, I did it only me, just along, then every day some one come and join the team
04:07   whitesoft       rigth now, we are more then 500 people, have 3 web administrators, have an IRC channel, and a mailing list, was greate just in 4 mounth
04:07   whitesoft       every body join it, but jus may be official member how sign the Code of Conduct
04:07   whitesoft       who sig, (sorry)
04:07   whitesoft       We are not JUST an other Comunity,,,
04:07   whitesoft       ... we say that we are a Fraternity...
04:07   whitesoft       The official mane of our organization is...
04:07   whitesoft       ... Fraternity Ubuntu Linux of Venezuela.
04:07   whitesoft       We most to try to operate every time whit the COC and try to NO talk bad about any other Operative System...
04:08   whitesoft       Ok, thank you to all.
04:08   mako    whitesoft: great, thanks for showing up
04:08   jono    sorry was on the phone
04:08   Hobbsee jono: seems that *everyone* was.
=== gsuveg [] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
04:08   gsuveg  re
=== ogra [n=ogra@ubuntu/member/ogra] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
04:09   mako    alright
04:09   mako    who is next on the schedule
04:09   Hobbsee mako: looks like dudanogueira and elkbuntu are here and active, for a start
04:09   Kamion  whitesoft: very glad to hear that, and it sounds like you're doing a good job - we just like to hear from other people with regard to community-building work
04:09   Hobbsee most of the others seem to be away
04:09   Hobbsee perhaps we process them first?
04:09   elkbuntu        johnlittle is around also
04:09   johnlittle      n/me is not away
04:09   EdgyEft dudanogueira is next
=== lophyte is not away either
04:09   dudanogueira    here!
04:10   Hobbsee [00:06]  [Away]  john_little is away: I'm busy
04:10   Hobbsee [00:06]  [Whois]  john_little has been idle for 2 hours, 46 minutes, and 10 seconds.
04:10   evand   I am here as well
04:10   elkbuntu        wrong johnlittle ;)
04:10   dudanogueira    can start?
04:10   Hobbsee heh.  your whois' lie then
04:10   mako    alright
04:10   EdgyEft dudanogueira: please do
04:10   dudanogueira    Its a daily battle. As i borned in a small city, i havent the information necessary for technology freedom. Moved to a bigger city for studing (4 years now!, Gratuating in Public Affairs Management with focus on technology) and for a good work on webdevelopment. Now i finally have tech freedom :)
04:10   dudanogueira    It doesn't came from the college, i had to learn it on the hard way: already on a job. So, i feel the need to spread the free software philosophy and possibilities wherever i can: at colleges, friends, work, partners and on. Its the key for a tech freedom country.
04:10   dudanogueira    In my natal city (a very poor one), i have to admit, its getting better all the time. In 26/10 we gonna have an event in a new college from there, and they called us (ubuntu-br-mg) for talking about software libre, and of course, ubuntu. ;). We'll have workshops, radio and newspappers interview, and a lot more. Wait for photos! It will be the trhird event that i unnoficially represents Ubuntu.  More Details in my Profile: http
04:10   dudanogueira    ://
04:10   whitesoft       Excelent, just remember please, that in the Launchpad and in the site, I identify my self like rolando, see you Bye...
04:11   dudanogueira    Some cool links:,,
04:11   mako    dudanogueira: thanks
=== milisdad [n=dad@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
04:11   mako    dudanogueira: i'm checking out the links/wiki
04:11   mako    elmo:
04:11   mako    elmo: "Author on Brazilian Ubuntu Planet"
04:12   mako    elmo: improvement this time :)
04:12   Seveas  :D
04:12   dudanogueira    mako, unfortunately, my fellows coudnt be present in a great number, as they had to work
04:12   nixternal       lol mako
04:12   mako    dudanogueira: can you provide a link to your brazilian forum posts?
04:12   mako    like a summary or a place we can view them?
