This is the Forum Council Meeting, started on 20 August 2007, 22H00 - 23H00 (Etc/UTC).



  • Loco Team Administrator
  • Members Signatures


  • Loco Team Administrator.
    • Vorian has been voted as the Loco Team Administrator.
  • Members Signatures - "Allowing pictures in forum members signatures".
    • The council voted against allowing pictures in forum members signatures.

Any Other Business

  • Launchpad Integration.
    • Last update from MikeB was that Matt R. wants to meeting with the FC/admin with some launchpad people.
    • ACTION: MikeB to mail the rest of the FC see if we could arrange a time/meeting to discuss Launchpad Integration.

  • Artificial Intelligence to rejoin the staff.
    • The council voted for allowing Artificial Intelligence back on staff. Welcome back AI!

  • Use of Sticky's on Ubuntu User Map
    • The council voted against the use of sticky's on the Ubuntu User Map.

IRC Logs

12:00   Vorian  hello
12:00   Vorian  :)
12:00   MikeB   greets
12:00   bapoumba        hey
12:00   Vorian  short short agenda today :)
12:01   jdong   yes it is
12:01   jdong   MikeB and I are going to be the only two FC members present
12:01   jdong   is darkog present for the Ubuntu Partners Lounge?
12:01   Vorian  ok
12:02   Vorian  I haven't been able to get a response from him since the last meeting
12:02   jdong   @now
12:02   ubotu   Current time in Etc/UTC: August 20 2007, 22:02:11 - Current meeting: Forum Council meeting
12:02   Vorian  the agenda is as follows :)
12:02   Vorian  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ForumCouncilAgenda
12:02   jdong   ok
12:02   Vorian  I say we remove that item until he turns up again :)
12:02   jdong   alright, agreed
12:02   MikeB   agreed
12:02   jdong   if anyone has his e-mail information
12:02   Vorian  I do
12:02   jdong   might be a good idea to hit him up via email
12:03   jdong   ok well, that was easy (tm)
12:03   Vorian  I have sent him 3 emails
12:03   jdong   I agree that we should take it off the agenda until he is reachable again
12:03   Vorian  done
12:04   jdong   ok, next item
12:04   Vorian  Loco Team Administrator
12:04   jdong   Loco Team Administrator
12:04   HymnToLife      Vorian wins
12:04   popey   jdong wins here
12:04   jdong   :)
12:05   Vorian  quote
12:05   Vorian  The forum council has created a new position of LoCo Team Administrator. This person will handle all LoCo requests on the UbuntuForums. This is a 1 year term that can be renewed. To start this off the FC has elected Vorian since he was already heading up the LoCo section of the forums.
12:05   jdong   I'm all for it :)
12:05   Vorian  lol
12:05   MikeB   +1:)
12:05   HymnToLife      same here
12:06   bapoumba        +1
12:06   Vorian  :)
12:06   Rinchen I can't vote but +1. He's done a good job for Colorado
12:06   Vorian  thanks Rinchen :)
12:06   Rinchen I'm just telling it like it is :-)
12:06   jdong   this topic has come up on the FC mailing list and all councilmembers voted in favor, to my memory
12:07   jdong   so I think we can call it done and move forward?
12:07   Vorian  k
12:07   MikeB   yup, +1 across the board
12:07   Vorian  last item
12:07   bapoumba        congrats Vorian :)
12:07   Vorian  :)
12:07   Vorian  thanks bapoumba :)
12:07   Vorian  Members Signatures
12:08   Vorian  in response to this thread
12:08   Vorian  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=520487
12:08   bapoumba        images in signatures ?
12:08   Vorian  yes
12:08   jdong   ubuntu-geek had a comment to make about this:
12:08   jdong   >
12:08   jdong   > Regarding the member signatures and the use of images. The reason no
12:08   jdong   > images were never allowed is because we have enough to moderate and
12:08   jdong   > trying to clean up after children who decide to use unprofessional
12:08   jdong   > images will be a nightmare. Secondly, our server is taxed anyways
