10:58 Meyer        Seveas, time to start?
   10:58 Meyer        ping'd everyone?
   10:58 Kamion       (here)
   10:58 Meyer        :)
   10:58 Bluekuja     hi kamion
   10:58 Bluekuja     :)
   === iegary [] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   === Meyer is Mario Meyer
   11:00 sfllaw       Hi everybody!
   11:00 Bluekuja     hi sfllaw
   11:00 Surak        Hello
   === TobSiCret [] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   11:00 elmo         I'm here too - mako said he was on his way home, but should be back RSN (if he isn't already)
   === Tonio_ [] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   11:00 Gloubiboulga hi all
   11:00 Tonio_       hi everyone
   === nalioth is Marek Spruell
   11:01 mdke         evening everyone.
   === Surak is Alexandre Otto Strube
   11:01 Bluekuja     ciao matt
   === Ju is Julien Rottenberg
   === azeem is Michael Banck
   === Lure is Luka Renko
   === ogra is Oliver Grawert
   === sfllaw is Simon Law.
   === iegary is Gary Coady
   11:01 BlueT_       hi everybody
   === cbx33 is Pete Savage
   11:01 Bluekuja     hey BlueT_
   === bimberi is David Symons
   === Toadstool is Jrmie Corbier
   === dsas is Dean Sas
   11:02 BlueT_       Bluekuja: yo :D
   === Seveas is Dennis "Evil Bastard" Kaarsemaker
   === licio is Licio Fernando
   === dholbach is Daniel Holbach
   === Gloubiboulga is Gauvain Pocentek
   === mvo michael vogt
   11:03 Meyer        lol nice alias, Seveas
   === simira is Karianne Grnningster
   === ogra fails to see the evil part in Seveas
   === mdke points
   11:03 Seveas       ogra, heh, so much you don't know
   === LaserJock is Jordan (Mr. Science) Mantha
   11:03 ogra         mdke, oh, right
   11:03 ogra         Seveas, i hope i can find out in paris ;)
   11:03 Seveas       me too
   === ompaul is Paul O'Malley
   === Tonio_ is anthony mercatante
   === gnomefreak is John Vivirito
   === Bluekuja [] has left #ubuntu-meeting ["Ex-Chat"]
   11:04 Seveas       gnomefreak, do you have a sec for a quick PM?
   === Bluekuja [] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   11:04 gnomefreak   yes sir
   === lucas is Lucas Nussbaum
   === Bluekuja is Andrea Veri
   11:05 mdke         elmo: do you have a few moments before we start?
   11:05 elmo         sabdfl sends his apologies, so once mako turns up we can get started
   === BlueT_ is Matthew Lien
   11:05 elmo         mdke: I guess
   11:05 elmo         mdke: (not in here tho, pls)
   === FLeiXiuS [] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   11:05 elmo         unless it's CC related, of course
   11:05 mdke         elmo: no. query
   11:06 filhocf      is Claudio Filho (and present)
   === ogra would like to point out that the edubuntu council will hold its first meeting tomorrow, we'll also approve members as the CC will, so if you are involved in edubuntu, please apply there to take the load off the CC (membership is the same as approved by CC)
   === dholbach [n=daniel@ubuntu/member/dholbach] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   11:07 Seveas       @schedule
   11:07 Ubugtu       schedule Retrieve the date/time of scheduled meetings in a specific timezone
   === Yann3 is Yann Hamon
   11:07 Seveas       @schedule amsterdam
   11:07 Ubugtu       Schedule for Europe/Amsterdam: Current meeting: Community Council | 03 May 14:00: Edubuntu | 03 May 15:30: Xubuntu | 04 May 04:00: Ubuntu Development Team | 09 May 22:00: Technical Board | 10 May 14:00: Edubuntu
   11:07 Meyer        ogra, actualy can i pvt u for a sec?
   11:07 ogra         Meyer, sure
   11:07 Seveas       "Edubuntu" also being "edubuntu council"?
   11:08 azeem        ogra: do you approve members parallel or serial to the CC?
   11:08 Bluekuja     Seveas: yes
   11:08 ogra         Seveas, yes, we decided that every first meeting in a month is an EC meeting
   === Yann3 is now known as Yann2
   11:08 Seveas       cool, maybe that should be made more clear on the fridge?
   11:08 mako         apolgies, got held up on the subway
   11:08 mako         i'm here now
   11:08 ogra         azeem, edubuntu membership includes ubuntu membership and vice versa
   11:08 Seveas       welcome mako
   === crimsun [n=crimsun@pdpc/supporter/silver/crimsun] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   11:09 azeem        ok
   11:09 Seveas       we can start!
   11:09 Bluekuja     hi mako
   11:09 azeem        el mako
   11:09 bknec_       heh
   === seb128 [n=seb128@ubuntu/member/seb128] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   11:09 cbx33        hi mako
   11:09 ogra         azeem, its just to take the load off here a bit
   11:09 simira       hi mako, hi seb128
   11:10 seb128       Hi simira
   11:10 mdke         awesome turnout to the meeting this evening.
   11:10 simira       mdke: we're getting there ;)
   11:10 Seveas       mako, care to kick off the agenda?
   11:10 mako         sure
   11:10 simira       it's mostly new members proposals today?
   11:10 mako         i'm catching up now
   11:10 mako         and thawing out my fingers
   11:11 Seveas       we haven't started yet
   11:11 mako         give me one second
   11:11 mako         yes, i know ;P
   === theCore [] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   11:12 BlueT_       simira: i've been waiting fr it for a month :3
   11:12 BlueT_       s/fr/for/
   11:12 mako         alright
   11:12 mako         agenda is
   11:12 mako         first up is Developer/Member governance processes
   11:13 mdke         mdz: are you around to discuss this too?
   11:13 mako         so you brought up a few issues here
   === chombee [i=seanh@ukato.freeshell.ORG] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   11:14 mako         do you mind if i break it down
   11:14 mdke         course not :)
   11:14 mako         one issues seems to be that launchpad information is out of date
   11:14 mako         there was a list i was maintaining by hand
   11:14 mako         which i still have
   11:15 mako         of people who had signed the CoC but they still need to go through the new process in LP
   11:15 mako         AFAIK, there has been no systematic attempt at doing this
   11:15 mako         there should be
   === bugman [] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   === lucas [n=lucas@ubuntu/member/lucas] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   11:15 mako         folks in core-dev should be in ubuntu-members
   11:15 mdke         before joining core-dev?
   11:16 mako         well, i think that the group is a subgroup of members so they are implicitly members
   11:16 mako         is that right?
   11:16 Kamion       there was a systematic attempt to make sure at least core uploaders had signed the CoC at the time of the switch to Soyuz, because it was a technical requirement there IIRC
   11:16 elmo         mako: I think there should be
   11:16 elmo         s/there/it/
   11:16 elmo         checking
   === phanatic [n=phanatic@ubuntu/member/phanatic] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   11:16 mako         Kamion: right, i guess i did it before then
   11:16 mako         i noticed that i was not a member except implicitly through the CC IIRC
   11:16 elmo         hmm, it's not
   11:17 mdke         if that's the case (that core-dev is a subgroup of membership), it means the TB is approving them for membership as well as upload rights.
   11:17 elmo         I think ubuntu-core-dev should be a member of ubuntu-members
   11:17 elmo         but that'd require the TB to not jump our gun
   === Willhunting [] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   11:18 mdke         which in turn would slow down the process of getting upload rights, for example for employees
   11:18 mako         right
   11:18 mdke         unless they were automatically members
   11:18 mdke         that might make sense
   11:19 Kamion       the TB conducts a reasonably detailed interview with each core-dev candidate
   11:19 mako         right
   11:19 Kamion       personally I could probably see my way clear to considering that sufficient to pass the bar for membership
   11:19 mako         it's not exactly easy to get added to core-dev
   11:19 elmo         core-dev yes
   11:19 Kamion       ubuntu-dev would be a slightly different matter; the bar there is lower
   11:19 elmo         -dev is a little different
   11:19 elmo         and both ought to be members of ubuntu-members
   === mako nods to elmo
   11:20 Kamion       yeah
   11:20 mako         ok
   11:20 mako         so there's at least three issues here
   11:21 mako         (a) how is the stated policy out of sync with LP and how do we fix it (which one do we fix)?