04:13   dudanogueira    mako, owk, im grabbing it
04:13   mako    thanks
04:13   Seveas  dudanogueira: that actually is not too bad, the -br crowd was rather noisy last time
04:14   mako    well, it's nice to have someone
04:14   dudanogueira    Seveas, yeah. -br people here is very active
04:14   mako    if folks can't come, they are welcome to send testimionaisl to community-council@list.u.c
04:14   Seveas  -br must be the locoteam with most Ubuntu members
04:14   dudanogueira    mako, cant find how to index all the posts
04:14   mako    Seveas: yeah, probably
04:15   sfair   Seveas, and we wanna be the most active too :-)
04:15   dudanogueira    mako, already granted licio, Ubuntuser, OgMaciel and other testimonials, that will be sent later
04:15   sfair   may I say some words about dudanogueira?
04:16   Seveas  sfair: please
04:16   sfair   mako, (dudanogueira's posts)
=== j_ack [] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
04:16   mako    sfair: those are not forums posts
=== sabitha [n=admin@] has left #ubuntu-meeting ["Leaving"]
04:16   mako    sfair: those are planet posts, i already saw that
04:16   sfair   as a member of ubuntu-br-doc i'd like to say that we have good guys working here and duda is one of them
04:16   sfair   he does an excelent job, helping us to improve our wiki... he also helps doing translations
04:16   sfair   mako, sorry
04:16   mako    sfair: that's useful, thanks
=== suzan [n=suzan@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
04:17   mako    dudanogueira: can you at least point me to your user profile in the forums?
04:17   dudanogueira    mako, it should be here:;u=4543;sa=showPosts
04:17   sfair   and dudanogueira also has a great job spreading the ubuntu spirit as he said in his wikipage
04:17   dudanogueira    sfair, thank you :)
04:17   Kamion  dudanogueira: out of interest, what have you been doing with the accessibility team?
04:18   Seveas  Nome:  bit_doidao
04:18   Seveas  Mensagens: 24 (0,329 por dia)
04:18   Seveas  Posio: Usurio Ubuntu
04:18   Seveas  Data de registo: 07 de Julho de 2006, 12:02
04:18   Seveas  ltima visita: Hoje s 11:16
04:18   Seveas  (from his profile)
04:18   dudanogueira    Kamion, as i "converted" my mother, i listen her complains and experiences. From now i coudnt help a lot
04:19   dudanogueira    but its on my plans to make some suggestions. Simple things that bothers beginner users
04:19   jsgotangco      that's not accessibility related
04:19   Kamion  accessibility => disabled users
04:20   dudanogueira    Kamion, owk, maybe i misunderstood the initial concept.
04:20   jsgotangco      you might want to check out NUN (New User Network)
=== alvonsius [n=alvonsiu@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
04:21   Seveas  anyone have questions for dudanogueira ?
04:22   Kamion  you seem to have done a fair bit of translation work though, along with the rest of the pt_BR cabal :)
04:22   dudanogueira    any questions?
04:22   mako    dudanogueira: wait, so you've posted only 24 messages on that account
04:22   mako    that's fine
04:22   mako    but it doesn't seem like that would qualify as an active contributor
04:22   mako    especially since it's over several months
04:22   dudanogueira    mako my focus is on wiki and translating the educational apps
=== wastrel [] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
04:23   mako    that's fine
04:23   mako    but on your wiki page, you claimed an active role in the forums and i'm not really finding that
04:23   dudanogueira    and also spreading the free software phisolophy in related events
04:24   dudanogueira    mako, active in the server talk area, and this area isnt so active. But i have one eye on there, and every question i try to solve as i can :)
=== suzan [n=suzan@] has left #ubuntu-meeting ["Ex-Chat"]
=== ubuntu-word [n=perdana@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
04:26   Seveas  More questions?
04:26   mako    dudanogueira: have you done your translation through rosetta
04:26   Kamion  I have to go and pick my stepson up from school; I'll be back in about 15 minutes
04:26   Kamion  please do continue without me and I'll vote belatedly if necessary
04:26   Seveas  Kamion: ok
04:26   dudanogueira    mako, some stuffs are translated in rosseta, but the mainly content is translated in our wiki, also produced too
04:27   dudanogueira    in rosetta i give a focus on educational softwares
04:27   mako    dudanogueira: can you point to some wiki pages that you are proud of that you have helped do?
