<Vorian> ----------------->Begin Forum Council Meeting<-----------------
<sabdfl> enjoy guys
<ubuntugeek> mako sabdfl: thanks
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<ubuntugeek> ok
<forumsmatthew> thanks, mako and sabdfl
<ubuntugeek> as the result of that
<ubuntugeek> we are running late
<ubuntugeek> heh
* mako takes the blame
<ubuntugeek> so lets shut downt he backyard
<Vorian> lol
<ubuntugeek> ban all the people we dislike
<PriceChild> lol
<superuser> lol
<forumsmatthew> that would be easier
<ubuntugeek> make the theme purple
<forumsmatthew> +1
<ubuntugeek> or even bright pink
<forumsmatthew> neon?
* mako shakes ubuntugeek's hand
<ubuntugeek> and then watch people cry
<MikeB-> purple and green, or hulk smash
<ubuntugeek> /end evil
<ubuntugeek> ok now
<mako> very effective meeting style
<mako> the cc could learn something
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<MikeB-> is Kiwi around ?
<SD-Plissken> ubuntugeeks sounds like ubuntuforums version of punk'ed
<forumsmatthew> I haven't seen him today
<PriceChild> mako, don't you know it :)
<ubuntugeek> mako: heh got have some fun
<PriceChild> Kiwi's not online ont he forums
<bapoumba> remove the submit button, when you're at it
* forumsmatthew reminds everyone of the agenda https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ForumCouncilAgenda
<forumsmatthew> jdong can't make it
<PriceChild> Maybe Vorian should lead this meeting?
<MikeB-> we have 3 out of 5, so we have voting concesus
<tsmithe> PriceChild, ping me when we get to f-a
<ubuntugeek> OK, so lets deal with "Review Forum guidelines"
<ubuntugeek> Basically I just wanted to bring this up and get a FC approval or denial to our current set of guidelines.
<forumsmatthew> I like the current set and would like to
<Vorian> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=341868
<forumsmatthew> suggest a couple of small changes
<forumsmatthew> namely: allowing languages other than English in the Loco forums
<forumsmatthew> and cleaning up the language
* SD-Plissken sits,and listens...
<ubuntugeek> forumsmatthew: sounds good to me. also the url vorian pointed out has some fixes
<forumsmatthew> I will volunteer to do the grammar/phrasing editing
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<ubuntugeek> forumsmathew: ok, i can show you were to edit that.
<forumsmatthew> ubuntugeek, thanks
<ubuntugeek> for the changes in the mentioned thread and matthew cleaning it up +1
<MikeB-> I would also suggest maybe renaming the Forum Guideline the Forums Code of Conduit, so we match other simular policies in the community
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<ubuntugeek> MikeB: good idea
<forumsmatthew> MikeB-, +1
<ubuntugeek> +1
<forumsmatthew> I'll spell it right, though. :)
<forumsmatthew> at least I'll try
<MikeB-> I be up since 4:30 Am for the CC meeting:)
<Vorian> lol
<forumsmatthew> I don't always spel gud when I sleep late
<ubuntugeek> ok so shall we move on to the next subject?
<forumsmatthew> +1
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<MikeB-> +1 for clean up and name change
<Vorian> Forum Teams......
<Vorian> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=340827
<ubuntugeek> Ok,
<PriceChild> Could the applicants present shout up?
* jacobmp92 shouts
<mssever> I'm here
* bodhi_zazen_work :D
<Vorian> apjone?
<forumsmatthew> LordIllidan?
<Vorian> LordIllidan cant make it forumsmatthew
<forumsmatthew> Vorian, thank you
<ubuntugeek> I think apjone sent me a PM saying he just wanted to a member of the team not a leader
<ubuntugeek> lemme verify
<Vorian> ah
<Vorian> ubuntugeek, that would mean we have no candidate for the hardware team.
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<forumsmatthew> Lord Illidan said he was interested in either
<ubuntugeek> i could be totally lost in my thoughts tho
<forumsmatthew> http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php...7&postcount=3/
<forumsmatthew> Beginners or Hardward
<forumsmatthew> hardware
<forumsmatthew> serves me right for teasing mike
<Vorian> well both of the unanswered post candidates are here... we could start there.