   11:21 mako         (b) how should the policy/LP be changed or improved to make this work the way we think it should?
   11:21 mako         (c) how do we get people already in the system who were grandfathered or skipped steps in one way or another to go back and check the right boxes
   11:22 mako         honestly, (b) sounds like a paris dev summit topic
   11:23 Seveas       (c) is part of (a) if the answer of (a) is that lp is out of sync
   === skateinmars [] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   11:23 mdke         for a), you'd need to discuss with the TB about the -dev must be members thing
   11:23 mako         right
   11:23 mdke         that would be a change in policy, afaics
   11:23 mdke         although, I don't attend TB meeting much
   11:24 Kamion       if we wanted to deal with the meeting-delay problem, then the easiest approach might well be to agree some guidelines with the TB to make sure that we're happy that their ubuntu-dev procedure is at least as strong as our membership procedure
   === _jason [] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   === mako nods to Kamion
   === Sanne [] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   11:25 elmo         given we've already delegated membership privs to edubuntu, kubuntu, delegating it indirectly to the TB, doesn't sound like much of a step
   11:25 mdke         that would be tricky to maintain consistent, IMO
   11:25 mdke         ah, that's a good point.
   11:25 elmo         provided, like kamion says, we ask them to step up their barrier to entry to match outs
   === mako nods to elmo
   11:25 simira       sounds sensible
   11:25 elmo         and I'm still a little concerned about their Q = 2, but that's not a big deal I guess
   11:25 mdke         nice idea.
   11:25 elmo         s/outs/ours/
   === bugman [] has left #ubuntu-meeting ["Leaving"]
   11:26 mdke         are the current requirements for -member status documented on the website?
   11:26 mdke         i figure they're on the wiki somewhere
   11:27 Seveas       mdke,
   11:27 mdke         Seveas: "substantial contribution" is as far as it goes, or did I miss a page?
   11:28 mdke         oh no, there it is, my bad
   11:28 Seveas       "A person who wants to become a member should be engaged in a sustained level of contribution to the Ubuntu community. This can include coding, writing or documentation, the creation of art-work, music, testing, bug triage and verification, translation, advocacy, leadership of LoCo teams, etc. Contributions should be significant and visible. Anybody who is active in the Ubuntu community is a good
   11:28 Seveas       candidate for Ubuntu membership."
   11:28 ompaul       mdke it is repeated here more or less
   11:28 mako         mdke: substantian and sustained contribution
   11:28 mdke         yeah, my bad
   11:29 Seveas       So: who's going to coordinate this with the TB?
   11:30 mako         well
   11:31 mako         there is still the issue of what happens with the current core-dev members
   11:31 mako         who have not been put through the more rigorous process
   11:31 mako         sorry
   11:31 mako         the current -dev members
   11:31 mdke         shouldn't be hard to track em down, they're all quite active
   11:31 ajmitch      it'd only be inactive ones that may not be on launchpad
   11:31 mako         i think we could put core-dev into members unless the tb has any reservations about any candidates
   11:31 mako         which i suspect they do not
   11:31 Seveas       Most of them would be no-brainers for membership and a few meetings ago it was decided that that could be done outside the meetings
   11:32 Seveas       (core-dev)
   11:32 Kamion       I've got no reservations about anyone in -core-dev at the moment
   === mako nods to Kamion
   11:33 Lure         Can CC not just group approve all core-dev now?
   11:33 Kamion       apart from that dodgy "Matt Zimmerman" block
   11:33 Kamion       er, bloke
   11:33 LaserJock    hehe
   11:33 Kamion       Lure: no, people have to opt to join the team themselves, I don't know of a way to conscript people
   11:33 Lure         Kamion: right
   11:33 mdke         who is Chris Halls, I don't think I've met him around?
   11:33 cbx33        my apologies, I have to dash
   11:34 Seveas       There are 3 I haven't seen a lot (Thom May, Charles Majola and Chris Halls), but I expect you know them much better than I do
   11:34 Kamion       mdke: haggai, used to do Kubuntu
   11:34 mdke         what's his irc nick?
   11:34 Kamion       and OpenOffice
   11:34 filhocf      Chris Halls is a DD.
   11:34 mdke         ah, gotcha
   11:34 Kamion       Thom May is retired from Ubuntu really, dunno if he cares
   11:34 simira       mdke: he was in Mataro, at lease
   11:34 Kamion       Charles is one of the Impi crowd in .za
   11:34 simira       least*
   11:34 ogra         Kamion, you mean that opportunistic troublemaker mdz ?
   11:34 ogra         :)
   11:34 Kamion       ogra: right
   11:34 dholbach     He does, I had a conversation with him already.
   11:35 Kamion       dholbach: who?
   11:35 dholbach     I'm referring to Thom.
   11:35 dholbach     He'd like to get involved again, esp. with apache.
   11:35 mdke         it would definitely be good to chase up those who haven't signed the CoC in there, and ask them to, even if they've signed it by other means
   11:35 Kamion       dholbach: ah, cool
   11:35 ogra         dholbach, that'd be so great !
   === mako nods to mdke
   11:35 mako         mdke: if you have a list, i'm happy to spam them
   11:36 mdke         mako: alright.
   11:36 Kamion       ok, anything else before we move on?
   11:36 Kamion       22:29 < Seveas> So: who's going to coordinate this with the TB?
   11:36 Kamion       I guess
   11:37 mdke         mdz expressed an interest, I can summarise the meeting in an email for him, if you like
   11:37 mako         i think that's good
   === mako nods to mdke
   11:37 Kamion       mdke: that would be good if you're willing, please cc community-council@lists
   11:37 mdke         i'll cc it to community-council so you can check for accuracy
   === Toadstool [] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   11:37 mdke         yeah
   11:38 Kamion       we can follow up if there are further questions, or I can talk with him on the phone, or something
   11:38 mako         yes
   11:38 mako         is there any other non-member business?
   11:38 mako         before we move on to that?
   11:38 Meyer        yes
   11:38 mako         Meyer: shoot
   11:38 Meyer        i'd like to bring something up
   11:38 Meyer        i think it was mdke who wrote about Quallity Assurance in translations..
   11:39 Meyer        and it has become a big problem..
   === simira agrees, we need a solution to that
   11:39 Meyer        i was thinking if there are any plans to improve LP on that matter
   11:39 Meyer        for instance, we can't know who made a bad translation
   11:39 Seveas       Meyer: the NL team has taken a drastic approach to it: kick everyone from the team and do all via the mailinglist
   11:39 mdke         Meyer: there has been a discuss about improving rosetta on the rosetta mailing list. The CC: can't do anything about it
   11:39 Kamion       I'm not sure that's something any of the CC can answer; I'd suggest bringing it up on launchpad-users@lists if it hasn't been done already
   11:39 Meyer        so it's hard to take those people out
   11:39 Kamion       or rosetta-users@
   11:39 Seveas       Kamion, agreed
   11:40 simira       true
   11:40 mdke         Kamion: it's been discussed in depth and carlos and jordi are collecting feature requests. It's difficult to do more.
   11:40 simira       will it be a Paris issue?
   11:40 mdke         part of the problem lies with translation groups, I'd suggest continuing the discussion on loco-contacts
   11:40 mako         right, this sounds like there is some missing functionality in lp
   11:40 Meyer        ok.. thanks.. i just wanted to know how it was going on
   11:40 Kamion       simira: Paris is for Ubuntu, not LP, afaik
   11:41 Surak        Indeed. And there's no "default" glossary to keep translations coherent. Bug 35774
   11:41 Ubugtu       Malone bug 35774 in rosetta "Some sort of glossary integrated to rosetta" [Normal,Confirmed]
   11:41 simira       *sigh* Kamion: LP improvements would support Ubuntu, right? :p
   11:41 mdke         simira: there are separate conferences for launchpad.
