12:19   Kamion  we should probably get started even though mako's not around
12:19   Kamion  (properly)
12:20   Kamion  I don't know about anyone else but it's pretty late here and I'm already tired
12:20   Seveas  +1
12:20   Kamion  so the first item on the agenda is:
12:20   Kamion  Continuing the IRC network discussion
12:20   Kamion  can I go and hide now?
12:20   Seveas  that's still waiting on a sabdfl-aware meeting
12:20   Kamion  all right then
12:20   Hobbsee surely that's not being discussed again :P
12:20   Kamion  #
12:20   Kamion  Call for nominations for the "Localisation / Translation Team Leader". We would like to call for folks to volunteer to be considered as the coordinator of Ubuntu translation efforts using Rosetta. This person would keep in touch with translation teams, coordinate with Jordi and Carlos w.r.t. Rosetta developments, and coordinate with Martin and Doko w.r.t. language pack development.
12:20   Kamion      *
12:20   Kamion        For next meeting danilos, OgMaciel and carlos will be providing a more complete 'Job Description'
12:21   Kamion      *
12:21   Kamion        I'd like to apply for this position. OgMaciel
12:21   Kamion  OgMaciel: here?
12:21   OgMaciel        Kamion, yup
=== kwwii [] has left #ubuntu-meeting ["Konversation]
=== steppe [n=steppe@Home0.HomeNet.Odessa.UA] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
12:21   Kamion  I'm pinging Jordi and danilos on the off-chance that they might be around this late
12:21   Kamion  since they haven't provided the promised job description yet
12:21   OgMaciel        Kamion, I sure hope so
12:21   Seveas  I pinged jordi a few minutes ago, no response
12:22   Seveas  dailos is danil[out]
12:22   OgMaciel        Kamion, they've emailed the CC a document
12:22   OgMaciel        Kamion, the document contains all the details
12:22   elmo    no they haven't
12:22   elmo    oh, carlos has
12:22   OgMaciel        elmo, I was cced on this
12:22   OgMaciel        yup
12:23   Kamion  ah yes, found it
12:23   OgMaciel        ;)
12:23   Kamion for reference
12:24   Surak   Kamion: 403
12:24   Kamion  it should go somewhere more permanennt
12:24   Kamion  Surak: fixed, thanks
12:24   Ubuntuser       done
12:25   elmo    do we have any other volunteers/nominations yet?
12:26   pygi    EdgyEft, how can one found out what positions exist/are open? I remember reading it somewhere before :P
12:26   pygi    elmo*
12:26   elmo    ehm
12:26   elmo    that's kind of a good point -has  this job description been mailed anywhere?
12:27   gnomefreak      i thought it was on somewhere pygi
=== BHSPitMonkey [] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
12:27   Seveas  elmo, not that I know of
12:27   bddebian        I have GOT to get home...
12:27   Kamion  if you guys are thinking of, it's not there (and shouldn't be, it's not a paid position) - I don't know of any other list of "open positions"
12:27   mako    back all
12:27   Seveas  it might be a good idea to post it on -users and/or an announce mailing list
12:27   Seveas  wb mako
12:28   pygi    Kamion, I thought it was somewhere under special part of ubuntu
12:28   pygi
=== Kamion pokes through a few mailing lists
12:28   bddebian        Kamion, elmo, mako: Apologies for butting in but i have to leave.  Please give +1 to welshbyte, Fujitsu, and trappist for me.
12:28   Kamion  pygi: feel free to find it
12:28   Surak   Kamion: are those paid positions subject to scrutinity in a CC Meeting?
12:28   jono    Kamion, I think a list of open positions would be a good idea :)
12:28   pygi    Kamion, well, I don't think it is there anymore :)
12:28   trappist        bddebian: thanks
=== pygi agrees with jono 100%
12:29   elmo    Surak: no
12:29   elmo    Surak: Ubuntu isn't paying them
12:29   jono    I will add it to my list :P
12:29   mako    Surak: just can pay anyone to work on any part of ubuntu you'd like
12:29   mako    Surak: so can mark
12:29   Seveas  <pedantic> then the jobs should probably on instead of </pedantic>
12:29   jono    Surak, canonical pays those positions
12:29   mako    Seveas: they really should
12:30   elmo    ok, so before we go any further with this translator thing, can we get the call and description mailed somewhere, and maybe put on the website
12:30   mako    or at least presented in a way that makes it clear that those are canonical jobs related to ubuntu and other people should be able to advertise jobs there
=== mruiz [] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
12:30   Seveas  elmo, ok, I'll mail it to -users and prod mdke for website
12:30   imbrandon       mako, +1
12:30   elmo    Seveas: which -users?
12:31   elmo    there's a rosetta-users or launchpad-users or something
12:31   Kamion  why -users?
12:31   Kamion  surely ubuntu-translators is the right list
=== josevitor [n=josevito@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
12:31   Seveas  launchpad-users I meant
12:31   Seveas  ubuntu-translators is fairly dead
12:31   Kamion  ubuntu-translators, cc to rosetta-users, perhaps
12:31   Seveas  ack
12:31   Kamion  Seveas: the mailing list archives show active debates
12:31   Seveas  hmm
12:31   Kamion  I mean not *lots*, but more than dead
=== Seveas should check whether he is still subscribed then
12:32   jenda   fairly dead doesn't mean no one reads them
12:33   Seveas  anyway, sending it to those lists sounds like a much better idea than mine so I'll do that
=== simira [] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
12:34   elmo    ok - so let's revisit that next meeting then after we've had a chance to actually get some nominations/volunteers :)
12:34   elmo    what's next?
=== mako nods
12:34   elmo    any locoteam folks here?
12:34   Kamion  phone
12:34   mako    right
12:35   mako    any local communities who are on the list AND present should speak up to introduce themselves
12:35   Seveas  should we at some point prune old loco/member items from the agenda?
12:35   Seveas  as you can see, a few are on the agnda for months now
12:35   mako    yes
12:36   mako    that's probably a good idea
12:36   mako    alright then
12:36   jono    by the way, I am going to be working on LoCo teams
12:36   elmo    Seveas: could you mail the older ones explaining why and then prune them?