<Vorian> forumsmatthew, you are correct :)
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<MikeB-> bwhaha!
<Vorian> MikeB-, does that mean no :)
<forumsmatthew> Vorian, lets start there
<forumsmatthew> jacobmp92, state yor case:
<forumsmatthew> doh! your
<Vorian> http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php...&postcount=19/
<ubuntugeek> no clue i must be lost.. soo carry on
<Vorian> application link
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<jacobmp92> Hi, I'm Jacob Peddicord, and to be honest, I wasn't planning on being here today, but school was closed due to school.
<mako> jacobmp92: where is home?
<Vorian> snow* right :P
<jacobmp92> mako: Ohio :)
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<mako> jacobmp92: hopefully that snow storm hits me tonight :)
<jacobmp92> So, I wrote everything in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JacobPeddico...eredPostsIntro
* Vorian loves Ohio
<jacobmp92> but I'll restate some things:
* forumsmatthew goes to read
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<jacobmp92> I come to the forums almost daily, and try to post as much as possible
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<jacobmp92> I use the Unanswered Posts search link to find all of the empty topics, and attempt to answer them
<PriceChild> jacobmp92's post history seems to be Very helpful :)
<jacobmp92> My post rate is climbing, the reason it is at a low 1.4 is because I was not too active in the summer :-P
<forumsmatthew> PriceChild, agreed
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<forumsmatthew> jacobmp92, have you ever led a project of any kind?
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<forumsmatthew> school, etc.?
<jacobmp92> forumsmatthew: yes, last summer at OSC I was the lead developer for an application to crack /weak/ RSA keys
<forumsmatthew> how many people worked with you on that?
<PriceChild> OSC?
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<jacobmp92> there were two others
<jacobmp92> PriceChild: OSC is a summer program at OSU
<PriceChild> OSU?
<jacobmp92> PriceChild: it stands for Ohio Supercomputer Center
<PriceChild> Ah ok wow cool :)
<jacobmp92> PriceChild: Ohio State University :)
<forumsmatthew> what is your vision for the Unanswered Posts team? What would you do do?
<jacobmp92> Again, I stated most of this on that wiki page, but I would plan on organizing members into their areas of expertise, and try to get them on a minimum of 1 unanswered post per day
<jacobmp92> and up that post rate weekly, so the next week would be two per day, and so on
<forumsmatthew> since members would be volunteers, would that be a hard an fast quota or more of a guideline?
<jacobmp92> Basically I'd like to see the team take care of all of those posts, of people who thought no one wanted to help them on the forums
<jacobmp92> forumsmatthew: more of a guideline
<jacobmp92> because everyone has other plans :)
<forumsmatthew> thank you
<forumsmatthew> anyone else have a question for jacob?
<jacobmp92> :)
<ubuntugeek> nope
<MikeB-> nope, sounds good
<forumsmatthew> mssever, are you ready
<JayTee52> jacobmp92: if you want volunteers, I'd be glad to be on your team
<sid> @schedule New_York
<Ubugtu> Schedule for America/New_York: Current meeting: Forum Council | 13 Feb 15:00: Technical Board | 14 Feb 05:00: MOTU | 14 Feb 15:00: Edubuntu | 15 Feb 00:00: IRC Operators | 15 Feb 16:00: Ubuntu Development Team
<jacobmp92> JayTee52: I think that will be handled after the meeteing
<mssever> I'm Scott Severance, in Texas
<Vorian> http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php...&postcount=20/
<mssever> My thinking is similar to jacombp92
<mssever> I would like to set up a sort of unanswered post triage system
<mssever> so My team would compile a list of subject area experts
<forumsmatthew> interesting
<forumsmatthew> tell us about any experiences you have leading teams or projects
<mssever> then the team would point out difficult posts to thise experts
<mssever> well, I'm currently the chair of my church board, and I've chaired several other committees in church and when I was in college
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<forumsmatthew> any specific projects while on those committees/boards?
