(07:00:27 AM) highvoltage: ooh, CC time.
(07:00:36 AM) ***hubuntu wondering if we will get to the bottom of the list.... ;)
(07:00:46 AM) dholbach: hiya
(07:00:52 AM) ***popey hides from dholbach 
(07:00:56 AM) Iulian: Hello dholbach!
(07:01:01 AM) jpatrick: hi dholbach :)
(07:01:04 AM) gouki: hubuntu: Hope so :S I have to leave in 1 hour.
(07:01:12 AM) ***dholbach just pinged sabdfl and elmo
(07:01:17 AM) viperhoot: hubuntu: Many candidates :S
(07:01:27 AM) viperhoot: gouki: me too :S
(07:01:31 AM) Syntux: So many candidates so little time
(07:02:01 AM) nand: ubuntu is just too popular
(07:02:28 AM) hubuntu: ;)
(07:02:52 AM) ***Syntux wonders how they are going to sort that list
(07:03:01 AM) popey: Syntux: they generally start at the top
(07:03:46 AM) Amaranth: I have a feeling they won't all make it though
(07:03:51 AM) ***xivulon suggests inverse alphabetical order
(07:03:52 AM) dholbach: seems that elmo will spend his day in the data center today, so no elmo :-/
(07:04:05 AM) Amaranth: sounds...fun
(07:04:43 AM) nand: :)
(07:04:43 AM) gouki: :)
(07:05:11 AM) Daviey: dholbach: no excuse, surely they have rack VDU's in the datacentre :)
(07:05:22 AM) Syntux: wohha so I'm the forth
(07:05:27 AM) Technoviking: dholbach: fyi, I only have two hours this morning
(07:06:10 AM) viperhoot: 11:06 :S
(07:07:01 AM) dholbach: hey sabdfl
(07:07:10 AM) Technoviking: sabdfl: morning Mark
(07:07:15 AM) dholbach: sabdfl: today it's you, Technoviking and me
(07:07:16 AM) sabdfl: hello, all
(07:07:29 AM) gouki: Hi Mark!
(07:07:35 AM) Technoviking: dholbach: thought Matthew could make it?
(07:07:36 AM) sabdfl: hi Technoviking - new nick?
(07:07:46 AM) Technoviking: sabdfl: yeah
(07:07:50 AM) Syntux: mixing Techno with viking
(07:07:51 AM) dholbach: Technoviking: no, he's at work
(07:07:52 AM) Syntux: interesting
(07:08:16 AM) ***Pelo waves sabdfl hello
(07:08:23 AM) dholbach: door bell, brb
(07:08:57 AM) sabdfl: alright, agenda for the day does not include membership applications
(07:09:02 AM) ***popey runs away from dholbachs front door
(07:09:10 AM) Syntux: ops
(07:09:28 AM) Amaranth: sabdfl: I don't think there is an agenda then
(07:09:38 AM) Technoviking: weird the Ubuntu wiki is a blank page???
(07:09:56 AM) popey: Technoviking: works here
(07:09:59 AM) sabdfl: we have agreed to delegate those to regional teams, and i'd like to know where we are on setting up those groups
(07:10:12 AM) sabdfl: Amaranth: there is an IRC ops issue that has been raised
(07:10:24 AM) Amaranth: sabdfl: Not all parties are present
(07:10:27 AM) popey: sabdfl: the person who reported it is unavailable
(07:10:30 AM) sabdfl: also, we should establish the status on the streamlined membership proposal
(07:10:36 AM) Seeker`: sabdfl: Due to the short notice given, the person who raised the point on the agenda is not available today
(07:11:02 AM) Mirv: oh, no applications handling, ok.
(07:11:03 AM) sabdfl: how much notice were they given?
(07:11:10 AM) Amaranth: About 24 hours
(07:11:15 AM) Seeker`: The meeting was announced approximately 19 hours ago
(07:11:20 AM) Technoviking: sabdfl: I think we just need to hear back from Corey and Mako on the regional teams
(07:11:21 AM) Syntux: less than 24 hours here.
(07:12:22 AM) dholbach: sabdfl: regarding the regional membership boards, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StreamlineMembershipApproval was agreed on, suggestions for the initial boards were sent to the CC and some CC members still need to send in their vote
(07:12:33 AM) gouki: Is there documentation on the regional teams delegation of members?
(07:12:48 AM) gouki: Sorry! :S
(07:13:37 AM) sabdfl: dholbach: have we agreed to a schedule of regular CC meetings?
(07:13:50 AM) sabdfl: i think the only way this will work is if we fix the schedule in advance
(07:14:10 AM) dholbach: sabdfl: I suggested meeting times every two weeks and there was general agreement on it
(07:14:40 AM) Technoviking: dholbach: +1
(07:14:55 AM) sabdfl: ok. will we alternate times?