12:36   Seveas  elmo, ack
12:36   elmo    Seveas: (nicely ;-)
12:36   mako    jono: be careful how much you take on right away :)
12:36   jono    I am hoping to clear up LoCo teams a bit
12:36   elmo    Seveas: cool, thanks
12:36   jono    mako, heh, step by step :)
=== Seveas does a happy dance for jono
12:36   elmo    ok, so new member applicants
12:36   mako    jono: i've had much of your job before, i know this :)
12:36   jono    Seveas, :)
=== nixternal puts a fence around Ubuntu Chicago - no pruning needed here ;)
12:37   elmo    first of all, sound off if you're a new member applicant and here
12:37   trappist        here
12:37   Seveas  CypherBIOS seems to be the first on the list who is here
12:37   EtienneG        here
12:37   gnomefreak      nixternal: wasnt that oked?
12:37   jono    here
12:37   welshbyte       here
12:37   CypherBIOS      I am,
12:37   CypherBIOS      here
12:37   Seveas  I'll try and poke ones that are unfindable atm
12:37   ompaul  Seveas, flannel is mia
12:37   mako    best to at least mention their names here
12:37   mako    RolandoBlanco whitesoft, no here?
12:37   Seveas  no
12:38   mako    Kirjanov Denis kirjanov, not here?
=== josevitor [n=ubuntu@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
12:38   mako    NealBussett Flannel, we've just heard is not here
12:38   mako    Ahmad Muammar y3dips, not here?
12:38   mako    Rafael Proena CypherBIOS: you're up
=== CypherBIOS here
12:38   Seveas  -SeenServ- I haven't seen y3dips recently
12:38   Seveas  same for kirjanov
12:39   mako    CypherBIOS: have your introduction ready?
12:39   CypherBIOS      mako: yep
12:39   mako    if others in line do not yet have a short intro typed up for pasting, please get that ready
12:39   CypherBIOS      My name is Rafael Proena, aka CypherBIOS.
12:39   mako    we'll go in order but people may not be here so you may up sooner than you think
12:39   mako    CypherBIOS: please, go ahead
12:39   CypherBIOS      mako: tnx
12:39   CypherBIOS      First, here is the links for my WikiPage:
12:39   CypherBIOS      and in the launchpad
12:39   CypherBIOS      There is complete explanation about me, my work and contributions on the web, but here goes a summary:
=== Fujitsu [n=fujitsu@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
12:39   CypherBIOS      (to economize space, see all links that I mention in my WikiPage)
12:39   CypherBIOS      I'm working with/to/in Ubuntu since Warty, using the Hoary beta.
12:40   CypherBIOS      My principal contribuition with Ubuntu is in the Brazilian Community, where I've created, with the help of some amazing people, the Ubuntu Brazilian Documentation Team that now is one of the major teams and force within the Brazilian Community.  I'm also the organizer and mantainner of the structure of Wiki Ubuntu Brazil.
12:40   CypherBIOS      Organizer and mantainner of the structure of Wiki Ubuntu Brazil. I got the power to move/remove the pages ;)
12:40   CypherBIOS      I am a Planet Ubuntu Brazil autor, where I post some articles and news about Ubuntu to keep the community up-to-date.
12:40   CypherBIOS      I've helped vdepizzol and others to organize and migrate the interface and estructure. Making the usability work together with praticity :)
12:40   CypherBIOS      I'm developing a GUI-based tool called APTonCD, this is developed in Python and GTK for Ubuntu. To know more about the project, see
12:41   OgMaciel        cyphase, don't forget about APTonCD <>
12:41   CypherBIOS      basic... is it ;) sorry for the flood
12:41   OgMaciel        CypherBIOS, , don't forget about APTonCD <>
12:41   CypherBIOS      OgMaciel: tanks
12:41   elmo    CypherBIOS: ehm, you wrote your own planet rather than use the existing one?
12:41   CypherBIOS      elmo: no, use thee existing
12:41   OgMaciel        elmo, that was actually done by Meyer
=== DBO [n=DBO@unaffiliated/dbo] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
=== licio is now known as Spl4y
12:42   elmo    I'm confused.  is it the same source code as the planet used on  i.e. the one written by Scott + Jdub
12:42   Kamion  ok, sorry, back; was catching up with mdz-land
12:42   Seveas  no, -br uses a php based planet
12:42   elmo    if it is - what do you meant by author.  if it's not - why?
12:42   OgMaciel        elmo, no... it is written from scratch by Meyer
12:42   elmo    boggle
12:42   elmo    ok
12:42   OgMaciel        elmo, he is syndicated
12:42   OgMaciel        :)
12:43   Ubuntuser       elmo, called Phplanet..
12:43   elmo    oh, what a confusing use of the word "author"
12:43   elmo    anyway, I get it now, don't mind me
12:43   OgMaciel        :)
12:43   CypherBIOS      elmo: sorry ;)
12:43   Seveas  OgMaciel, (or any other -br member) -- we need some testimonials
12:43   OgMaciel        Seveas, mine is at his wiki page
12:44   OgMaciel        Seveas, he has my 100% support
12:44   Seveas  ah, didn't finish the entire page yet
12:44   elmo    CypherBIOS: you might want to change "Author of Ubuntu Brazilian's blog agregator." on your wiki page to "Author on" to make it less confusing
12:44   Seveas  well done, collecting testimonials there
12:44   Surak   Ubuntu Documentation Team is going really fine.
12:44   Ubuntuser       Seveas, i cannot put my testimonial.. but CypherBIOS have my 100% too
12:44   CypherBIOS      Seveas:
12:44   OgMaciel        CypherBIOS, has brought in a great group of individuals and created a great infra-structure of documentation
12:44   CypherBIOS      elmo: I'll
12:45   Surak   Seveas: same as ubuntuser. I support CypherBIOS fully.
12:45   CypherBIOS      Ubuntuser, OgMaciel, Surak: tanks
=== OgMaciel urges elmo mako Kamion and Seveas to check out
=== Fujitsu_ [n=Fujitsu@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
12:46   AndreNoel       cypher is doind a great great great work with doc
12:46   josevitor       idem
12:46   elmo    hmm, rosetta got a lot more shiny
12:46   Surak   Documentation team seems today one of the most active parts of the Brazilian LocoTeam work.