<forumsmatthew> just a "we did this"
<mssever> general administration, mostly...
<forumsmatthew> okay
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<mssever> on one of the committees, we reoriganized our structure during my tenure
<forumsmatthew> can I ask each of you to answer this question: what is your leadership style? (top down, consensus, etc)
<mssever> I'm very democratic/consensus based
<jacobmp92> i'm very much the same, I ask for opinions and go based on a general consensus
<forumsmatthew> how do you feel about sharing responsibilities?
<forumsmatthew> both, again
<jacobmp92> perfectly fine with me :)
<mssever> As far as I'm concerned,m it's essential
<bodhi_zazen_work> Depends, generally consesus
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<SD-Plissken> I don't buy it,and don't honestly feel you can have two leads,and them both be willing share the responsibilities.
<ubuntugeek> hmm
<forumsmatthew> brb...knock at the door
<tsmithe> don't answer it!
<forumsmatthew> I'm back
<adamant1988> Ok... sorry I missed so much.. what are we talking about?
<forumsmatthew> Here's what we're thinking
<ubuntugeek> perhaps looking at it like this.. if the team was a forum category (unanswered posts), and both were "administrators" of that category and team members were moderators. that would essential be what we are talking about
<forumsmatthew> it's an experiment
<forumsmatthew> do you think the two of you could communicate and work together as co-leaders
<ubuntugeek> ok i am going to +1 both for team leader positions on the unanswered team. I think this team has the potential to be large.
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<Vorian> a very large team indeed :)
<jacobmp92> forumsmatthew: sure, I think having two leaders would spread the load, since I think many will be applying for the team
<ravtux> I am here
<mssever> perhaps, although I think things work better if the areas of responsibility are fairly well defined to avoid conflict
<MikeB-> +1
<MikeB-> for both for team leader positions on the unanswered team
<mssever> but I'm willing to work with Jacob
<forumsmatthew> mssever, I was just about to ask that
<forumsmatthew> okay, then +1
<forumsmatthew> for the experiment
<forumsmatthew> Please make it work well, guys
<forumsmatthew> :)
<jacobmp92> experiments are fun
<Vorian> congrats jacobmp92 and mssever!
<MikeB-> congrats
<jacobmp92> thanks! :-)
<mssever> thanks
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<forumsmatthew> I'm looking forward to seeing good things from this team
<forumsmatthew> congrats
<forumsmatthew> okay, next team is...
<SD-Plissken> I'm not. personally i think it's doomed to fail.
<ubuntugeek> sd: thats possible, lets give it a go and see how it plays out.
<ubuntugeek> Beginners Team
<ubuntugeek> Who's here to represent?
<Vorian> bodhi_zazen_work, your up
* bodhi_zazen_work I'm here :p
<bodhi_zazen_work> What can I tell you ?
<bodhi_zazen_work> I am active in my community and teach an adult ed course
<bodhi_zazen_work> on Linux
<forumsmatthew> great
<Vorian> cool
<ubuntugeek> Great, you are very active on the forums as well
<bodhi_zazen_work> I enjoy assisting people transitioning into Linux
<forumsmatthew> and very helpful
<bodhi_zazen_work> Thanks :)
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<bodhi_zazen_work> I try to keep my foot out of my mouth ;)
<ravtux> bodhi.zazen has also had articles written up on him, how he converts donated computers to give to the needy
<forumsmatthew> I notice your application says you want a position on the team
<ubuntugeek> How do you in-vision the beginners team helping beginners? what improvements would you make to the beginners area?
<SD-Plissken> ubuntugeek I can vouch for bodhi_zazen.
<forumsmatthew> are you interested in leading it?
<bodhi_zazen_work> I would like to flesh out FAQ
<ravtux> +1 for bodhi.zazen
<bodhi_zazen_work> Have solutions peer-reviwed
<bodhi_zazen_work> and then move them into tehe wiki
<bodhi_zazen_work> the
<forumsmatthew> that would make some people happy...do you currently contribute to the wiki?
<bodhi_zazen_work> I have not ...
