09:58 vorian alright, lets get this party started :)
09:58 vorian first up
09:58 vorian
09:58 vorian hardware team co-leader
09:59 SD-Plissken Which only one person applied for.
09:59 vorian http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=384360/
10:00 vorian should we shoot for more applicants before we make a decision on this?
10:00 forumsmatthew Yay! Mike made it
10:00 SD-Plissken I think thats the best thing to do vorian.
10:00 ubuntugeek Yeah thats my thought.. we could look at merging that team
10:00 MikeB- my laptop is giving me fits:)
10:00 SD-Plissken Hello MikeB-
10:01 ubuntugeek into beginners team
10:01 forumsmatthew ubuntugeek, merging sounds like a reasonable plan
10:01 vorian that sounds like a good idea =]
10:01 ubuntugeek bodhi has it together
10:01 jdong ubuntugeek: merging is good, but iwth beginners?
10:01 MikeB- how long ago did you start?
10:01 forumsmatthew beginners have hardware
10:01 forumsmatthew MikeB-, just 2 minutes ago
10:01 MikeB- whew
10:02 jdong okay, we can try that :)
10:02 ubuntugeek considering bodhi offered help http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=408325 to the hardware team
10:02 ubuntugeek i think its a good idea
10:02 vorian the kind of documentation bodhi is working on will fit perfectly with the hardware team.
10:02 forumsmatthew I saw bodhi's offer, nice
10:03 jdong ubuntugeek: yeah, I didn't see his offer before; yeah that'll work out
10:03 ubuntugeek so i'm gonna +1 I dont think bodhi will decline if there is an issue we can put it back on the agenda for next month and adjust if needed..
10:03 PriceChild lord illian did start trying.... but then disappeared completely again and hasn't been seen for a week
10:03 forumsmatthew ubuntugeek, +1
10:04 jdong +1
10:04 vorian MikeB-, poke
10:04 SD-Plissken +1
10:04 MikeB- +1
10:05 vorian :)
10:05 vorian ready for the next item?
10:05 forumsmatthew I'm ready
10:05 vorian UWN Sticky and Stickies in general
10:05 vorian The procedure for suggesting and approving temporary and permanent stickies (esp. in the Cafe) needs to be revised
10:05 vorian jenda, ^
10:06 vorian oops, guess that was solved already
10:06 ubuntugeek Yeah :)
10:06 ubuntugeek however, since we are going to have time to spare..
10:06 jenda weehee
10:06 jenda hello
10:06 jenda sorry, I forgot :)
10:06 ubuntugeek lets take a run with the stickies and make a policy for them
10:07 jenda I'd say suggest to staff -> vote among staff
10:07 ubuntugeek anyone have any suggestions on improving or enhancing stickies?
10:07 forumsmatthew I like the way SD-Plissken did it today
10:07 forumsmatthew Found a need, discussed it, wrote it up
10:08 forumsmatthew with feedback
10:08 PriceChild I'd like to say I don't like the suggestions of "lets remove stickies and put it into a thread with a list of important threads inside.... they'll get seen even less imo.
10:08 jenda any user suggests to any staff member a thread for sticky -> the staff member does a staff poll in the staff chitchat
10:08 jenda forumsmatthew: linky?
10:08 forumsmatthew brb, I'll look
10:08 forumsmatthew http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=408406
10:09 ubuntugeek Thats pretty much along the lines of Jenda's thought .. Works for me
10:09 vorian nice SD-Plissken :)
10:10 SD-Plissken Thanks.
10:10 jenda I'd make a poll among staff a standard... and the admins should have final word (or the FC)
10:10 jenda SD-Plissken++
10:10 jdong stickies should have some standard expiratory timeframe too
10:10 jdong at which time a new sticky will have to be submitted for approval also....
10:10 jenda jdong: that should be included in the poll - some stickies are intended to be permanent.
10:10 jenda yes
10:10 jenda err...
10:10 jenda yeah, that.
10:10 jdong jenda: permanent stickies will still need revising
10:10 jenda :)
10:10 jenda ok
10:11 jdong jenda: especially when like there's 500 replies and little bits of info added here and there :D
10:11 ubuntugeek the only issue with a poll is sometimes a sticky will need to be created ASAP and there isnt time for a poll
10:11 jenda yep, you're right.
10:11 MikeB- so we will have two types of stickies permanent, and expiring
10:11 jdong something like 2 months sounds reasonable for default....
10:11 ubuntugeek mikeb: agreed
10:11 jdong in that kind of time frame something will have changed
10:11 Seveas ubuntugeek, for things like the current kernel breakage you mean?