12:47   Seveas  OgMaciel, at the risk of going offtopic -- I've been implementing a similar thing recently -- if interested, let's talk after the meeting
12:47   AndreNoel       i think that brazilian doc team needs CypherBIOS
12:47   OgMaciel        Seveas, great... we have a good team behind it too
12:47   LinuxBA here
12:47   CypherBIOS      Seveas: I interested, I will
12:47   mako    this all looks great
12:47   mako    i'm happy with membership
12:48   Seveas  couldn't agree more
12:48   OgMaciel        josevitor has asked to me to state on his behalf that he supports CypherBIOS
=== KurtKraut [n=ktk@unaffiliated/kurtkraut] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
12:48   CypherBIOS      mako: tanks
12:49   elmo    yeah, ack from me too
12:49   OgMaciel        CypherBIOS, congrats buddy!
12:49   Seveas  OgMaciel, not yet ;)
12:49   jono    :)
12:49   LinuxBA CypherBIOS, congrats
12:49   Ubuntuser       CypherBIOS, parabns em bom portugus! :)
12:49   OgMaciel        Seveas, ooops
12:49   AndreNoel       hehe
12:49   OgMaciel        Seveas, slippery finger
12:49   Surak   Easy people ;-)
12:49   OgMaciel        hehehe
12:49   Seveas  Kamion, still has to give his ok
12:50   CypherBIOS      Seveas, mako, elmo, Kamion: so, I'm aboard?
12:50   Kamion  sorry, conversations with mdz tend to require a fair bit of follow-up - yes, ack for CypherBIOS
12:50   AndreNoel       congrats CypherBIOS!!
12:50   Seveas  CypherBIOS, NOW you are ;)
12:50   OgMaciel        CypherBIOS, NOW congrats buddy!
12:50   mako    alright
12:50   Surak   Now congrats!
12:50   CypherBIOS      Kamion: tanks ;)
12:50   OgMaciel        :)
12:50   Seveas  congratulations!
12:50   jono    CypherBIOS, congrats! :)
12:50   AndreNoel       Yo!
12:50   Ubuntuser       :)
12:50   CypherBIOS      Seveas: ;)
12:50   mako    Brendon Toogood Brendon8
12:50   mako    around around?
12:50   Surak   Parabns rapaz!
12:51   CypherBIOS      Tanks for all ;D
12:51   josevitor       yeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhh!
12:51   AndreNoel       Yip Yip Hurra!
12:51   Seveas  brendon8 is MIA
12:51   CypherBIOS      Surak: valeu!
12:51   LinuxBA uahuahauhauhauhauha
12:51   mako    Rocco Stanzione trappist: you're up
12:51   Ubuntuser       Yip Yip hurra.. is good!
12:51   josevitor       Viva viva viva!
12:51   trappist        hi
12:51   Ubuntuser       hehe
12:51   josevitor       Bravo!!
12:51   guilhermee      CypherBIOS, good job :)
12:51   mako    calm down guys ;)
12:51   Seveas  -br folks: please calm down
12:51   trappist        so, paste an intro?
12:51   mako    trappist: please,
12:51   guilhermee      Seveas, sorry :P
12:51   trappist        Hi I'm Rocco Stanzione.  I started out on redhat 6 in 1999, moved to mandrake a couple of years later.
12:51   trappist        I was active in Mandrake, a member of the "club" and of the security team.  I switched to Debian about
12:51   Ubuntuser       Seveas, one more to family
12:51   trappist        2 years ago for political and professional reasons and liked it a lot.  I tried Ubuntu just after
12:51   trappist        breezy was released and decided, hopefully for the last time, that this was the distro for me.  Since
12:52   trappist        then I've been active in the community on as many fronts as I'm capable of contributing to, and maybe
12:52   trappist        1 or 2 more ;)  I'm on the doc team where I made decent contributions to the serverguide and have
12:52   trappist        proofread extensively, and I'm in the process of writing a securityguide.  I peruse bugs often, and
12:52   trappist        try to fix any that I can.  I have a partial list of bugs to which I've uploaded patches, if you like.
12:52   trappist        I also report bugs, help out on #ubuntu and #kubuntu, and make occasional contributions to the wiki.
12:52   trappist        I'm the author of ipkungfu, the new version of which I'm working on getting packaged, and I run
12:52   trappist        #iptables on freenode.  In real life I currently work for an airline consultancy, running the network
12:52   trappist        and helping to write applications for airlines to manage their maintenance programs, FAA compliance
12:52   trappist        documentation, etc.  I have a wife and a daughter, both of whom are surprisingly supportive of the
12:52   trappist        time I spend working on geek stuff like ubuntu.
=== Seveas does some cheering for trappist because of his bug work
=== trappist thanks Seveas after some recent headbutting
=== jenda joins in because of the support in #ubuntu (he helped me once ;))
12:53   Lure    yep, trappist does a great job on bugs
12:53   gnomefreak      trappist: has been helping out in kubutnu more and more and he just like 3 minutes ago helped someone in -bugs :)
12:53   gnomefreak      +1 for trappist
12:54   ompaul  +1 trappist for general support I have seen him do
12:54   LaserJock       trappist helped out quite a bit with the Dapper documentation doing proofreading and making sure we had a consistent style
12:54   imbrandon       +1 from trapist from me too
12:54   imbrandon       s/from/for
12:55   Riddell trappist has been known to fill my inbox with kubuntu related bug triage, which I'm all for
12:55   Kamion  that's a lot of bug karma
12:55   Hobbsee quick!  lets spam Riddell's inbox some more!
12:55   imbrandon       hehe
12:55   jono    Hobbsee, woo!
12:55   trappist        Riddell: I wouldn't have thought you'd notice :)
12:55   Seveas  Kamion, bug karma increases quickly since recently
=== sng [n=sng@unaffiliated/scarynetworkguy] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
12:56   Seveas  mine has had a few 100k more than just a few weeks ago
12:56   gnomefreak      my understanding its gonna be changing alot
12:56   trappist        is it also gonna be documented a lot? I have no idea how it works
12:56   imbrandon       yea i went from 15k to 190k in like 2 weeks reciently
12:56   Seveas  not saying that trappist isn't doing a great job, because he really is doing a great job
12:56   Surak   Mine has multilplied by 3 some time ago.