04:27   dudanogueira    mako:
04:27   mako    dudanogueira: your wiki page is good in that it lists a lot of things that you ahve worked on but without links it makes it very hard to verify most of your claims
04:28   mako    which it's our responsibility to do :)
04:28   dudanogueira    its a article for using Voip on Ubuntu, as far as the VOIP operators doesnt say that linux is suported.
04:28   mako    cool, looking now
04:28   mako    any others that come to mind?
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04:28   dudanogueira    mako, translated the iptables and restriceted formats (looking in to it)
04:29   Kamping_Kaiser  sorry to interupt, but i have to go. heres my *woot* of support for elkbuntu . *woot elkbuntu *
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04:29   dudanogueira    and also the SubGruposRegionais, that is a try to map all the brazilian user on a per city basis
04:29   jsgotangco      this is probably the longest CC meeting of all time
04:29   mako    i know
04:29   thoreauputic    jsgotangco: I think a serious look at limiting time spent on each issue would help...
04:30   siccness        ^
04:30   mako    yes
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04:30   Seveas  jsgotangco: thoreauputic, meta-discussions like this don't help
04:30   dudanogueira,
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-meeting:Ubugtu] : Calendar: | Logs: | 20 Sep 12:00 UTC: Edubuntu | 21 Sep 15:00 UTC: Ubuntu Development Team | 26 Sep 20:00 UTC: Technical Board | 27 Sep 20:00 UTC: Edubuntu | 28 Sep 23:00 UTC: Ubuntu Development Team
04:30   thoreauputic    Seveas: meta discussions may not help, but this meetinghas been a farce, sorry
04:32   mako    dudanogueira: but much of those pages are not translated
04:32   mako    at least the last one
04:32   mako    dudanogueira: it looks good but i'm going to want to see a few more testimonials
04:32   dudanogueira    mako, strange. it was 100% translated
04:32   mako    really?
04:33   mako    dudanogueira: look at
04:33   dudanogueira    as far as i can remember
04:33   dudanogueira    already on there
04:33   mako    only up until  Real Media
04:33   mako    and is just a list
04:33   mako    anyway, i'd really like to have a few more testimonials
04:33   mako    especially because you come from a team with so many members
04:34   mako    there's really not excuse not to
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04:34   mako    :)
04:34   Seveas  Looking at the info for the Formatos page, dudanogueira didn't doo too much on it
04:34   mako    dudanogueira: and try to provide links and example for all of the things on your wiki page
04:34   dudanogueira    Seveas, we are working on it
04:34   dudanogueira    also
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04:35   jsgotangco      pretty good lp karma though, if not only recently
04:35   Seveas  dudanogueira: pleasee collect dome testimonials from others
04:35   Seveas  mako: I propose to move forward
04:35   mako    please
04:36   dudanogueira    mako, Seveas sure :)
04:36   mako    i need to be at work in like -1 hour :)
04:36   Seveas  evand: you're on
04:36   evand   Hi, I'm Evan Dandrea.  My Launchpad page is  I was one of the students working for Ubuntu in this year's Summer of Code.  I am working on adding migration assistance to debian-installer and Ubiquity.
04:36   evand   This project enables users to import user accounts, documents, and a variety of settings from their previous operating systems.  This project has made it into Universe for Edgy, though it is not included in the installer as it wasn't ready for mass use at the cutoff.
04:36   evand   Going forward I'm aiming for inclusion on the CD for Edgy+1 as well as Vista and OS X support.
04:36   mako    evand: who was your mentor?
04:36   jsgotangco      Kamion was your mentor no?
04:36   evand   mako: Kamion
04:37   evand   jsgotangco: correct
04:37   mako    did Kamion suggest that you apply for membership?
04:37   evand   I brought it up with him, but he was willing to support it.
04:37   mako    that's a pretty high endorsement
04:37   evand   I know :)
04:37   jsgotangco      and his project is in edgy
04:38   evand   as a source package, yes
04:38   mako    yes
04:39   evand   Kamion did say he would speak on my behalf, but as he said above he's a bit tied up at the moment.