<bodhi_zazen_work> I haev need active with the UDSF
<bodhi_zazen_work> and Flucbuntu
<bodhi_zazen_work> Fluxbuntu
<frodon> yep bodhi_zazen_work is a great UDSF contributor
<forumsmatthew> okay
<frodon> he's the man
<ubuntugeek> heh
<ubuntugeek> I dont have any further questions..
<forumsmatthew> me either
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<MikeB-> none here
<bodhi_zazen_work> Thanks Frodon :)
<forumsmatthew> +1
<ubuntugeek> +1
<PriceChild> What about Lord Illian though?
<PriceChild> I'm thinking its a bit unfair to make a decision without considering him because of timezone differences
<MikeB-> +1
<forumsmatthew> his timezone is very close to mine
<ubuntugeek> I thought someone said Lord wanted hardware?
<forumsmatthew> he also applied for the hardware team
<forumsmatthew> either one
<forumsmatthew> I think he would be an excellent leader for that
<Vorian> http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php...7&postcount=3/
<ubuntugeek> matthew agreed
<ravtux> perhaps he would be great for hardware
<Vorian> first line
<Vorian> Beginner Area Team OR Hardware Area Team
<ubuntugeek> vorian: thanks..
<Vorian> :)
<ravtux> +1 lord illian for hardware
<forumsmatthew> since neither he nor apjone are here I will make my decision for leading hardware based on what I know of each
<MikeB-> there will be a ton of cross over between beginner and hardware anyways
<forumsmatthew> +1 for Lord Illidan
<ubuntugeek> I think lord would be great for the hardware position, he has been around the forums for awhile now
<MikeB-> +1 for Lord Illidan
<ubuntugeek> +1 lord
<forumsmatthew> congratulations in your absence, LI
<Vorian> congrats Lord Illidan!!
<MikeB-> lol
<Vorian> haha
<ubuntugeek> grats all
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<ravtux> congrats bodhi.zazen and lord Illian
<MikeB-> congrats to all
<ravtux> yes congrats to all
<ubuntugeek> I'll send you guys all a PM today or tomorrow explaining how the team signup works on the forums
<bodhi_zazen_work> Thanks ravtux :p
<Vorian> congrats bodhi_zazen_work !
<highvoltage> congrats!
<ubuntugeek> and how to approve members etc.
<ravtux> bodhi_zazen_work: awesome!
<ubuntugeek> ok whats the next agenda item
<frodon> congrats bodhi_zazen_work ;)
<forumsmatthew> shall we open up the backyard
<ubuntugeek> ambassadors, anyone here to discuss this?
<forumsmatthew> lol
<PriceChild> Hey I am
<forumsmatthew> good call
<MikeB-> forumsmatthew: I have not had nearly enough beer for that discussion yet
<ravtux> ambassador here
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<ravtux> potential
<ubuntugeek> saving the backyard for last :)
<forumsmatthew> okay
<PriceChild> "best till last?" ;)
<PriceChild> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ForumAmbassadors/
<PriceChild> That's the link to the spec as it stands now
<PriceChild> I wish I'd remembered the meeting and poked ubuntu_demon and maniacmusician about this FC meeting.
<MikeB-> is ubuntu-demon still busy, I know that was his baby
<forumsmatthew> I like the idea
<PriceChild> Yeah... I don't want to pretend I've contributed to this anywhere near as much as UD and maniac
<PriceChild> ping tsmithe
<forumsmatthew> will the name cause this problem: "The Forum Ambassadors will also *not* be responsible for resolving inter-user and user/staff grievances. We have a resolution centre for that (Also FC and CC in the future)."
<tsmithe> PriceChild, yeah - i'm a bit busy :S
<ubuntugeek> I really like the idea and I we can help facilitate their needs as best as we can
<PriceChild> Basically We're looking for feedback on the spec
<tsmithe> bzr is a pain
<tsmithe> PriceChild, could you tell me how it goes?
<PriceChild> tsmithe, will do
<ubuntugeek> forumsmatthew: agreed
<tsmithe> thanks, appreciate it
<PriceChild> A big point would be how much you would endorse us :)
<PriceChild> For example the setting up of the subforum etc.