12:57   CypherBIOS      Surak: mine too ;)
12:57   mako    trappist: i like the public key on your wiki page
=== crimsun [n=crimsun@pdpc/supporter/silver/crimsun] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
=== AlexRocha [n=AlexRoch@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
12:58   gnomefreak      trappist: what names are LP and wiki under?
12:58   trappist        gnomefreak: and
12:58   gnomefreak      ty had them backwards :(
12:59   Seveas  (gnomefreak: links are on the CC agenda page)
12:59   elmo    ack from me for trappist
01:00   Seveas  \o/
01:00   trappist        that was a +3 from Seveas I think
01:00   imbrandon       lol
01:00   jenda   ...but he doesn't count.
01:00   Seveas  trappist, only CC members can +1/-1 people
01:01   trappist        Seveas: oh, I thought you were :)
01:01   nixternal       trappist: i swore you were a member already ;)   we need trappist, he is hookin' up the docs!!
01:01   Seveas  I'm not -- The CC members are mako, Kamion, elmo and sabdfl
=== steppe [n=steppe@Home0.HomeNet.Odessa.UA] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
01:01   Kamion  yup, +1 on trappist from me as well
=== josevitor [n=ubuntu@] has left #ubuntu-meeting ["Konversation]
01:03   Seveas  trappist, you might need to bribe mako ;)
01:03   trappist        I'm not above it
01:03   ompaul  trappist, the rest are people saying your not a bad person or words to that effect
=== sng [n=sng@unaffiliated/scarynetworkguy] has left #ubuntu-meeting []
01:04   trappist        ompaul: gotcha.  they're much appreciated :)
01:04   Surak   mako hitchcock :-)
01:04   Ubuntuser       :)
01:04   trappist        m/sg mako let's work out a deal
01:04   welshbyte       the suspense... :)
01:05   Spl4y   *fear*
01:05   Ubuntuser       Mako Sthephen King
01:05   Ubuntuser       hehehe
01:05   OgMaciel        :P
01:05   trappist        I think I'm gonna hurl
01:05   Surak   welshbyte: hold your heart to your own time :-)
01:05   mako    yes, sounds fine :)
01:05   mako    sorry about that
01:05   Seveas  trappist, welcome aboard!
01:05   mako    i am trying to juggle a GPLv3 meeting that is going on concurrently
01:05   Ubuntuser       \o/
01:05   trappist        woohoo!  thanks everybody!
01:06   Fujitsu_        Ouch, mako.
01:06   Surak   Congrats Rocco!
01:06   trappist        Surak: thanks
01:06   mako    i'm mostly just watching over there but but they just asked my opinion about something :)
01:06   Seveas  heh
01:06   LinuxBA trappist, Congrats
01:06   nixternal       congratulations trappist!!!   lets go do some KUbuntu docs now...we only have 9 more days until our freeze ;)
01:06   mako    Andy Price welshbyte
01:06   Spl4y   trappist, congrats :)
01:06   Ubuntuser       Congratulations trappist
01:06   mako    welshbyte: you around?
01:06   welshbyte       ok here goes :)
01:06   jenda   congratulations ;)
01:06   trappist        much thanks everybody
01:06   welshbyte       My name is Andy Price [wiki: , LP: ]  I'm 23 (24 in a couple of days) and I'm going into the second year of a Computer Science degree course at Swansea University.
01:07   gnomefreak      congrats trappist
01:07   welshbyte       I've been using GNU/Linux systems for about 4 years. I worked my way through a handful of distros including Mandriva and Fedora before finally settling on Ubuntu around the time of Hoary. Now even my Mother uses Ubuntu, which has given me great insight into usability issues from a non-technical perspective.
01:07   welshbyte       Last year I was president of Swansea University Computer Society (of Alan Cox fame) and this year I'm its treasurer. Along with that, I've also been a systems admin for the society - we run web/email/ftp/etc services from a small room on campus. We have about 150 members and we always keep a stock of Ubuntu CDs in our computer room to offer to members.
01:07   welshbyte       I am the maintainer of a python/glade easy-backup application called pybackpack which I resurrected from a 2005 Google Summer of Code project which was pronounced "dead". It needs a lot of cleaning up but it has good potential.
01:07   welshbyte       I filed my first Ubuntu bug last October and started irregular sessions of bug triage shortly after that, hanging out on #ubuntu-bugs and lurking on other Ubuntu channels out of interest. A couple of months ago I taught myself how to package debs and about a month ago I started participating in #ubuntu-motu along with #ubuntu-bugs and with more regularity than before. Since then I have been triaging bugs and taking
01:07   welshbyte       an interest in MOTU activities.
01:07   welshbyte       My recent contributions have mostly been helping out the MOTUs with packaging, merging, syncing and little jobs like writing a missing man page. I've also been helping bddebian look into some troublesome issues like maxima's GCL bugs and the Eclipse libraries problem. I now regularly read 10 ubuntu-related mailing lists and I'm starting to get a good feel for how the whole development system works. Details of my pac
01:07   welshbyte       kaging contributions are listed on my wiki page.
01:08   Seveas  any MOTU around for cheerleading?
01:08   welshbyte       Along with merging/packaging/fixing for Universe I'm also happy to give other users in #ubuntu-motu some help with their own packaging and programming questions. I've found that the people that hang out in #ubuntu-motu, #ubuntu-devel and #ubuntu-bugs are hugely helpful and friendly and I enjoy being part of that community. I've also been known to lurk in #ubuntu+1 and #ubuntu-uk although I'm more interested in the d
01:08   welshbyte       evelopment-related channels.
=== j_ack_ [] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
01:08   crimsun I'll add because I have to return to a meeting that both welshbyte and Fujitsu_ make bug triaging and universe merges much more tolerable. They learn quickly and play well with the rest of the teams.