12:08   jdong   > serving up useless images is pointless and only causes slower load
12:08   jdong   > times.
12:08   jdong   >
12:08   jdong   > So my vote is -1
12:08   jdong   >
12:08   jdong   > Ryan
12:08   bapoumba        -1 here too
12:09   jdong   my feelings are mixed on this
12:09   PriceChild      They will be abused. We have avatars to express ourselves... why would images in sigs be needed too?
12:09   jdong   at the forums I am a part of that allow sigs, it is WIDELY ABUSED
12:09   jdong   gigantic images, ugly long banners
12:09   MikeB   I agree with UG, more graphics will use up forum server resource (disk space and bandwidth)
12:09   MikeB   people would abuse it
12:10   jdong   I am -1 on users uploading images to display on the signature
12:10   Rinchen again, I don't think I can vote (Just a sub-forum mod) but I also say -1 for the resource and moderation issues already listed.
12:10   jdong   and I am much more -1 on users linking to other external images
12:10   jdong   because that can be catastrophic on page load times if their external host is down or slow
12:10   popey   but cant users switch off visibility of sigs in their profile?
12:10   MikeB   plus it could cause security issues for our friends visiting the forums froma Windows box
12:10   popey   (just a question)
12:10   popey   I am sure my profile has it turned off IIRC
12:10   PriceChild      popey, yes?
12:11   jdong   popey: yes, but users might want to be able to see some text sigs, and not image based ones
12:11   popey   ahh, its "all or nothing
12:11   popey   "show signatures"
12:11   jdong   right
12:11   bapoumba        popey, the regular text only sigs already get abused !
12:11   popey   i can imagine
12:11   bapoumba        and we do moderate them
12:11   jdong   there is one use case I can see...
12:12   jdong   some users like linking to some "Ubuntu User" tiny gif, or a linux user counter
12:12   popey   what about that new bug image thing from ubuntustats
12:12   popey   that might be popular to link to
12:12   PriceChild      http://ubuntucounter.geekosophical.net/
12:12   jdong   one proposal is to have a whitelist of allowed image URL's
12:12   jdong   for sigs
12:13   bapoumba        I have my numbers txt mode ;)
12:13   popey   couldnt this go under the avatar?
12:13   popey   i find sigs (of any kind) interrupt the flow
12:13   jdong   either an avatar or just a text
12:14   bapoumba        would those be hosted on the servers ?
12:14   jdong   is anyone here in favor of allowing image sigs?
12:14   jdong   and has an argument as to why?
12:14   MikeB   -1 here
12:14   bapoumba        still -1
12:15   MikeB   the only reason would be to allow people to be more individualistic on the forums, but it is not worth the cost of time and potential for abuse
12:15   jdong   the OP's idea is to "moderate" images, which I disagree with
12:15   jdong   it would be too much work on our part
12:15   jdong   and still doesn't resolve the technical problems with load time and server resources
12:16   jdong   so, let's just call this -1?
12:16   MikeB   sounds good
12:16   HymnToLife      -1 for me too
12:17   Vorian  agreed
12:17   jdong   wow, that was fast
12:18   Vorian  anything to address that's not on the agenda jdong or MikeB?
12:18   MikeB   nope, been fairly calm recently on the forums
12:18   jdong   One unclosed matter for me is the Launchpad integration stuff
12:19   jdong   what is the latest status update on that?
12:19   bapoumba        who knows ?
12:19   MikeB   Matt R. wants to meeting with the FC/admin with some launchpad people
12:19   jdong   yep, that's the last e-mail I've seen on it
12:20   jdong   so then it's hung on our side, pending a meeting date
12:20   bapoumba        how many registered users on LP as to now ,
12:20   bapoumba        ?
12:20   Vorian  3