   11:41 Kamion       simira: sure, but the LP developers won't be there, for the most part
   === jarufe [] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   11:41 Lure         With Dapper I started to follow Flight's and daily updates, updating my laptop t
   11:41 Lure         esting page. As klaptop was unmaintained, I looked into getting kpowersave up-to
   11:41 Lure         -date (see, but then got distracted with wireless stuff (network-manager 0.6.x), worked on packaging knetworkmanager (and doing related bug triage on forums).
   11:41 Lure         sorry
   === Kamion spots an itchy mouse finger
   11:41 Seveas       Lure, please wait your turn ;)
   11:41 simira       mdke, Kamion: yesyes, I know...
   11:42 Seveas       Shall we move on to members?
   11:42 Kamion       yes, let's
   11:42 mako         heh
   11:42 mako         i think Lure has already done so
   11:42 ogra         :)
   11:42 Tonio_       hehe
   11:42 Seveas       Toadstool, you're up.
   11:42 Toadstool    thanks Seveas, hi everybody
   11:42 Toadstool    I am Jrmie Corbier, a 21 years old french telecommunications engineering
   11:42 Toadstool    student. I am an Ubuntu user since Warty. I spend a lot of time on irc helping
   11:42 Toadstool    users. I am also quite used to packaging since I am the maintainer of
   11:42 Toadstool    wide-dhcpv6 package for Debian (version 20060322-2 uploaded today) and
   11:42 Toadstool    Ubuntu. I am a member of the Bug Squad and try to file/triage/fix as many bugs
   11:42 Toadstool    as possible.
   11:42 Toadstool    For the future, I want to keep on helping Ubuntu users on irc and
   11:42 Toadstool    in real life as the community is one of the main Ubuntu strengths. I also plan
   11:42 Toadstool    to continue helping with bugs, maybe package more applications and above all
   11:42 Toadstool    I would like to become a MOTU and help making the future releases rock.
   11:43 ogra         Toadstool, is very present in #ubuntu-bugs
   11:43 Seveas       And on malone
   11:43 Gloubiboulga and in #ubuntu-fr{,-testing}
   11:44 dholbach     Yeah, he's one of the assets in the BugSquad and we're all pleased to have him there.
   11:44 Seveas       \o/ for bug triaging, he's doing a good amount of work
   11:44 ogra         yeah
   11:44 Toadstool    thanks guys :)
   === dholbach hugs Toadstool
   === TobSiCret [] has left #ubuntu-meeting ["Konversation]
   11:45 lucas        I've seen Jeremie working very efficiently on some bugs I didn't have time to work on
   11:46 LaserJock    Toadstool has been contributing to #ubuntu-motu for a while now
   11:46 Seveas       Toadstool, the CC is now scrutinizing (sp?) your wikipage - beware
   11:46 Toadstool    :)
   11:47 Seveas       Toadstool, it takes them quite long. Could be bad news ;)
   11:47 Kamion       no problems here, fwiw; I've dealt with Jeremie once or twice and he's seemed competent; testimonials are good
   11:47 Toadstool    I'll be back :p
   11:48 mako         yes, looks good by me
   11:48 elmo         yeah, ack
   11:48 Seveas       Kamion: afaik he hasn't yet closed one of your bugs by accident ;)
   11:48 Kamion       Seveas: is that what you call it? ;)
   11:48 Seveas       ok, that's 3
   11:48 ogra         welcome Toadstool then :)
   11:48 mako         Toadstool: welcome
   11:48 Seveas       Congratulations Toadstool!
   11:48 sfllaw       Toadstool: Congrats!
   11:48 Gloubiboulga Toadstool, congrats :)
   11:48 Toadstool    thanks everybody :)
   11:48 mdke         well done Toadstool
   11:48 ogra         that was really fast :)
   11:48 Seveas       Bluekuja, you're uo
   11:48 dholbach     CONGRATS!
   11:48 Seveas       up even...
   11:48 Bluekuja     ok thanks seveas
   11:49 Bluekuja     My name is Andrea Veri and I live in Italy,im finishing high school and I'm a great Ubuntu and Free software fan. My wiki page, Launchpad one'm an active member of edubuntu team,contributing with advocacy(right now I'm working on a great specification, the Edubuntu Schools Advocacy Manifesto,that can be found here
   11:49 Bluekuja     choolAdvocacy) in italian schools, testing new releases and providing bugs reports for the testing team.I have made several wiki pages and a lot of translations too,also I'm contributing to malone reporting,fixing and adding comments to a lot of differents bugs.I'm working on a project related to my country,the edubuntu italian team,that will be related to the Ubuntu one. My future with Ubuntu is available at the bottom
   11:49 Bluekuja     of my wiki.
   11:49 Toadstool    i'm so glad to be part of the ubuntu members ;)
   11:49 Surak        Toadstool: Congratulations
   11:49 ogra         Bluekuja, too bad was wrapped
   11:49 Kamion       what do the Edubuntu folk think?
   11:49 ogra         its an awesome page
   === neutrinomass [] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   11:49 mdke         Bluekuja has been active for a several weeks in the italian translation team. He is also looking to set out a sub-group for edubuntu within the italian team. He is very enthusiastic
   11:50 Bluekuja     tnx mdke :)
   11:50 Kamion       Bluekuja is clearly trying to collect the set of team memberships
   11:50 Seveas       Bluekuja, hasn't been active for a really long time yet, but imho makes up for that with almost endless enthousiasm
   11:50 Bluekuja     haha no
   11:50 mdke         Kamion: yes, that is true.
   11:50 ogra         Bluekuja, is a  very helpful contributor and even i'd have preferred he'd have applied in tomorrows EC meeting he has my full support
   11:51 LaserJock    I've worked with Bluekuja a bit on the EdubuntuSchoolAdvocacy wiki page and he is a real enthusiastic team player
   11:51 Kamion       ogra: would the Edubuntu council have approved him, and on what grounds?
   11:51 ogra         sine he wanted to apply lats CC already and i talked to JaneW, i think i can say that she'd support him too (in fact she stayed up long for lats CC)
   11:51 ogra         *last
   === cbx33 [] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   11:52 ogra         he does a lot of dood documentation work, helps people with support in #edubuntu
   11:52 mako         i recieved this before the meeting
   11:52 mako         15:23 <cbx33> Bluekuja has been a great inspiration to my beginnings in ubuntu/edubuntu work, his enthusiasm has been fantastic, and his help on the schools advocacy project has been untiring.  Definitly a dedicated ubuntu/edubuntu contributor.  Great work Bluekuja, keep it up.
   11:52 ogra         the EC would have approved him
   11:52 mako         15:24 <cbx33> thank you mako, hope to speak to you again soon
   === rikai [] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   11:52 cbx33        :)
   11:53 Bluekuja     tnx cbx33 :)
   11:53 ogra         s/dood/good/
   11:53 cbx33        i made it just :)
   11:53 mako         cbx33: what are you still doing here?
   11:54 cbx33        i just managed to pop in on my pocket pc
   11:54 Kamion       right, well I'm happy; constructive advocacy work, translation work, and the Edubuntu lot clearly like him
   11:54 ogra         absolutely
   11:54 Seveas       yay, one down
   === mako nods
   11:55 mako         sounds fine
   11:55 Seveas       2 down!
   11:55 Seveas       elmo, ?
   11:56 elmo         yeah, ack I guess
   11:56 ogra         yay
   11:56 ogra         welcome Bluekuja
   11:56 Surak        Bluekuja: congrats
   11:56 Bluekuja     Thanks Very much
   11:56 Seveas       good guess ;) Welcome Bluekuja !