04:40   Seveas  evand: do you mind if we postpone you until he's back?
04:40   evand   Seveas: Not at all
04:40   Seveas  evand: thank you, let's move on then, johnlittle is up next
04:41   johnlittle      Hi all. I will try to make this brief
04:41   johnlittle      My name is John Little. I've been an Ubuntu user and advocate since Warty. I'm a member of the Marketing Team, where among other things I work on the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter. I have blogged about Ubuntu in various locations since its initial release. My personal blog is ranked by Technorati as the second most authoritative Ubuntu blog. Continued...
04:41   johnlittle      More recently, I've created Ubuntu Video ( and it is the focus of much of my Ubuntu-related work. I'm also providing technical feedback to the Fridge editors and if all goes well will eventually be able to get access and help them with some Drupal administration issues that will help with SEO and site maintenance. My wiki address is Let the grilling begin.
04:41   Seveas  Any marketing/fridge people around for cheering?
04:41   bimberi \o/ for johnlittle, in particular the fantastic Ubuntu Video site and i'm aware of his strong contributions to the marketing team over the last two months (at least).  I'm also aware that he sat through an excruciating CC meeting while applying for membership ;p
04:42   thoreauputic    :)
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04:42   elkbuntu        he's done alot with the marketing group, yeah
04:42   mako    evand: i'm happy with membership FWIW
04:42   evand   thanks mako
=== Seveas kicks the wiki
04:42   nixternal       johnlittle has done so much from an advocational aspect for Ubuntu in such a short time.  He has helped out a lot with the UWN, created a new project on his own, and merged it with Ubuntu Marketing, Ubuntu Video. He is a ++ candidate IMHO and would be an assett to Ubuntu and the community
04:42   elkbuntu        we're trying to get burgwork and nixternal currently
04:43   Seveas  nixternal: thanks a lot
04:43   mindspin        nixternal: ++
04:43   mako    johnlittle: great work!
04:43   mako    i hadn't seen ubuntuvideo before
04:43   johnlittle      Thank you
04:43   mako    suprisingly
04:43   nixternal       Ubuntu Video totally kicks arse!
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04:43   mako    a littlea nnoying it can't be played without flash, but that's not really your fault
04:44   nixternal       he has even put up his own money as a bounty to receive some killer videos!
04:44   johnlittle      theres a flash fee section on the right sidebar
04:44   johnlittle      free
04:44   mako    oh really!
04:44   mako    cool
04:44   thoreauputic    mako: actually IIRCsome can be played with ffplay for instance ( flv?)
04:45   mako    yes,
04:45   johnlittle      Part of the goal is to get people to push videos out to google video and youtube..hence the flash part
=== mako stops watching videos and goes back to the meeting
04:45   mako    corey burger sent a testimonial over email as well
04:45   nixternal       haha
04:45   mako    I have also worked with John Little as part of the Marketing Team and
04:45   mako    have been very pleased with John's work and communication skills. John
04:45   mako    started Ubuntu Video ( before he even found out about
04:45   mako    the Marketing Team, but after some communication with him, quickly
04:45   mako    came to help us out. He has also thrown himself into helping create
04:45   mako    the Ubuntu Weekly News and have nothing but praise for his efforts in
04:46   mako    that area. You can read more about John at
04:46   mako
04:46   mako    johnlittle: anyway, great and original contributions
04:46   johnlittle      Thanks again
04:46   mako    johnlittle: stuff we've never seen before :)
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04:46   mako    i'm happy with johnlittle for membership
04:46   mako    elmo: ?
04:46   nixternal       plus he interviews politicians!  he is our way into congress ;)
04:46   elmo    ack
04:47   mako    johnlittle: great 2/3, Kamion will weigh in when he returns
04:47   Seveas  ok, Lie_Ex
04:47   Kamion  back
04:47   Lie_Ex  Here.
04:47   mako    Lie_Ex: wait
04:47   mako    lets finish with evand first
04:47   evand   Thanks
04:48   mako    Kamion: want to say a word about evand since you worked with him?
04:48   Kamion  I'm happy with John Little too
04:48   Kamion  impressive testimonials
04:48   Seveas  johnlittle: congratulations!