10:11 jenda MikeB-: and the permanent ones should be re-checked every once in a while.
10:11 ubuntugeek seveas: yep
10:12 jenda ubuntugeek: in that case, it should be the admin's call
10:12 ubuntugeek jenda: that works
10:12 forumsmatthew +1 for checking stickies--maybe the original writer's initially responsible to do so occasionally?
10:12 MikeB- two monthes, I was thinking two weeks:)
10:12 jdong MikeB-: guess we need short-expiring and long-expiring stickies then :)
10:12 jenda forumsmatthew++
10:13 jenda well, no
10:13 jenda forumsmatthew: the OP might have interest in not telling anyone if the sticky should be removed :)
10:14 forumsmatthew jenda, oh, yeah...that human nature thing. Well, we can all kind of peruse and suggest changes when needed, and let FC members make a final call.
10:14 ubuntugeek lets say that the OP needs to maintain the sticky, if its a critical/information sticky 2months none critical 1week.. anything that needs to be permanent can be an announcement.
10:14 forumsmatthew ubuntugeek, +1
10:14 SD-Plissken We will have short stickies for emergency's and permanent stickies as well as stickies that require re-certification after 2-3 weeks
10:14 MikeB- ubuntugeek +1
10:15 jenda ubuntugeek: +1
10:15 ubuntugeek there will be a 24 hour window for voting on a sticky
10:15 forumsmatthew +1 for 24 hour window
10:15 ubuntugeek stickies that are needed ASAP is an admins call, if no admins are around the person leading the charge can make a best judgement
10:15 jdong ubuntugeek: +1
10:16 forumsmatthew I"m wearing out my +1 keys
10:16 ubuntugeek +1
10:16 SD-Plissken ++1
10:16 jenda forumsmatthew: use the numpad once you do.
10:16 vorian +1
10:16 MikeB- forumsmatthew: I have a mouse button bound to +1:)
10:16 jdong lol
10:16 forumsmatthew doesn't anyone have anything controversial to say???
10:16 forumsmatthew MikeB-, lol
10:16 jdong I'd rather not :D
10:17 MikeB- forumsmatthew: I think DOn Imus got a raw deal:)
10:17 ubuntugeek al-rightly then :)
10:17 vorian next item?
10:17 forumsmatthew MikeB-, rotfl!!!!!!!!
10:17 forumsmatthew next item
10:17 ubuntugeek vorian: yeah
10:17 vorian Forum updates
10:17 vorian More of a FYI for the record, I added a couple features to the forums were users can link to their Launchpad profiles. Also when posting a new thread or a reply in the support areas of the forums users can link to a Launchpad bug.
10:18 jdong any plans for when the reciprocal will happen?
10:18 ubuntugeek No one objected but I figured i'd mention it..
10:18 forumsmatthew I really like the bug link feature. The profile link is a nice touch, too.
10:18 jdong i.e. LP linking to forum user accounts....
10:18 PriceChild jdong, I don't think they're going to
10:18 jdong that's a link I'd really wish LP would make
10:18 forumsmatthew jdong, that's controversial
10:18 PriceChild jdong, launchpad isn't ubuntu specific
10:18 ubuntugeek jdong; there is a bug in LP but doesnt look like it will happen
10:18 jdong it's the last missing piece of identity
10:18 jdong ubuntugeek: heh ok
10:18 MikeB- I plan to have a loooong talk with launchpad people at the UDS
10:19 ubuntugeek mikeb: great!
10:19 PriceChild MikeB-, pull me in :)
=== nixternal wonders who is in charge of creating the LoCo forums - Ubuntu Illinois & Chicago was posted 2 days ago (request)
10:19 jdong it's a shame that it won't happen any time soon
10:19 ubuntugeek nixternal: thats me :O
10:19 forumsmatthew MikeB-, if I get there, take me in as well
10:19 jdong trying to link the identity of an IRC user to the forums is a big pain from experience
10:19 ubuntugeek nixternal: i'll get them taken care of today
10:19 nixternal ubuntugeek: you rock!
10:19 MikeB- a bug report on the kernel issue burst out in a debate on launchpad, if launchpad could link the forum more, the discussion could be diverted there
10:20 nixternal ubuntugeek: feel free to make Illinois & Chicago one, I can just sticky Chicago info in the Illinois forum
10:20 ubuntugeek Also, I made some pretty drastic changes to the forum index to clean it up.. no one objected but again just wanted to mention it..