   11:56 mdke         well done Bluekuja, keep it up
   11:56 sfllaw       Bluekuja: Congrats!
   11:56 Bluekuja     to all
   11:56 ogra         happy to finally have you aboard !
   11:56 Toadstool    congrats Bluekuja :)
   11:56 cbx33        congrats
   11:56 BlueT_       Bluekuja: congradulations :)
   11:56 Tonio_       congrats Bluekuja
   11:56 ogra         JaneW will be pleased
   11:56 Bluekuja     ogra: thank you a lot
   11:56 Seveas       Lure, please paste the complete intro now ;)
   11:56 Lure         Luka Renko, 32, from Slovenia. SW R&D manager in my day life, hacking Kubuntu for hobby (to stay in touch with engineering work ;-)). Started to contribute when I found out it is easy to so.
   11:56 Lure         With Dapper I started to follow Flight's and daily updates, updating my laptop t
   11:56 Lure         esting page. As klaptop was unmaintained, I looked into getting kpowersave up-to
   11:56 Lure         -date (see, but then got distracted with wireless stuff (network-manager 0.6.x), worked on packaging knetworkmanager (and doing related bug triage on forums).
   11:56 Lure         Currently working on bug triage and fixing on KDE code that needs love. For Edgy I would like to help getting laptop infrastructure even further for Kubuntu (hopefully drop klaptop, improve hotkeys, better integration with Ubuntu laptop base).
   11:57 Lure         ;-)
   11:57 Kamion       Bluekuja: (I'd suggest concentrating on fewer teams and doing them well rather than trying to set the record for most teams joined, BTW :-))
   11:57 Tonio_       Lure is very active in the kubuntu debugging session
   11:57 Bluekuja     kamion: thanks for the suggestion, its really appreciated
   11:57 Bluekuja     :)
   11:57 Tonio_       he did major stuff concerning the laptop, packaging kpowersave, and has been of a great help for the implementation of knetworkmanager
   11:57 ogra         Lure is also noticeable active in #ubuntu-devel recently
   11:57 Kamion       FWIW Lure has been very helpful to me in Ubiquity bug triage work, helping me keep my head above water under the flood of mail
   11:58 Tonio_       I definitly support his membership
   === cbx33 [] has left #ubuntu-meeting []
   11:59 Seveas       Yes, lure and ubuquity dupolicate bugs are an often-seen duo
   === neutrinomass [] has left #ubuntu-meeting []
   11:59 Seveas       (and my spelling is going downhill fast, must be the new microsoft keyboard)
   11:59 ogra         Seveas, eek, now i know what you ment with evil :)
   11:59 elmo         Riddell: any comments?
   11:59 Seveas       hehe
   12:00 Kamion       (well, ubiquity has been setting records for duplicate bugs thanks to the crash handler - not that I'm complaining, it was sort of intentional)
   12:00 Tonio_       he also released a great amount of patches to stabilise one of the most bugging admin tool : knetworkcong
   12:00 Tonio_       s/cong/conf
   12:01 Seveas       I'd love to hear some comments from core Kubuntu developers..
   12:01 elmo         I don't think Riddell's around
   12:01 Tonio_       Seveas: raphink is in germany for linuxtag, so only Riddell may talk...
   12:01 elmo         in any event, I'm happy enough on the basis of the evidence on the wiki page
   12:01 elmo         (i.e. ack
   12:01 Seveas       nice, one down
   === mako nods
   12:02 mako         yes, lure is fine by me
   12:02 mako         lots of good stuff
   12:02 Kamion       sorry, I pretty much meant ack above, I've been working with Lure a reasonable amount and my experiences have all been positive, plus the wiki page suggests more goodness
   12:02 mdke         well done Lure
   12:02 mdke         nice work
   12:02 Lure         Thanks for support - proud to be member!

   12:02 dholbach         congratulations Lure!
   12:02 ogra             welcome Lure :)
   12:02 Seveas           nice, welcome aboard!
   12:03 Surak            Congrats, Lure
   12:03 Tonio_           welcome aboard Lure :)
   12:03 Seveas           Ju, you're up
   12:03 Ju               Hi !
   12:03 Ju               I'm Julien Rottenberg, I live in Los Angeles, and I'm currently seeking a job as a Network Administrator. I have been using Ubuntu since Warty and I'm the third ubuntu-fr administrator.
   12:03 Ju               I did some advocacy at the "Linux Expo" in Paris, at the "Fete de l'Huma", some wiki pages on the ubuntu-fr doc, and posts moderation on the french forum.
   12:03 Ju               My profile on Launchpad is  -  Wiki :
   12:03 Seveas           Any ubuntu-fr members around to cheerlead?
   12:03 Yann2            Ju's doing a huge work in the Ubuntu-fr team, I think he's one of our activest members.
   === gnomefreak [] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   12:04 Ju               thanx Yann2 ;-)
   === gnomefreak [] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   12:04 Seveas           Yann2, good to hear
   12:04 Toadstool        Ju is a great member of the French Ubuntu team.
   12:04 Yann2            what to say more? his wiki page is quite long :)
   12:05 lucas            I'm not involved at all in ubuntu-fr, but looking from the outside, it seems Ju is doing a great work
   12:05 Gloubiboulga     I agree with Yann2 and Toadstool, Ju does a really great work in ubuntu-fr
   12:06 Seveas           Yann2, true, but testimonials from others are at least as important as a clear wikipage
   12:07 mako             is there anyone else here from ubuntu-fr
   12:07 eric_p           ju does a great job on ubuntu-fr
   12:07 eric_p           and he helped me setting up kubuntu-fr
   12:08 eric_p           almost all wiki pages have been updated once by ju
   12:08 skateinmars      I'm not too much involved in ubuntu-fr (just an irc op), but I can tell Ju is really doing a great job for the ubuntu-fr community
   12:09 elmo             looks fine to me based on wiki page
   12:10 Seveas           same here
   12:11 mako             yes
   12:11 mako             i think it's fine
   12:11 Kamion           no problem here, seems to be helping to run the ubuntu-fr locoteam so seems like a no-brainer
   12:12 Seveas           Welcome aboard ju!
   12:12 Bluekuja         Congrats Ju
   12:12 Ju               Great ! It's honor for me to be a Ubuntu member \o/
   12:12 Surak            Congrats tu!
   12:12 gnomefreak       congrats ju
   12:12 mdke             nice work Ju
   12:12 Surak            s/tu/Ju
   12:12 Yann2            welcome Ju :)
   12:12 Ju               thx !
   12:12 Seveas           Perfect score so far, everyone's accepted
   12:12 Gloubiboulga     congrats Ju :)
   12:12 Seveas           sfllaw, you're up next
   12:12 sfllaw           Congrats!
   12:12 ogra             next one is a no brainer too i guess :)
   12:12 Toadstool        congrats Ju :)
   12:12 Seveas           ogra, well...
   12:12 sfllaw           ogra: Hey!  I resemble that comment.
   12:12 ogra             heh
   12:12 sfllaw           I'm Simon Law, from Montral, Canada.  I'm a new Canonical employee who's primary function is to improve QA in Ubuntu.  But I'm also a Debian developer and a free software developer.
   12:12 sfllaw           Recently, I've been trying to build support for triaging bugs, which is something we're losing on.  I've written new articles under HelpingWithBugs, organised support on IRC, drummed up enthusiasm for HugDay, and have started triaging bugs myself.
   12:12 sfllaw           My future plans include building up community efforts in QA, especially with the BugSquad team.  I have a couple tools I want to write that will help debug and reproduce problems.  As well, I have some expertise in building automated test harnesses for Linux distributions, which should come in handy.
   12:13 sfllaw           s/who's/whose/
   12:13 sfllaw           Bah.