04:48   johnlittle      Woot! Thanks
04:49   bimberi congrats johnlittle :)
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04:49   nixternal       congrats johnlittle
04:49   Kamion  yeah, I worked with Evan this summer; very competent development work, quick understanding of the infrastructure involved, and the migration assistant will (when ready) be an excellent tool for attracting switchers
04:49   Kamion  which I believe is a substantial part of Evan's motivation
04:50   Kamion  I saw Evan around a little bit before the summer of code, and he's willing and eager to continue contributing after it
04:50   Seveas  sounds good
04:51   Kamion  while Evan did bring it up with me, I also expressed a desire that he go for membership while writing up his final Google report, before reading what he'd written
04:51   Kamion  so I was pleased that it occurred to both of us
04:51   evand   Ah, I forgot about that, sorry.
04:51   Kamion  I can't remember if I mentioned it, but no worries anyway
04:52   mako    great :)
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04:52   mako    well i'm happy with evand with membership
04:52   Kamion  so, er, slightly obviously, evand++ for membership, and I'd like to see him go for MOTU as well
04:52   evand   will do
04:52   Seveas  elmo: ?
04:53   Seveas  elmo will catch up, we really should move on
04:53   Kamion  nod
04:53   Seveas  (unless anyone protests)
04:53   Seveas  Lie_Ex: please paste your introduction
04:54   evand   Kamion: thanks for the kind words
04:54   Lie_Ex  Hi,all.I'm Chinese,Lie Ex is my English name.
04:54   elmo    ack
04:54   Lie_Ex  I've been a Linux desktop user for 2+ years and started using Ubuntu from Breezy.Before 4 months I joined zh_CN translation team.
04:54   Kamion  evand: no problem, and looks like elmo agrees, so you're in
04:54   Seveas  elmo: merci, evand: congrats!
04:54   evand   great!  Thanks everyone!  Sorry to interrupt Lie_Ex.
04:55   Seveas  are there some l10n-zh-cn people around to testify?
04:55   Lie_Ex  I'm charge of the tranlastion of basement apps now.
=== alvonsius [n=alvonsiu@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
04:56   mako    your translation work looks very impressive
04:56   Kamion  basement> base system?
04:56   Lie_Ex  My wiki page:
04:56   mako    the KDE booklet that you put together does as well, although it's not directly related to work in the ubuntu community
04:56   Lie_Ex  Kamion: e.g:coreutils/quota/rpm and so on.
04:56   mako    Lie_Ex: many of your rosetta translations seem to be in kde apps?
04:57   mako    Lie_Ex: still your interest?
04:57   Kamion  right
04:57   Lie_Ex  mako: Yes,and for working.
04:57   freeflying      Seveas: me
04:57   Kamion  you said you were interested in coordinating translation; is anyone filling that role at present?
04:57   Seveas  freeflying: any comments/testimonials about Lie_Ex are welcome, so please speak up :)
04:58   Kamion  or do you mean the localisation/translation team leader post?
04:58   freeflying      Lie_Ex: have done many translation on launchpad, we all appreciate with her work
04:58   Lie_Ex  Kamion: It looks that we're lacking of the person now.
04:59   freeflying      Seveas: Kamion  and we think Lie_Ex is the right now for l10n-zhcn
=== Lie_Ex Maybe I made some grammar error.:P
05:00   Seveas  sounds good
05:00   Lie_Ex  Kamion: Meanwhile I try to spread Ubuntu/Kubuntu to my company,the effect looks well.
05:01   Seveas  any other questions?
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05:01   Kamion  I'm happy
05:01   Seveas  1 down
05:01   Seveas  mako, elmo?