01:08   Seveas  imbrandon had to leave but wanted to cheer for welshbyte too
01:08   elmo    Dear Wiki, you are the SUCK.  Love, James.
01:08   welshbyte       I hope I can help the Ubuntu community fight the "battle of the bugs" and also help to take a chunk out of the huge amount of work the MOTU team have to undertake. As I learn more about the development process the number of contributions I can make to Ubuntu increases and it gets even more fun. Eventually I'd like to become a MOTU and help to keep the increasing number of packages in universe up to a high standard o
01:08   welshbyte       f quality. Lots of work to do, but I enjoy it.
01:08   welshbyte       Thank you for considering me as a Ubuntu member :)
01:09   welshbyte       sorry, bit long wasn't it :)
01:09   imbrandon       i'm still here but , yea welshbyte has my +1 , he helps alot
01:09   LaserJock       yeah, I support welshbyte as well, he has been sticking to it and has been consistent on #ubuntu-motu
01:09   imbrandon       in motu and learns fast
01:09   jono    welshbyte +1 from me, excellent work :)
01:09   welshbyte       thanks guys :)
01:10   elmo    dear lord - personal wiki page in the 3rd person
01:10   imbrandon       Seveas, it was bddebian that had to leave and gave a cheer for welshbyte and Fujitsu_
01:10   Seveas  urgh
01:10   imbrandon       ;)
01:10   Seveas  ok, well both of you now cheered for him, he should be happy ;)
01:11   LaserJock       elmo: yeah ... interesting
01:11   elmo    motu people: how long has welshbyte been doing motu-ish stuff?
01:11   welshbyte       elmo: makes it easier to maintain if i die ;)
01:11   imbrandon       [17:28]  <bddebian> +Kamion, elmo, mako: Apologies for butting in but i have to leave.  Please give +1 to welshbyte, Fujitsu, and trappist for me.
01:12   welshbyte       bddebian is unfortunately the person i work with most :/
01:12   LaserJock       elmo: hmm, trying to think, he's been learning and hanging out in -motu for some time
01:12   crimsun 2 months at least
01:12   elmo    ok
01:12   imbrandon       elmo, about 3 or more months iirc ( from what i've seen )
01:12   Surak   I've seen welshbyte in #ubuntu-motu for quite some time now.
=== linuxmen [] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
=== Dilago [] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
01:13   welshbyte       it's been a fun ride :)
01:14   elmo    ok, ack from me
=== Ubug2 [n=bugbot@ubuntu/bot/ubugtu] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
01:15   Kamion  yep, +1 for welshbyte, looks to be doing a good job and learning fast
01:15   mako    yes, sounds good to me
01:15   mako    WilliamGrant Fujitsu
01:15   welshbyte       :D
01:15   Fujitsu_        Ah yes, me.
01:15   Seveas  welshbyte, congrats!
01:16   mako    Fujitsu_: go, go :)
01:16   Fujitsu_        Hi, I'm William Grant. I'm a 15-year-old student in Year 12 in Melbourne, Australia. I started out on Red Hat (7.0?) in mid-2000, when my father introduced me to it. I stayed there for a couple of years, moved to Mandrake, greatly disliked it, so moved to Slackware for about 1.5 years. I discovered Ubuntu just before the release of Hoary, and I haven't left since.
01:16   Fujitsu_        Around the release of Breezy I began to help a lot in #ubuntu. This continued until just after the release of Dapper, when I had to stop sitting in #ubuntu, as it was using up my download limit rapidly :(.
01:16   Fujitsu_        Also around the release of Breezy, YukiCuss and I formed the AustralianTeam, which I now manage the server for, and has around 170 people on the mailing list, and well over 50 members.
01:16   Fujitsu_        Since the move to Launchpad, I've been triaging bugs a fair bit. I'm not doing so much now, though, devoting more time to MOTUish activities.
01:16   Fujitsu_        I've merged and requested syncs for over 40 packages during the Edgy development cycle, with a few new ones yesterday.
01:16   mako    LinuxBA: skipped you, you're next
01:16   mako    LinuxBA: sorry
01:16   Surak   Congrats welshbyte
01:16   LinuxBA okay
01:16   Seveas  Fujitsu_, you're only 15?!?
01:16   LinuxBA mako, no prblem
01:16   Fujitsu_        Seveas, yup...
01:16   welshbyte       thanks Seveas, Surak :)
01:16   Fujitsu_        As of two months ago.
=== jenda thinks age in and of it self should not be a criterion...
01:17   mako    jenda: don't worry it's not
01:17   Seveas  jenda, I don't consider it as such, I was merely very surprised
01:17   jenda   as long as those two months were filled with significant and sustained contribution :)
=== Plug [] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
01:18   elmo    Fujitsu: you haven't applied for ubuntu-members in LP ?
=== Seveas does 3 cheers for Fujitsu, he likes to push buttons in Malone
01:18   Fujitsu_        elmo, I thought I was only meant to once I was approved.
01:18   Fujitsu_        Thanks Seveas :)
01:18   mako    Fujitsu_: no, do it before the meeting
01:18   Fujitsu_        Ah, I'll do it now.
01:18   Kamion  I do tend to hold younger people to a higher standard of sustainedness, personally, just because people who are still in school have a lot of demands on their time that they can't control
01:19   Kamion  but Fujitsu's been around for a good long while
01:19   LaserJock       I also support Fujitsu, he has been helpful for me in MOTU Science doing bug work and has certainly been helping out in -motu
01:19   imbrandon       yea Fujitsu has been a great help with the merges, i have sponsored a few packages for him ( his LP +packages shows 40+ ) , he has a big +1 from me
01:19   elmo    mutter
01:19   elmo    don't use for links folks
=== KurtKraut [n=ktk@unaffiliated/kurtkraut] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
01:19   Surak   Kamion: but they doesn't have a boss nor a wife. Those can take some time :-)
01:19   elmo    it gives nasty SSL errors
01:20   Seveas  heh
01:20   nixternal       I support Fujitsu big time, he helped me alot with the Ubuntu Chicago web site, and helping with bug triage, and the work he does for Ubuntu AU
01:20   Seveas  why is all of launchpad SSL'ed?