   12:13 Kamion           p.s. quality controller is the best job title ever
   12:13 elmo             haha
   12:13 Kamion           very thomas the tank engine
   12:13 mdke             lol
   12:13 Seveas           Big \o/ from me based on debian work and QA efforts and plans, -0 based on the fact that he's been active for not a too long period
   12:13 ogra             sfllaw, did an awesome job in the short time he's involved yet
   12:13 mako             right, not too long a period in ubuntu but i am familiar with sfllaw's work in debian
   12:13 elmo             I think the fact that he has a contract takes care of ensuring the "sustained" part of the requirements
   12:14 ogra             s/awesome/unbelivable, incredibel awesome/s
   === hybrid [n=hybrid@unaffiliated/hybrid] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   12:14 Kamion           Seveas: -0 noted, although on the flip-side we can expect employees to ... oh, what elmo aid
   12:14 Kamion           said
   12:14 sfllaw           mako only says this because I bought him a drink at Debconf 2.
   12:14 mako             elmo: welll, there's also visible world elsewhere in the free software community
   12:14 elmo             mako: right, that too
   12:14 mako             sfllaw: you bought me a drink at debconf?
   12:14 elmo             so anyway, +1 from me
   12:14 Kamion           oh wow you worked for maple, I used to use that at school
   12:14 ajmitch          and he's been active in debian for years now
   12:14 mako             sfllaw: i must have forget. you should do it again :)
   12:14 ogra             elmo, but i think what he did until now also counts a lot, dholbach can tell even more i think
   12:14 sfllaw           mkOf course.
   12:14 sfllaw           mako: Of course.
   === Kamion is curious what PropterHoc might be
   12:15 dholbach         I'm very happy to work together with sfllaw on the Bug Front and knew him beforehand already. He's quick to understand, to plan and to envision and I think he'll help us to gain back ground :-)
   12:15 Seveas           If he doesn't, he'll have to buy eberyone drinks at Ubuntu French Kiss :)
   12:16 ajmitch          Seveas: he'll do that anyway, won't he? :)
   12:16 Seveas           true
   12:16 ogra             oh, is that the official name ?
   12:16 dholbach         He triaged quite a bunch of bugs already and quickly got an overview over people and teams - apart from that he's very helpful in #ubuntu-bugs to new people.
   12:16 sfllaw           Seveas: And this will help us how?
   12:16 ompaul           ajmitch, no hes just buying for mako
   12:16 ogra             sfllaw, hey, this is the *community* council
   12:16 sfllaw           Getting you all drunk?
   12:16 sfllaw           I suppose.
   12:16 ogra             its a major social thing to buy everyone in the distro team a drink at confs ;)
   12:17 Kamion           anyway, +1, know him from Debian and he's got off to a flying start
   12:17 mako             yes, sounds great
   12:17 mdke             welcome aboard sfllaw
   12:17 Seveas           Awesome! Welcome aboard bughunter!
   12:17 Bluekuja         congrats sfllaw
   12:17 dholbach         ROCK ON!
   12:17 sfllaw           Thanks.
   12:17 ogra             YAY
   === dholbach hugs sfllaw
   === ogra hugs sfllaw
   12:17 Seveas           GROUPHUG!
   === sfllaw hugs dholbach.
   12:17 ogra             yay
   === sfllaw hugs ogra.
   12:17 Seveas           Surak, you're next
   12:17 ajmitch          he's picked up on the hugging quickly as well..
   === mvo congrats sfllaw
   12:17 Surak            I am Alexandre Otto Strube, from Brazil. the wikipage is and launchpad is
   12:17 Surak            right now, the plan is bug triage and hardware support. I'm intended to leave developers do their job, and help users with their bugs (several people just want to help, but don't know exactly how).
   12:17 Surak            I'm doing a lot of work by helping out users in irc, specially on #ubuntu-br .
   12:17 Surak            Actually working on a Ubuntu-based distribution for a brazilian computer manufacturer. We try to keep as close as ubuntu as possible, and give the most that we can back to ubuntu, in form of testing, bug reporting and translation to pt_BR.
   12:18 Surak            I've written a tutorial on how developers can change source code in Ubuntu/Debian, which lead to a video driver for breezy amd64 - a functional Via Unichrome (breezy-amd64 used vesa):
   === ogra tries to hug 96 ppl, but notices his arms arent long enough
   12:18 Surak            for the future, as ubuntu gets more and more simple (to me, through learning), the plan is to help by adopting universe packages, and providing quality work on them.
   12:18 Surak            I would like to introduce someone which can talk a little bit more of me: Claudio Filho (filhocf), the Openoffice Brazil team leader, our upstream in openoffice translation :-) He started the MozBr and PgSQLBr projects also, and is an active collaborator on Debian/Debian-Br-CDD. Altough not a ubuntu member, someone I respect when the matter is open source. I did a lot of work with him before ubuntu, specially.
   12:18 Surak            Meyer and Licio can talk a little about my work also. KurtKraut is the #ubuntu-br ircop, and can talk also.
   12:18 filhocf          Hi..
   12:18 dholbach         Surak triaged some hundred desktop-bugs already, and I'm very grateful for what he did.
   12:19 licio            Surak is a hard colaborator of the bugTriage, translates and help in irc channel #ubuntu-br
   12:19 KurtKraut        Surak, you've forgot to mention that you're a colunist at
   12:19 dholbach         He has a good overview over what goes on upstream, knows which questions to ask, etc - he's very motivated.
   12:19 Surak            indeed!
   12:19 filhocf          about Surak, i know him some years, and your efforts to help in localization of OOo and Moz here is incredible
   12:20 Kamion           Surak and co. had a go at UbuntuExpress back in the breezy timeframe; we didn't end up using that code, but they made a decent effort
   12:20 filhocf          Surak helps in a help system called Rau-tu(how-to in brazilian speak) and is a big collaborator there
   12:20 ogra             and he's around pretty long already
   12:20 Kamion           he's been helping out a bit with ubiquity triage work more recently
   === urss [] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   12:21 filhocf          in localization part, i think that is a big help to Ubuntu.
   12:23 elmo             looks fine to be based on wiki page + kamion's comments
   12:24 mako             wellwell, i appreciate that you're trying to work closely with ubuntu while working on your own derivative
   12:24 mako             i'd love if you document the things that have and haven't worked well as part of that process
   12:24 mako             but i'm happy with membership
   12:24 Surak            today, more work of mine is done in bug triage than in my own job, for desperation of my boss :-)
   12:24 Seveas           Surak, hehe
   12:25 Seveas           2 down, Kamion what's the verdict?
   12:25 Surak            but as we are porting our own derivative to dapper, its equally important that dapper is in shape
   === zul [n=chuck@ubuntu/member/zul] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   12:25 zul              @schedule Ottawa
   12:26 zul              @schedule Montreal
   12:26 Ubugtu           Schedule for America/Montreal: Current meeting: Community Council | 03 May 08:00: Edubuntu | 03 May 09:30: Xubuntu | 03 May 22:00: Ubuntu Development Team | 09 May 16:00: Technical Board | 10 May 08:00: Edubuntu
   12:26 Kamion           I'm fine with Surak for membership, per the above
   12:26 ogra             zul, please, we're in a meeting :)
   12:26 Seveas           Ok, 3 down! Congratz Surak !
   12:26 Bluekuja         congrats surak
   12:26 zul              sorry..
   12:26 Seveas           btw: Who has launchpad duty today?
   12:26 ogra             conagrats Surak
   === camilotelles [] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   12:26 Surak            thanks
   === dholbach hugs Surak
   12:27 licio            congrats Surak , welcome
   12:27 camilotelles     congrats Surak!
   12:27 Surak            i'm shaking :-)
   12:27 Meyer            congrats, Surak
   12:27 KurtKraut        Surak, well done boy ;D
   12:27 mdke             well done Surak
   12:27 filhocf          congrats Surak, and congrats to Team too.
   12:27 mako             gary coady?