(07:15:18 AM) dholbach: My suggestion was 11:00 UTC 1st tuesday of the month and 20:00 UTC 3rd Thursday of the month
(07:15:25 AM) Technoviking: sabdfl: yes, and days also
(07:15:38 AM) sabdfl: that makes it more difficult for people to plan
(07:15:56 AM) sabdfl: what's the rationale for alternating days?
(07:16:03 AM) Daviey: different TZ?
(07:16:18 AM) sabdfl: surely timezones are addressed if we alternate times?
(07:16:48 AM) Seeker`: sabdfl: Some people may have commitments every teusday for example, so if they cant make the 2000 Thursday one due to the timezoen being wrong
(07:16:54 AM) dholbach: the fridge calendar is down currently - I think the days were changed due to conflict with the TB, but I'm not sure
(07:17:28 AM) dholbach: sabdfl: those meeting times had the best chance of CC members being available
(07:17:38 AM) sabdfl: i would far prefer a fixed day of the week, every two weeks, at two different times
(07:18:26 AM) dholbach: I'm happy with having both on tueday - I can gather feedback from all council members for 1st Tue 11:00 UTC, 3rd Tue 20:00 UTC if you like
(07:18:40 AM) sabdfl: dholbach: ok, thanks
(07:18:44 AM) dholbach: np
(07:19:14 AM) sabdfl: we will defer the IRC issue till the next meeting, please give paladine the appropriate notice
(07:19:24 AM) dholbach: I'll do that too
(07:19:35 AM) sabdfl: let's discuss the regional team councils
(07:19:42 AM) sabdfl: or, membership councils
(07:20:24 AM) dholbach: sabdfl: are there any open items that you'd like to discuss specifically?
(07:20:56 AM) sabdfl: no, +1 on the proposed list of initial board members
(07:21:30 AM) Technoviking: +1 here also
(07:21:39 AM) sabdfl: dholbach: is that a full round of responses?
(07:21:45 AM) dholbach: let me check
(07:22:19 AM) dholbach: sabdfl: mdke voted with +1 too, elmo and mako did not vote yet
(07:22:36 AM) dholbach: I'm happy with the list also
(07:22:51 AM) gouki: dholbach: Do you mind telling where we can find the list of proposed board members?
(07:23:06 AM) Technoviking: dholbach: Corey did not also
(07:23:13 AM) dholbach: Technoviking: you're right
(07:23:48 AM) dholbach: gouki: the list was not announced publicly, as it was not fully decided upon yet
(07:23:56 AM) gouki: dholbach: OK. Thank you.
(07:24:09 AM) sabdfl: ok, i will respond to the thread, encouraging them to respond and giving the end of this week as a move-on date
(07:24:21 AM) sabdfl: i think it's ok to publish the list
(07:24:24 AM) sabdfl: any objections?
(07:24:32 AM) Technoviking: sabdfl: none
(07:24:33 AM) sabdfl:  - as a draft proposed list -
(07:24:40 AM) sabdfl: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7108/
(07:25:03 AM) sabdfl: all trusted and proven members of the community
(07:25:36 AM) gouki: sabdfl: Thanks
(07:25:40 AM) christel: sorry for backtracking, i was just wondering if this irc issue is related to any of the many open ubuntu irc related issues that keep coming up over the last few weeks, iow. i am wondering if it would be at all useful for any of us (freenode) to be here
(07:26:10 AM) ***hubuntu thinks that members of the Spanish Speaking Countries should be represented too... MagicFab and/or Effie_Jayx are good candidates
(07:26:15 AM) popey: christel: it's been put off till the next meet
(07:26:43 AM) ***hubuntu Means more members... <EOF>
(07:27:07 AM) leogg: hubuntu, +1
(07:27:23 AM) christel: popey: i know that, thus asking
(07:27:32 AM) popey: ah, sorry
(07:27:58 AM) christel: no worries :)
(07:28:00 AM) elkbuntu: i agree with hubuntu.
(07:28:10 AM) jpatrick: hubuntu: +1 from me too
(07:28:18 AM) dholbach: sabdfl: not meaning to change the topic, but I suggest the same move-on-date for the loco council
(07:28:41 AM) sabdfl: dholbach: +1
(07:28:52 AM) mrevell is now known as mrevell-lunch
(07:28:54 AM) dholbach: sabdfl: do you want to follow up on the thread or shall I do that?