12:20   MikeB   I never heard back if anyone wanted to meet with them (LP guys)
12:21   bapoumba        Vorian, :D
12:21   Vorian  :)
12:21   jdong   I sent back an e-mail on this... I'm interested in meeting to ask a few more questions
12:22   bapoumba        usernames ?
12:22   MikeB   I will mail the rest of the FC see if we could arrange a time
12:22   jdong   ok
12:23   Vorian  excellent
12:23   Vorian  anything else?
12:23   jdong   not that I can think of
12:23   MikeB   Vorian: Till January, I can not meeting on Monday or Wednesday afternoon from 3:00PM till 5:00PM EST
12:24   jdong   as far as a next meeting date... I am doing calss scheduling the day after labo(u)r day
12:24   jdong   so by the end of the first week of sept I'll be more clear on my free timeslots
12:24   jdong   perhaps we should delay scheduling till then
12:24   Vorian  MikeB, ok
12:24   MikeB   jdong: sounds good
12:24   Vorian  jdong, ok
12:25   jdong   MikeB: shall we make formal decision on the PM topic here?
12:25   jdong   I just got to my PM inbox a second ago
12:26   MikeB   the Ubuntu user map?
12:27   jdong   no, the staff member
12:27   MikeB   jdong: sure
12:28   jdong   for everyone out there, Artificial Intelligence has offered to rejoin the staff
12:28   Vorian  great
12:28   bapoumba        cool
12:28   jdong   prior, he left due to personal reasons (not enough time)
12:28   jdong   I am +1 for welcoming him back on the staff
12:28   MikeB   +1 here also
12:28   bapoumba        +1
12:28   HymnToLife      +1
12:28   Vorian  +1 \o/
12:29   jdong   alright, then welcome back, AI :)
12:29   bapoumba        W00t
12:29   jdong   now that Mike's brought up the map thing....
12:29   jdong   might as well get that done
12:29   jdong   nickburns
12:30   jdong   PM'ed us about a map that he created
12:30   jdong   the URL is : http://www.flippinsweetdude.com/maps/
12:30   jdong   apparently you can pin your location on a Google Map
12:30   jdong   and he wants to make it a sticky to attract more attention
12:30   MikeB   phone brb
12:30   jdong   IMO the map is cool, but I don't think it's sticky material
12:31   HymnToLife      yep
12:31   HymnToLife      he can put something about it in his sig or hatever
12:31   jdong   historically we have only granted "advertising stickies" for official Ubuntu endeavors or official forum projects
12:31   jdong   he is welcome to make a thread or put it in his sig
12:31   jdong   but I'm -1 on sticky
12:31   HymnToLife      -1 too
12:32   MikeB   back
12:32   HymnToLife      otherwise we'll have tons of people requesting a sticky for their personal stuff
12:32   bapoumba        350 000 users, that will be crowded :D
12:32   jdong   agreed
12:32   bapoumba        -1 on the sticky
12:33   jdong   advertising personal projects on the forum is already on the border...
12:33   jdong   sticky is a definite no
12:33   MikeB   -1 here
12:33   Vorian  agreed, Je suis la carte
12:34   jdong   ok
12:34   PriceChild      Isn't there already one on the wiki or something?
12:35   bapoumba        Yea, I think so PriceChild
12:35   jdong   Vorian: you're what?
12:35   Vorian  yes, link is also on the planet
12:35   PriceChild      https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWorldWide
12:37   Vorian  ok
12:37   Vorian  anything else?
12:37   jdong   alright, I think we're done
12:37   jdong   I want food
12:37   Vorian  great
12:37   Vorian  thanks for coming everyone :)
12:37   jdong   Vorian: large pepperoni and mushroom pizza
12:37   jdong   Vorian: and a 2 liter of coke too
12:37   Vorian  jdong, on the way :)
12:37   MikeB   Thanks
12:37   jdong   thanks!
12:37   MikeB   see you guys later
12:37   bapoumba        See ya !
12:38   Vorian  ha
12:38   jdong   alright, thanks for coming
12:38   jdong   and all that stuff
12:38   jdong   bye.


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