   12:27 Seveas           iegary, you're up
   12:27 Kamion           I'd forgotten about launchpad duty - I'll do it
   12:27 iegary           Hi, I'm Gary Coady, I've been administering Debian systems since '97, so have a good bit of experience with Debian-ish systems. Updated a third party package (aiccu) with debconf support and general Ubuntu integration. Have been working doing C programming for the last few years. A year of tech support (receiving, fixing core dumps etc.) as well.
   12:27 iegary           I've been helping out with bug triage and fixing in Launchpad since March (you can find me in #ubuntu-bugs and #ubuntu-desktop), and have provided a good number of patches. I think I've helped somewhat in improving the quality of Dapper when it releases, and look forward to helping further with Ubuntu in the future. My wiki page at provides a few more details.
   12:27 Seveas           Kamion, cool
   12:27 mako             Kamion: you on it?
   === filhocf [n=Claudio_@] has left #ubuntu-meeting []
   12:28 Kamion           mako: yes
   12:28 dholbach         I'm *VERY* pleased that iegary stepped up to write patches that upstream looked for for quite some time. He says that he just picks up the "easy things" - but don't believe him.
   12:28 seb128           iegary is sending a lot of amazing GNOME patches to fix all sort of bugs to the desktop
   12:29 dholbach         He fixed quite a bunch of annoying things in the desktop world - he's a real asset and we're happy he's with us.
   12:29 seb128           very good work
   12:29 iegary           thank you!
   12:29 seb128           thank *you*
   12:29 seb128           :)
   === dholbach high fives iegary
   12:29 Seveas           \o/ for the patching effort
   12:29 Seveas           please pick up more of those "easy" tasks
   12:29 dholbach         yeah :)
   12:30 iegary           Oh I wouldn't touch any of the difficult ones...
   === kmon [] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   === seb128 does't find those patches "easy" BTW
   12:30 Kamion           ok, launchpad brought up to current
   === ogra points to gnome-screensaver ... all these 'easy' bugs are waiting :P
   12:31 seb128           (like that refcounting on poppler was not trivial code)
   12:31 Seveas           iegary, if you have a moment to spare: Implement a "settings" button in gss please ;)
   12:31 ogra             woah, poppler ?
   12:31 mako             iegary: sounds like a great member to meto me :)
   12:31 dholbach         pffffft
   12:31 ogra             that indeed deserves membership right away !
   12:31 Kamion           iegary: could you visit, please?
   12:31 iegary           I hear you, Seveas
   12:31 iegary           btw, I hear a rumour I broke pdftex, for the record ;)
   12:31 elmo             ogra: dude, don't make me rethink the edubuntu/kubuntu delegation thing :-P
   12:32 ogra             elmo, :P
   12:32 elmo             ack from me anyway
   12:32 elmo             (I'm cheating and pre-reading wiki pages, I'm not really this fast)
   12:32 ogra             heh
   12:32 dholbach         YAY for elmo!
   12:32 Kamion           sadly, I'm not, give me a minute or two
   12:32 Seveas           elmo, FTW
   12:33 mako             elmo: i preread them too :)
   12:34 elmo             Seveas: eh?
   12:34 Seveas           elmo, nvm, I was just cheerleading
   12:35 Seveas           The microsoft keyboard has some bad effects on my mental state
   12:35 Kamion           oh yes, it was the brltty thing I noticed iegary for
   12:35 ompaul           Seveas, we need someone to give you a type m in its place
   12:35 mdke             is the microsoft keyboard responsible for the appearance of the dreaded ?
   12:36 Yann2            hum. i've been approved as member approximatively one year ago, but never subscribed to the ubuntumembers team -_-
   12:36 Yann2            should I forget it? :D
   12:36 mako             Yann2: no, do it now
   12:36 mako             Yann2: i remember approving you
   12:37 Yann2            thanks, done
   12:37 Kamion           iegary++, clearly doing a fine job beyond the normal call of duty on bug QA work
   12:37 mdke             nice work iegary
   12:37 Seveas           nice one, welcome aboard!
   12:37 Bluekuja         congratz iegary
   12:38 dholbach         congratulations iegary!
   12:38 iegary           thank you! I'm glad to be here.
   12:38 Surak            congrats iegari!
   12:38 Seveas           keep up the bug work
   12:38 Seveas           gnomefreak, you're up
   12:38 gnomefreak       thank you, Seveas
   12:38 Kamion           still need iegari to apply to join the team before I can add him
   12:38 elmo             gnomefreak: where's your wiki page?
   12:38 mako             is there no wikipage?
   12:38 gnomefreak       Hi I'm John Vivirito aka gnomefreak, I have been helping on irc for many months now, helping new and experienced users on IRC, mailing lists, and more to the best of my ability. I have also done some material in the wikis. I can be found here:  right now I am learning more about Ubuntu and hope
   12:38 gnomefreak       to get some more Python and C experience. Done
   12:38 mdke             elmo: mako: small "v"
   12:38 Seveas 
   === neutrinomass [] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   === Dilago [n=dilago@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   12:38 gnomefreak       elmo, i thought it was oon the agenda wiki
   12:39 gnomefreak       s/oon/on
   12:39 Seveas           gnomefreak gets a \o/ from me for IRC support - he's active quite a lot
   12:39 ompaul           I support gnomefreak in his application, he makes an excellent meeter and greeter, and has buckets patience with new users, he gets people from starting block to up and running, he is attentive to the user and gets to the root (should that be sudo ;-)) of the problem even with very new users, be it terminal material or not and walk them through to getting it usable, he has learnt a lot since he started in #ubuntu and his help is polished to
   12:39 ompaul           a high level. He does not get excited with abuse or trolls.
   === skateinmars [] has left #ubuntu-meeting ["Bye!]
   12:39 ompaul           or Seveas +1
   12:39 nalioth          +1 for gnomefreak for the above reasons
   12:39 Seveas           And I want to hijack this a bit: he'd be a great #ubuntu op too
   12:40 ompaul           we need him
   12:40 Seveas           (So a vote on that would be nice)
   12:40 Kamion           I'm obviously too tired to make sense of the IRC logs in that wiki page
   12:40 gnomefreak       thanks guys :)
   12:40 _jason           gnomefreak is very active on irc.  He helps out the new guy as well as someone with a more difficult propblem.  He never seems to get frustrated and is always willing to help.
   === kiko-fud [] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   === sHaDe [] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   12:42 mako             ompaul: thanks
   12:42 ompaul           mako, when we can we do :-)
   === sHaDe is now known as _sHaDe
   12:43 mako             i read the first one
   12:43 mako             it backs up everything that om has said
   12:43 Seveas           gnomefreak reminds me a bit of myself a year ago, when I started doing IRC support. Full of enthousiasm and always willing to help/learn
   12:43 mako             very patient, very helpful
   === freeflying-ibook [n=freeflyi@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   === urss is now known as vampurss
   12:45 Kamion           the main thing that's missing from the first log seems to be a link to the bug filed about the problem. :-)
   12:45 Seveas           heh
   12:45 Kamion           but yeah, what mako said
   12:46 mako             gnomefreak: how long have you been helping out on irc?
   === vampurss [] has left #ubuntu-meeting ["Ex-Chat"]
   12:46 gnomefreak       mako, strongly helping out since december
   === mako nods
   12:47 mako             alright, the most we can do is rely on testimonials and examples.. i'm happy with membership on those grounds
   === kiko [] has left #ubuntu-meeting ["Left]
   12:47 gnomefreak       thank you
   12:47 Seveas           mako, how about IRC op?
   12:47 mako             oh yes, that sounds fine
   12:47 ompaul           mako, I really want to see him as an op
   12:48 mako             if the other irc ops would like to see it
   12:48 nalioth          +1 on gnomefreak as op
   12:48 Seveas           mako, they want to
   12:48 Kamion           happy with gnomefreak for membership
   12:48 gnomefreak       thank you
   12:49 Surak            congratulations gnomefreak!