(07:29:04 AM) Technoviking: +1 here also
(07:29:07 AM) sabdfl: christel: it would be great to have some freenode representation
(07:29:22 AM) sabdfl: we want to make sure we are doing things properly, by ubuntu and freenode guidelines
(07:29:30 AM) christel: sabdfl: ok, i will try pencil it in, when i work out if it's a tuesday or a thursday! :)
(07:29:38 AM) sabdfl: dholbach: i'm trying to find the loco council thread!
(07:29:56 AM) dholbach: sabdfl: "LoCo Council Nominations List - Please choose!"
(07:30:09 AM) ***coolbhavi thinks that Indian members should also be on the board
(07:30:37 AM) techno_freak: coolbhavi, --> Sri Ramdoss M
(07:30:57 AM) coolbhavi: techno_freak yes
(07:31:33 AM) sabdfl: dholbach: +1 from me on the initial proposed 5 that jono submitted
(07:31:37 AM) sabdfl: is that a full round of +1?
(07:31:50 AM) Technoviking: sabdfl: no elmo
(07:32:31 AM) jsgotangco: wow a CC i finally caught one :)
(07:32:39 AM) juliux: hey jsgotangco
(07:33:23 AM) sabdfl: howdy jsgotangco
(07:33:34 AM) dholbach: hi jsgotangco :)
(07:33:43 AM) sabdfl: dholbach: please move on, record elmo as an abstention
(07:33:56 AM) dholbach: sabdfl: OK
(07:34:21 AM) sabdfl: alright, so we have a shiny new loco council, and by friday I expect we will have regional membership boards in place
(07:34:31 AM) sabdfl: so this group can focus on community structure and governance issues
(07:34:34 AM) gouki: This is just my opinion, but I believe that, since most of people here were counting on the membership discussion, we should do that and implement the LoCo CC for the next meeting.
(07:34:37 AM) sabdfl: yay! \o/
(07:34:41 AM) dholbach: that's excellent :-)
(07:34:55 AM) sabdfl: well done dholbach and thanks to jono for doing the background work and corralling us to this point
(07:34:56 AM) dholbach: I'd like to suggest that we make "Updating https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommunityCouncil/TeamReport" a fixed agenda item - we've been quite bad at keeping it up to date
(07:35:22 AM) sabdfl: good point
(07:35:22 AM) dholbach: and I'll do it for this meeting
(07:35:27 AM) sabdfl: thanks you again, daniel
(07:36:03 AM) sabdfl: Seeker`: are you satisfied that a regular meeting will address your concern about notice for CC meetings?
(07:36:24 AM) Seeker`: sabdfl: Yes, thank you
(07:36:51 AM) sabdfl: ok. PriceChild, is the IRSeek decision you linked to related to Paladine's concerns?
(07:37:10 AM) juliux: sabdfl, can you publish a list of the members of the loco council?
(07:37:30 AM) PriceChild: sabdfl: That decision was made some time ago, and i thought it might be useful to add it onto the end of his agenda item... seen as its our decision he is questioning.
(07:38:25 AM) sabdfl: ok, thanks PriceChild
(07:38:30 AM) PriceChild: Gives a little background
(07:38:32 AM) sabdfl: juliux: the nominations are:
(07:38:34 AM) sabdfl: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7111/
(07:38:37 AM) gouki: juliux: already did.
(07:38:47 AM) juliux: sabdfl, thxs
(07:38:53 AM) sabdfl: actually, those are confirmed as of today :-)
(07:39:33 AM) popey: erk!
(07:39:39 AM) popey: (in a good way)
(07:39:42 AM) sabdfl: :-)
(07:40:15 AM) sabdfl: we have a loco proposal in the agenda, but i suggest we delegate that to the new loco council
(07:40:33 AM) dholbach: yes, that makes perfect sense
(07:40:36 AM) sabdfl: ok.
(07:40:39 AM) juliux: good idea;)
(07:40:46 AM) popey: nicely done :)
(07:40:55 AM) sabdfl: from now on, we'll shoot for a CC meeting every two weeks that takes less than an hour
(07:40:55 AM) Syntux: The loCo proposal in the agenda wasn't added by Jono as it supposed to happen.
(07:40:57 AM) sabdfl: thank you ALL!
(07:41:02 AM) sabdfl: any other business?
(07:41:29 AM) popey: sabdfl: do the loco council therefore need a separate meeting from the cc?
(07:41:34 AM) popey: to do the membership stuff
(07:42:19 AM) ***popey wonders if "the hour before the cc meeting" would be a good way to guarantee it doesn't overrun
(07:42:55 AM) Daviey: Would it be a good idea to have both meetings next to each other, especially as i would expect interested parties might want to attend both.