10:20 PriceChild loving the new layout... much quicker :)
10:20 vorian look very nice =]
10:20 forumsmatthew x2
10:20 vorian s*
10:20 ubuntugeek Also, for the record when feisty comes out we "might" have to disable tags until traffic gets normal again
10:21 ubuntugeek I am worried about the loads
10:21 jdong ubuntugeek: have you attempted at another go of getting hardware upgrades? :D
=== ubuntugeek note to self to offload tags to sphinx
10:21 ubuntugeek jdong: no.. mikeb and myself talk about presenting some requirements at the summit
10:22 jdong sounds good
10:22 jdong doesn't look like they take us seriously right now :-/
10:22 ubuntugeek thats pretty much all i had to say about the changes
10:22 ubuntugeek to the layout etc
10:22 vorian alrighty then
10:22 vorian last item
10:22 vorian 3rd party sections
10:22 vorian A new procedure for requesting a third party forum. I sent a PM to all the third party maintainers asking for confirmation that they still want to keep their section active. I would like to get a vote on this new procedure to make it "official".
10:23 forumsmatthew can you outline it a little more, for the record?
10:23 ubuntugeek yep
10:23 PriceChild What about cases like the "linux for clinics" where they have their own forum elsewhere?
10:23 ubuntugeek second while i type
10:23 ubuntugeek :)
10:26 ubuntugeek The purpose of the change is pretty simple, alot of these projects have grown and now have their own official means. When the 3rd party section was create there was no order to it etc. I took the LoCo forums as an example and applied to to the 3rd party section. Our original goal for the 3rd party was to facilitate niche software/projects that related directly to ubuntu and help them get established and provide them with a space to d
10:27 ubuntugeek If a project/software has their own official forums we can simply provide a link to their forum.
10:27 ubuntugeek or not
10:28 ubuntugeek this is the policy for requesting a 3rd party area
10:28 ubuntugeek http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=393914
10:28 ubuntugeek which is modeled after the LoCo one.. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=290685
10:28 ubuntugeek thoughts concerns?
10:29 SD-Plissken Seems fair to me.
10:29 ubuntugeek There needs to be an established process for dealing with them
10:30 ubuntugeek forumsmatthew: did you get any of that?
10:30 jdong I think we need to establish a renewal period too
10:30 ubuntugeek jdong: agreed
10:30 forumsmatthew I got up to the link
10:30 ubuntugeek k
10:31 ubuntugeek ..wave..
10:31 MikeB- it sound fine to me
10:31 forumsmatthew +1
10:32 jdong what would be a reasonable expiry time....
10:32 ubuntugeek hmm 1year?
10:32 jdong let's just triple what MikeB- says :D
10:32 jdong lol
10:32 jdong 1 year sounds reasonable
10:32 forumsmatthew 1 year is good
10:33 vorian would that apply to LoCo teams as well?
10:33 jdong good question
10:33 ubuntugeek Also, I would like to make another adjustment.. the FC can vote to remove any 3rd party at anytime
10:33 jdong I think less so for LoCo
10:33 ubuntugeek As we have seen in the past there could be the need for this..
10:33 jdong ubuntugeek: yeah, good to clearly state that; though I think that's implied within the FC's range of powers
10:33 forumsmatthew ubuntugeek, big +1
10:33 SD-Plissken Vorian only if your team has their own website. I think.
10:34 ubuntugeek For LoCo's thats an official part of the ubuntu community
10:34 forumsmatthew vorian, do you mean the 1 year expiry time?
10:34 MikeB- I have been trying to think of a way for Ubuntuforums central point for Ubuntu based forums, and find a wway to connect more to the other ubuntu based forums
10:34 vorian forumsmatthew, just want to know for the record :)
10:34 ubuntugeek mikeb: lets discuss that in a sec.. I got an idea for that too
10:35 ubuntugeek Based on the fact that LoCo's are part of the overall community i see no need for renewals.. the only reason I could think to remove one is if the Loco team dissolved.
10:35 forumsmatthew that was the answer I expected...they are more formal than the 3rd party
10:35 ubuntugeek anything anyone wants to add?
10:36 MikeB- ubuntugeek: we would need some communication from Jono or someone else in the LoCo to let us know the Loco is gone
10:37 ubuntugeek mikeb: yep, i'd assume the person who created it would contact someone on staff.. i've been contacted already about merging them. I referred them back to jono for consultation on that.
10:37 ubuntugeek merging them, meaning two teams that wanted to merge
10:38 vorian great!
