[21:17] <mako> greetings
[21:18] <jpds> Evening, doesn't look like there'll be a CC meeting tonight...
[21:18] <mako> did i miss a message?
[21:18] <mako> or is just that others have not showed up
[21:18] <jpds> The latte.
[21:18] <jpds> -r*
[21:18] <mako> a bunch of people replied to the message saying that they would be available
[21:18] <Technoviking> hello
[21:19] <Technoviking> looks like it did not get added to the fridge or ircbot
[21:19] <mako> ok
[21:19] <mako> well, sabdfl said he would make it. he and dholbach are at a sprint but said they could make it
[21:19] <mako> cory said he could make it
[21:20] <mako> and mdke said he would try
[21:20] <Technoviking> Claire just wrote and said Mark could not
[21:20] <mako> oh, i hadn't seen that one
[21:20] <mako> so it's you and me :)
[21:20] <mako> there's only one thing on the agenda
[21:21] <mako> from nathan handler
[21:21] <jpds> nhandler is not around at the moment.
[21:21] <mako> which is just asking for a status update that i don't think either of us can give
[21:21] <mako> "Several months ago, after an email from Emanuele Gentilli (emgent), Mark Shuttleworth, Matt Zimmerman, and James Troup decided that James would setup SFTP-based web page hosting for Ubuntu members. This discussion took place several months ago, and since then, there has been no visible progress. Is this still being worked on? If so, is there an estimated time that it will be implemented, or is there something holding it up?"
[21:22] <mako> i'm happy to poke james to find out
[21:22] <mako> i certainly don't know the status
[21:22] <Technoviking> ok, I know there are plans for more online services, maybe that has been made part of that
[21:23] <mako> i guess we can just ask for an update on an appropriate list, spec, etc
[21:24] <Technoviking> sounds like a plan
[21:24] <Technoviking> we can discuss this on the CC list also to move things along
[21:26] <mako> cool :)
[21:26] <mako> does anyone have any other business for the CC? :)
[21:26] <mako> or this small sample of it
[21:28] <Technoviking> ahh.. a happy community:)
[21:28] <mako> thanks everyone (anyone?) for coming :)

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