<ubuntugeek> pricechild: not a problem
<forumsmatthew> I really like the idea...I'm not sure the name is as fitting as it could be. That's my only hesitation on the spec, etc.
<PriceChild> To be brutally honest... I'm completely and utterly fed up of drafting... and want to get the ball rolling in time for feisty+1
<PriceChild> Hehe the name can be changed :)
<ubuntugeek> forumsmatthew: yeah the name might be confusing.. but in regards to the forums supporting the ambassadors I dont see any issues with that
<forumsmatthew> Maybe "forums-developer ambassadors"
<forumsmatthew> ubuntugeek, agreed
<ubuntugeek> its about time honestly that something like this gets going.
<forumsmatthew> u-g +1
<forumsmatthew> I've read the spec. My only comment is that I like it.
* PriceChild tries to find the section on you guys appointing leaders
<ravtux> +1 "forums-developer ambassadors" name
<PriceChild> ah yes "appointed by forum admins"
<MikeB-> we should have someone mention this at the Tech Board Meeting
<forumsmatthew> FA Leaders are appointed by Forum Admins. FA Members nominations (and recommendations) are put forward to Forum Admins by FA Leaders and approved by Forum Admins.
<mako> yeah, forums-developer seems a little bit more accurate, but it's just a semantic difference
<forumsmatthew> anything else we need to discuss with this?
<MikeB-> nope, glad see it happening
<ubuntugeek> nope not from me.. when its time and you need the subforum etc just send me a PM
<PriceChild> Ok good good....
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<PriceChild> I'll email ud and maniac with the snippet of this conversation
<ubuntugeek> sounds good
* PriceChild smiles
<ravtux> :-)
<ubuntugeek> Alrightly.. vorian whats next?
<Vorian> put on your riot gear! its time for the backyard.
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* PriceChild wonders whether anyone else has come for this...
<Vorian> Ryan Troy
<Vorian> RFC on the future of the Backyard
<Vorian> Discussion on the purpose and future of the Backyard
<ubuntugeek> Ah yes our lovely backyard :)
<Vorian> hehe
* matthew5 (n=forumsma@ubuntu/member/forumsmatthew) has joined #ubuntu-meeting
<ubuntugeek> where the children tend to not play nice
<ravtux> very un-ubuntu like
<JayTee52> agreed
<ubuntugeek> ravtux: explain?
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* matthew5 is now known as forumsmatthew
<forumsmatthew> okay, I'm back
<forumsmatthew> connection problems
<MikeB-> I think the backyard is important in a weird way, it is a pressure value for that type of chatter and keep other sub-forum cleaner
<ubuntugeek> One of the major issues with the backyard is people A. not reading the rules.
<forumsmatthew> agreed
<forumsmatthew> I think with consistent enforcement we are doing better
<ubuntugeek> I think if we can find a happy medium and direct people to read the rules and understand them there wouldnt be so much drama.
<forumsmatthew> even this week
<SD-Plissken> What rules? if you read some of those threads it would seem there are no rules.
<MikeB-> that is a problem in our business, no one read the EULA:)
<forumsmatthew> week's crud we're doing well
<ubuntugeek> So, is the general consensus that the backyard is an important aspect but we need to improve the visibility and understanding how it works?
<forumsmatthew> I think if we eliminate it we don't have any place for the "not appropriate for the cafe, but not really bad" topics
<PriceChild> +1 ubuntugeek
<forumsmatthew> ubuntugeek, that's what I'm thinking
<forumsmatthew> +1
<MikeB-> +1
<SD-Plissken> I don't understand why we as Linux support forum have to support politically based threads,and other rants.
<Vorian> +1
<SD-Plissken> -1
<PriceChild> SD-Plissken, we don't support it...