05:03   mako    sorry, called away there for a moment
05:03   nixternal       ;)
05:03   Seveas  argh, ok, sorry about the pinging folks
05:03   mako    phone call :)
05:03   Seveas  irssi got the better of me
05:03   mako    but yeah, i'm happy with Lie_Ex
05:03   popey   heh
05:03   mako    great translation work
05:03   Lie_Ex  thx.:)
05:04   Seveas  ok, elkbuntu please start your introduction while we wait for elmos vot
05:04   Seveas  e
05:04   elkbuntu        Hi, I'm Melissa Draper, aka elkbuntu. You may have heard of me in conjunction with the Ubuntu Counter ( or the surveys ( that are currently being done. I'm also the LoCo Contact for the Australian LoCo and lately I've been working with jono on a LoCo Mentoring pilot/feasibility case study. I've also done a bit of support stuff and so forth in #ubuntu and on the
05:04   elkbuntu        -users mailing list, but lately I have focused on the abovementioned things. My wiki page is and my launchpad is
05:04   Hobbsee yay elkbuntu!
05:04   Fujitsu elkbuntu has been doing a terrific job of running the Australian Team.
05:04   johnlittle      Elkbuntu hardly needs props from me..but shes done awesome work
05:04   bimberi elkbuntu is doing a great job as LoCo-au team contact - maintaining the momentum established by her predecessor.  Then there's the work with the marketing team and the ubuntu counter and, just recently, the ubuntu surveys.  She has been and will be a great asset to this community.
05:05   Fujitsu The counter and surveys are fantastic too!
05:05   thoreauputic    elkbuntu is also a great contributor on IRC
05:05   jsgotangco      we can now all bow to her ubuntu-au majesty
05:05   siccness        Indeed, thoreauputic.
05:05   Fujitsu jsgotangco, yup.
=== gnomefreak cheers for elkbuntu :)
05:05   nixternal       Melissa Rocks!  Need we say more than "Ubuntu Counter". This little project blew up and became fairly popular, and has helped tremendously from a marketing standpoint. Plus you have her work with the Aussie team. Excellent member candidate and w/o a doubt another asset to the community!
05:05   elkbuntu        wow.. thanks guys
05:05   mako    corey burger also sent a very positive testimonial about elkbuntu
05:05   jrib    I know elkbuntu basically because of the counters and surveys, they seem to have generated a lot of discussion on digg and the likes.  She seems really comitted!
05:05   lucychili       +++ from kamping kaiser siccness and me
05:06   bimberi and the fact that we've stayed around this late to cheer her on demonstrates the esteem in which we hold her :)
05:06   mako    yes :)
05:06   rikai   Indeed.
05:06   siccness        Heh
05:06   thoreauputic    bimberi: it does indeed :)
=== Fujitsu yawns... It's 1am.
05:06   elmo    ack lie_ex
05:06   nixternal       truth be told, she threatened the Aussies w/ physica bodily harm if they didn't stay
05:06   lucychili       sorry siccness thought youd scarpered =)
05:06   Seveas  elmo: merci
05:06   Seveas  Lie_Ex: welcome to "the club"
05:06   elmo    (sorry, was AFK)
05:06   mako    elkbuntu: great work :)
05:06   rodarvus        dude, elkbuntu is probably the new record holding person for most chering in a CC meeting :)
05:06   freeflying      Lie_Ex: congrats
05:07   siccness        Heh, I did, but wanted to support elkbuntu
05:07   bimberi congrats Lie_Ex!
05:07   elkbuntu        nixternal, of course you know this since you're aussie, right ;)
05:07   mako    elkbuntu: i'm looking forward to your loco mentoring work with jono
05:07   Seveas  is anyone doing LP duty today?
05:07   mako    Seveas: i can do it after the meeting
05:07   nixternal       nope, im a lonely chicago`ite or something like that ;)
05:07   rodarvus        *cheering
05:07   Seveas  mako: thanks
05:07   Kamion  elkbuntu's work and testimonials are impressive, and I'm especially pleased to see somebody else working on general locoteam coordination
05:07   mako    elkbuntu: you have my support
=== rikai whistles loudly in support of elkbuntu.
05:07   Lie_Ex  Seveas: Well,thank you for ratify.
05:08   thoreauputic    in addition to her great work, elkbuntu helps to keep a good atmosphere in the channels
05:09   nalioth +1 for elkbuntu
05:09   johnlittle      and she rounds up puppies for Corey Burger
05:09   thoreauputic    heh
05:09   elkbuntu        johnlittle, he demanded kittens for the recommendation
05:09   johnlittle      :)
05:09   Kamion  elmo: how about you?