(07:43:13 AM) andylockran: Daviey: +1
(07:43:14 AM) dholbach: popey: I'd suggest the Loco Council team members meet to set up the specifics (wiki page, meeting times, etc) and report back with that
(07:43:24 AM) juliux: dholbach, +1
(07:43:58 AM) dholbach: and once all this is in place we can announce it on mailing lists, etc so people are aware of the new processes
(07:44:11 AM) popey: groovy
(07:44:52 AM) techno_freak: can i ask a small off-the-agenda question?
(07:45:00 AM) Seeker`: techno_freak: you just did
(07:45:11 AM) techno_freak: Seeker`, :)
(07:45:26 AM) dholbach: regarding the Team Reports, I'd suggest that we ask all Councils to update them as part of their meetings
(07:45:33 AM) dholbach: techno_freak: shoot
(07:46:17 AM) techno_freak: dholbach, ok. when ubuntu CDs are freely shipped on a special request from a ubuntu loco team, is the team or any of its members allowed to sell the CDs (for more than the media costs)?
(07:47:17 AM) Syntux: techno_freak, why someone would do that? to sponsor some other LoCo events?
(07:47:39 AM) techno_freak: Syntux, it was said as a fund raising method for the team
(07:48:00 AM) juliux: techno_freak, on the recepiton you get with the cds it said that a resale is not permitted
(07:49:08 AM) ***Pelo wonders how many cds the locos get in those shipments
(07:49:11 AM) ***hubuntu allowing to sell the CDs would be lying to customs and could involve more trouble for future shipping. let's make that clear once and for all: No ShipIt! CDs are for sale >.< period
(07:49:26 AM) Mirv: also, I think it's against ubuntu trademark policy?
(07:49:30 AM) techno_freak: juliux, exactly, but they tried to justify that they had to pay customs duty and it was only a fund raiser for the team
(07:49:37 AM) popey: Pelo: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoGettingCds
(07:49:45 AM) Mirv: (commercial usage of stuff with ubuntu logo without asking permission)
(07:49:56 AM) coolbhavi: When will 8.04 CD's be shipped.. for 7.10 the ordering of cd's started 10 days before release I think....
(07:49:58 AM) Hobbes`: How much does Ubuntu cost?
(07:49:59 AM) Hobbes`: $0.00. Ubuntu, Kubuntu, and Edubuntu are, and always will be, 100% free.
(07:50:06 AM) juliux: techno_freak, don' t sell them, give them everybody for free and ask for a donation
(07:50:11 AM) dholbach: I can see a lot of activity for future Loco Council meetings already. :-)
(07:50:17 AM) juliux: dholbach, thxs
(07:50:18 AM) elkbuntu: Hobbes`, not in countries where customs asks the recipient for money
(07:50:20 AM) popey: haha, thanks dholbach
(07:50:21 AM) Hobbes`: that's what it says on the shipit faq page
(07:50:22 AM) gouki: dholbach: lol
(07:50:28 AM) dholbach: sabdfl, Technoviking: what do you think about the suggestion to ask all team councils to participate in the team reporting?
(07:50:37 AM) techno_freak: juliux, that's was the loco team does
(07:50:58 AM) Mirv: techno_freak: it's important to specify that it's about asking for donations, not about selling the CDs as suc
(07:50:59 AM) popey: dholbach: should we not have our own team reporting page?
(07:51:01 AM) ***Pelo is grateful for the info
(07:51:05 AM) juliux: techno_freak, i think that is ok, in germany we did it the same way
(07:51:13 AM) sabdfl: popey: yes, i think a separate meeting is called for, but feel free to set the time to suit yourselves
(07:51:46 AM) dholbach: popey: sure the contents of all teams' individual team reporting pages are merged into the monthly team report later on
(07:51:56 AM) sabdfl: dholbach: +1 on team reporting
(07:51:58 AM) popey: yes dholbach
(07:52:06 AM) sabdfl: and thanks for offering to do it for the CC this week
(07:52:27 AM) dholbach: no problem - I can get in touch with the team councils we already have
(07:52:42 AM) sabdfl: ok. i think that's all then. thank you everyone
(07:52:48 AM) Technoviking: dholbach: it should happen, now I need to do the forums one :)
(07:52:54 AM) gouki: bye everyone.
(07:53:01 AM) dholbach: thanks everybody
(07:53:05 AM) techno_freak: juliux, so its ok if the CDs are given free and those who get it are asked to voluntarily donate, but it is wrong to give CDs for money telling the money will go to the team's funds as donation?
(07:53:08 AM) dholbach: Technoviking: hehe
(07:53:16 AM) jsgotangco: heh
(07:53:38 AM) juliux: techno_freak, yes, the cd it self has to be free, so you can get one without a donation
(07:54:04 AM) techno_freak: juliux, ok thanks. i will cross check with what was really done :)
(07:54:19 AM) juliux: techno_freak, so the donation is a option and not a must

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