   12:49 Kamion           gnomefreak: how's the new user network progressing? it's been a while since I heard anything much about it
   12:49 ogra             congrats gnomefreak
   12:49 Seveas           Surak, ogra: not yet
   12:49 Kamion           er, elmo's not said anything yet
   12:49 gnomefreak       thank you everyone im glad to be aboard
   12:49 elmo             ack
   12:49 Seveas           gnomefreak, you're not there yet
   12:49 Seveas           ah, you are ;)
   12:49 gnomefreak       oops
   12:49 Seveas           congratulations!
   12:49 gnomefreak       thank you
   12:49 mdke             nice work dude
   12:49 Bluekuja         Kamion: new user network its not so much active now
   === ogra knew he can speed that up with premature comments ;)
   12:49 ompaul           welcome abored
   12:50 ogra             congrats gnomefreak
   12:50 ogra             :)
   12:50 Surak            congratulations now :-)
   12:50 gnomefreak       Kamion, its going ok
   12:50 Bluekuja         congratz gnomefreak
   12:50 gnomefreak       thank you everyone
   === Kamion attempts to reconcile Bluekuja's and gnomefreak's comments. :)
   12:50 _jason           gnomefreak: congrats
   12:50 gnomefreak       ty _jason
   12:50 Seveas           gnomefreak, ah, the new user network is moving forward?
   12:50 Kamion           lp munging all done
   12:50 ompaul           maybe its time to move it on
   12:51 nalioth          Seveas: incrementally moving
   12:51 Seveas           ompaul, move on to where?
   12:51 Seveas           nalioth, good to hear
   12:51 mako             alright
   12:51 ompaul           Seveas,  the bar for the party :)
   12:51 gnomefreak       Seveas, its getting there
   12:51 Bluekuja         well, kamion talking with one of new user network admins, he said that the project is not more active because we dont need anymore
   12:51 Bluekuja         it
   12:52 Bluekuja         it was really usefull when ubuntu started
   12:52 mako             alright, is there any other bueinss
   12:52 Kamion           you mean we have fewer new users now than before? that sounds implausible
   12:52 Kamion           no other business from me
   12:52 Seveas           datetime of next meeting
   12:52 BlueT_           am i the next to be voted?
   12:52 mako             umm.. probably should be a bit earlier
   12:53 mako             for example, 12UTC
   12:53 Seveas           BlueT_, you're not on the agenda
   12:53 Bluekuja         well, of course now there a lot of new users, but seems that the team is something like freezed
   12:53 Bluekuja         it would be really nice to have it back
   12:53 Kamion           actually, BlueT_ is on the agenda
   12:53 Kamion           under "Member candidates covered in recent meetings"
   12:53 Seveas           AH
   12:53 Kamion           BlueT_: go ahead
   12:53 BlueT_           My name's Matthew Lien, 22y. I'm the Ubuntu@Taiwan leader and Organizer. wiki page -
   12:53 BlueT_           Managing the [ LoCoTeam - Ubuntu@TW]
   12:53 BlueT_           --
   12:54 BlueT_           Maintaining these servers and site contents
   12:54 BlueT_           Website/Forum :
   12:54 BlueT_           Doc Team : - Our own Docs for Traditional Chinese User and Translate Docs from English to Chinese.
   12:54 BlueT_           APT server : - archive mirror, 2Gbps bandwidth.
   12:54 BlueT_           Deb Team : and - our own patched and up-to-date package for chinese users.
   12:54 BlueT_           LiveCD Team : - Our own Custom version LiveCD for Traditional Chinese Users.
   12:54 Kamion           "gray hat hacker"? /me raises eyebrow
   12:54 BlueT_           ISO mirror :
   12:54 BlueT_           Dapper mirror :
   12:54 BlueT_           --
   12:54 BlueT_           Helping Ubuntu-(CN|HK) to be a organized LoCoTeam with our framework.
   12:54 BlueT_           Organizing a Ubuntu-ZH, which is a United Team of Ubuntu-(TW|CN|HK), for doing things about TW <-> CN <-> HK.
   12:54 BlueT_           Help users on #ubuntu-tw #ubuntu-cn #ubuntu-hk #ubuntu-zh.
   12:54 BlueT_           Prepearing a doc server for ubuntu-tw , ubuntu-cn and ubuntu-hk local teams (have been setted up).
   12:54 BlueT_           Prepearing a buildd server for ubuntu-tw , ubuntu-cn and ubuntu-hk local teams.
   12:54 BlueT_           BetterCJKSupport which aims to make CJK user can use ubuntu more smoothly.
   12:54 BlueT_           Translate doc from english to chinese.
   12:54 BlueT_           Kamion: white hat for now and future, actually :)
   12:54 BlueT_           Write HOWTOs and Docs.
   12:55 Kamion           BlueT_: what are the modifications in the UbuntuTW live CD?
   12:55 Kamion           are they things that we could integrate properly - are bugs filed?
   12:55 Seveas           (bbiab)
   12:55 Kamion  404
   12:56 Kamion           ah, releases
   12:56 BlueT_           Kamion: it was for chinese bug fixs in breezy
   12:56 Kamion  is a bit out of date FWIW
   12:56 Kamion           BlueT_: are they still needed in dapper?
   12:56 BlueT_           Kamion: the connection speed of cdimage is REALLY slow. we tried our best to mirror :(
   12:57 BlueT_           Kamion: i'll focus on locolization in our dapper livecd :)
   12:57 Kamion           there was a period when it was slow due to various issues - you may find it's faster now though, that was a while ago
   12:57 Kamion           although I appreciate that shoving bits half-way round the world takes a while
   12:58 elmo             it definitely shoudl be better now
   12:58 Surak            BlueT_: i can rsync the daily images in matter of minutes today from cdimage
   12:58 elmo             if it's still slow, I suspect network problems, or just general poor level3 .eu -> asia links
   12:58 Kamion           BlueT_: I feel quite strongly that we should be making sure these bits get merged; if you want to mail me (or maybe better a list of things that need to be integrated, that'd be good
   12:59 BlueT_           Kamion: okay :)
   12:59 Kamion           can somebody who knows about it talk with BlueT about the official Ubuntu book?
   12:59 Kamion           (looking down at the bottom of the wiki page)
   12:59 Seveas           I've asked the publisher about translations - no response yet
   01:00 BlueT_           Surak: the speed's still slow here :S
   01:00 neuralis         Seveas: talk to me afterwards, i can probably answer your question(s).
   01:00 Seveas           (I'm one of the reviewers for the book)
   01:00 Seveas           neuralis, after the meeting is bedtime, sorry
   01:00 Kamion           BlueT_: on CDs, if you burn our released CD images, you can call those official; for altered/localised CDs we'd have to talk about the details
   01:00 neuralis         Seveas: that's fine, catch me whenever
   01:01 Kamion           any other ubuntu-tw folks around?
   01:01 mako             BlueT_: i can talk to you about hte book too
   01:01 Surak            Seveas: I spoke with mako about pt_BR: I have someone with money who wishes to do it. Mako, did you receive my email?
   01:01 mako             Seveas: i've been talking to the publisher about translations.. she said she can make it happen but isn't entirely sure how
   01:01 BlueT_           Kamion: Mark asked me to email him these, but no response from him. :S
   01:02 mako             Seveas: it's under a free license though so, well, it can happen :)
   01:02 BlueT_           mako: ok :D
   01:02 Kamion           BlueT_: try then
   01:02 Kamion           BlueT_: were any of your group at the localisation sprint in London?