05:09   elmo    ack
05:09   Fujitsu Yay :)
05:09   elkbuntu        :)
05:09   nixternal       woohoo!! Ubuntu Marketing 2/2! Congratulations elkbuntu and johnlittle!!!
05:10   johnlittle      Congrats!
05:10   Fujitsu Congrats elkbuntu :D
05:10   Seveas  elkbuntu: thanks for rocking so hard and being fast in the meeting
05:10   bimberi \o/ elkbuntu
05:10   elkbuntu        thanks everyone!
05:10   siccness        Congrats elkbuntu
05:10   Hobbsee yay elkbuntu!
05:10   Fujitsu bimberi, agreed!
05:10   siccness        now i can go to bed :)
05:10   Seveas  superm1: you're up
05:10   mindspin        congrats
05:10   freeflying      elkbuntu: congrats
05:10   nixternal       lol
05:10   nixternal       doh
05:10   Seveas  lol
05:10   Hobbsee heh
05:10   thoreauputic    elkbuntu: well done :)
05:10   Fujitsu Hahahaha.
05:10   nixternal       break it down one time
05:10   rikai   elkbuntu: congrats
05:10   Seveas  ok, lophyte please go first
=== superm1 [] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
05:10   siccness        lol
05:10   Seveas  ah wait
05:10   jsgotangco      heh au folks are holding on at this hour
05:10   Fujitsu Seveas, he went to bed.
05:10   Seveas  superm1: try not to flood ;)
05:10   nixternal       Seveas: lophyte had to split
05:10   superm1 whoops got booted for flooding
05:10   gnomefreak      congrats elkbuntu :)
05:10   Fujitsu *away, not to be
05:11   superm1 ill try agin
05:11   Fujitsu *bed
05:11   rikai   Seveas: he had to leave.
05:11   superm1 Hi everyone, I'm Mario Limonciello (  I've been a long time Gentoo user, and converted to beign an Ubuntu user the last year.  I switched because I was helping set up linux for a friend, and wanted something very user friendly for them.  I hadn't used Ubuntu, but heard raving reviews about how great it was.
05:11   Fujitsu jsgotangco, yeah..
05:11   superm1 Once I set it up for her, I acknowledged why it was so great and began to start using it myself.  Since then, I've tried to give back to the community in helping people on the forums, even going through and mining beginner posts every so often for quick answers to help them with.  I have taken an interest in compiz/xgl, and maintaining a HOWTO on for setting it up a bit differently then most people.  All along
05:11   superm1 As newer versions were released in Ubuntu, packaging started to fall behind.  Earlier this year, I wanted to try to do something to help this situation.  I learned how to package in debian format and properly packaged a mythtv 0.19-fixes branch to match the current Gentoo revision at the time.
05:11   superm1 Since then, I have tried to keep up on the packaging up through the recent 0.20 release.  The most recent build is now a sync from debian-multimedia along with a patch from my own personal repository for gnome-screensaver support.  I'm looking to become an Ubuntu member to join the MOTU's, and be able to help get newer software like MythTV into Ubuntu sooner, so we dont go through a release that misses a new version of som
05:12   Kamion  oh, we need to deal with those debian-multimedia syncs ...
05:12   superm1 haha
05:12   Fujitsu Kamion, yes you do.
05:12   Seveas  superm1: your wiki page doesn't really show any significant contribution to Ubuntu -- did you bring any -ca or -marketing people to cheer for you?