01:20   Seveas  (don't answer - too offtopic, sorry)
01:20   elmo    fujitsu: eh, what are your translation karma points for?
01:20   elmo    please don't say en_AU
01:21   Fujitsu_        A bit of EO.
01:21   Seveas  "G'day mate, welcome to Ubuntu"
01:21   Fujitsu_        Not a whole lot, though.
01:21   nixternal       hahahahaha
=== JanC [n=janc@lugwv/member/JanC] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
01:22   elmo    ehm,
01:23   Ubugtu  Malone bug 53341 in vpnc "0.3.3+SVN20051028-3ubuntu1 no longer works" [Untriaged,Fix released]  
01:23   elmo    Fujitsu: you did report that as a gcc bug, right?
01:23   Fujitsu_        Hm, I didn't end up reporting that, no. Oops.
01:23   elmo    ok, please do
01:24   Fujitsu_        I'll file a bug in GCC's tracker, and add a gcc upstream task to the bug...
=== j_ack__ [] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
01:25   elmo    anyway, ack from me
01:26   Kamion  +1 for MOTU work, -0 for en_AU ;-)
01:26   elmo    yeah, geez
01:26   elmo    if I hadn't heard such good things about the AU loco team, I'd be like -0.5 for en_AU
01:26   Kamion  I guess that tla en_AU locale has long been buried
01:27   Kamion  the one that had "wanker" liberally sprinkled through the program's error messages
01:27   Seveas  lol
01:27   jono    hehe
01:27   Surak   that "G'Day mate" should be recorded. It was a good one. :-)
01:28   mako    yes, sounds fine
01:28   Fujitsu_        en_AU translations are stopped for the moment, as there's no way to make it a subtranslation of en_GB, which it should be.
01:28   mako    Fujitsu_: welcome :)
01:28   LinuxBA Fujitsu, Congrats
01:28   Seveas  \o/ congratulations!
01:28   mako    LinuxBA: you're up
01:28   Fujitsu_        Thanks!
01:28   nixternal       congrats Fujitsu!!!
01:28   welshbyte       Fujitsu: good on yer :)
01:28   Ubuntuser       :)
01:28   LinuxBA here
01:28   Surak   congratulations, Fujitu)
01:28   Dilago  ;)
01:28   Surak   ops, Fujitsu_
01:29   Ubuntuser       hehehe Maxtor?
01:29   Ubuntuser       hehehe
01:29   CypherBIOS      Ubuntuser: :P
01:29   OgMaciel        :P
01:29   LinuxBA Hi My name is Alexandro Silva aka LinuxBA. I've been using GNU/Linux systems for about 8 years
01:29   Fujitsu_        I was named after a hard disk >_<
01:30   LinuxBA I participate of the Official Brazilian Translation team Brazilian Security team as founding and others important teams in my country
01:30   LinuxBA I am a author of Ubuntu Brazilian's blog agregator, where I post some articles and news about Ubuntu to keep the community up-to-date about security news.
01:30   LinuxBA Today I work advocating the Ubuntu Linux in Bahia with apresentations at Universities and Foruns in my region.
01:30   LinuxBA I just recently helped the organization and ran the Ubuntu Brasil booth at the III Festival Software Livre da Bahia
01:30   LinuxBA I intend to work  into the development of tools to facilitate the work of security officers and system engineers. I also want to help the number of Ubuntu Servers at Bahia.
01:30   LinuxBA More info about me pleasesee my WikiPage: and my launchpad
01:31   elmo    ok, seriously Team Brazil, stop claiming to be "Author of <planet>", it's entirely confusing my sorry excuse for a brain.  "Author on <planet>".  kthx.
01:31   LinuxBA uhaha
01:31   Ubuntuser       hehehe
01:31   Ubuntuser       oh yes..
01:31   OgMaciel        LinuxBA is syndicated
01:31   CypherBIOS      elmo: our mistake ;)
01:32   elmo    linuxba: what does the ubuntu brazillian security team do?
01:32   KurtKraut       elmo, this is a problem of translation. When they mean 'author' they just want to say that they are colunists of this website.
01:32   LinuxBA its a new team
01:32   Surak   elmo: the english grammar seems specially confusing for us on this.
01:32   CypherBIOS      Surak: yep, is just!
01:33   LinuxBA bugs patch
01:33   LinuxBA secutrity infos
01:33   OgMaciel        elmo, LinuxBA has started an awareness program whereby he translates all security related notices and makes them available to the community
01:33   LinuxBA and divulging  the Nubuntu Linux
01:33   OgMaciel        elmo, but IMHO his strength lies in his advocacy
01:34   LinuxBA thanks Og
01:34   Ubuntuser       in his lectures...
01:34   Ubuntuser       good lectures about Security / Ubuntu
01:34   OgMaciel        elmo, Ubuntuser, Surak  and LinuxBA among others are very active at their home state
01:34   mako    elmo: the particualrly funny part is that one of them *is* an author of the brazilian planet
01:34   mako    elmo: although he's already a member
01:35   LinuxBA mako, thanx
01:35   OgMaciel        mako, :P
01:35   Ubuntuser       the Evangelization, mako.. ;)
01:37   OgMaciel        elmo, Kamion mako Bahia, LinuxBA's home state, is considered to be one of the "poor" states in Brazil... and they pretty much pay out of their pockers to do the evangelization
01:37   OgMaciel        pockets
01:37   OgMaciel        Spl4y went there to lend them a hand
01:37   Ubuntuser       +1 OgMaciel
01:37   OgMaciel        and he also travelled out of his own expenses
01:37   Ubuntuser       But nothing is impossible..
01:37   OgMaciel        I'm here supporting LinuxBA for his advocacy
01:38   CypherBIOS      LinuxBA makes a great job in advocacy and evangelization, really
01:38   Spl4y   OgMaciel, two hands :)
01:38   OgMaciel        Spl4y, hehehe :P
01:39   Kamion  ok, I'm sorry but I need to go and get some coffee, I can't concentrate
01:39   Kamion  please carry on without me and I'll catch up
01:39   jono    LinuxBA, ping me with your blog RSS feed, will add you to Planet Advocacy :)
01:39   Ubuntuser       :)
01:39   LinuxBA okay
01:39   LinuxBA thanx
01:40   elmo    hmm, yeah, I should probably focus too, I seem to have started reading about bahia in wikipedia
01:40   OgMaciel        elmo, hehehe
01:40   LinuxBA uhauha
01:40   Seveas  heh
01:40   Surak   As I told on his wiki, his lectures are quite crowded. People fight to see him talk. LinuxBA, have you ever though about charging people to hear you?