   01:02 BlueT_           Kamion: abelcheng and freeflying-ibook knows me :)
   01:02 mako             i'm still trying to get a sense of the answer to Kamion's first questions
   === OgMaciel [n=omaciel@ubuntu/member/gnukemist] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   01:03 mako             now large of a diff are you carrying and how much of it can you get back into ubuntu
   01:03 mako             s/now/how/
   01:03 BlueT_           Kamion: nope. we're not invited. but abelcheng was there :)
   01:04 Bluekuja         guys i have to go, kamion I'll contact you tomorrow to talk about the new user network
   01:04 Bluekuja         suggestions etc
   01:04 BlueT_           mako: almost everything. # how much of it can you get back into ubuntu
   === Meyer [i=mariomey@ubuntu/member/mariomeyer] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   === Meyer back
   01:05 mako             BlueT_: bugs filed?
   01:06 BlueT_           mako: i can't say a correctly number for that question, coz we have a DebTeam for now. # now large of a diff are you carrying
   01:06 OgMaciel         heya mako...  long time don't see
   01:07 BlueT_           mako: not enough time for it.
   01:08 mako             BlueT_: what do you mean by a DebTeam?
   01:08 BlueT_           mako: somebody should focus on bugs filing, and somebody should focus on else.
   01:09 Kamion           a mix of both activities works well for most of the Ubuntu development team, FWIW; it's better for the people who are familiar with the problems to file the bugs
   01:09 Kamion           anyway, we're drifting off-topic; how do folks feel?
   01:09 BlueT_           mako: now we have a team for doing patches and packaging softwares.
   01:10 Kamion           I'd really like a commitment to push for reintegration of the ubuntu-tw development work, so that it's a contribution to Ubuntu proper
   === Dilago [n=dilago@] has left #ubuntu-meeting []
   === Willhunting [] has left #ubuntu-meeting ["Leaving"]
   01:10 mdke             BlueT_: (if you're interested in translating the Desktop Guide, Server Guide, Packaging Guide etc, have a look at the ubuntu-translators mailing list archives, there are details there of how to do that.)
   01:11 BlueT_           mdke: i see. i had subscribed that mailing list already :)
   01:11 Kamion           but if that's done, I'm happy with the rest of the work
   01:11 elmo             kamion++
   01:11 Kamion           (local advocacy, testing, local documentation etc.)
   01:11 mdke             BlueT_: good, I was just checking because I saw the thing about translating the book so I thought I'd just clarify in case you didn't know about it.
   01:12 BlueT_           mdke: thanx :)
   === mako nods to Kamion
   01:12 BlueT_           and apologize if there's any questions i didn't answer
   01:12 mako             that sounds like a fair deal
   01:13 Seveas           So, +3 once the ubuntu-tw works are merged?
   01:13 elmo             not conditional on it being merged, but a commitment to working towards that
   01:13 BlueT_           coz english is not my native language, so maybe i'm a little slower than you @@"
   01:14 mako             elmo: right
   01:15 mako             alright then
   01:15 mako             BlueT_: welcome
   01:15 mako             if there are no problems then, lets reconvene in two weeks at UTC12
   01:16 Kamion           can I approve BlueT in LP?
   01:16 ogra             without that commitment ?
   01:16 BlueT_           mako: thanx :)
   01:18 Kamion           BlueT_: can you say that you will get somebody to send a summary of your changes to ubuntu-devel@, and we can move on? :-)
   01:19 BlueT_           changes on...?
   01:19 Kamion           BlueT_: the ubuntu-tw live CD, with respect to dapper
   01:20 ogra             bugs that havent been filed etc
   01:20 BlueT_           Kamion: yeh of course :)
   01:21 ogra             s/filed/filed yet/ :)
   01:21 Kamion           ok, great, thank you
   01:21 Kamion           I've approved BlueT in launchpad now
   01:21 elmo             ANY OTHER BUSINESS?
   01:21 Kamion           right
   01:21 Kamion           00:15 < mako> if there are no problems then, lets reconvene in two weeks at UTC12
   01:21 Kamion           works for me
   01:21 Seveas           ack
   01:21 freeflying-ibook hi all, I know something about BlueT_ , shall I tell something
   01:21 Kamion           going
   01:21 elmo             is that midday?
   01:22 Kamion           freeflying-ibook: go ahead
   01:22 Kamion           elmo: yes
   01:22 elmo             oh, hang on
   01:22 Kamion           freeflying-ibook: although we've already approved him so it's a bit late, but quick
   01:22 elmo             Kamion: that's the middle of debconf
   01:22 elmo             I think all four CC folks will be there ;-)
   01:22 Kamion           I won't
   01:22 freeflying-ibook Kamion: BlueT_ has host ubuntu-tw,and do support in taiwan
   01:22 elmo             Kamion: no?  bummer
   01:22 Kamion           afraid not :(
   01:23 Kamion           no mehico for me
   01:23 freeflying-ibook Kamion: he has worked with us lots for BetterCJKSuppor spec, like test, etc
   01:23 elmo             mako's registered at least and usually turns up.  mark's going
   01:23 elmo             12UTC is going to be awfully early in mexico
   === kurtkraut [n=ktk@tor/session/external/x-8fea18549379efb8] has left #ubuntu-meeting []
   01:24 mako             elmo: i'm actually *not* going to be at debconf
   01:24 elmo             mako: ah
   01:24 Seveas           *shock*
   01:24 mako             i asked them to unregister
   01:24 mako             i know
   01:24 mako             first time in like 5 years
   01:24 Kamion           how about we make it 2000UTC then, to let elmo and mark get adequate beauty sleep
   === ogra thinks it will be a small debconf this time, many people arent going
   01:24 mako             combination of end of the semester, sponsors week at the media lab and getting married sort of added together :)
   01:25 Kamion           freeflying-ibook: ok, thanks; sounds like we were right to approve him from your point of view, then :)
   01:25 mdke             wow, congrats mako
   01:25 ogra             mako, getting married ????
   01:25 Kamion           mako: oh, hey, congratulations
   01:25 Seveas           getting married?!?
   01:25 mako             ah, yes, i haven't blogged that yet :)
   01:25 freeflying-ibook Kamion: thanks
   01:25 ogra             mako, you ????
   01:25 mako             will do today :)
   01:25 Seveas           when?
   01:25 gnomefreak       congrats mako
   01:25 ogra             mako, WOW !!!!
   01:25 Seveas           congratulations!
   01:25 elmo             Kamion: in some ways 12UTC might work better - there's more chance of me attending, if not mark.  20UTC would put us middle of day, fighting with talks (or the water park)
   01:25 ogra             yeah, congrats
   01:25 freeflying-ibook BlueT_: congrats
   01:25 ajmitch          mako: nice way to spring it on us :)
   01:25 BlueT_           mako: congradulations!
   01:25 mako             either time is fine for me :)
   01:25 mako             ajmitch: thought you wouldn't notice :)
   01:25 ompaul           mako, :-) best of luck
   01:26 BlueT_           Kamion: am i one of ubuntu-members now?
   01:26 Seveas           BlueT_, yes
   01:26 Surak            mako: congratulations, and.... good luck!
   01:26 gnomefreak       congrats BlueT_
   === BlueT_ kisses everyone!
   01:26 BlueT_           Seveas: thanx
   01:26 ogra             BlueT_, welcome :)
   01:26 elmo             kamion/mako: ok, let's do 12UTC.  I can have fun trolling mark, telling him he has to attend to make up for missing so many
   01:26 BlueT_           gnomefreak: you too :D
   01:26 gnomefreak       thank you
   01:26 ompaul           BlueT_, well done
   01:26 BlueT_           ogra: *hug*
   01:26 ogra             :)
   01:27 BlueT_           ompaul: thx :)
   01:27 mako             elmo: sounds fine
   01:27 ogra             elmo, tell him he'll be kept in afterwards :)
   01:27 Kamion           elmo: works for me; throw a bucket of water over him for me ;)
   01:27 elmo             ok - can we call this a night?  I'd kind of like to get some dinner ;)
   01:28 elmo             mako: (congratulations)
   01:28 Kamion           righto
   01:28 Kamion           adjourned

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