<forumsmatthew> SD-Plissken, because Linux attracts people interested in politics...free software is often a political topic
<MikeB-> SD-Plissken: people want community with people they like
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<forumsmatthew> because people like to be in relationship, not just get tech support
<ravtux> I think it's important to remind members that it is moderated and not mf
<SD-Plissken> The heck you say PriceChild. You have a section for this crap to be posted that is a form of support
<bapoumba> backyard is a drawback to members feeling at home on the forums
<forumsmatthew> because adults talk about issues
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<PriceChild> SD-Plissken, In my view its more of a place where it can be pushed to the side
<_MMA_> bapoumba: +1
<PriceChild> SD-Plissken, if we get rid of the backyard, it only appears further in the cafe
<ravtux> I have talked with new members who are afriad to post in the beginners section much less the backyard
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<ravtux> bapoumba: +1
<MikeB-> phone brb
<forumsmatthew> ravtux, is that because of the existence of the backyard, though?
<SD-Plissken> forumsmatthew if you going to take that stance then you need to remove the rules since it's a place for adults to vent. I mean if your going to make it feel home like might as well go all the way.
<forumsmatthew> no, I don't have to remove the rules
<forumsmatthew> people can have a discussion
<ravtux> forumsmatthew: because of post be members
<forumsmatthew> of difficult
<forumsmatthew> topics
<ravtux> forumsmatthew: who tend to bully
<forumsmatthew> without forgetting to be polite and use manners
<ravtux> forumsmatthew: which the backyard breeds
<forumsmatthew> the people who are posting this way in the backyard are being dealt with, aren't they?
<forumsmatthew> brb, phone
<MikeB-> back
<ravtux> forumsmatthew: yes, I just agree with that it makes new members uneasy
<SD-Plissken> The yard needs to go along with the topics. Unless your willing to have atleast two mods who job is to police that section.
<mako> if it's not too late
<ravtux> SD-Plissken: strong agreement with stronger moderation if the backyard stays
mako marianom mdz Mez MikeB- mssever mvo
<forumsmatthew> back
<PriceChild> SD-Plissken, I think one of the great things about being a mod is that we aren't expected to fulfil quota of our activities
<forumsmatthew> mako: please speak up
<mako> my general feeling is that places like the by are probably worth putting up with a certain amount of trouble
<mako> because they help turn technical communities into real communities
<ravtux> SD-Plissken: we don't need a mod-free forum
<MikeB-> mako +1
<mako> so on planet, the one thing we ask is that people consider providing a whole feed with more than just ubuntu related stuff
<ravtux> at ubuntuforums.org
<mako> which may seem kind of weird
<bapoumba> ravtux, ^^ they have mods on mod-free ;)
<mako> and some people are comfortable doing it
<mako> but you get to know each other as people, and not just hackers on the same project
<forumsmatthew> mako, I like seeing people's vacation pics and baby stories pop up on planet--it's humanizing
<mako> and sometimes you don't like what you find ;)
<ubuntugeek> mako: agreed
<mako> there have been some political stuff that there caused problems
<mako> all the same stuff that gives you crap in the by
<ravtux> bapoumba: we just need to enforce that the backyard does not become a place to voice hate
<mako> obviously, there are lines
<JayTee52> ravtux +1
<bapoumba> ravtux, +1, and bear with complains
<forumsmatthew> I think we just need to make the lines clear(er?)
<PriceChild> Could we maybe take a look over the current rules?
<ravtux> the stuff that gives trouble is reoccuring and has been effectively dealt with in the past
<PriceChild> (backyard rules)
<mako> and there plenty of rss feeds in existance that would *not* be ok for planet, or stuff that does not belong in the by
<mako> but while it's a pain to have a more open space, i think it really serves your community to have it
<SD-Plissken> The by serves to only allow posts that seem to incite fighting. Rules are ignored,and when enforced come under fire by those posting that section.
<mako> that's my very general feeling
<forumsmatthew> Again, I will volunteer to oversee any adjusting to the backyard rules we need and review changes with the rest of the FC for approval
<MikeB-> how hard would being for people to have to check a box and agree to the Forums CoC and Ubuntu CoC when posting to the Backyard?
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<Vorian> I think that the phrase "lightly moderatored area" is what causes problems
<bapoumba> MikeB-, +1
<ubuntugeek> mikeb: not hard
<SD-Plissken> forumsmatteh you don't understand no matter what you revise in the rules they will continue to be ignored.