05:13   nixternal       hmm
05:13   superm1 Unfortunately, I didn't bring anyone along.  I was asking some MOTUs to join, but they said they couldn't make it
05:13   superm1 I've tried to present my repo however I could
05:13   mako    he's done a bunch of work on the multimedia stuff.. but most of seem slike it's still in the process of transitioning into the project
05:13   Kamion  I think that's mostly not his fault
05:14   Kamion  but sure
=== mako nods to Kamion
05:14   mako    superm1: do you have testomials
05:14   Kamion  (multimedia syncs tend to require lots of review due to the prevalence of dodgy licensing/patents)
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05:14   superm1 Just people on the forums saying thanks and such for putting repos up really
05:15   superm1 And then imbrandon thanked me for helping get mythtv into revu so soon
05:15   superm1 after marrilat finished his package
05:15   superm1 I've searched around the net and seen my repos put up for some myth howtos even.  in languages I don't know how to read :)
05:16   jsgotangco      yeah that happens
05:16   jsgotangco      you just get surprised at the same time happy to know
05:16   superm1 yea
05:17   mako    superm1: lets wait until a few more people get a chance to take a look at it
05:17   superm1 k
05:17   mako    superm1: with a few testimonials and a continued role of maintaining the packages, you should be a no-brainer
05:17   mako    superm1: work with jono to make sure he's comfortable with the state of the app
05:17   superm1 Ok
05:17   mako    superm1: and when he gives a nod, come on back :)
05:17   mako    cool
05:17   superm1 sounds good to me
05:18   Seveas  WE MADE IT
05:18   Seveas  the end of the agenda :)
=== GazzaK faints
05:18   elkbuntu        yay!
05:18   Seveas  now to determine date & time of the next one
05:18   Seveas  Oct 3, but which time?
05:18   elmo    how about a 2 year break instead of 2 weeks?
05:19   Seveas  elmo: heh
05:19   elkbuntu        nice try
=== gsuveg [] has left #ubuntu-meeting ["access]
05:19   Seveas  elmo: I'll be e-mailing the CC about some proposals to shorten the meetings
05:19   jsgotangco      heh
05:20   Seveas  mako/elmo/kamion: any time proposals?
05:20   GazzaK  wiring up to electric chairs with remote switches?
05:20   elmo    I'm easy
05:21   elmo    early evening this time? like 5pm UTC or so?
05:21   mako    yes
05:21   Seveas  ack
05:21   mako    that sounds fine
05:21   mako    let me put it in my calendar
05:21   mako    i forgot to put todays
05:21   elmo    Kamion: ok for you too?
05:21   mako    great
05:22   Kamion  yes, that's ok
05:22   Kamion  (sorry, was called away by veg box delivery)
05:22   Seveas  see you all next time people, I'll edit the agenda later today
05:22   Kamion  also, I should mention that I e-mailed notice that I'd like to retire from the CC
=== makl10n [n=makl10n@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
05:22   Seveas  thanks to all (and the CC in particular) for lasting
05:23   Kamion  assuming Mark accepts that, I expect that there'll need to be some kind of new CC member election
05:23   Kamion  (since my two-year term is up, and I think others can probably do a better job than me by now)
05:24   Seveas  Kamion: I'd like to propose jono as candidate
05:24   Kamion  Jono was also one of my proposals
05:24   Kamion  however, nominations are Mark's decision
05:24   Seveas  true
05:24   Kamion  anyhow, I need to go and clean up a spill
05:24   Seveas  have fun, see you in 2 weeks!
05:25   makl10n so the meeting is over
05:25   Seveas  makl10n: yes, finally
05:25   gnomefreak      makl10n: yes
05:25   jsgotangco      makl10n: finally
05:25   rikai   Later CC people, thanks for putting up with all that. :)
05:25   makl10n Seveas: the CC meeting is finished
05:26   makl10n what about the Localization / Translation Team Leader agenda
05:26   Seveas  makl10n: oh damn
05:26   nixternal       LOL
05:26   Seveas  makl10n: I doubt that the CC has enough energy for that right now, and og and the LP crew are also missing
05:26   makl10n hmm...
05:26   dudanogueira    Seveas, one of the proposed members for translation leader isnt here, OgMaciel :(
05:27   Seveas  makl10n: my apologies for forgettingto bring it up earlier
05:27   Linuturk_yaaarr just accept them all ;p
05:27   makl10n its.. Okay. I watched how busy you were
05:27   makl10n :P
05:27   makl10n Seveas: I can realize you had the longest meeting ever for CC
05:28   Seveas  there was a longer one
05:28   Seveas  once
05:28   mako    yes, sorry, i'm done for the day
05:29   mako    with this meeting at least :)

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