01:40   ompaul  good luck to all, I have to go
01:40   Seveas  Surak, paying scares people away
01:40   mako    LinuxBA: you say you've done 100,000+ translations
=== jono goes to make tea too
01:41   mako    LinuxBA: you have that much karma, is that what you mean?
01:41   LinuxBA yes
01:41   mako    i don't think you've translated 100,000 strings
01:42   mako    i mean, it's absolutely possible
01:42   mako    but your karma would be higher
01:42   LinuxBA ;-)
01:42   Ubuntuser       The power of brazilians.. :)
01:43   OgMaciel        hehe
01:43   AlexRocha       ;)
01:44   elmo    anyway, ack from me
=== Kamion ingests caffeine
01:46   Kamion  +1 for LinuxBA from me, particularly based on testimonials for advocacy
01:49   Seveas  2 down
01:49   Seveas  and a meeting rapidly feeling the ill effects of time
01:49   OgMaciel        hehehe
01:49   jono    heh
01:49   mako    yes, the advocacy stuff sounds great
01:49   jono    I am feeling the burn right now
01:49   mako    jono: i think...
01:49   mako    you're up
01:49   Kamion  ok, just jono and EtienneG to go
01:49   jono    been a hell of a long day :P
01:49   Surak   Congrats LinuxBA
01:49   Seveas  mako, hat implies a +1 from you?
01:49   jono    ok, should I go?
01:49   LinuxBA uahuahuahauhauhauhauha
01:50   Ubuntuser       \o/ Bahia in fest!!! \o/ - Congrats my friend... you deserve!!!!!
01:50   LinuxBA uuahauhauhauha
01:50   LinuxBA uahuahuahauhauhauahuah
01:50   LinuxBA uahauhauhauhauhauhau
01:50   Kamion  jono: yep
01:50   LinuxBA jiaajiajiajiajiajiaja
01:50   Seveas  LinuxBA, drop it
01:50   LinuxBA uhahuahauhauhauhauahua
01:50   LinuxBA iajiajiaja
01:50   mako    Seveas: yes, sorry, postiive vote for me
01:50   jono    My name is Jono Bacon, I have been a long-time contributor and advocate of free software, and I recently started at Canonical as the Ubuntu Community Manager. My contributions to Ubuntu are fairly recent, and have mainly involved testing, feedback and writing the Official Ubuntu Book.
01:50   AlexRocha       Congrats!!! LinuxBA :D
=== Kamion ponders taking back that +1
01:50   mako    jono: that's very concise
01:50   jono    Outside Ubuntu I have been involved with a number of projects, including officially representing KDE in the UK, founding KDE Usability Study, KDE::Enterprise, Linux UK, Jokosher, Planet Advocacy, Wolves LUG, PHPWM, Infopoint and co-founding LUGRadio, LUGRadio Live 2005/2006 and more. I have also spoken around the world as an advocate at conferences and before starting at Canonical worked as a professional Open Source advocate for
01:50   jono    a UK government funded organisation for two years. I have worked to build the worldwide LUGradio community (approx 15,000 regular listeners, 700+ forum members) and a strong Jokosher community which is steaming ahead in its progress.
01:50   mako    hah
01:50   Kamion  please stop flooding, LinuxBA
01:50   Dilago  Concreats, LinuxBA!!!
01:50   jono    I am committed to Ubuntu, and as UCM I will be working with LoCo teams, edubuntu and education, refining team relations, developing upstream community relations, increasing community contributions/advocacy, resolving conflict, helping ubuntu marketing and other things. In my two days working in the role I have already worked on LoCo, education, marketing, merch and upstream relations issues.
01:50   LinuxBA sorry
01:50   Ubuntuser       one more to Brasil - Bahia!!!
01:50   LinuxBA felicity
01:50   jono    I have a proven track record, and a proven committment to free software, and I am committed to making Ubuntu kick more ass than a guy with four legs and a pint of cider.
01:50   jono    </end>
01:50   Seveas  -1 for jono from me -- We should only support shaved bacon
01:51   jono    Seveas, damn you!
01:51   Burgwork        jono, sorry, but I just don't that you have done enough for ubuntu ;)
01:51   jono    :P
01:51   jenda   wow, not that concise anymore...
01:51   LinuxBA Surak, Ubuntuser OgMaciel  
01:51   jenda   Jono has been very helpful and friendly when discussing DIY Marketing with me. Besides, I trust Canonical's joice
01:51   jono    heh
01:51   LinuxBA thanx
01:51   mako    well, i worked for a long time with jono on the book
01:51   LinuxBA mucj thanx
01:51   LinuxBA much
01:51   Burgwork        +1 from much
01:51   Burgwork        s/much/me
01:51   jono    Burgwork, heh
01:51   jenda   hehe... ill effects of time, eh.
01:51   Seveas  Burgwork, probably the 'much' is also correct
01:52   Ubuntuser       i have to go.. good meeting!
01:52   mako    and without him, it would have been a much worse (and much thinner) book
=== LinuxBA [] has left #ubuntu-meeting ["Ex-Chat"]
01:52   Kamion  +1 for jono, kind of obviously; even without the employment contract his book contributions were sustained and significant
=== Ubuntuser [n=deb-user@ubuntu/member/ubuntuser] has left #Ubuntu-meeting ["Ex-Chat"]
01:52   elmo    jono: is broken
01:52   mako    for FWIW, i fully endorse him for the the book work
01:52   jono    bugger
01:52   Kamion  looking forward to seeing the community prosper under his guidance
01:52   moitio  elmo, heh, thats brilliant :)
=== mako nods to Kamion
01:52   elmo    and yeah, ack from me for jono
=== Seveas nods along
01:53   mako    jono: welcome, looking forward to good stuff :)
01:53   Seveas  3 acks
01:53   jenda   jono: congratulations, and good night ;)
01:53   Seveas  Welcome aboard!