<JayTee52> MikeB, excellent idea
<PriceChild> MikeB-, Like a checkbox you have to tick every time you post?
<ravtux> Vorian: agreed it should be Strongly moderated
<MikeB-> PriceChild: yup
<PriceChild> I like that... rather than a one time thing :)
<ubuntugeek> perhaps just removing the lightly moderated text
<ravtux> ubuntugeek: +1
<PriceChild> ubuntugeek, +1
<forumsmatthew> Vorian, good point
<ubuntugeek> we cant please everyone specially with 237,000 users
<Vorian> ubuntugeek, yep
<MikeB-> ubuntugeek: +1
<ubuntugeek> OK, so I will remove the lightly moderated text and put up a general "agree to the rules" system for the backyard
<MikeB-> consider we have 237,000 users the backyard is not that crazy:)
<ubuntugeek> that the plan?
<SD-Plissken> MikeB are you kidding come on not everyone values the CoC as those in here may. It easy to click that and still get into fights in the thread. fine you ban that person for breaking the rules yet they are still able to re log in under a different ip and user name.
<MikeB-> sounds like
<forumsmatthew> works for me
<Vorian> sound good
<forumsmatthew> ubuntugeek, +1
<ubuntugeek> mikeb: right :) the problem is that some topics in the backyard touch on personal issues/beliefts of others. its really a catch 22.
<ubuntugeek> ok +1
<ubuntugeek> wasnt to bad of a conversation :)
<Vorian> hehe
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<Vorian> feel free to take your riot gear off now.
<ubuntugeek> anything else?
<ravtux> what about new mods
<Vorian> kiwi's proposal???
<ubuntugeek> we are going to deal with new mods in march
<forumsmatthew> kiwi's not here
<ravtux> ok
<MikeB-> SD-Plissken: I wish I had a good answer for that
<ubuntugeek> lets move kiwi's proposal to march
<ravtux> ok
<MikeB-> sounds good
<Vorian> ubuntugeek, done
<forumsmatthew> agreed
<PriceChild> SD-Plissken, the point is that if they click... they agree to the rules and therefore the consequences if they violate these rules
<ubuntugeek> I think we are going to arrange the FC meetings to a different time so more of us can attend. Dates to be posted in the near future.
<ravtux> anything else,....my wife wants me to clean the bathroom
<PriceChild> SD-Plissken, it makes it easier for us to enfoce
<Vorian> thats all of the agenda....
<mako> ubuntugeek: your proposal sounds reasonable to me :)
<PriceChild> Any new mods being considered?
<ravtux> perhaps on a Sunday evening?
<ubuntugeek> Thanks all.. Grats to Mike for his CC nomination and thanks to everyone for hammering out the issues in the previous meeting.
<forumsmatthew> and to all selected as team leads
<ubuntugeek> ravtux: not sure yet
<mako> thanks for listening to me spout, it was cool to be able to watch a meeting
<MikeB-> yes thanks all, and congrats to the new teams
<mako> i'm totally thrilled you guys have gotten off to such a running start
<Vorian> ubuntugeek, I'll have the wiki updated later tonight
<ravtux> congrats to all
<ubuntugeek> mako: only our second meeting so its still rough around the edges :P
<forumsmatthew> thanks, mako
<ubuntugeek> thanks vorian..
<SD-Plissken> PriceChild enforce what CoC please like i said even if you ban them for the offense they can still re-log in under a different ip user name
<ravtux> Vorian: thanks for the reasonable solution to the backyard
<Vorian> thanks ravtux :)
<forumsmatthew> SD-Plissken, and the new accounts get dealt with as we saw this week...
<ubuntugeek> sd-plissken: not for long.. I am working on a new module to block this kind of stuff
<PriceChild> ubuntugeek, hehe :)
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<forumsmatthew> ubuntugeek, ooh...cool
<ravtux> take care all have a great week
<Vorian> anything else?
<MikeB-> ubuntugeek: woot
<ubuntugeek> Nothing from me..

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