10:38 vorian anything else?
10:38 ubuntugeek i'm good
10:38 ubuntugeek +1
10:38 MikeB- +1
10:39 forumsmatthew +1
10:39 SD-Plissken +1
10:40 ubuntugeek Something that isn't on topic and that was discussed on the FC mailing list and then again in pretty large detail was our official stance on third party installations scripts..
10:40 forumsmatthew http://ubuntuforums.org/announcement.php?f=13
10:40 SD-Plissken Now here comes the controversy.. lol
10:41 forumsmatthew Anyone want to comment publicly?
10:41 ubuntugeek Nope
10:41 ubuntugeek Nothing further to say from me.. +1 on that announcement
10:41 MikeB- I'm kinda hoping the built-in tools in Feisty may make some of this go away
10:41 jdong I don't think there is anything controversial about the announcement
10:42 forumsmatthew Are we so right on that everyone thinks comment isn't needed, or are we so wrong you don't know where to start?
10:42 jdong it is just a message that unofficial extensions/programs on Ubuntu basically put you on your own responsibility to diagnose problems
10:42 jdong and basically make it harder for us to provide effective suppot
10:42 jdong I fully support the announcement
10:43 SD-Plissken I'm fine with the comment/post/announcement.
10:43 GazzaK I like the way that announcement is worded, well done
10:43 MikeB- the announcement is well written and very clear
10:44 ubuntugeek Great.
10:44 MikeB- and show shows no favoritism or malice toward anyone
10:44 SD-Plissken One concern is how do we get members to understand this.
10:44 vorian in a loving way SD-Plissken :)
10:44 forumsmatthew vorian, +1
10:44 jdong the corollary to this that I think we need to directly address... what do we do when we come across an automatix/3rdparty support question?
10:45 jdong do we cease the discussion?
10:45 jdong there's something that sounds uneasy about that
10:45 MikeB- SD-Plissken: I willing 95% will understand with no problem, but the other 5% we will have to be patience with
10:45 ubuntugeek Because of the past/current issues regarding one of those installations. The person should be directed to that announcement. If they persist to cause drama then they will be removed.
10:45 SD-Plissken MikeB- you may be right on that.
10:45 forumsmatthew I would prefer to let the discussion continue, after stating our stance with a link
10:46 GazzaK to be honest, I think feisty will solve many of the issues.
10:46 forumsmatthew and give users other options
10:46 forumsmatthew all while being polite
10:46 MikeB- jdong: point people to the AX forum, and leave it be if discussion is civil
10:46 forumsmatthew GazzaK, I think so too
10:46 jdong GazzaK: it will be far from completely solved
10:46 jdong there's still illegal codecs
10:46 jdong and also random 3rd party packages people want
10:46 jdong those two demands will never cease
10:47 PriceChild argh router messed up, brb
10:47 vorian we should follow up with this discussion at the next meeting to see how things go over the next few weeks.
10:47 vorian also*
10:47 ubuntugeek vorian: sounds fine
10:48 MikeB- vorian: good idea
10:48 jdong agreed, we should follow up in 1 or 2 meeting's time
10:48 forumsmatthew +1, revisit
10:48 vorian and on the topic of the next meeting....
10:49 vorian 2nd tuesday of May @ 16:00?
=== forumsmatthew searches for a calendar
10:49 ubuntugeek vorian: works for me
10:49 forumsmatthew May 8th
10:49 ubuntugeek We still have some time, does anyone have anything else to mention?
10:49 ubuntugeek rants/praises/thoughts/ etc ?
=== jdong looks at calendar
10:49 jdong tuesday 16:000 won't work for me
10:50 vorian the forums look great ubuntugeek! nice work!
10:50 jdong T/R will have to be after 21:00 for me :(, W/F are much better
10:50 MikeB- that will be during UDS
10:50 ubuntugeek does this time on fridays work ?
10:50 jdong yeah, this time on fridays is great
10:50 ubuntugeek this works for me as well
10:50 forumsmatthew Fine by me,
10:50 MikeB- it is fine with me
10:50 SD-Plissken Fine for me.
10:50 ubuntugeek great!
10:51 vorian noted
10:51 forumsmatthew May 11
10:51 ubuntugeek perfect
10:51 jdong a day before my birthday :)
10:52 forumsmatthew sweet!
10:52 MikeB- I will be on a train back to Madrid at 20:00 UTC
10:52 forumsmatthew Oh...I may be in my car somewhere in Andalucia
10:52 ubuntugeek first friday in may?
10:53 ubuntugeek that work?