01:53   jono    woo!
01:53   jono    thanks guys
01:53   jono    oh and elmo, you broke, damn you :P
01:53   Kamion  say hi to the lugradio lot from us
01:53   OgMaciel        congrats jono
01:53   Seveas  EtienneG, you're up
01:53   jono    Kamion, will do :)
01:53   EtienneG        here it is
01:53   EtienneG        I have been a Ubuntu user since Warty
01:53   EtienneG        I have been employed by Canonical as a support analyst in the Montreal office since July this year
01:54   EtienneG        Which mean that I will get to come in contact with every interesting way Ubuntu can break eventually :)
01:54   EtienneG        I have also been assigned some packaging responsabilities
01:54   EtienneG        Notably, I am producing the debs of the latest release of bzr available on
01:54   EtienneG        I have also produced the latest bzr/bzrtools packages for Edgy and dapper-updates
01:54   EtienneG        which should find their way in the archive any time now
01:54   EtienneG        In the recent past, I have been a huge Ubuntu advocate within my LUG and University
01:54   EtienneG        and a huge abuser of the ShipIt service :)
01:54   Kamion  (the most recent bzr failed to build, see your +packages page on launchpad)
01:54   elmo    *giggle*
01:55   EtienneG        (yeah I know, selftest break)
01:55   EtienneG        I have distributed a few hundreds CD in LUG meeting, in the CS dept that I attended,
01:55   mako    heh :)
01:55   EtienneG        to co-workers and to acquaintance from the local public administration I was in contact with professionnally
01:55   EtienneG        I was on sounders from March 2005 to April 2006 (I unsubscribe as the volume was just to high for me to keep up)
01:55   EtienneG        My plan for Ubuntu are pretty simple
01:55   EtienneG        I expect to continue contributing to the packaging of bzr for the foreseeable future
01:55   EtienneG        As I get better at packaging, I would like to maintain a few packages in Universe eventually
01:55   EtienneG        Since I provide professionnal service for Ubuntu, I expect to come in contact with a lot of bugs and problems from customers
01:55   EtienneG        so I expect to be filing a lot bugs on behalf of customers in the future
01:55   EtienneG        Thus, I take a close interest in QA
01:55   EtienneG        If my schedule ever permit it (I work evening shift, not really good for RL meeting)
01:55   EtienneG        I would really like to get involved in my LoCo
01:56   EtienneG        it's somewhat dormant right now, I'd like to make it more active and visible
01:56   EtienneG        In general, I am a lot into advocacy at the local level
01:56   EtienneG        That's about it, thanks for considering me as a Ubuntu member !
01:56   EtienneG        questions ?
01:57   Kamion  it's good to see people from Canonical teams other than the distro get gradually sucked into Ubuntu ;-)
01:57   jbailey You stunned them into silence. =)
01:57   EtienneG        hey !
01:57   mako    Kamion: yes, definitely
01:57   mako    jbailey: still reading
01:57   elmo    ack from me
01:59   Kamion  the actual contributions linked are shortish, but you didn't mention bzr/bzrtools on the wiki page, which I know is a reasonable chunk of work, so that helps
01:59   EtienneG        Kamion, indeed, it's a work in progress
01:59   EtienneG        I should have mentionned it
01:59   Kamion  thank you for taking those on; they were languishing for a while there
01:59   EtienneG        it's been an ... instructive experience
02:00   EtienneG        :)
02:00   mako    jbailey: do you have a testimonial?
02:00   Kamion  +1 from me for that and anticipated profserv help :-)
02:00   mako    EtienneG: yeah, the page is a bit thin
02:00   jbailey mako: My testimonial is from the watched-him-with-customers side, so I'm not sure how best to present it.
02:00   mako    i guess we can talk about it later..
02:00   mako    i mean, the general case
02:00   jbailey mako: It's something that I don't think we've really looked at before, have we?  From the works-with-deploying-to-customers-around-the-world.
02:01   jbailey I don't mean it as a secret, but I'm not sure how to put it.
02:01   mako    jbailey: no, we haven't
=== mako nods
02:01   mako    EtienneG: in any case, i'm happy accepting you as a member
02:01   EtienneG        thanks !
02:01   mako    alright then
=== theCore [] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
02:01   mako    that's it for this week
02:01   jbailey mako: I think it's probably an interesting case to consider, not just in the CAnonical case, but in the general case of support providers.
02:01   mako    two weeks from today then
02:01   jenda   theCore: you missed it :)
02:01   jbailey I don't know how it would be measured, though.
=== mako nods to jbailey
02:02   theCore jenda: *nod*
02:02   mako    how about 12UTC
02:02   Kamion  jbailey: yeah, it's a lot harder for extra-Canonical folks where we don't know their co-workers so well
02:02   Seveas  please one week later
02:02   Seveas  2 weeks from now is eurooscon
02:02   mako    Seveas: hmm
02:03   jbailey Kamion: I'll think on it and try to offer a proposal.
02:03   mako    are any of the members going to eurooscon?
=== Seveas is
02:03   mako    the CC members?
02:03   Seveas  sabdfl
02:03   Seveas  (according to the schedule I've seen)
02:03   mako    right, but he won't make it in three weeks either ;)
02:03   Seveas  heh
02:03   jenda   Seveas: link?
02:03   elmo    yeah, I suspect sabdfl is - it's on the calendar in the office
02:04   elmo    unfortunately it being ONE AM, I don't have access to Avril to check sabdfl's schedule
02:04   mako    alright
02:04   Fujitsu_        One AM!? Urgh.
02:04   mako    lets end this now
02:04   Seveas  2 AM here ;)
02:04   Fujitsu_        10am here :D
02:04   mako    elmo: 12UTC in 2weeks work for you?
02:04   elmo    mako: sure
02:05   jbailey elmo: You tell us this just to make the rest of us feel guilty for feeling tired. =)
02:05   mako    with three weeks, the candidate list backs up
02:05   mako    alright then
02:05   mako    lets do that

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