10:53 vorian May 4th
10:53 forumsmatthew That one's better
10:53 ubuntu_demon suggestion : do it after UDS. You guys might want to evaluate some UDS stuff.
10:53 MikeB- I going to Spain a week early with my family to vacation
10:53 ubuntugeek ok third time is a charm.. third friday in may?
10:53 MikeB- cool with me :)
10:54 vorian May 18th
10:54 forumsmatthew I'm good
10:54 ubuntugeek ok
10:55 vorian great!
10:55 ubuntugeek anything else?
10:56 forumsmatthew anyone want a spam link for my book?
10:56 ubuntugeek Actually just a follow up to the 3rd party area.. I will research who has their own official support methods and contact them to let them know the decision.
10:56 forumsmatthew u-g, great!
10:57 vorian I'll summarize and post this all over the place later tonight :)
10:57 ubuntugeek vorian: thanks
10:57 ubuntugeek anything else?
10:58 ubuntugeek I cant think of anything pressing
10:58 MikeB- nothing here
10:58 forumsmatthew nope
10:58 SD-Plissken no
10:58 ubuntugeek Oh, might as well toss this out there
10:58 vorian lol
10:59 ubuntugeek purchased a copy of vbseo today http://www.vbseo.com/ to test out on the forums for optimization
10:59 Pricey vorian, could you pm me anything interesting I may have missed? :)
10:59 vorian sure thing
10:59 ubuntugeek and improve some of our search engine links i noticed some content gets lost or is hard to fine
11:00 ubuntugeek fine = find
11:00 forumsmatthew cool
11:00 ubuntugeek any objections from anyone
11:00 ubuntugeek ?
11:00 MikeB- nope
11:00 jdong nope
11:00 forumsmatthew nada
11:00 jdong hold on, I think I feel an RMS ray beaming down on me from 3 floors above....
11:01 jdong must.... use..... Free..... Software.....
11:01 ubuntugeek lol
11:01 jdong :)
11:01 ubuntugeek well phpbb isnt an option
11:01 ubuntugeek neither is smf
11:01 jdong haha
11:01 jdong phpbb :)
11:01 ubuntugeek why we went with vbulletin :)
11:01 ubuntugeek the only time it breaks is when i do it.. heh
11:01 forumsmatthew :)
11:02 jdong :)
11:02 ubuntugeek anything else?
11:03 Pricey just reading the about on that vbseo.... it doesn't give google access to the jail again does it? :P - "BSEO ensures that all of your vBulletin forum content pages (i.e. threads) can be included in Internet search engines"
11:03 ubuntugeek pricey: nope
11:03 ubuntugeek pricey: permissions are taken into consideration
11:03 Pricey cool :)
11:03 MikeB- later all,
11:03 ubuntugeek Like I said, i jsut want to test this out it has some features like submitting posts to digg etc.. that are nice..
11:03 ubuntugeek see ya mike
11:04 ubuntugeek thanks for coming
11:04 vorian bye MikeB- :)
11:04 forumsmatthew note: front page link to news & announcements is broken... http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=12
11:04 forumsmatthew bye, MikeB-
11:04 ubuntugeek shoot
11:04 ubuntugeek lol
11:04 ubuntugeek like i said.. when i break it ;)
11:04 forumsmatthew :)
11:04 ubuntugeek fixed
11:05 forumsmatthew wow!
11:05 ubuntugeek OO
11:05 ubuntugeek forgot to mention
11:05 Pricey "you're all fired - bye"
11:05 vorian hahaha
11:05 SD-Plissken Right...
11:05 forumsmatthew I knew I shouldn't have changed the title of "Ubuntu Testimonials..."
11:05 ubuntugeek Forum Ambassador is now an official team
11:06 ubuntugeek on the forums
11:06 SD-Plissken it is ?
11:06 ubuntugeek yep
11:06 forumsmatthew U-D leading?
11:06 ubuntugeek http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=235
11:06 SD-Plissken Them guys finally got that going..
11:06 Pricey woo finally :) Mr, U-D, maniacmusician and `23meg are leaders
11:07 ubuntugeek yep so grats to them they put alot of work into it
11:07 vorian sweet!
11:07 SD-Plissken The three stooges..
11:07 forumsmatthew very nice. Congratulations!
11:07 ubuntugeek Thats all from me..
11:08 vorian great meeting everyone :)
11:08 ubuntugeek As always the staff rocks! the admins rock! lets get prepared for fiesty
11:08 SD-Plissken End Transmission..

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